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The Bookstore | Deborah Meyler
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My husband and I are taking a quick trip to Nashville this weekend, and I‘ve already requested a stop at McKay‘s, a wonderful used bookstore there. Since I‘ll probably have limited time there, I need to have a plan of attack. 🤣 Where do YOU head first in your favorite used bookstore? 📚📚📚

#bookloverproblems 😊

mdm139 To my favorite genre sections 2w
robinb @mdm139 true, but I have multiples so guess I‘ll have to divide up my time. I also always debate whether to search out physical copies of my favorite digital reads, look for cool classics covers, pick a favorite author and binge there...I could go on and on. Bookstores tend to bring out an indecisiveness in me. 😩🤷🏻‍♀️😳 2w
Soubhiville I always start in recent releases, then fantasy and general fiction. 2w
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LeahBergen I head for vintage fiction. 😄 2w
robinb @LeahBergen Leah, I could have guessed that one! 😄👍 2w
robinb @Soubhiville Soubhi, I was just thinking I might start in the most recent stuff too. Then maybe on to romance and/or mystery. I think I‘ll make a list of authors that I‘ve been wanting to try, see how they rate on Litsy and pick up a few of them as well. 2w
ravenlee I love McKays! I‘ve only been to the Knoxville one, as my husband‘s family live in Oak Ridge. My favorites are mythology/folk tales, cookbooks, and kids‘ books. 2w
SamAnne I‘m headed there in November and am looking forward to visiting Ann Patchett‘s bookstore. 2w
robinb @ravenlee Aren‘t they wonderful?! I would love to visit the other locations in TN too (Knoxville and Chattanooga). Sounds like you definitely have a plan when you shop! 😊👍 2w
robinb @SamAnne I haven‘t been to that one yet but would also like to stop there, time permitting. It sounds wonderful! 2w
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#FestivePhotoChallenge #WinterGames #TeamNutcracker

I'm a day later with this one AND I can't locate my copy of a #SappyHolidayRomance (crowded shelves - #bookloverproblems), so I am creating a virtual photo of it instead!

Bookworm54 2 points :) 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Packing for Sunday's BBC History Weekend in Chester and as I will be seeing Suzannah Lipscomb, Hallie Rubenhold and Alison Weir, I obviously will be trying to get their books signed but the books are taking up most of my backpack!! And as I am stopping over the night before I need to pack other essentials I will have to do some reorganisation!

RachelO Oh fun! Would love to hear how the Alison Weir event is - think she‘s down here in a couple of weeks. 4mo
Birdsong28 @RachelO I will be definitely be posting so keep a look out, not seeing her till 5:10pm but it will be worth the wait. Are you going to see her? 📚📖 4mo
RachelO @Birdsong28 It‘ll probably be a last-minute thing if I do & if there are still tickets, but 🤞🤞🤞. Have a wonderful time! 4mo
andrew61 Have a great time, sounds wonderful. 4mo
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Bangkok Wakes to Rain | Pitchaya Sudbanthad
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Went to the bookstore for the tagged book which was reserved under my name, went out with 3. #bookloverproblems Reading Bangkok now and though I'm reading each sentence around 5x, it's kind of poetic, so we'll see. Also, I love campus setting thrillers, a la The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

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I climbed into bed hoping to do some reading, but the second I did I became sooo tired! #justanotherchapter

BookaholicNatty I‘m constantly awaking to a *CRASH* which is my book falling to the floor because I have fallen asleep while trying to read in bed! #bookloverproblems 9mo
BookaholicNatty I did really enjoy this book though! 9mo
Tashaxlynn @BookaholicNatty yesss, the same happens here! I‘m intrigued with the way the story is being told right now, I can‘t wait to read some more! 9mo
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I only got one book for Christmas this year (since I told my parents to not get me anything it was more than expected). I am blessed to have amazingly generous family and have a bit of “extra” money. I‘m torn as to being an adult and putting all of it toward a bill/saving it or spending whatever I want on books/bookish things and then whatever is left bill/save. #bookloverproblems

WhatThePuck Hey. Dave Ramsey says 10% goes towards "personal" expenses. ????? 14mo
Dolly Splitting sounds like a good idea. 🙂 14mo
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Texreader Easy. Books. 14mo
JSW Gift money never goes towards bills, in my life. Gifts are for lovely things, not serious things. 14mo
OrangeMooseReads @Dolly that is the way I‘m leaning. 14mo
OrangeMooseReads @JSW normally I spend some save some for later, but with the massive car repair I had to have done before Thanksgiving things have gotten a bit behind where they should be. 14mo
OrangeMooseReads @Texreader I think I‘m going to have to get at least a couple 😆 14mo
JSW @OrangeMooseReads ouch. I hear that. New tires this year for us right at Thanksgiving. 😐 14mo
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From Random House on Instagram 🤣🤣🤣 #bookloverproblems #litsyhumor

youneverarrived 😂😂😂 1y
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Thunderhead | Neal Shusterman
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I. Cannot. Believe. I. Have. To. Wait. Till. Next. Year.
Loved it. Loved the cliffhanger ending!!! But this is my legit face waiting for the next book to come out! #bookloverproblems

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TFW a book you want to read is impossible to get (15 holds deep) & you suddenly find yourself DESPERATE to read it.

Am I desperate because I really want to read it so badly... or simply because I know I can‘t? 🤔


Megara 😂 A book I‘ve been waiting anxiously for finally came in the mail today, but now I‘m preoccupied with books I found at the library yesterday! 1y
Samplergal 😂😂😂 1y
Reviewsbylola OMG YES 1y
TheBookbabeblog84 This is he truest meme ever lol 1y
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Unpacking books in the new apartment, and came across this one that I don't recall having and have no idea when, where, how, or why I obtained it. Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to.