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Ultimate Guide: Porches: Building Techniques for Adding a New Porch to Your Home
Ultimate Guide: Porches: Building Techniques for Adding a New Porch to Your Home | Steve Cory
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Adding a porch to a house is a unique home-improvement project. Theporchprovides additional living space that is both partly indoors and partly outdoors, and it serves as a transition between the outdoors and a home's interior. Ultimate Guide: Porchesleads homeowners through the entire process of adding a porch to their homes--from design to construction to finishing. Starting with descriptions of the different types of porches, Ultimate Guide: Porches takes the reader through the entire porch-building process. Along the way, readers learn building tips and techniques from professional builders. How-to building sequences show the construction of actual porches built by experienced porch builders. This is anideal book for anyone who wants to improve the look and functionality of their home by adding a porch."
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awesome 👏🏻 7mo
Eggs Perfection ❤️❤️ 7mo
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So far, this summer has been rainy and dreary and I want nothing more than to curl up with a blanket and some tea. But, we are making good progress on our sun room and I'm soooo excited to use it! It was a really gross porch that was practical falling off the house, so it really needed to go.

Anyone else live in a super old house? I swear it's just one project after another for all time...

JillR Me! 👋 We live in a 200 year old cottage - I love it but it's dusty, full of steps up and steps down, and always a job needing doing! 5y
Johanna414 @JillR you wouldn't trade it for anything though, right? They may be more work and have more "quirks" but there's nothing like the charm and character of an old house! Ours isn't quite as old as yours - it was built in the 1880s by one of my ancestors. I love that it's back in our family now! 5y
JillR That's so lovely @johanna414 - we don't know a huge amount about our house's history other than it used to be two tiny cottages rather than one, and may have been part of the next door pub. There is also a mysterious cellar that I have no intention of trying to "discover" ?. You're right, I wouldn't swap it though x 5y
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Scurvygirl Mine was built in 1908 and I am the second owner. I have slowly been doing the work to it, first by myself, now my dad and brother are doing it for me. It's amazing what people will do to a house (or not do). 5y
Johanna414 @Scurvygirl Are you having to update everything? We are lucky because even though our house has gone through about a million owners, we know that the people who owned it about 10 years ago updated all of the plumbing and electric. Then they sold it to a family that trashed it and lost it to foreclosure- which means we got killer price when no one else looked beneath the dirt and realized what an awesome house it was 5y
Scurvygirl @Johanna414 all the electric was knob and tube, so I have been replacing that room to room as I go. They did so really strange remodeling and drop ceilings in a couple of rooms. I gutted the kitchen and did a cathedral ceiling ( still need cabinets). All the flooring is out, almost all the horsehair plaster is out, the bathroom still needs to be done. A lot has been done, it's just slow going since I can't do the work anymore. 5y
Johanna414 @Scurvygirl Oh god, drop ceilings! 😫 That all sounds so overwhelming to me, but it will be completely worth it when you have everything done! So far, we've redone one bathroom, three porches and painted the entire inside. I've gotten really good at painting. We might start painting the exterior this summer, but more likely next year. I can't decide on colors... (edited) 5y
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