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The Money Saving Mom's Budget
The Money Saving Mom's Budget: Slash Your Spending, Pay Down Your Debt, Streamline Your Life, and Save Thousands a Year | Crystal Paine
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From one of Nielsens top 50 power moms comes advice you can take to the bankliterally! Crystal Paine, who has helped busy women everywhere take control of their finances, presents her most effective strategies designed for families of all sizes and income levels. With hundreds of inspiring why didnt I think of that? tips, plus worksheets, Paine breaks down your goals into easy, manageable steps so you can: Achieve a complete financial makeover Set up a realistic budget Never pay retail Slash your grocery bill Organize your time and your home Use coupons wisely Pay with cash only Live simply Become debt free Choose contentment Make every dollar count
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I really need to save money for my future bookshelves. So I bought this two in one frame included savings box. 🤩😘

julesG Cool! 3mo
Sarah83 @julesG Thank you 3mo
Buechersuechtling Looks nice. I hope it has enough space for a pretty penny. 💰 3mo
Sarah83 @Buechersuechtling let's wait and see. 😉 3mo
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Lightbulb moment. Looking over my TBR list, ever-growing thanks to Litsy, while balancing my checkbook. I can't be the only one who wishes all the books were free this time of year. So, I'm doing my part to help. Next week, my eBook will be free to all because it makes me happy.


Help me!? I have decided that my children need more books and it is impossible for me to shop for books for others. I get distracted and end up with 30 new books for me. What are a couple good series for a 10 and super advanced 6 year old? My friend mentioned Captain Underpants, but the title makes me cringe. I'm thinking more along the lines of Phantom Tollbooth.

BookBabe How about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys? 3y
BookBabe For the 10 year old, maybe 3y
Megabooks I loved these as an advanced child in secondish grade. 3y
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Megabooks Choose Your Own Adventure books may be good for the 10 year old if they still have them, plus my friend's third grader likes Goosebumps 3y
GilbertGrape I forgot to mention they're boys and they love zombies and other fantastical things. Goosebumps is a great suggestion and my 6 year old would gobble those up. I believe he might be a miniature version of me 😍 3y
BookishMarginalia It's okay to cringe at the title "Captain Underpants" but consider getting it anyway (plus the kids will really get a kick out of your discomfort AND learn a valuable lesson about non-censorship) ?? 3y
GilbertGrape @BookishMarginalia I work at the newspaper. I suppose I should encourage them to fight censorship. 3y
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