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The Book of Five Rings | Miyamoto Musashi

Had to read this for orchestral conducting seminar. Why? I don‘t know. After reading it, I still don‘t quite know. As a philosophy book, I understand its value.


too preachy but a nicely paced story

sprainedbrain This was a so-so for me, too. Welcome to Litsy! 12mo
Cinfhen Still haven‘t tried this one yet... maybe in 2019🎶 12mo
Yu1105 @sprainedbrain thank you! I am very excited to try to form a reading habit. Happy reading! 12mo
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Yu1105 @Cinfhen it‘s a quick read, hope you like it! 12mo
Louise Welcome to Litsy! Don‘t give up on Oscar Wilde! You might try The Importance Of Being Earnest, if you enjoy reading plays. 12mo
Texreader Welcome to Litsy!! 12mo
Kaye Welcome , and thank you for the Follow. ♥️ 12mo
sprainedbrain @Yu1105 you have come to the right place for a reading habit. 😉 12mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 12mo
Lynnsoprano Welcome to Litsy, and thanks for the follow. As a retired choral director and teacher, your picture looks a lot like a conductor portrait to me. Am I right? 12mo
Libby1 Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 12mo
Yu1105 @Louise thanks! I will make sure to try that in the near future! 12mo
Yu1105 @Texreader thank you for the follow :)) 12mo
Yu1105 @Lynnsoprano hahahahaha good eye! Yes! I study orchestral conducting :))) 12mo
Yu1105 @Libby1 thank you! Happy reading! 12mo
Craftylikefox Welcome to Litsy!! 11mo
Yu1105 @Craftylikefox thank you!! Happy reading! 11mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 11mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer Welcome to Litsy! The Picture of Dorian Gray was a so-so read for me too! 11mo
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚🎉Hope you enjoy it here! 11mo
ValkyrieAndHerBooks Welcome to Litsy!🎉📚💕 11mo
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