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So many books,📚so little time. 🕰 Irish 🇮🇪 living in the US, Teacher, Vegan,
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Bleak-House... by Charles Dickens
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Thanks for the tag @RamsFan1963
1 Not a true “ fairytale “ but I love a Peter Pan retelling.
2 Once upon a time you can travel to Ireland and join the next few chapters???? (unfortunately due to Covid my dream of going home seems to be entering the realm of fantasy) 😢 @TheSpineView

Want to play

Cupcake12 Thank you for the tag x 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hey!! Just checking on you!! 8mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Checking on you! I hope you are well 💛 3mo
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Recent hauls from used bookstores. ❤️ 📚

Tamra I love a stack from a used bookstore - always feels like I won the lottery. 😊 11mo
KatieB I just read Shuggie Bain and thought it was brilliant! Enjoy! 11mo
Cathythoughts Shuggie Bain ❤️💔 11mo
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A Question Of Upbringing | Anthony Powell
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I‘m struggling to describe why I enjoyed this but I truly did. There‘s zero plot. It‘s rather like being a nosy fly on the wall, present at conversations you have no concern in. The writing is incredible and if you like between the wars time period this is perfect. On to book two.

Ruthiella I loved this series! 😀 11mo
Cuilin @Ruthiella you‘ll have to help me articulate why it‘s so enjoyable. Lol. 11mo
Ruthiella @Cuilin I‘ll try. 😆 As the dance goes on, certain people continue to pass in and out of Nick‘s life while he remains just outside...he never gives away a whole lot about himself. But watch out for Widmerpool! 11mo
Cuilin @Ruthiella Widmerpool, noted. I started book two today. 11mo
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The Vexations | Caitlin Horrocks
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Absolutely an amazing read. Horrocks writes with grace about the lives of the Satie siblings, mainly the composer Erik Satie. It one of those books I‘ll think about long after the last page is turned. ❤️

JamieArc I have this on my TBR. I‘ll have to get to it sooner now 😊 11mo
Cuilin @JamieArc A little warning, I did cry at some of this. Would love to know what you think though. 11mo
JamieArc @Cuilin I‘ll be sure to post a review. Between being a Francophile and from Michigan (I believe the author is from Michigan), this book caught my eye. I haven‘t seen many people post about it, so I‘m glad to see a good review. 11mo
Cathythoughts Nice review! Sounds good 11mo
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Better Late Than Never | Jenn McKinlay
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It‘s taken me a month of nothingness to decompress from the school year. Finally started reading again this week. I finished Emma, A Tale of Two Cities, the above novel which is delightful and today I finished The Bishop‘s Man by Linden McIntyre which is a difficult story but well told. #pemberlittens #WhattheDickens

Tamra I hear you re: decompression. Very necessary. 12mo
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Remarkable Creatures | Tracy Chevalier
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Mystery solved!! My husband was convinced that I had ordered it and just forgotten. Thank you @Helen19 It‘s a perfect summer read. ❤️ #litsylove

A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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#whattheDickens I know I‘m a week behind. I‘ll be a better host as soon as school gets out. So Carton loves Lucie too. Cruncher is a resurrectionist. Gaspard was tortured to death. Darnay confirms he is an Evremonde and we know Madame Defarge has condemned all Evremondes. 😳 This does not bode well. Lucie and Darnay marry.

BookwormAHN I'm finally caught up for this week. The scene between Carton and Lucie is heartbreaking. 13mo
Amiable What chapters are we up to now for discussion? I think I‘m a wee bit ahead. I‘ve gotten to chapt. 23. (edited) 13mo
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Lcsmcat @Amiable I‘ve finished Book 2, Chapter 24. I‘m not sure how far we were “supposed” to go. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 13mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat @amiable we should be reading chapters 25 - 30 13mo
Cuilin @BookwormAHN I know. Carton is so self aware but he‘s totally given up on himself. 13mo
Lcsmcat @Cuilin 👍🏻 13mo
Desha Hi there! I just found some #WhattheDickens hashtags in my feed and I was wondering about the possibility of joining in on some Dickens reads? Thank you! ☺️📚♥️ 10mo
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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A Tale of Two Cities Book 2 Ch‘s 7 -12
Well! A child was runover by a carriage, perpetrator of said crime was stabbed in their bed. Thank you, Jacques! We‘re heading for revolution though. Things in France are getting rather sticky. Dr. Manette does not want to know Darnay‘s true name and background. I‘m loving Caton‘s sarcasm that goes right over Stryver‘s head.

Lcsmcat When I read this as a teenager I missed so much! But Stryver‘s arrogance was portrayed so hilariously! I love how Dickens draws characters. 13mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat you took the words right out of my mouth. I was too young my first time reading this to understand the sarcasm and satire. Loving it now. 13mo
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Butterfinger @Lcsmcat another abusive husband. I just cringe. I feel that Dickens is poking fun of the superstitious with Cruncher. 13mo
Amiable The absolute callousness and disregard for human life when the carriage rolled over the child was shocking! I was also particularly struck in ch, 7 by Dickens' skill in setting up the monseigneur's character using a description of his facial features -- the dents in his nose, the lines of his mouth and eyes, etc. And the last paragraph of ch 7 with its juxtaposition between the wealthy party guests & the poor “rats“ was sheer perfection. 13mo
Lcsmcat @Amiable That was difficult to read, but Dickens uses it well to illustrate the attitudes of the day among a certain class, doesn‘t he? 13mo
Lcsmcat @Butterfinger Yes, he uses Cruncher to poke fun at a lot, doesn‘t he? 13mo
Amiable @Lcsmcat Absolutely! Dickens was a master of description with a sharp wit and satirical commentary that leaves a reader simultaneously entertained and cringing. I'm glad to be reading this as an adult with the proper appreciation for his work. (edited) 13mo
Cuilin @Amiable the disregard by throwing coins onto the streets as though that is sufficient compensation for the death of a child. Dickens makes it clear who our heroes and villains are. 13mo
Lcsmcat @Cuilin @Amiable He does make it clear who you‘re supposed to root for. If only all the villains in real life were also ugly, and all the heroes handsome. 😂 13mo
Amiable @Lcsmcat Ha ha! If you haven‘t seen it, that‘s literally the plot of the movie “Shallow Hal” with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black! 😀 13mo
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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My reading view today! So in these 6 chapters we‘re introduced to Mr. Darnay and Mr. Carlton who are lookalikes. Important methinks!! Mr Darnay has escaped the fate of being executed in a most gruesome manner. Lucy is a doll. Most agree. And Jerry has rust on his hands. 🤷‍♀️ #whattheDickens

BookwormM Well jealous of that view 14mo
TrishB Gorgeous ♥️ 14mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Beautiful! 💙 14mo
BarbaraBB Gorgeous view 😍 14mo
quietjenn Stunning! 14mo
Lcsmcat It‘s a reread for me so trying for no spoilers - but I had forgotten how awful Sydney Carton was in the beginning! 14mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat Sydney is not particularly attractive when we meet him, true. 14mo
CarolynM 😍 14mo
DivineDiana What a gorgeous view! Where is this? 12mo
Cuilin @DivineDiana Mount Washington, New Hampshire 12mo
DivineDiana Just splendid! 🏔 12mo
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times“ and so the dichotomy is set up for the rest of the novel. Book one was dark, mysterious and full of foreshadowing. What says you?

Lcsmcat I‘d forgotten how early Mme. Defarge shows up. I loved the repetition of Madame Defarge leaning against the doorpost “knitting and seeing nothing.” (edited) 14mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat The knitting 🧶 !! Yes I‘d forgotten that too. 14mo
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quietjenn This is my first time reading this one so I want quite sure what to expect. I did find the first chapter or two a bit slow, but by the time we get to France was pretty all in! 14mo
Booklover2 ❤️ 14mo
AnneCecilie This is my first time reading this one. To me it feels like Dickens is setting the stage and introducing some of his characters. I also noticed the knitting and seeing nothing parts. 14mo
Amiable First timer here, too! I‘m reading one chapter a day —trying to get the experience of reading it like the original serials. I was struck by the list of all the places where Hunger existed in chapter 5. The repetition really drives the point home. (edited) 14mo
Butterfinger While I was reading - at ch 6 - I was reminded of A Thin Line - There is such a thin line between hope and despair and I think this was captured brilliantly in the first five chapters. The overflowing of wine - people were so happy, yet it won't be there for long. 14mo
Cuilin @Butterfinger I thought the wine flowing in the streets foreshadowed the blood flowing during the revolution and how the people were “hungry” for that too. 14mo
Cuilin @Amiable a chapter a day is a great plan I may adopt! 14mo
Cuilin @AnneCecilie yes he really sets us up for this is a tale of places as well as characters. 14mo
Cuilin @quietjenn I loved the surreptitious carriage ride. It really prepares us for mystery and clandestine activities. 14mo
Butterfinger And I totally messed up the book's title. Where did I get a fine line? LOL 14mo
Cheshirecat913 First timer here as well. I was lost the first chapter for sure. Now I have acclimated to the mysterious ways of the narrative. It's business, just business mantra stuck out for me too. 14mo
quietjenn @Amiable @Cuilin chapter a day is my m.o. as well and will try to stick to that 14mo
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Bleak House | Charles Dickens
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By chapter 40 we are aware of the threat Tulkinghorn poses to Lady Dedlock. Is he motivated by loyalty or something else? What did you think of Tulkinghorn and his demise?

Lcsmcat I think Tulkinghorn is motivated by personal power. Having something on Lady D that he could use later, when it would benefit him. 1y
BookwormAHN I wonder if that old saying "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" fits him perfectly. 1y
quietjenn I do think that there some twisted loyalty. I do think he wants to protect the family/Dedlock name. But if in doing so, he has power over Lady D. - who rivals him in influence - so much the better. In any case, not too sorry about his demise 🤷‍♀️ 1y
Butterfinger I honestly thought he was being loyal to Dedlock. He had a weird sense of it. Assuring Lady that he would let her know first. Why would anyone think that is a good idea or even gentlemenly? 14mo
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Bleak House | Charles Dickens
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Charity and philanthropy feature in the novel both as something positive and not so. Dickens seems particularly critical of certain forms of charity. Why? #whattheDickens

Lucy_Anywhere I think Dickens is very critical of hypocrisy and those that ‘do good‘ only to look good to others. He‘s particularly cutting about ‘philanthropists‘ who are so busy writing letters and handing out pamphlets that they actually do no good at all 😂 1y
Lcsmcat I think Dickens is also critical of those whose charity is all for those far off, while ignoring (or actually contributing to) the problems and inequities right in their own society. 1y
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BookwormAHN I also think he's critical of how the poor are helped and differences between actually helping them and just lording over them. 1y
quietjenn Adding with these observations, I'd just add those who are so caught up in "doing good" that they neglect everything else in their life AND actually do no good at all because it's all performative. 1y
Butterfinger I agree with everything that has been said. That Jellyby woman was written as a caricature. She was foolish. But, then you have Jarndyce offer his home to Esther and the cop's children (forgive me, I know he wasn't a cop, but my brain is not working and I can't think of the family name). You know, as a reader, that his friends are becoming dependent on him. 14mo
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Bleak House | Charles Dickens
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#whattheDickens There were many characters both main and side in this novel. Did you have favorites? Who did you like/admire? Was Esther the perfect “Victorian” woman? Who did you dislike? Why?

BookwormAHN I liked Esther but she could be a little too good at times. The Bagnets were extremely entertaining. 1y
Cuilin @BookwormAHN the Bagnets were some of my favorites too. I loved how he would ask his wife to tell everyone how he felt. 1y
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DarkMina @Cuilin That was too funny! I really liked the Bagnets too! 1y
Butterfinger I loved Mr. Jarndyce. He had nothing to gain for helping people. He was just a kind soul who Richard thought he could manipulate. I also liked how the Bagnets were kind and helped Me George get money for his shooting range. The Smallweeds, especially the grandfather was detestable to me. I loved Esther. She didn't change. Even when she was sick she put others ahead of herself. And Guppy's immature fickleness didn't daze her. 1y
Lcsmcat Mr. Jarndyce and Esther were both just a little too good, but lovable anyway. But Charley and Jo were favorites. Lady Dreadlock too pulled on my heart strings. She was in such a tough position. 1y
quietjenn I agree with much has been said. The Bagnets were great and the Smallweeds the worst. I did find Esther a little too perfect at times, but adored Jarndyce and really felt for Lady Dedlock. Really disliked Richard, but so keen on all the minor characters. 1y
Lucy_Anywhere I liked Esther but I did find her goodness a little annoying, especially as she kept putting herself down in comparison to others. Dickens was so good at creating characters - even the minor characters like the Snagsbys felt like real people! 1y
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Oh my it‘s been a busy few weeks. So behind on all my reading goals though I did finish Bleak House @Amiable #whattheDickens and a few other books too. Will write reviews soon. Will start BH discussion questions this week. Is everyone finished?

quietjenn Yes, I finished it near the start of the month. Once I got ready into it I just couldn't stop! 😁 1y
Cuilin @quietjenn I know! The last few chapters flew by. 1y
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Lcsmcat Yes, I finished and look forward to a discussion. 1y
Helen19 I‘m still plodding along but happy to be making steady progress! Look forward to reading the discussions, even if I‘m not quite ready to add my answers yet!! 1y
Lucy_Anywhere I‘ve still got a bit to go but will join in the discussions when I can! 1y
Cuilin @Helen19 @Lucy_Anywhere We‘ll keep the discussion questions open so anybody should be able to participate. But there may be spoilers. 😬 1y
BookwormAHN I have a few more chapters to go but I'll join in the discussion when I can. 1y
DarkMina Yes I am. 1y
CarolynM I'm sorry, I've been a very bad buddy reader with this one ☹️ I still want to finish reading it, but I'm ridiculously far behind. 1y
Bklover I‘m sorry- I‘m with @CarolynM - way behind. 14mo
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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#whattheDickens For those of you joining in on AToTC. We begin on May 1st with a new plan of weekly readings and discussions. The plan is 6 chapters a week which should have us finishing July. Discussions on the weekends. Open to all!

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Sounds great to me! 1y
booksellerofyourdiscontent Is this open to anyone? 1y
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Amiable Looking forward to starting this one! Thanks for organizing! 1y
Lcsmcat I‘m looking forward to rereading this! 1y
Cuilin @booksellerofyourdiscontent absolutely! Please join us. 1y
AnneCecilie I‘m looking forward to this and that reading schedule sounds great. 1y
SamAnne Oh, I might have to join in. 1y
Cuilin @SamAnne wonderful! 1y
Cuilin @Amiable you‘re welcome. 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat me too. It‘s been years since I read this but I remember loving it. 1y
BookwormAHN I've been meaning to read this one for ages. 1y
Andrea313 I'm looking forward to joining in! Thanks for organizing! 1y
Kimberlone I am still not finished with Bleak House, but I am interested in joining for this. I‘ll have to see where I‘m at in a couple weeks with BH, if it‘s realistic to start another chunkster 1y
DarkMina I‘m in! 1y
Cheshirecat913 I would like to join in. 1y
Cuilin @Cheshirecat913 welcome. Yay!! 1y
CarolynM Thanks for the tag. As I'm still slowly plodding through Bleak House, I won't be joining in on this one. Hope you enjoy it. 1y
TiminCalifornia I‘m going to join in on Tale of Two Cities. I might lag the first couple weeks as I finish with class but then should be on schedule. Looking forward to this! 1y
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Bleak-House... | Charles Dickens
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We‘re on the home stretch! #whattheDickens Some have finished, some are still chugging along. I‘m preparing discussion questions for the end of April. It‘s also time to think about how we want to tackle A Tale of Two Cities. Would weekly goals/discussions be helpful? etc. Would love to hear your thoughts. Again I‘m tagging all who plan to read any C. D. with us. All are welcome to join at any time.

Lucy_Anywhere Argh, I‘m so behind! Fingers crossed that I can catch up a bit during my two-week break 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I read this one a few years ago, so I wasn‘t ready to re-read it, but I‘m looking forward to Tale of Two Cities! I like weekly check-in‘s, and/or end of the reading all together. I tend to do well with either of those. 1y
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Lcsmcat I‘m OK with whatever works for the others, but I do like some sort of engagement during the course of the book. Even if that means spoiler tags for those who get ahead of the group. 😀 1y
Cuilin @Riveted_Reader_Melissa thanks for responding, I‘m thinking weekly check ins too. 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat I like the idea of spoiler tags for those who might be behind as I would like to be more engaged with everyone. For example Tulkinghorn!!! I so needed to talk about that!! 1y
KVanRead Love the idea of check-ins and spoiler tags. I‘m caught up to Ch. 50 and loving it!! Tulkinghorn! And Joe! This book is all the things. 1y
Kimberlone I am very behind but still optimistic that I can catch up this month and finish by the end of April! 1y
BookwormAHN I'm good with check ins either weekly or at the end. I'm also caught up to ch. 50 and am looking forward to finishing and discussing 😺 1y
quietjenn I am almost caught up (48, I think?). Really enjoying it! I do think it would be helpful to have check-ins or opportunities to chat about the book asking the way. 1y
Amiable I always tackle my chunksters in weekly batches, so I'm used to doing it that way. I'm good with weekly check-ins for ATORC. We're starting that on May 1, right? 1y
DarkMina Weekly check ins are good. I am caught up to chapter 50. 1y
CarolynM Oh dear, I'm so far behind! I'm going to recommit to my chunksters in April😬🙂 1y
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Spring Has Sprung | Jennifer Waters
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@Jessieleah thank you so much. Love the mug, books are great and the bag is tote-ally cute 😚 #feelingspoiled 💗
Thanks for organizing:

Bookgoil So cute! Looks like you‘re ready to travel some place warm now!! 1y
Jessieleah 🥰 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love it!! ❤️ 1y
Crazeedi I just put a hold on the last garden book! Looks good!! 1y
Cuilin @Crazeedi I‘m looking forward to reading it. 1y
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The Sparsholt Affair | Alan Hollinghurst
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This is one of those books that feels like sitting down chatting with a good friend. The humor is understood and there‘s also a slight nod to gossip. I loved Evert and Johnny so much that ending the book was a bittersweet affair. 5 ⭐️

CarolynM I loved this one too. 1y
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A Passage to India | E. M. Forster
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Considered by many to be his finest book, this was a beautifully written but somber anti-colonialism story. The heart of the book concerns a mystery on a tour of some caves. I enjoyed most of it except the last few chapters which seemed superfluous as the story had already ended. But a pick nonetheless as the writing was thought provoking.

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Spring's Sprung | Lynn Plourde
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Totally forgot to post, but this was mailed on Tuesday. @rsteve388 @Bookgoil @Jessieleah #litsylovespringswap

Jessieleah Yay! 🥰 1y
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Sherlock's Home: The Empty House | Sherlock Holmes Fans, Steve Emecz
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2016 took my daughter to #London, it was a literary adventure with plays at the globe and Agatha Christie‘s Mousetrap we also visited 221 B Baker St and above where the modern Sherlock is filmed. Oh to travel again. #litsyspringbreak

Scochrane26 Very cool! 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks That sounds wonderful ❤️ 1y
reading_rainbow To cool! 1y
Cathythoughts Lovely pic 1y
TheKidUpstairs Sounds like a fun trip! 1y
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A Passage to India | E. M. Forster
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Most of life is so dull that there is nothing to be said for it, and the books and talk that would describe it as interesting are obliged to exaggerate, in the hope of justifying their own existence. Inside it‘s cocoon of work or social obligation, the human spirit slumbers for the most part, registering the distinction between pleasure and pain ⬇️

Cuilin but not nearly as alert as we pretend. 1y
Moonprismpower Yeah this is accurate. Movies and books make life seem so exciting. And I‘m just happy if I got up and maybe took a walk that day. 1y
Cuilin @Moonprismpower this quote really resonated with me as I‘ve barely done anything exciting for a year! 1y
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Moonprismpower And when we do start going out again we are all going to be so stoked for eating INSIDE a restaurant and going BOWLING with FRIENDS. The simple things will become a great adventure! 😂🤣 1y
BarbaraBB So true! 1y
Suet624 My son pretty much said the same thing to me today. He‘s struggling. He was a tour guide for Backroads and has been essentially grounded for months. He loves adventure and travel. He‘s finding it hard to stay put and live my kind of life. 😁 1y
Cuilin @Suet624 this has been so challenging for the adventurous. Though I like to be home it feels out of balance. I went to a cafe recently, first time in a year. Everyone was socially distanced and masked but I had sensory overload. What will we be like when this ends? 1y
Suet624 Good question! 1y
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Yeats's Poems | William Butler Yeats, Warwick Gould
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The Lake Isle of Innisfree
I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;

Cuilin There midnight‘s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet‘s wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart‘s core.
PurpleyPumpkin How beautiful 💜 1y
Cathythoughts ❤️ 1y
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A Passage to India | E. M. Forster
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Started this last night, got up early to read before work. I‘m only on page 42 but I‘m enthralled. ❤️

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Have a great day!! 💛 1y
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Daughter of Black Lake | Cathy Marie Buchanan
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In between curriculum planning I manage to finish this surprisingly delightful novel this weekend. If you like pagan traditions and Druids being threatened by Roman rule then you‘re in for a treat. Set during the Roman invasion of Britannia, a tight community holds strong to each other while honoring Mother Earth.

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This book haul is an absolute “blame it on Litsy” specifically #pemberlittens , more specifically @jenniferw88
This time last year I‘m not sure I knew exactly what gothic was. After 4 novels I want more. 🤷‍♀️

ladym30 Love Gothic!❤️ 1y
batsy Lovely haul 😍 1y
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Tuesday's Choice | Henry Romel Guy
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@RamsFan1963 thanks for the tag!!

1. Anywhere in Europe and specifically if it‘s somewhere I‘ve visited or it‘s on my bucket list to visit.
2. No I‘ll read anything if it‘s well written, regardless of mc‘s gender.



TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Love visiting Europe! 1y
Cuilin @Milara oh I get that!! I have a hard time with people writing about places I‘m very familiar with. It‘s like they‘re stealing something from me. One feels a little exposed and violated in someway. But yet I have to read it!! 🤷‍♀️Maybe I‘ve an overactive imagination too. (edited) 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks How are you my sweet friend? ❤️ 1y
Cuilin @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m ok. A breakout at our school means more children needing remote classes so my week off became a planning week🤦‍♀️ How are you? 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cuilin oh no! I‘m sorry! I‘m ok, haven‘t felt good this weekend. Still waiting on our journals to come in!! 1y
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Bleak-House... | Charles Dickens
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#whattheDickens check in. Confession time, I got a little distracted by other reads and have been neglecting Dickens but I‘m on vacation this week with time to devote to reading. How is everyone doing?? #chunksterchallenge

Lcsmcat I‘m caught up and tempted to read ahead. Luckily 3 other buddy reads are giving me the power to stave off temptation. 😀 1y
quietjenn I was late starting this month, but read in great big gulps over the weekend and am so enjoying it. Should be able to pace myself to finish this section just as February ends. 1y
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Cuilin @Lcsmcat I fear that once I start again I won‘t want to stop. 🙄 1y
Butterfinger I have finished reading it for this month and I cannot stand the elderly Smallwood. 1y
CaffeineAndCandy I too have been neglecting Bleak House but I am picking it up today and all this week to finish by the end of the month 1y
Lcsmcat @Butterfinger I so agree with you on him!!! 1y
BookwormAHN I'm planning to catch up this week. 1y
KVanRead Just completed chapter 34 yesterday and I am still loving it. 1y
KVanRead @Butterfinger @lcsmcat The Smallwoods are my least favorite characters by far. 1y
Kimberlone I caught up to the end of January‘s section of reading, but am now dragging behind on February...hoping to get caught up some before the end of the month. 1y
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Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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Confession time, I finished it! I couldn‘t put it down. I loved it. I will refrain from reviewing because, ✨spoilers✨ and I‘m still enjoying the daily posts.

#pemberlittens @sprainedbrain @jenniferw88

sprainedbrain Was this your first time reading it? I‘m so glad you loved it! ❤️ 1y
Cuilin @sprainedbrain yes. It was the only one I had not read before. It was amazing. 1y
Cuilin @Milara it‘s certainly different, darker. It made me feel emotions I don‘t normally associate with Austen like anger and frustration. But I feel it‘s an important novel and I can see why some say it‘s their favorite. The ending was a bit too neat. 1y
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Correspondence | J D Daniels
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Not exactly caught up but, welcomes and some “thinking of you”, are complete, now for some replies.

Helen19 Beautiful stamps! 1y
Cuilin @Helen19 thanks. I got your card. Be on the lookout for something in the mail, Montessori related. 🎁 1y
Helen19 @Cuilin 😮How exciting!!! Thank you! X 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 1y
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Valentines | Ted Kooser
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Oh my gosh @Karisa thank you for such thoughtful palentines. So excited to read this book and the chocolate will not last long. 🙏🙏🙏

Thanks for organizing @candority 🙏

Crazeedi That book looks so interesting 1y
candority Yay! 💕 Happy Valentine‘s Day! 💘 1y
Karisa 😊💗 1y
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“resting fatigues me. I have looked across the ha-ha till I am weary.”
These fascinated me as a child, from a distance it would look like something you could leap over. So much garden and landscaping in this novel. This was the heyday of park and town planning. I imagine JA sat through numerous conversations about them.

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The Group: A Novel | Mary McCarthy
post image

This is the worst book I‘ve ever loved. Yes you read that right. I hated them all, especially the male characters. Yet, I couldn‘t stop reading. Ok I liked Polly, and Dr Ridgeley seemed safe and, Lakey was kick-ass. Not an easy read due to the neurotic, self absorbed characters but I also sympathized with their lack of agency even with their Vassar education. Great buddy read @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Has anyone seen the movie?

TheBookHippie I AM Not the only one !!!!!! I didn‘t like any of them 🤣 1y
TheBookHippie I think I‘ll see if the library has the movie. 1y
Cuilin @TheBookHippie they‘re hard to like. There were moments though. They didn‘t seem to like each other. 1y
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TheBookHippie @Cuilin they didn‘t like themselves .. 1y
mommyincolortv I think I read this a couple of years ago... I didn't finish it but I remember liking it and not liking it. Think I'll read it again this year. 1y
Cuilin @mommyincolor it‘s a difficult one to describe, it caused so many mixed emotions. 1y
lynneamch I watched the movie on Amazon Prime after I had read about 1/3 of the book. I thought it was very true to the book and helped me keep the characters straight when I went back to reading. Worth watching! 1y
Cuilin @lynneamch oh thanks, I‘m curious about the movie. Will probably watch it. 1y
BarbaraBB Great review! I disliked them all too and yet it made for a good story! 1y
Cinfhen Great photo!!!! And wonderful review 😀 @DebinHawaii and @rubyslippersreads both watched film via Amazon Prime and thought it was well done 👍🏻 I‘m gonna watch it too (edited) 1y
Cinfhen Check out Candice Bergen.....a relative @LeahBergen ?!?!! 1y
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Sadly, no. But wouldn‘t that be nice? 😆 1y
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Bleak-House... | Charles Dickens
post image

#whattheDickens read along check in. How is everyone doing? Any theories on Lady Dedlock? I was wondering why some of this felt familiar then I realized I saw the adaptation 🤦‍♀️ it was a long time ago so most is still a mystery to me. Edit Happy Birthday Mr Dickens!! 🎉

Lcsmcat I‘m loving it, but wishing I had more time to read. (This week was a heavy work week.) I‘ve got some tickles of an idea about Lady Deadlock, but nothing I‘m willing to commit to print. 😀 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat I like your style, keep your cards close to your chest. (I‘m behind on reading due to crazy work week too🤷‍♀️ agh) 1y
See All 11 Comments
meghathecloud I'm behind too...because I got distracted by another book while this gave me the side eye 1y
KVanRead I read a bunch earlier in the week, less in the last few days but feel pretty much on track and yes, still loving it. I do have a theory emerging about Lady Deadlock but like @Lcsmcat it‘s still too tenuous to share. I love the characters so much - how does Dickens manage that with what would be way too many characters with almost any other author? And I love his empathy for them, especially Joe and the man from Shropshire 1y
Lcsmcat @KVanRead Joe is great! My edition has an illustration of him I‘ll have to share later. 1y
quietjenn Add me to those who need to catch up s bit - I think I only managed one chapter this week 😕 maybe I'll have a chance to sink in today? No theories yet, but very much enjoying things! 1y
Kimberlone I also saw the BBC adaptation years ago so I do kind of already know what‘s going on with Lady Deadlock but most of the details I don‘t remember because it‘s been so long. Planning on getting some reading done today while the game is on! 1y
Lucy_Anywhere Good! I‘m on Chapter 19 and love seeing all the characters slowly being drawn together. The BBC adaptation is great, although it‘s been so long that I can‘t really remember what Lady Dedlock‘s deal is - I have some theories 1y
Butterfinger The chapter with the Smallwood family was tough for me to read. I know Dickens probably thought it humorous for an old man to lose his strength throwing a cushion at his wife who clearly suffers from dementia, but it wasn't. 1y
Cuilin @Butterfinger I‘m not sure he thought it funny but it does depict cruelty and ignorance which unfortunately exists even when facing issues like metal health and dementia. Dickens was not in the habit of shying away from humanities failings. We neglect or abuse those who need our care most. This was a huge concern to Dickens. 1y
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MP Chapter 6
“if I were you, I would have a very pretty shrubbery. One likes to get out into the shrubbery in fine weather”
Yes, one does rather. 🚶🏼‍♀️🌳🌲🌿🌱

#pemberlittens @sprainedbrain @jenniferw88

sprainedbrain It‘s always nice when Lady B pipes up with sage advice. 😉 1y
Cuilin @sprainedbrain sage lol, 👏 1y
Michael_Gee Lady Bertram may be my favorite Austen character. If I ever have a pug I want to name it Bertram after her. (edited) 1y
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Cuilin @GhostStories great name, and I love Bertie as a diminutive. 1y
Michael_Gee @Cuilin Bertie is so cute!! I love it. 1y
QuintusMarcus I want that cake! 1y
Cuilin @QuintusMarcus it was good!! 1y
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post image

14 love songs from different times in my life. I could have spent all day on this. ❤️ 🎵

#galentine @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

BarbaraBB What a wonderful list! Sail Away and All Cried Out were once a part of my life too 💜 1y
squirrelbrain I used to play David Gray and Dido constantly...and I ❤️❤️❤️ Cannonball. 1y
Cuilin @squirrelbrain @BarbaraBB I still play David Gray on a 🔁 1y
See All 8 Comments
BarbaraBB Yes that album is still on my Spotify too! 1y
CaitZ Doesn't Liam Clancy have one of the sweetest voices? I love all of his music. 1y
Cuilin @CaitZ I‘m going to name drop. My dad sang with Liam on his Shanty and ocean CD‘s. He was also at my wedding. Love his voice. 1y
CaitZ @Cuilin That's so cool. I was lucky enough to have seen him perform once. 1y
CBee Ohhhhh, David Gray ♥️♥️♥️ 1y
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Here it Is! | Susan Meyers
post image
candority Yay! 💕 1y
Karisa Terrific! So glad it made to you safely😊 1y
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Change Sings | Amanda Gorman
post image

Yes, I have Goodreads, Litsy and Amazon lists of books I want to read/buy, plus random scribbled lists on papers and journals.

Tagged poetry book by Amanda Gormon

(Thanks for the tag @RamsFan1963 )

Want to play? @CaffeineAndCandy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cupcake12 @TiminCalifornia @quietjenn @KVanRead

Cupcake12 Thank you for the tag. I sent your letter off today. Thank you for your lovely card. ❤️ 1y
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Quotable Quotes for Quoters | Aubrey Dillon-Malone
post image

#stage #quotsyfeb21 truth⬆️

DimeryRene 😂 1y
TK-421 Love it! 😄 1y
jewright This is my life! 1y
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Freedom's Echo | Angela Dorsey
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“From every mountainside let freedom ring” MLK

#showsomelove #loveprevails #freedomday

Eggs Beautiful 🇺🇸🇺🇸 1y
TheKidUpstairs 💗❤💗❤ 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 👏🏻❤️ 1y
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Bleak-House... | Charles Dickens
post image

If you‘re not ready beware of spoilers. 🏴‍☠️ How did Lady Dedlock recognize the handwriting? Why did she faint? Who was Nemo? Who was the man in the coach with Esther? Why did Mr. Jarndyce give Esther the keys? He seems kind to a fault? Do you have a favorite name? What‘s up with Guppy? Or Krook or Skimpole? So many questions. What are your thoughts?

EdnaC I‘m struggling to get into it so I‘m behind. :( I‘m working to catch up for@the next discussion though. 1y
Helen19 I was wondering about the keys, I wrote in my notebook ‘has she just been made housekeeper?!‘ 1y
See All 43 Comments
Cuilin @EdnaC no worries you started later. Keep going. 💪 You can do it. 1y
Cuilin @Helen19 Right? Was it a compliment or an insult? She seemed pleased. Was she now elevated to lady of the house? 1y
EdnaC @Cuilin thanks! I‘ll get there. :) 1y
Helen19 @Cuilin Maybe Jarndyce picked up on her desire to be wanted and needed (in a very short time of knowing her!) and thought he‘d help out? 1y
Lcsmcat @Cuilin @Helen19 I had the same question about the keys. Esther seems to feel it‘s a compliment, but she‘s so humble that she might not find being housekeeper an insult. I‘m waiting to see. 1y
BookwormAHN @Cuilin @Helen19 @Lcsmcat I thought that was weird and that originally she was supposed to be Ada's personal maid. 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat @Helen19 I think Mr. Jarndyce admirers Esther‘s modesty and capability. I think it‘s an honor. Keys signifying power, control and independence. 1y
Helen19 @Milara I definitely saw it as a respectable role, I was just surprised at how quickly he entrusted her with it. Wasn‘t it like the day after he met her (if we exclude giving her food in a carriage that time!)? 1y
Lcsmcat @Helen19 I feel like he‘s been watching her from afar since before her “godmother” died. Not in a creepy way, but in a benevolent way. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1y
Helen19 @Lcsmcat Yes, that‘s true. Not in a Guppy way ha 1y
Lcsmcat @Helen19 Definitely not Guppy 🐟 1y
BookwormAHN I wonder what Guppy's intentions are? That was rather quick to fall in love. And what's up with Richard? Has Skimpole gotten to him 😸 1y
Cuilin @BookwormAHN Guppy is definitely suspicious. I‘m also questioning Richard. He seems good, especially leaving the money on the mantle for Miss Flite but somewhat naive. 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat I think he knows more about Esther than Esther does! Who is her father? Hmmm 🤔 1y
Lcsmcat @Cuilin @BookwormAHN I‘m worried about Richard too. He‘s so naive that I think Ada‘s going to get hurt. 1y
Lcsmcat @Cuilin Mr. J probably does know more about E than he lets on, and while I think they are good motives, I think he has some motives for his actions that we haven‘t seen yet. 1y
Kimberlone I am a little behind on January‘s reading section but working to catch up today... 1y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat yes, I hope more is revealed about this as we read on. 1y
Cuilin @Kimberlone no worries. Are you enjoying it so far? 1y
Kimberlone @Cuilin totally enjoying it! I love Victorian novels, but this is my first Dickens, surprisingly. The latter half of January kind of got to me though, and my reading slowed down a lot, which just means I‘m behind in the schedule. 1y
Cuilin @Kimberlone Here‘s to a new month. January can be rough. Glad you‘re enjoying the novel though. 1y
quietjenn I am - naively? - trustful of Mr. Jarndyce at this point. And I think he esteems and trust Esther, by giving her the keys. 1y
quietjenn But I really want to know what's up with Lady Deadlock? I didn't like her, but her late night, investigative shenanigans have me intrigued! 1y
quietjenn Guppy at just made me laugh at his first proposal, but then became sinister and stalker-y. Was not expecting that! 1y
Cuilin @quietjenn yes!! What is up with Lady Dedlock? How does she know Nemo? Why did she stop the carriage? Was he an old lover, perhaps? 🤔 1y
Helen19 @quietjenn yes, a touch of the Mr Collins‘ ridiculousness which turned very creepy. I‘d never really thought of stalkers being an issue in Dickensian/Victorian England before! 1y
Helen19 For any readers that can access BBC iplayer, I‘ve just noticed that Bleak House is on there at the moment! I‘ll wait until I‘ve read a bit more to watch so I can avoid spoilers! 1y
Butterfinger I loved the characters so far. It has been an incredible read. I don't see Esther as a servant. I see her treated as an equal to Ada and Richard. I think Mr. Jarndyce knows her parentage and I think Lady Deadlock does too. 1y
Cuilin @Butterfinger it will be interesting to see how Lady Dedlock and Esther paths will cross, if indeed they do. 🤷‍♀️ 1y
quietjenn @Butterfinger ah, it never occurred to me that Lady Deadlock knew more about Esther! So far the respective narratives seem so far apart, but I too am intrigued by how they will all come together. 1y
Lucy_Anywhere I‘m loving the characters - so well drawn. I like Richard but nervous about how naive he is... and worries he‘s going to become obsessed with the Chancery case. Lady Dedlock intrigues me. I like sensible Esther and am very curious about her parents - I have my suspicions. 1y
CaffeineAndCandy I think he gave her the keys to let her know that he trusts her and that she nay make herself at home 1y
CaffeineAndCandy I'm having a bit of a time remembering all the characters as my reading has been so spaced out 1y
meghathecloud I would like to know what Krook wanted to say to Mr. Jarndyce. It may only be a tidbit about his dead relation which Krook may think important. But, he's also learning to write, so maybe he has a bigger role to play. 1y
Cuilin @meghathecloud I think Krook learning to read will be relevant too. He has Chancery papers in his collection of stuff. So 🤔 1y
KVanRead I‘m finally caught up and loving it. Forgot what a pleasure it is to fall into Dickens‘ world and writing, the characters, his incredible use of the language, his storytelling, his empathy never cease to amaze me. 1y
KVanRead @Cuilin @Helen19 @Milara @Lcsmcat @BookwormAHN @CaffeineAndCandy I can shed a little light on the keys. Being the key holder was a huge status symbol in a Victorian household so it‘s a big compliment and show of faith from Jarndyce ⤵️ (edited) 1y
KVanRead “The woman with the keys to all the many desks, chest of drawers, food hampers, pantries, storage containers, and many other locked cabinets was "the woman of the household". As such, she was the one who would direct the servants, housemaids, cooks and delivery servicemen and would open or lock the access to the valuables of the house, possessing total authority over who had access to what. (...) (edited) 1y
KVanRead Frequently, this hostess was the senior woman of the house. When a woman married and moved into her father-in-law's house, her husband's mother would usually hold on to the keys.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatelaine_(chain)?wprov=sfti1 1y
Cuilin @KVanRead ❤️ it. Yes it‘s most definitely an honor. Thanks for sharing your research. 1y
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Castle Rackrent | Maria Edgeworth
post image

Well that‘s helpful! This book is actually quite funny.

Texreader Ha!! 1y
Kimberlone I love when footnotes are included with cleverness! 1y
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The Italian | Ann Ward Radcliffe
post image

Despite the melodrama and evil characters reading Radcliffe is pure fun! It‘s like a guilty pleasure. You know the plot is a bit over the top but you relish in the absurdity. I feel the same way when I catch an episode of Eastenders or some reality tv show, my brain says “really, you‘re watching this” and the rest of me shouts out with glee “for sure!”
@jenniferw88 #pemberlittens

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Oliver Twist | Charles Dickens
post image

No guesses here. It‘s a pick! Great story wonderfully told. Most people know the story so I‘ll say as Dickens‘s second novel, his style is clearly evident, satire, humour, exaggeration, and of course caricature.

BookwormAHN I love the subtle humor. 1y
Cuilin @BookwormAHN me too, his writing is so incredibly witty and clever. I love that he respects his readers to “get it”. 1y
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Bleak-House... | Charles Dickens
post image
Lcsmcat I am! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 1y
sblbooks I'm way behind... 1y
meghathecloud Yes, a discussion would be great! 1y
See All 26 Comments
Butterfinger Yes. These characters are awesome!!! 1y
Lucy_Anywhere Yes! I have 6 chapters left to read but I should get that done this week. 1y
quietjenn For sure! 1y
CaffeineAndCandy Totally 👍 1y
DarkMina Yes 1y
CarolynM I've made a start. I don't think I will have read all 16 chapters in time, but I'm happy to discuss anyway🙂 1y
Kimberlone Yes, I need to catch up but planning on on finishing those set of chapters 1y
Cuilin @sblbooks no worries 1y
Cuilin @Butterfinger I know so much to talk about. 1y
EdnaC I‘m in 1y
Cuilin @EdnaC 👍 1y
KVanRead Making getting caught up a priority starting...now!! 1y
Cuilin @KVanRead you can do it. 💪 1y
BookwormAHN I'm planning to get caught up this week. 1y
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A New Chapter | Catherine Lievens
post image

My youngest daughter went back to college yesterday. She‘s been here every day since March, just the two of us, day in day out. The house is quiet but I‘m making plans. I miss her (she‘s hilarious) but learning to enjoy the solitude.

#thinkpositivebepositive @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Good for both of you...for the time together and the quiet times. 1y
IamIamIam Good luck!! I'm sure you miss the company but what a great opportunity for her to be able to go back to college! Be well! 1y
See All 6 Comments
Cuilin @IamIamIam Thanks. I‘m so happy for her. She needs this and was so excited. 💕 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks My youngest starts her clinically next month so I‘m in the same boat 😓 she will be mostly staying at her dads because he lives closer to that hospital. Wish we lived closer and we could hang out!! 1y
Cuilin @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks My daughter is in Boston which is two hours from us but due to COVID she can‘t come home. It‘s bittersweet, right? It‘s great they‘re doing what they want. 1y
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Oliver Twist | Charles Dickens
post image

Away they run, pell-mell, helter-skelter, slap-dash,… rousing up the dogs… Away they fly, splashing through the mud,… up go the windows, out run the people, onward bear the mob,… There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.

And that is how you write a chase scene!

Amiable His writing is so visceral. (edited) 1y
Cuilin @Amiable I agree. It reminds me of paintings of people, by artists like Lowry etc scenes of life. Amazing command of language. 1y
EdnaC That‘s on my TBR this year. 1y
See All 9 Comments
Cuilin @EdnaC This is the year of Dickens for me. I‘m also reading Bleak House, with others planned for the year with #whattheDickens buddy read. 1y
EdnaC @Cuilin that‘s awesome. I recently reread A Christmas Carol and it sparked me to want to read more of his stuff. Or reread it. I was just saying I read Great Expectations as a teen but I feel like I would get more out of it rereading it now. 1y
Cuilin @EdnaC if you like to join in the buddy read I‘m happy to tag you. We start A Tale of Two Cities in May and The Pickwick Papers in September. Or Bleak House now. 1y
EdnaC @Cuilin oh I would love to! Yes please tag me. :) 1y
Cuilin @EdnaC will do. Glad you‘re joining us!! 1y
EdnaC @Cuilin thanks! 1y
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post image

With a drink

What about you?

post image

It‘s a rainy miserable day here in NH. I plan on reading a little from each of these this weekend. Bottom two are for work the rest are for book groups, read alongs etc. 💗

Lucy_Anywhere Those are some mighty chunksters you have on the go! 1y
Cuilin @Lucy_Anywhere I just set a goal of hundred pages a day. Hopefully this will help. I‘m enjoying all of them so that helps with motivation. 1y
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Bleak House | Charles Dickens
post image

#whattheDickens Week 2 check in. We‘re pretty much all started now. Thanks for posting favorite quotes and discussions both big and small. Do you have pics like this ⬆️ in your edition? How are you finding it so far? On track? I started reading Oliver Twist so I could still enjoy Dickens without reading too far ahead in Bleak House. 🤦‍♀️

Kimberlone Just started chapter 8, my edition has the same illustrations! Really enjoying the book so far :) 1y
Cuilin @Kimberlone 👍 thanks for checking in. You‘re on track. Nice. Glad you‘re enjoying it. 1y
See All 20 Comments
Mesica25 Love it! 1y
Bklover Going back and forth between reading and listening. With all that‘s going on I‘m having trouble staying focused. I‘m about 7 chapters in. 1y
Cuilin @Bklover 7 chapters is no small feat. I admit to some distraction too watching the house debate, news, Covid reports, work 😱 How is the narrator? 1y
Cuilin @Mesica25 hi, would you like me to tag you as we read along? The more the merrier! 1y
quietjenn I'm only up to about chapter five and my Kindle version has no illustrations 😕 Hoping to unearth my hard copy soon! I'm definitely remembering why I Dickens! 1y
Cuilin @quietjenn wonderful, getting up to chapter 5 is great. 👍❤️ 1y
Mesica25 Yes, tag me! 1y
KVanRead Lovely picture 💕 I‘m a little off track but hoping to catch up now that in caught up with The Italian. 1y
meghathecloud I am on chapter 4 and really enjoying it. I am taking it slow and savoring each chapter. 1y
Helen19 I struggled a bit with the first 2 chapters and fell behind but really enjoyed chapter three and think I‘ll be able to catch up a bit this weekend! (edited) 1y
Cuilin @KVanRead I have a few read going on at the same time too. 👍 1y
Cuilin @meghathecloud every word is to savored. Glad you‘re enjoying it! 1y
Cuilin @Helen19 no rush. As long as you‘re enjoying it, that‘s all that matters so take your time. 1y
CaffeineAndCandy You didn't tag me! 1y
Cuilin @CaffeineAndCandy oh no 🤦‍♀️ sorry putting you on the list now!! 1y
Cuilin @CaffeineAndCandy oh you‘re on the list. You‘re name is above not sure why you didn‘t get notified. Hmm 🤔 I‘ll keep an eye on it. Let me know if it happens again. 1y
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