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Stranger on a Train
Stranger on a Train: Daydreaming and Smoking Around America with Interruptions | Jenny Diski
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The author describes her journey into the heart of the United States during two cross-country trips aboard Amtrak, as she looks at herself and her own life throught the mirror of America and Americans.
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Really enjoying this book - I have romantic notions about doing a long train journey, with just a scenery and some books. Even this more realistic portrayal isn't putting me off. Any other books about train journeys you'd recommend?

Cathythoughts There‘s an Alfred Hitchcock based on a Patricia Highsmith story .... Strangers on a Train. 6mo
scripturient The hubs and I had this vision of us doing the Royal Scotsman journey... and then we saw what it costs. 🙈🤣🤣 6mo
Oryx @scripturient yeah we looked into doing a train in Canada to Churchill - then saw the cost! 6mo
Oryx @Cathythoughts I didn't realise that film was a book as well. Cool. 6mo
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I‘ve never taken a train in the US, but stuff like this sure never happens on European trains! Or do they? The amount of eccentricities Diski encounters on her travels are astounding, but perhaps it all has something to do with the smoking car... I hate smoking but couldn‘t help but sympathize with her when she found herself on a train without one. Brilliant writing!

8little_paws No more smoking cars on Amtrak, they're a thing of the past now. 13mo
tricours @8little_paws I suspected as much! Poor Diski if she returns for a third trip 😅 13mo
tournevis @8little_paws Unless there is a fire. Which happens on Amtrak. Amtrak is a s£%t show. 13mo
Ddzmini Isn‘t it amazing that you could get to almost any state on a train 🚂. Yet not many people utilize the train system as actual transportation as much as airplanes ✈️ 😳 13mo
Redwritinghood In the US, unless you live in the northeast, you probably never ride a train. Much more common to ride them between Boston and Washington, DC, though. 13mo
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1. Definitely train when possible. The traffic is easier to handle than when I drive and is less terrifying than flying.

2. I don‘t think I‘ve been there yet. Need to travel more! Anywhere I can sit for long periods of time with a book & coffee or wine is perfect for me.

3. Yes! Celebrating New Years in London. 🇬🇧 Considering a summer weekend in Montreal. 😏

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I pretentiously / unironically / accidentally took Stranger on a Train to read... on the train.

And it's fantastic.

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I'll miss you, Jenny Diski. Your writing changed me.

Annim Just started In Gratitude. Love her already: smart, sassy, honest. 4y
RebeccaH I'm looking forward to reading that one. 4y
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