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Two bingos for June!! A few books that I ended up loving snuck in towards the end of the month; tagged is my favorite.

I‘m happy to be working my way slowly through old challenges! Yay for #roll100 #bookspin and #booked for keeping me trying new things. Next to catch up on will be #camplitsy - the library wait lists for these have been bonkers, so I read ahead with Either/Or and will do what I can with the rest 😁

June | Lori Copeland
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June recap! Pretty sure this was a record number for me, helped by graphic novels and audiobooks:
🚫1 DNF, a #roll100 title
✅ read the other 2 #roll100 titles
✅ read both #bookspin and #doublespin
✅ read 1 #camplitsy buddy read
✅ read #diversecozy buddy read
✅ 9/10 were from my TBR 🥳

Spinning | Tillie Walden
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This month for #bookspin I‘m adding in a couple books by/about older women and a couple picks from the library‘s summer reading list. I‘ve already started one of those!

There are more summer reading list picks that appeal to me, but I‘ve finally learned to avoid the frustration of including books that will probably be on the hold list all month.

Also part of the mélange:
…and other miscellaneous

kspenmoll Some of these on my TBR; others just look enticing! Great moth of reading!! (edited) 10h
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 10h
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Entry Island | Peter May
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Here are my July #Roll100 books!

I‘ve been totally failing at this challenge, but I‘m trying to get back into my reading challenges.

PuddleJumper Looks great! There is no failing this challenge 😂 11h
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Hello July!

For #roll100 I got the last book by Jakob Arjouni I haven't read yet. I needed to buy the audio book second hand and hope it'll arrive soon. Meanwhile, I'm still reading Dune, which was my June roll 😄

#TurnUpTheBooks was a hard one. I got My Friends Over You by New Found Glory and had to check so many books to find something at least fit a little. I now go with The Last Chindit ⬇

Jari-chan since he MC goes out looking for his friend, not knowing if he's dead or alive.
I've also finished the book by Dennis Lehane and will post the review as soon as I got down to it 😅

@Puddlejumper @@AkashaVampie
PuddleJumper You're doing great! I've given up on Dune so many times 😅 11h
Jari-chan @PuddleJumper If it's not fir you, you don't have to force it upon you - there are many other books out there to be read 😁 11h
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The Perfect Stranger | Megan Miranda
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PuddleJumper Awesome! 11h
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Wishtree | Katherine Applegate
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Cinfhen 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼well played 18h
PuddleJumper Nice! 11h
Clwojick Amazing! Way to go! ❤️ 11h
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! Fabulous month!!! 10h
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Cuckoo's Calling | Robert Galbraith
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Finally reading this and though it was filled with gists but I do find it rather dry as it feels more like reading a textbook. I would think there were too much going on and somehow I got lost midway. Prob good for tv, I haven‘t watched it yet. I somehow guessed the killer so the ending was no surprise but it did drags on a little 😅
My pick for #bookspin #roll100 @TheAromaofBooks @PuddleJumper

PuddleJumper I've not read the books but enjoyed the TV series. It's a bit style over substance but still enjoyable 11h
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 10h
SusanLee @PuddleJumper I thought so too that tv series would be a better fit 7h
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Learned so much about No Man's Land OK/TX and other areas that suffered through the Dust Bowl. Really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to Ken Burns' documentary this weekend!

This was one of my #Roll100 books for June, @puddlejumper!

PuddleJumper Wahoo! That's great! 11h
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Good book, can‘t wait to continue! #Roll100 #56

I need to point out the inclusivity here: Apollo is bisexual, and it‘s no big deal. His history and current attractions (which are marginal but present b/c he‘s a mortal teen) are just part of him. We‘ve got a lesbian couple with a child, too. And it‘s all just part of the story. It‘s awesome! The first book addresses Apollo‘s attitude toward his son dating a boy, and he basically just shrugs 👇🏻

ravenlee because why shouldn‘t he? He should be with someone who makes him happy and treats him well. I love the way Riordan handles all of it. 2d
PuddleJumper That sounds good! 2d
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