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Death in Winter
Death in Winter: Star Trek: The Next Generation | Michael Jan Friedman
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Like HOMECOMING (074346754X) did for Star Trek Voyager and AVATAR (074340050X) did for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, DEATH IN WINTER picks up the Star Trek: The Next Generation story after the TV/movies are complete and tells all-new stories about favourite Next Generation characters and their subsequent lives. After the fall of Shinzon (as seen in the feature film, STAR TREK: NEMESIS) the elite of the Romulan Empire are battling over who will seize control. Caught up in this struggle are the Kevrata, a once proud people, now strangled under Romulan domination. When a biogenetic disease threatens to wipe out their race, Starfleet assigns its new Chief Medical Officer, Dr Beverly Crusher, to aid the populace. But when she suddenly goes missing and is presumed dead, Jean-Luc Picard must race to try and locate Crusher and help find a cure for the disease that could kill millions.
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Ok I‘ve taken your comments, looked at a few more closely, and rejiggered a bit… here are the 4 I‘m considering now 😁Let me know what you think #GroupW #Round13 #LMPBC

@MaleficentBookDragon @carlthecattt @mklong

carlthecattt The terror sounds really good! 2mo
mklong Again, I would be happy with any of them, but I guess Let the Right One In would be my first choice 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon The terror sounds good, but at 769 pages it is a chunkster. My top choice is Voices in the Snow but Let the Right One in is also good. I've seen the American movie and I feel the book will probably be much better. 2mo
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Avanders 😁😁 I‘m going to copy Chelle and have my husband pick our book out of a hat 😜 @MaleficentBookDragon @mklong @carlthecattt 2mo
Gissy All of you have chosen interesting books for #LMPBC I‘m not participating but I‘m taking advantage to add some titles to my tbr
🍂🍁🍂🎃 👻🧙🏼‍♀️🖤🖤🖤
Avanders @Gissy I know - I love it when I see all the book-selection posts, whether I‘m participating or not! 😄👏🏽👏🏽♥️♥️ 2mo
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I… have a hard time narrowing things down. 😬

Any of these hit the mark for you, Team W[inter horror, thriller, mystery]? #GroupW #Round13


Avanders (edited) 2mo
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carlthecattt I almost added The Snowman to my list of choices! Sounds like a great read :) 2mo
mklong LOL, I had Snowman on my potential list too! White is for Witching is on my TBR too though! 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon I saw the movie for The Snowman if that counts.😂 My top choice would be Voices in the Snow, but Let the Right One In and White is for Witching look good too. 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon that counts! I would want my pic to be fresh and new for everyone ☺️ @mklong @carlthecattt 2mo
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If ever a week (hell, a MONTH) deserved to be followed by a bunch of Star Trek novels, it was this past one. Also on display here, my amazing bookmark skills. I should be on etsy.