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The Big Book of Hobby Ideas
The Big Book of Hobby Ideas: Hundreds of Hobby Ideas for Men and Women, Complete with Links and Resources to Help You Find Your Passion | D. J. Gelner
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Need a new hobby? Looking for a hobby that's more than something to "pass the time," but rather a potential pathway to find your passion and higher purpose in life? The Big Book of Hobby Ideas: Hundreds of Hobby Ideas for Men and Women Complete With Links and Resources to Help You Find Your Passion is that book. Author D.J. Gelner spent hundreds of hours researching an amazing array of new hobby ideas for people around the world. The result is The Big Book of Hobby Ideas, which contains all of the resources you'll need to start a new hobby and find a new passion. Included inside are: -Hundreds of hobby ideas, ranging from Sports, to the Arts, to Food and Drinking Hobbies, Collections, Car and Motor Hobbies, Tech Hobbies, and even Super Spy Hobbies! -Lists of "What You'll Need" for each potential hobby -Links to the most helpful websites, videos, and other resources specific to each hobby idea to aid you in your hobby search -An alphabetical, clickable index that will direct you to any hobby in the entire book with the click of a button or tap of a finger. You've never seen a resource quite like this; far more than a list of pastimes, The Big Book of Hobby Ideas will surely point you toward your ultimate goals of leading a happier, more successful life.
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1 - I love hiking, micro-adventures and a gentle swim!
2 - I‘ve love to be better at sports - I‘m enthusiastic but challenged!
3 - Currently, houseplants!
4 - I think whilst I walk, I love to see sky and discover new places.
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Bookishthoughts 🤗 🌈 8mo
Bookishthoughts I collect houseplants also. They are all just to cute to walk passed! 8mo
wanderinglynn Swimming is so relaxing! It‘s my zen activity. Thanks for playing! 💜 8mo
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1) Cooking, exercise, I'm obsessed with all animals.
2) I'd love to give writing a try. I'd also like to try rock climbing.
3) kitchen gadgets & I have some funko pops.
4) cooking: food is yummy & we don't have enough restaurant variety here. Exercise: weight management & honestly I just like kicking & throwing punches 😂
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wanderinglynn You should give writing a try! Thanks for playing! 💜 8mo
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1 - traveling, baking, skiing
2 - knitting or crocheting. I'm a lefty and having a hard time trying from books and videos, so I need to take a class.
3 - I get a new Christmas ornament whenever I travel
4 - I've had wanderlust my whole life. No one in my family likes to travel so I don't know where it came from!
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julesG Are you trying to learn lefty crochet and knitting? I have somehow learned both ways. Being ambidextrous it wasn't very hard for me. But, learning it the lefty way was more of an accident. After years of not knitting, I picked up needles and started to knit, then a friend pointed out that I was doing the same movements as her, but she was sitting opposite me. 😁 8mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 8mo
llwheeler I'm a lefty too! I learned crochet online... found some lefty YouTube tutorials that gave me enough of the basics to be able to understand written instructions (a few years ago though, don't remember the names, sorry) 8mo
Crazeedi My grandmother tried to tech me, a lefty, years ago, no dice and I've never tried again🤨 8mo
Ncostell I buy Christmas ornaments when I travel too. I love decorating the tree with them and remembering all the places we‘ve visited. 8mo
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