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Overthrow: A Novel | Caleb Crain
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Weekend... at last ❤️🍷

vivastory 🍷📚🍷📚 Enjoy, friend! 10h
BarbaraBB @vivastory thanks, I will! Have you read this book? I just started it but it somehow made me me think of you- that I think you might like it. Not sure why. 10h
Cathythoughts The wine looks 👌🏻 🍷 9h
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vivastory I haven't. I was a bit intrigued by @merelybookish posts, but I'm going to see your thoughts before I decide to add it to my TBR 9h
charl08 Amen! 9h
Megabooks Lovely, my friend!! Looking like an excellent start to the weekend! 9h
Daisey Looks like a lovely way to start the weekend! 📚 🍷 8h
BarbaraBB @vivastory I was very intrigued by @merelybookish notes too! I hope I‘ll enjoy it more than Margot did but I am a bit scared 😉 8h
Kalalalatja Enjoy! 🍷🍷 5h
Tanisha_A What a sight! 😍 2h
merelybookish The wine looks good! 😛 I'm glad you're reading it and.will be interested to get your thoughts. And what @vivastory might have to say too. It made the #tob list so someone must think it's good! 55m
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The Water Dancer: A Novel | Ta-Nehisi Coates
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I was riveted by this tale of Hiram, the black slave son of his master and his mother who was sold when he was nine. At turns heartbreaking and redemptive, I loved Coates‘s observations of slavery and the Underground. The only things that kept this from being a five-star book were the details of Hi‘s personal involvement in the Underground. (More in the comments, if you‘re interested.) Overall, though, this is a gem of a book. #tob #tob2020 #botm

thebluestocking First, I thought Hi‘s contribution to the Underground throughout was underdeveloped. Second, I was disappointed in Hi‘s use of conduction at the end. It seemed unnecessary since the whole estate went to Corinne right after. 2d
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Overthrow: A Novel | Caleb Crain
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I did not understand this book. A group of Occupy Now twentysomethings want to change the world through ESP. Some of them hack a commuter and get caught. Most of the book builds to a trial. There's lots of perspective-switching, dodging of journalists, meeting with lawyers. Friends stick together and/or betray. It is confusing as hell. Throw in references to 16th-century poetry and obscure vocab words just to add to the general confusion. ⬇️

merelybookish I didn't get a handle on what the group was doing before they were under arrest and most of the time I wasn't sure I understood what they said or why. I can't tell if it's because I'm obstuse or the writing was intentionally unclear or just not very good. Something of the premise intrigued me, about 21st privacy and relationships. That's a hard topic of write about. This book did not pull it off. Bummer. #tob 4d
GingerAntics This sounds hideous!!! 4d
mklong Eek! This was next on my ToB list, but now I‘m reconsidering 4d
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merelybookish @mklong I don't know. I kind of want you to read it to see what you think. I felt like it eluded me the whole time but maybe you'd have a better handle on it. 🤷 4d
merelybookish @Ruthiella My thoughts on Overthrow. 😬 4d
merelybookish @GingerAntics Yeah. It was not great, imo. 4d
Ruthiella I am with you! I don‘t think I “got” it either. 4d
Graywacke Huh. Is the ToB leading down the wrong path? 4d
merelybookish @Graywacke They always include some oddball, under-the-radar books. Sometimes they make for great discoveries, sometimes not so much. This is definitely the latter. But I'll be interested to see what the tourney judge makes of it. 4d
Graywacke @merelybookish I won‘t have read it by the tournament, but I‘ll have this review in mind. I‘m curious now, too. 4d
merelybookish @Graywacke @Ruthiella and I seem to be on the same page. She has a good review on Goodreads along with some examples of the pompous writing. 4d
BarbaraBB I have this one lined up next but I‘m thinking of bailing just by your review 3d
merelybookish @BarbaraBB I hate to discourage you but I really didn't get anything about it. The plot, the pacing, the ending, etc. Maybe your experience would be better. 3d
readordierachel I like your choice of image 😆 3d
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Salt Slow | Julia Armfield
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#Weeklyforecast. After I finish Angle of Repose and Overthrow, next up are:
📘Salt Slow, a collection of short stories from #mounttbr
📘A House and its Head for #NYRBbookclub
🎧 On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous for #tob

Cinfhen I‘m still waiting since November for my #NYRBbookclub book to be delivered 🤪the mail to Israel has been abysmal this season 😩with that said I probably won‘t be making bookclub ☹️ 5d
Aimeesue The audio for the Vuong is just brilliant. 5d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Did you order this one in November 😳? By BookDepository? 4d
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merelybookish @Cinfhen Oh no! I was excited you'd be joining us. Maybe it will arrive in the next week or so. We don't discuss till the end of the month. 🤞 Still, that does seem beyond slow! 4d
merelybookish @Aimeesue Oh good! I wondered because someone else said they thought it wouldnt work well on audio. 4d
Cinfhen I used a new company @BarbaraBB Better World Books but they actually contacted me to say package has been lost and they were refunding me my $ so I wonder if package was never shipped or if it‘s really lost. Meanwhile a separate order from BD has not arrived and I reached out to them yesterday. I think now that Amazon is delivering to Israel the mail system is stretched beyond its capacity. I read since they launched incoming packages is up 42% 4d
Cinfhen 🤞🏽🤞🏽but I‘m not feeling hopeful 😖 4d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen That is so frustrating!! I hope my books will reach you before the end of the #ToB in March 😫 4d
Cinfhen I know! @BarbaraBB 😬😬😬😬 4d
merelybookish @Cinfhen Well if you don't have to read Overthrow,.it might be a blessing. 😛 4d
Cinfhen Hahahahaha 4d
BarbaraBB @merelybookish That will be my next one... 😱 4d
Suet624 @cinfhen Oh no, was that the book you ordered from Better World Books - the seller I recommended??? 4d
Cinfhen Yes @Suet624 BUT they(BWB) have been fantastic!!! It‘s truly a mess on this end of things, I believe!!!!! I would try to order from BWB again but after Israel postal gets their shit together 🙄 4d
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Kaddish.com | Nathan Englander
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#WeeklyForecast 04/20

Lined up for this week are Kaddish.com (almost finished actually), followed by this month‘s #NYRBBookClub choice and the next one for the #ToB.

Let‘s hope this week brings a bit more time to read than last week did 🤞

Cinfhen Great photo!!! And 🤞🏼🤞🏼for more reading time😘😘also hoping u like 6d
Megabooks Just put Kaddish.com on my library TBR!! Hadn‘t heard of it! Thanks! 6d
DreesReads I read Kaddish.com last summer, it was one of the books not picked for the summer ToB. It was good, I learned a lot. There really is a Kaddish.com (I checked, of course lol). 4d
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BarbaraBB @DreesReads I did too 😉. I can imagine they are not that happy with this book. 4d
DreesReads @BarbaraBB I wondered about the legality/trademark/whatever. 4d
BarbaraBB @DreesReads Exactly. I even wondered if Englander owned this site but it seems authentic. 4d
DreesReads @BarbaraBB same all around. So weird. 4d
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Meh. After DNFing this book (twice) I was told that it was in two parts and to give it 10 pages past the break. Well, it was intriguing enough to finish, but that‘s about it. #Tob20 #ToB

Hooked_on_books I found it pointless. I‘ll never understand why it won the NBA. 6d
Cinfhen It‘s on my physical TBR #Someday 6d
cariashley I was impressed by the writing voodoo but can‘t say I loved the story overall - something felt lacking. I‘m also surprised it won. 6d
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Working my way through the Tournament of Books finalists before games begin in March. #ToB #ToB20

Next up: Your House Will Pay

merelybookish Nice! Working my way through these myself. Currently on Overthrow 7d
BarbaraBB Me too. My next one will be Overthrow too @merelybookish 7d
Amiable Which one so far has been your favorite? 7d
Well-ReadNeck @Amiable oooh, tough call. Probably Lost Children Archive. I listened on audiobook and it was fab. 7d
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My audiobook hold for Your House Will Pay came in just in time for the weekend. #ToB20 #ToB

And, finishing up the Scythe trilogy. It‘s soooooo good!

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All This Could Be Yours | Jami Attenberg
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While this is a series of mini well-done character studies, as a whole this did not work for me. I have felt this way with her other books. The following is from my 2014 review of The Middlesteins and applies here:

Attenberg manages to write convincingly across generations, genders, and family lines. But I couldn't help feeling like each of the individual characters got short shrift. I was left wanting more.

#tob #tob2020