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The History of Rome
The History of Rome: The Republic | Mike Duncan
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THE ROMAN EMPIRE STANDS as the greatest political achievement in the history of Western civilization. From its humble beginnings as a tiny kingdom in central Italy, Rome grew to envelope the entire Mediterranean until it ruled an empire that stretched from the Atlantic to Syria and from the Sahara to Scotland. Its enduring legacy continues to define the modern world. Mike Duncan chronicled the rise, triumph, and fall of the Roman Empire in his popular podcast series "The History of Rome." Transcripts of the show have been edited and collected here for the first time. Covering episodes 1-46, The History of Rome Volume I opens with the founding of the Roman Kingdom and ends with the breakdown of the Roman Republic. Along the way Rome will steadily grow from local power to regional power to global power. The Romans will triumph over their greatest foreign rivals and then nearly destroy themselves in a series of destructive civil wars. This is the story of the rise of Rome.
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COMPLETED for #NFNov ... a National Geographic documentary on the birth of Rome.

#TIL: There were more than 310 miles of aqueducts that were built to bring water into the city. 2,000 years later, it‘s still considered a marvel of engineering. For every 1 foot of building material above ground on each aqueduct there are 6 feet BELOW ground.

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Velvetfur That sounds like a great documentary! 👍 2mo
Clwojick 9pt 2mo
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Has anyone listened to the History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan? Last night I got through Augustus, so I'm on episode 58 out of 179 (uh, it's long) ... I just learned that it's published in book form, so I thought I would let y'all know in case there's any other ancient history nerds on here trying to pick up some content knowledge.

The podcast is awesome. SPQR.

triskeleseeker Oh man, my podcast schedule is pretty full but this sounds amazing. I may have to pick it up... 3y
heikemarie This was the first podcast I ever got into. I still have the notebooks full of notes I took while listening! 3y
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LitLogophile That's awesome! @inwhichHeikereadsharder , have you listened to Revolutions? 3y
heikemarie @litlogophile I haven't! I have fallen off podcasts. I'll have to add it to the list! 3y
jdtchicago Loved it! 3y
LitLogophile Yes I knew that someone on Litsy listened to it! 😂 @jdtchicago 3y
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