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Short List | L.R. MacAllister
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This is where I‘m at with my #tob reading. I‘m very pleased with the progress so far. Of the remaining books, I have the all but Nervous System in my possession or on the way. Maybe this will be the year I read all 18. 🤞🤷‍♀️

Favorites so far include When We Cease to Understand the World, No One is Talking about This, The Sentence, and The Trees. But I really have enjoyed most of these.

Cinfhen My top 4 at this point (because I still have a few left, which I may or may not read) are: No one is Talking, When We Cease, Trees & Intimacies. I did enjoy The Sentence, All‘s Well & the Echo Wife. I wasn‘t crazy about Libertie, Klara, Rooney, Country Friends, In Concrete & Copeland Cane. now
Cinfhen I forgot I read Matrix, it makes my Top 8 now
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Ruthiella I still need to read 4 before I‘m a 2022 Shortlist completist, but I‘m pretty sure I can do it. So far my top favorites are The Trees, All‘s Well and Intimacies. now
BkClubCare 👏👏👏 It is fun to be a completist! Tho, I find that even if I DNF a title, it gave me a enough of a taste that I can enjoy the matches. I just started When We Cease on audio while driving to my new favorite small town post office 😂 now
BkClubCare @Ruthiella - good to know! I have both Intimacies and All‘s Well from the library and have 10 days to finish. I am possibly not going to finish BookSpinBingo (nor my bookclub book🙄) now
Ruthiella @BkClubCare I know! While in TOB fever I struggle to read those other books on my various lists! 😅 now
squirrelbrain There are 4 I haven‘t read yet, 3 of which are just about to be published here in the UK. I p,an on reading the Sentence, and maybe Our Country Friends if it‘s on Kindle offer. Then I‘m calling it a day. Love your graphic! now
Megabooks Great job!! now
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Intimacies | Katie Kitamura
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I had really high hopes for this, following others‘ reviews but it didn‘t quite live up to them. I still liked it, but not one of my #tob faves, maybe top half though.

It really reminded me of Lahiri‘s Whereabouts, which I loved, and I think suffered in comparison. It was more outwardly-focused, less introspective, and a lot more uncomfortable, which I didn‘t enjoy.

Hooked_on_books I enjoyed reading this book but suspected it wouldn‘t stick to me at all, and that‘s been true. And I often prefer the UK covers of books, but I love the US one for this one. 21h
BarbaraBB This is the kind of book you should go in without any expectations I think. After all the praise it has been given you might have gone in expecting too much - I know I would. I enjoyed it a lot but it‘s not my favorite either! 21h
BarbaraBB @Hooked_on_books Is this the US one? I prefer this one to my purple/pink one. 21h
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Hooked_on_books @BarbaraBB No, the US one is the pink one. 😆 21h
BarbaraBB @Hooked_on_books Ha! So we disagree on this one 😀. 21h
cariashley Good to know, I was looking forward to this one but will manage my expectations. @BarbaraBB that‘s great advice! 21h
squirrelbrain Yes, you‘re right @BarbaraBB - I clearly expected too much from this. I don‘t think it will hang around in my brain for too long either! @Hooked_on_books 21h
Chelsea.Poole I just finished this and I was underwhelmed. I loved Whereabouts and I can see the reasons for the comparison but Intimacies didn‘t have nearly the impact Whereabouts did on me. I think I expected too much as @BarbaraBB mentioned. 19h
Megabooks I still think of this often, but maybe it‘s that I was in the mood for a quieter book at that time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 18h
Ruthiella I‘m the opposite re the comparison to Lahiri. I was lukewarm about Whereabouts whereas Intimacies really struck a chord with me. (edited) 18h
Caroline2 What‘s ToB stand for?? 🤔 2h
squirrelbrain @Caroline2 #ToB is Tournament of Books. It‘s kind of a knockout competition for books; Littens play along and see if they agree with the judges. It‘s my first year taking part. 2h
Caroline2 Ahhh, sounds fun. 😁 2h
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The Sentence | Louise Erdrich
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I wasn‘t sure if I was ready to read a book about the pandemic. But I was in good hands with Erdrich. This book pulses with life, with the love of books and words and people and traditions, and with the violence that permeates American history. It‘s told from the point of view of Tookie, an Ojibwe woman who spent a decade in jail. It weaves in and out of fiction and reality with a light touch. And, at the end, I felt a little less haunted.

LiteraryinLawrence Lovely review! 2d
Tamra I really appreciated the bits of levity she included. 2d
BarbaraBB The pandemic played just a side role and I liked that a lot. 1d
Ruthiella Great review. I‘m reading it now, about 25% done. 1d
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I'm so glad I finished reading this. Ozeki manages to leave me with a background hum of all the components of this novel. How grief and loss manifests, hearing voices, mental illness, the life and role of a book, and those rare beings who reach out to you when you very much need it. Of course I needed to investigate and, yes, there is an organization that supports those who hear voices. My skylight seemed the perfect photo for form and emptiness.

Cinfhen Gorgeous photo and review ❣️❣️❣️it makes me ACTUALLY WANT to read this book🥰 2d
Suet624 @Cinfhen It was nip and tuck on whether I was going to make it through. :) I particularly enjoyed Ozeki's narrative on books and what they offer us. 2d
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Ruthiella I‘m glad you liked it! And, yes the photo is perfect. 😊 2d
BarbaraBB Perfect picture. And now I want to read this book too while I already had decided I‘d skip it for the #tob. 2d
Suet624 @BarbaraBB From the reviews it would seem that When We Cease will probably advance, leaving Ozeki behind. Ozeki's editor could have condensed bits of this one so it was shorter but, as if often the case, the ending wrapped things up nicely and left me feeling it was well worth the time spent reading it. 2d
Suet624 @Ruthiella Thank you! 2d
thebluestocking Lovely review. I am looking forward to reading this and taking my time with it. 2d
Suet624 @thebluestocking I hope you enjoy the read. 💕 2d
Megabooks Fantastic, thoughtful review! 2d
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Intimacies | Katie Kitamura
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This book exists in the space between words. We quietly follow a young woman who has taken a job as an interpreter in The Hague. It explores violence and the power of men, displacement and love. I enjoyed the experience of reading it and many images will stay with me. (The former leader in court, the painting of the man and the woman, etc.)

Megabooks Great review! 4d
squirrelbrain Great review! Looking forward to reading this soon…once I‘ve finished To Paradise! 4d
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BarbaraBB Lovely review. It has stuck with me too in various images. 4d
Ruthiella Yes! “The space between words”. This book was so good and thought provoking. 4d
mklong Great review! I‘m reading this one now 4d
Tamra I heard about this and am anxious to read it! 4d
BkClubCare Can I say that I love the cover? 💕 4d
ReadingEnvy You are trucking! 4d
Cinfhen Wonderful review. It‘s a quiet book, but it says a lot. It reminded me of 4d
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Mmmkay, I don‘t understand what happened with Tripp and Beverly or how Lydia was able to manifest...but otherwise this story of how a PR firm employee accidentally gets his consciousness downloaded into his work Slack channel was pretty fun and often funny. I also dug the romance angle. My work uses a different program and is in a different industry, but a lot of the workplace attitudes and actions were nonetheless familiar to me. 😅 #TOB #ToB2022

Sophronisba I never figured out the Lydia thing either -- I would have cut that whole subplot. 5d
Chelsea.Poole I laughed out loud a few times with this. Not a top favorite from the list, but different and a great commentary on contemporary work. 5d
Ruthiella @Sophronisba But she saved the dog food campaign...do you hear that howling? 😉 5d
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Ruthiella @Chelsea.Poole I laughed out loud too. Too much of the workplace bull and time wasting was all too familiar to me! 😂 5d
thebluestocking I read a sample of this and thought it was pretty clever. I‘m looking forward to it. 5d
Ruthiella @thebluestocking I think you‘ll like it. It‘s short and reads fast. 5d
Megabooks Dusty stick 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5d
Ruthiella @Megabooks 😂😂😂 5d
Cinfhen It seems so oddball/ goofball plus it‘s up against my #ToBFavorite (The Lockwood) so I‘m probably not going to read it,but your review makes me more curious. @GuiltyFeat recently reviewed it on his BookTube challenge and also praised its fun & entertaining format & content. 5d
Ruthiella @Cinfhen It was fun and entertaining. You could probably read it in a couple of hours too. BTW every time I watch Daniel @GuiltyFeat , I think of you. He‘s mentioned you on the channel before and I think, “Hey, I know her too!” 😅 5d
BarbaraBB I liked it too. It‘s sharp and funny and pretty sarcastic about our society becoming a virtual one. 5d
Cinfhen Daniel is GREAT!!! His reviews are brilliant 🙌🏻 5d
Ruthiella @BarbaraBB Totally on point about virtual communication in a workplace where we increasingly do not interact in person! 4d
Ruthiella @Cinfhen His reviews are great, even if I often disagree with him. 😂 4d
squirrelbrain What @cinfhen said - the Lockwood is also my favourite so I might not read this now. However it sounds great, so once it‘s available a bit more cheaply in the UK I may get it. 4d
Ruthiella @squirrelbrain I expect the Lockwood to defeat it in the first round (though you never know!), but for sure keep it in mind when you want something quick and fun. 4d
kwmg40 This was definitely a fun one. We really need a dusty stick emoji here on Litsy! 4d
Ruthiella @kwmg40 We do! 😂 4d
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The Echo Wife | Sarah Gailey
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First book for 2022 #ToB done. I devoured this one despite a few nagging things about it. The main character is an interesting mix of self-aware and self-deceptive, and the ethical questions raised are quite juicy, but something about a couple of the relationships feels off to me and the ending didn't fit at all in my estimation. And of course, the science requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. So, fun book in spite of its flaws.

Addison_Reads Great review. I have about 45 mins left of this audiobook and life keeps distracting me from finishing. 6d
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The New Year continues to include tons of reading. I loved When We Cease to Understand the World and really enjoyed Tiny Habits and Intimacies. The Supper Club book was a nice light read.

It‘s probably all #tob reading for me this week. I‘m totally enjoying the audio of The Sentence. And I caved and bought the Ozeki, because my library hold prospects weren‘t good.

BarbaraBB You are on a roll. I‘m looking forward to 6d
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB Thanks! I‘m really enjoying the #tob reading, but every year I tend to run out of steam at some point. I feel like it‘s a race against the clock, if that makes sense. 6d
Cinfhen I agree about the #ToB letdown / I feel like I read all the books I most wanted to, now the rest are more like assigned reading. I‘m not stressing or forcing myself to read them all. I‘ll be watching for your reviews 🤓 6d
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squirrelbrain I agree with you Jessica, and with @cinfhen. I‘m going to read Intimacies and The Trees, and then maybe The Sentence, if I can get hold of it when it‘s published here. After that, I‘m stopping with #tob, particularly now we know the brackets. 6d
Cinfhen I bailed on Copeland Cane, In Concrete and Several People are Typing. I‘m not buying Form especially since it‘s up against Cease (which I loved) so I think that only leaves Subdivision for me @squirrelbrain @thebluestocking which I will attempt again because it‘s gotten praise from lots of Littens. 6d
Flaneurette @Cinfhen thank you for giving me permission to avoid Copeland Cane! I totally get you on the assigned reading. 6d
Flaneurette I have When we cease coming up, glad to see you liked it and Supper club, which I checked out on a whim because of Litsy 6d
Cinfhen You‘re very welcome @Flaneurette 😘 6d
thebluestocking @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain I‘m glad I‘m not alone with the #tob fatigue. 💙 I don‘t usually bother with play-in titles, and I‘m really enjoying The Sentence, but I may not finish Copeland. It‘s good to remember that bailing is okay and that half of these books don‘t make it past the first round. 5d
thebluestocking @Flaneurette I hope you like both of those books. 💙 5d
Cinfhen That‘s so true!! Half do get knocked off in round one!!!! 5d
Suet624 Oh shoot. I thought I might enjoy Copeland but it sounds like you‘re not liking it. 4d
thebluestocking @Suet624 I‘m not far enough in to really make a call yet; the quitting would be more related to the fact that it‘s a play-in book and there is so much else to read! 4d
Suet624 Ah, yes, I see. 4d
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