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I'm a Hygge girl, in a Hygge world.... On LT I'm also avanders; on Goodreads I'm at https://www.goodreads.com/avanders
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See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt
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Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
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Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman
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All This Life: A Novel by Joshua Mohr
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The Cozy Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from Today's Bestselling Mystery Authors by Laura Childs, Jenn McKinlay, Cleo Coyle, Julie Hyzy, B.B. Haywood
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The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell
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Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees
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Kalpa Imperial by Ursula K. Le Guin, Anglica Gorodischer
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Very Best of Charles de Lint by Charles de Lint
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Stumbled upon this at Barnes today, so..... yeah. Now it‘s mine. 😁

Anyone read this??

TheAromaofBooks No, but I am in love with that cover!!! 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Can you email me when you have time? 2d
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New Year's Resolutions | New York Times
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@Chrissyreadit and @MeganAnn are doing a New Years swap!:

Hope you will join us in a New Years Swap about reading goals and self care! There are sign ups for 1 book and 1 item, as well as bigger sizes. Open Internationally! Direct matches so you can cheer each other on beyond the swap if you choose.


Chrissyreadit 🎉👏🎉👏🥰 4d
MeganAnn Thanks for sharing!! 😘🎉🥂✨❤️ 4d
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The Coffee Shop Book Club | Jojo Moyes, Ian Rankin, Penny Vincenzi, Kate Mosse, Katherine Webb, Breast Cancer Care (Organization)
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Yay!!! Received this month‘s #coffeebeanbookclub package — thank you @Callemarie for the yummmmy coffee and super fun cherry chocolates to go with it— it was a little shocking to eat one of those cherries and taste cola!! 👏🏽👏🏽 I love trying new flavors! 🥰🥰 Thank you!! ♥️♥️

#cbbc #cbbc3

BookNAround Interesting! I like cordial cherries a lot but I don‘t think I‘ve ever seen the soda ones. 6d
Callemarie Yay! I'm glad you go it!!!! 6d
mom2bugnbee Ummmmmmm... This is the first I've heard of this club. I need more info, please! 🤞🏻 6d
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Shadowfat Those cherries look good, I had no idea they had fun flavors! 6d
MaleficentBookDragon I'm going to have to try those cherries. The #manpanion loves the regular ones. 5d
Avanders @BookNAround I hadn‘t either! They‘re fun 😄 @callemarie 🥰♥️ @mom2bugnbee oh it‘s on its 3rd round now — kind of like LMPBC but with a single, bigger group and focused on cozy mysteries and coffee (or tea 😉). We‘ve somewhat recently started round 3 so there won‘t be another round until at least next summer.... Sometimes others start, though, like there was a tea one too... just keep an eye out! ☺️ @shadowfat i know, me either! Super fun! 🎉 4d
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon let me know what you think when you do — every bite takes me a new second to get used to 😁 4d
BethM Peppermint mocha is the best! 3d
Avanders @BethM omg so I was reading the packaging at work on Friday and it suggested I make the coffee with some chocolate syrup, cream, and sugar.. I didn‘t have any chocolate syrup at work, but I had sb mocha powder, so i added a spoon of that and some cream and sugar and it was so. Good. Definitely recommend!! 🥰 3d
BethM @Avanders wow I‘ll have to try that at some point! 3d
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On Christmas Eve | Ann M. Martin
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Yay!!!!! @MaleficentBookDragon is doing this again:

#JólabókaflóðSwap is back! I had so much fun with it last year I'm doing it again.
You send ONE BOOK (only one) & some chocolate to another Litten to be opened the eve of Dec. 24th. Then spend the evening in bed reading your new book & eating chocolate. Heaven, right? This year, you can have more than one match if you want. It‘s an easy budget-friendly swap.

MaleficentBookDragon Yay! 📚 🍫 1w
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The Book Club | Marjolijn Februari
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It took me a long time to do this, but I‘ve come up with a year 😁 I thought about my #reallifebookgroup and what books might be a albeit of a stretch for them (out of their comfort zones) and good discussion books.. plus just some likely good reads. 😁 Oh and I‘ve put them in order too... some obviously placed reads, I think... 🤔

Fun project! Thanks @Chrissyreadit for making me think! 😜😘

And fun idea @monalyisha ! #myidealbookclub

Cinfhen Cool picks!! 2w
Chrissyreadit Nice! I would want to read many of your choices! 2w
Avanders @Cinfhen Thanks! 😘 @chrissyreadit yay! 😄😘 2w
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Kalalalatja So many great picks! 2w
BethM The tea shop looks great! I had a hard time getting into Dailey Jones. 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Daisy!!! 💗💗💗 2w
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Yee-haw!! Rec‘d the last book for #LMPBC #creaturefeature ! 🦛🕺🏽🎠
Thank you @BethM for such an amazing package!! I‘m super geeked to read the WI books & the undead home improvement book! (None of which I‘ve read... but FYI you can always check my goodreads — it should be public 😉). I‘m sooooo excited for the Christmas Door County coffees!! ♥️♥️♥️ And the Halloween bookmark is so adorable!! 😍😍 Thank you for a perfect happy package! 🥰🥰🥰

BethM Ahhh good reads! I never think of that! I had some of the mistletoe magic and really liked it- it‘s dark chocolate flavored! 2w
Avanders @BethM mmmm sounds amazing. 🤤🤤🤤 I also always love the Door County coffees, so I‘m sure I‘ll love whatever it is... all the better for being Christmas flavored! 😍😄 2w
sharread Shotgun lovesongs! Awesome book! 🤩 2w
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Addison_Reads I love American Hippo! 💚 2w
Bklover Awesome treats!!!! 2w
Avanders @sharread @Addison_Reads I can‘t wait to read both!! 😘😘 @bklover I agree!! ♥️♥️ 2w
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Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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I finally read this! I found the tension great & the character development to be surprisingly filled in for such a short novel. Having read some of the criticisms, I feel that perhaps I filled in a lot with my imagination, but I was well-satisfied. I immediately proceeded to watch the movie... which was very good.. though some of the huge differences are curious... Of course, the book was better. ;)

Thank you @Jess#halloweengoespostal 2017! ♥️

Chrissyreadit I really enjoyed this- my kind of horror.... 2w
marleed I liked this too. I read it the day after I saw the movie. I much preferred the kids in the book. The movie failed to capture their heightened senses from a lifetime of blindfolds. But I preferred Sanda Bullock‘s take on the MC - she was more badass in the movie. 2w
Avanders @Chrissyreadit mine too! 😁 @marleed interesting to have read it right after the movie — I agree with both of your assessments! 😄 2w
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Chrissyreadit I‘m glad you liked it too! 2w
SamHeartCoffee Can‘t wait to read this too! The movie is awesome. 1w
Avanders @SamHeartCoffee do you have it? You‘re welcome to my copy! 1w
SamHeartCoffee I sure do! It was a gift for a swap. 😉 7d
MaleficentBookDragon I think it will be interesting to read this one after 5d
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon I did the same... very different feels 🙊🙈🙊🙈 4d
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See What I Have Done | Sarah Schmidt
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Round 2 choices for the... erm... #historicalhussies? 🤭😂

See comments 👇🏽 for book tags for the untagged 5...
you‘ll see I‘ve managed to stick with the large category, historical fiction, thus the name “proposal” 😁

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BethM Omg that name is killer! 3w
BethM These all sound fantastic! I‘m not voting unless I have to! 3w
TK421 And also, in my best Blanch from Golden Girls voice " I do declare, did you just call me a hussy?" 2w
JenlovesJT47 If you have room for another hussy I‘d love to join! 😆😅 If not, have fun! Those all look really good and I personally highly recommend The Broken Girls. Great book! 🤗 2w
TK421 If @JenlovesJT47 wants to be a hussy, who am I to stand in her way? ☺ 2w
Avanders @TK421 lol excellent 🤣 2w
JenlovesJT47 @Avanders @TK421 haha you guys are awesome! 😅🤗 2w
BethM I agree with @TK421 🤣 2w
MaleficentBookDragon I agree. Welcome! 2w
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon @bethm ♥️♥️ @JenlovesJT47 why don‘t you email Chelle with your address & she‘ll insert you into the rotation? Have we heard from Missy yet? @tk421 @bklover Jen - do you have Chelle‘s email? It‘s her litsy handle at gmail ☺️ #HussiesUnite ! 😜 2w
MaleficentBookDragon @JenlovesJT47 I just sent you an email. You'll send to @TK421 and I'll send to you. 2w
JenlovesJT47 @MaleficentBookDragon awesome!! Thank you! 🤗 2w
Bklover Hi all. I have to have surgery next Friday and I‘m going to be on crutches for quite a while. (Surgery on both feet). I won‘t be able to get out to do shopping for all the fun stuff. So I thought I‘d step out for this round if that‘s ok with all of you. Please add me back for the next round though. I‘ve been avoiding this post!😢😢😢 @Avanders @TK421 @MaleficentBookDragon @BethM @JenlovesJT47 I love that Jen joined too! 2w
Bklover Plus I want to be a hussie! 2w
JenlovesJT47 @Bklover get lots of rest, I hope you feel better! 2w
Bklover Thanks @JenlovesJT47 ! I plan I‘m getting lots of reading done. Just have my fingers crossed that my kids help out as much as they say they are! 2w
Avanders Lol 😂 we all want to be a Hussie 🤣 @bklover good luck with the surgery! I‘m glad you‘ll be joining us anyway 😘 2w
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Thornhill | Pam Smy
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This was sweet, and sad, and haunting, and wonderful to hold in your hands. Half graphic novel & half diary-form story, half in the past, half in the present, it moves quickly & takes you mostly where you expect to go, with a small surprise or two along the way. I confess there were a few points where I expected something different, but I found it all very satisfying in the end. A fun read on Halloween day!

Thanks again @lele1432 !! 😘😘

lele1432 You're so welcome! I'm glad you liked it! I've added it to my own TBR. 😊 3w
aprilpohren I loved this one!! 3w
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Screamland | Harold Sipe, Hector Casanova
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I‘ve also neglected to post my #Screamathon reads!!
I‘ve read all of these qualifying Screamathon reads in October 🎃☠️🎃💀👻🎃
(Plus the 13 Ghosts, received as part of #screamathonswap that I did manage to post about 😜)

4thhouseontheleft Did you like The Little Book of Halloween? That's one I meant to get to this month, but didn't. 3w
Avanders @4thhouseontheleft I did! It is so pretty, but it was a little more witchcraft (ie the actual craft) and history focused, and a little less whimsical, crafty, fun focused than I was expecting. I‘m sure that‘s 100% my bad for not reading “backs of books” though. 😁😁 3w
BethM Fun! I really liked The Silence. 3w
Avanders @BethM me too! I definitely prefer it to the movie too (which I watched after reading the book 😁) 3w
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Thornhill | Pam Smy
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Wow thank you so much @lele1432 !!! You spoiled me!! I 💗 your book choices &, guys, this pic doesn‘t do it justice but Thornhill is sooo pretty. & the fairytale socks!!! 😍😍 & thank you for the mask & cocoas & 🍂 bookmark too!! I can‘t wait to try that tea — it‘s been on my radar for a hot minute!! Also, not shown: chocolate eaten by husband & son immediately (& maybe me) & card that sings, confiscated by son. Thank you!!! 🖤🎃🧡♥️🖤🎃♥️

Avanders Also thank you to @LibrarianRyan for hosting this super fun #nightmareswap !! 🖤🎃 3w
LibrarianRyan yeahhh. I love those socks!1 3w
lele1432 Hahaha at the candy and card being confiscated! 😂 Yayyy so glad you liked everything!! Enjoy!! 🤗 3w
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Avanders Oh PS I think this can also count for the #ScreamathonPhotoChallenge ? #Screamathon @4thhouseontheleft #Halloween #HappyHalloween 💀 (edited) 3w
Avanders @LibrarianRyan they‘re so cute!! @lele1432 😁 And yes I love it all! Thank you again!! 🥰♥️🥰 3w
Jee_HookedOnBookz Wowwwwww! 😍😍 What a generous delightful package! Love those socks! Where can I get them @lele1432? 3w
lele1432 @Avanders you're so welcome! @Jee_HookedOnBookz hahaha aww thanks, Amazon! Aletheia had a very helpful Amazon wishlist I saw them on! 😊 3w
AmyG Look at all those great socks! The Woman in the Woods was very good. 3w
Gissy Those socks😱😍🖤🖤🖤🖤 3w
TorieStorieS Enjoy the John Connolly- he is one of my very favorites!!! 3w
Chrissyreadit The socks are amazing! 3w
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Someone Like Me | M. R. Carey
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Yay!!! Thank you so much @TheSpineView for such an amazing #AllHallowsReadSwap package!!! I‘m geeked to have the tagged book, & the other one looks perfect for my reading mood right now!! 🙏🏽 The bag is so cool 🧛🏻‍♂️, & the skull mugs!!! 💀💀💀 are amazing. Thank you also for the 2 awesome bookmarks! I love everything!!
🎃🖤🧡♥️🎃🖤🧡♥️🎃🖤🧡♥️ 🥰🥰

And thanks to @MaleficentBookDragon for hosting another great year of All Hallows Read! 🎃♥️😘

MaleficentBookDragon @TheSpineView those skulls are FANTASTIC! What a great package.
You are Welcome @avanders. I love this swap too.
LibrarianRyan I have those mugs. They are awesome. 3w
TheSpineView So glad you liked everything! Was not sure about the mugs. 🧡🎃🖤 3w
Avanders @TheSpineView they‘re spot on!! I love how they‘re so heavy too 🥰🥰 3w
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The Canterville Ghost | Oscar Wilde
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Listening to The Canterville Ghost on this crisp late October fall morning with some Frankenbones coffee ☕️🍁👻

Maybe it is all going to be okay...

Also, holy smokes! @lele1432 I received your giant #NightmareSwap package!! 🤭🤭 Can‘t wait until Halloween to open!! 🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃🖤

LibrarianRyan Yrahhhhh 4w
lele1432 Yayyy so glad it arrived! Please excuse the rushed wrapping job lol. 4w
Avanders @lele1432 😘😘 4w
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Untitled | Unknown
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🔶 June 2017
🔶#Owlcrate ! they mentioned it in an email I think?
🔶 prob neither, but I *acquire* more books .. & I prob do more consistent reading... all the mail book clubs & what not 😁😁
🔶 These days lots of speculative fictions, cozies & thrillers.
🔶 Well certainly those who tagged me (tagged below)!! Thanks ladies! ♥️♥️ Also @SamHeartCoffee (in #RL!), @MaleficentBookDragon @Ms_T @Kalalalatja @Laalaleighh and really so many more.. ♥️♥️

Laalaleighh @avanders 💖💖💖 1mo
Avanders @Laalaleighh 😘😘 (and good to see you!) 1mo
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Eggs Thanks for playing 💕📚🤗👏🏻 1mo
Chrissyreadit 🧡🧡🧡🧡 1mo
SamHeartCoffee And so happy to be here on Litsy with you and everyone! 😁❤️😘Thanks for the tag! 4w
Ms_T We joined Litsy around the same time (it was May 2017 for me) and we‘ve been friends ever since! 😃 4w
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2 audiobooks came in.. I‘m torn on which to read... I‘ve read Two Towers & seen the movie, but this BBC production is wonderful & I‘m “re-reading” the series this way... but An American marriage I started a whiiiile ago (physical book for #reallifebookgroup) & feel like it‘s high time to finish.... thoughts?

Also — rec‘d my #AllHallowsReadSwap pkg yesterday. thank you @TheSpineView — I already feel spoiled!! Can‘t wait til next week! 👏🏽👏🏽🎃♥️

BookwormAHN I'd finish An American Marriage first then sit back and enjoy The Two Towers 👻 1mo
TheSpineView You are welcome! 😊 1mo
UwannaPublishme Tough choice. You may have to flip a coin. 😁 1mo
Avanders @BookwormAHN great suggestion! I was all for it, but then when I was in the car, I realized I hadn‘t prepped the audio for An American Marriage (since I‘d already read a portion), so it ended up being Two Towers... since I was in the car for >2.5 hrs today, I made some good progress! 😄 @UwannaPublishme I got “lucky” and didn‘t have to 😁 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hello and hello again! #gettingtoknowyou
❤️Land of Enchantment 🌄
🧡40‘ish 👧🏽
💛I‘m a lawyer some days, and an attorney other days...
💚married 16 yrs to the man I‘ve been with for over 20
💙she/her 🤶🏼🧝🏽‍♀️🧙🏽‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🤰🏽🦹🏽‍♀️🦸🏽‍♀️👸🏽
💜Around 1997, it was the first one assigned to me based on portions of my name, past and present. 👩🏽‍💻

wanderinglynn Love your 💛 answer! 👍🏻😂 1mo
Avanders @wanderinglynn lol .. *you* know... 😜 1mo
wanderinglynn Yes I do. 🤣 1mo
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Aloisi_tribe What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney? 1mo
Avanders @Aloisi_tribe etymologically, lawyer means someone who strives to uphold the law and attorney means someone who attorns for (fights for) his client. In day-to-day usage, it seems some people think being referred to as an attorney is more prestigious than a lawyer. And practically and imho, not a darn thing. 😁😁😁 (ie the very dorky joke is that there is no difference 😜) (edited) 1mo
JoScho 😊❤️ 1mo
BethM So I just learned something and totally laughed because of the dorky joke (which I appreciated). 1mo
Avanders @JoScho ♥️♥️ @BethM lol 😆 I‘m glad someone else did ... 😁 1mo
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post image

Since I forgot to take a real pic, this one snagged from the interwebs will have to do.

Mailed #AllHallowsReadSwap package! 🧟‍♀️🙌🏽👏🏽
Mailed #SFMBC November package to @cobwebmoth ! 💌

To the rest of the SFMBC‘ers, a few weeks until next the shipping date! 💌💌

Chrissyreadit 🧡🖤🧡love your fall picture! 1mo
cobwebmoth 🤗❤ 1mo
jillannjohn I never received a package. Please let me know what you‘d like me to do about the next mailing. @Avanders 1mo
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Avanders @jillannjohn hi Jill I‘ll check on a tracking number and touch bases ... just clarifying: you didn‘t receive a book from Karina? 1mo
jillannjohn @Avanders Right. Nothing from last round. Thanks. 1mo
Endowarrior21 @Avanders mine is going out tomorrow 2w
Avanders @Endowarrior21 thanks for the update! I need to send another email soon!! 🤭 2w
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Emergency Skin | N.K. Jemisin
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So one day Blake Crouch was pondering the impact certain technologies can have on our future, for better or for worse, and decided to write a short story on it. And then get 5 authors he greatly admires to do the same. Here are 4 of them. I‘ve listened to 3 and am in the process of listening to Tremblay‘s. Jemisin is an easy 5⭐️, Weir gets 4⭐️, and Towles got 3.5⭐️ from me. But I *highly* recommend the series. 1-2 hrs on audio each. Do it.

kgriffith Aye aye! 1mo
Reggie You have convinced me! 1mo
CaroPi I bought the 4 books and I will read them when I finish my current read 1mo
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Avanders @kgriffith @Reggie @CaroPi 👏🏽👏🏽♥️ I hope you all enjoy them! I didn‘t love every one, but as a series, it‘s a win ⭐️♥️ 1mo
BethM Which one do you start with? 1mo
Avanders @BethM so they‘re not actually related, aside from theme... but there is an “order” designated by... Crouch? The publisher? I read them in a random order. I don‘t think it matters... but I wouldn‘t start or end w The Ark (my least favorite ;)) (edited) 1mo
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The Need | Helen Phillips
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2 stars for awesome concept and moments of brilliance. But the execution and the ... story? Not remotely for me. And to be clear, I *am* a mom of a toddler. So I haven't “forgotten,“ I just don't think this hits it. Not for me anyway.

***ETA: After much thought & discussion w/ #RLBookClub members... upgrading to 3 stars. Lots of really smart, impressive stuff here... but some disappointing stuff too.


Little Village School | Gervase Phinn
post image

Many fun books found at this month‘s library book sale (and a couple ThriftBooks purchases)! About half of these were only 25 cents each 😁

Now all I need is more time to read.....

PS #coffeebeanbookclub ‘ers, did you know JB Stanley is Ellery Adams? 👏🏽👏🏽

Gissy What????😱You are so lucky girl👍 1mo
BethM What! No! I love Ellery Adams! Also enjoying your book but I must say I now have a very swanky vision of your house in my head😂 1mo
Avanders @BethM yes! I know.. these are older and I haven‘t read any yet, but I bought a couple to see how they are 😁 And lol! Noooo my house is *far* from swanky... this is what I was trying to say! Her perspective is so warped or maybe just 25 years out of date 🤭 we have a very modest little casita that just happens to be in a gated community... there are smaller houses, apartments, and on the “rich side,” much much bigger houses. 😂 1mo
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BethM It would be interesting to know if it‘s her or the age. Know someone you can ask lol? 1mo
Avanders @BethM Samantha will weigh in when she gets the book I‘m sure — she‘s much more “from” nm than I am (though still not 💯 😜).. but I bet there‘s someone else I can ask in the meantime ... I agree. That author/character seems almost mad about it, I wonder where it came from! 🤷🏽‍♀️ While I was reading it, I even tried to find some description of the development online from the 90s (was unable, though I found a “historical” book that I might buy?) 1mo
Avanders @BethM And she‘s not wrong that some of the houses are townhouses and built really close together — but *all* of those are modestly sized ... The big houses.. the ones she seems to be focused on, I suppose they‘re a little close, but it *is* a development, and they do still have good-sized yards (for out here anyway ;)). *Her* neighborhood is now more expensive, just location-wise, to buy a house. So that seems to have changed since the 90s... 1mo
Avanders ... and many more thoughts. lol. 😆 1mo
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post image

Yay!! #CoffeeBeanBookClub #cbbc package received from @Callemarie — thank you so much for such a fun welcome to round 3!! I‘ll make good use of those cookie cutters, and I love the sparkley pumpkin! The coffee smells so yummy, and, yes, I did include an empty wrapper of candy because I already ate what was inside 😳😬🤤 Thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️

Little gourd and fall-art courtesy of my 2yo 😁

Avanders @callemarie the pumpkin turns on and lights up!!!!!!!!! I just discovered this. Amazing. 🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃👏🏽🎃 1mo
BethM That pumpkin is adorable! 1mo
Callemarie Yayyyy I'm glad it made it to you safely. I thought the ou.pkin was too cute to pass up.hahahaha. 1mo
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Avanders @BethM @callemarie he‘s pretty great 😁🎃 1mo
SamHeartCoffee And cute Buggy art! 1mo
Avanders Thanks chica! 😘 @SamHeartCoffee 1mo
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post image

Thank you SOO much @Chrissyreadit for such a thoughtful & perfect cozy gift!! I‘m soo excited to finally have that book! 👏🏽👏🏽 The decoration is well-needed, & I love the pumpkin spice mug 🎃😍 + the cozy mystery candle is so perfect. ♥️♥️♥️I also needed the pick-me-up, so it was also well-timed! 🥰🥰🥰

Top-left: #nightmareswap pkg sent!

Right: buggy picking a pumpkin this weekend 😊

@BethM your #coffeebeanbookclub pkg is also on its way!

Chrissyreadit ❤️😘❤️Thank you for an amazing swap! I feel cozy just thinking about it. 1mo
LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 1mo
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post image

A well-rhymed and creative children‘s “horror” book, listing warnings for 13 monsters to be avoided, lest you be eaten or otherwise find yourself in a compromising situation..

I loved the rhymes, and the pictures were atmospheric, but, honestly, I might have preferred just a touch more detail on the monsters (image-wise). Overall, a great kick-off for Halloween for kids & adults alike. 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Thanks again @Dragonfairykats !! ♥️


Dragonfairykats So glad you liked it! If you're doing #BBRC, it will work for #A2Z 1mo
4thhouseontheleft Great review! 1mo
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The Silence | Tim Lebbon
post image

Yay!!! Rec‘d this Halloween-filled pkg of awesomeness for #LMPBC ! 💀🖤🎃

Thank you so much @BethM ! I‘m so excited to see coffee from my hometown! 💚🏈💛 & buffalo popcorn sounds sooo yum. The little genius NB is so cute 🤓 & I 💗 the flags! Of course the hollow Magic book is amazing, & the candies inside smell so good (plastic baggie broke, so moved in there). & excited for cider, KitKats, hoot antibac & facemask! So much!! Thank you!! 🥰♥️😘

Avanders 🤭 and I didn‘t even mention the #LMPBC selection, which I cannot wait to get to!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @MaleficentBookDragon @bethm @Bklover @TK421 2mo
BethM Yay I‘m glad! I couldn‘t resist the official coffee of the Green Bay Packers! 2mo
BethM Also, was there soap in there? 2mo
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Avanders @BethM I can see why!! 😁💚💛🏈 And no... the package was in rough shape but still *looked* in tact when it arrived.. the plastic baggie w candies had split (which I thought was kind of weird, honestly...), but I thought everything else was *there*. Was it small? There was a small hole in the box (really makes you wonder what the PO does with these boxes...) 🥺 2mo
BethM Right? Does make you wonder. Hmmm I wonder if I never put it in, and if I didn‘t where the heck it is now 😂 The candies are pecan pie m&ms. Also weird the bag split. 2mo
Avanders @BethM lol that would be hilarious! 😆😆 Ooooh I haven‘t tried those yet!!! I haven‘t been able to find them here! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 So weird, but 🤷🏽‍♀️ Thanks again lady!! ♥️♥️ 2mo
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The Need | Helen Phillips
post image

Here‘s my #spookytbr for the #screamathon #screamathonreadingchallenge ... erm, #aspirational ... #veryaspirational ... #letsbehonestillprobablyonlyreadacouple

Plus unpictured audios: Billionaire Blend (mystery) and the tagged ... and an as-yet-unknown #cozybeanbookclub #cbbc selection I‘ll receive... Oh!! And The Silence for #LMPBC!

4thhouseontheleft your hashtags are 😂 😂 2mo
Avanders @4thhouseontheleft 😂😁😘 2mo
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post image

Yay!!!! #screamathon swap open day & Oct 1st!
@Dragonfairykats amazing book selections!! I am so excited about these & can‘t wait to kick off the season! The socks are perfect and will be great additions at work today 😁. I love the notepad & the book stamp.. & the magnets are amaaaaazing additions for my fridge! Thank you sooo much!!

Thank you @4thhouseontheleft for hosting such a fun month/swap — I‘ll post my tbr later! 😘

LibrarianRyan I loved 13 ghosts. 2mo
4thhouseontheleft Those magnets look really cool! I'm glad you had fun with the swap! 2mo
Dragonfairykats I'm so glad you liked everything!! I had a great time shopping and choosing things to fit! 😊👏👏🧡🎉 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🎃🎊🎉📚🙌🏻 2mo
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post image

#mondaymorningbeverage @dariazeoli

With my new #carakozik mug 😍♥️

And had a chance to make a *couple* pages of progress on the tagged book....

bullbunny I have that mug! All the owlcrates too. Just missing the diagon alley one 😢 2mo
4thhouseontheleft Is that one of the OwlCrate mugs? How did I miss that?! 2mo
LibrarianRyan The one I missed. Actually I thought I missed the night bus. 2mo
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HOTPock3tt Cute! ♥️ 2mo
Avanders @bullbunny me too :( but she had a waitlist signup ... did you sign up? @4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan nope — I ordered from Cara Kozik directly on Etsy! 🤩🤩 Ryan — if I end up w an extra Night Bus (it‘s possible), I‘ll let you know! I got to order the Forbidden Forest one! 🥳🥳🥳 @HOTPock3tt 😘😘 2mo
4thhouseontheleft @avanders @librarianryan Do you know there is a B/S/T Owlcrate FB page? I see the mugs on there occasionally, although I also see people who try to sell them at ridiculously high prices, there are reasonable sale prices sometimes listed, too. The Night Bus seems to be listed by someone right now for $12. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @4thhouseontheleft Yeah, I know about the page, but I don't use FB anymore. I like the mugs but I don't need them. I use them for soup ladles. 2mo
bullbunny No way there was!!? Darn it!!! 2mo
dariazeoli That mug is adorable! ❤️ 2mo
Gissy Love that mug!❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Andrew65 Love the mug! 1mo
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Page One Bookstore | Albuquerque, NM (Bookstore)
post image

*some*body got spoiled yesterday...

(Barnes, followed by Page One).
#bookhaul #is40toooldforyourmomtobuyyoubooks?

AmyG You are lucky at any age....to have a Mom who buys you books! 2mo
mcipher Forty is the perfect age for your mom to buy you books. Any age is perfect because BOOKS! 2mo
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batsy Your mom rocks ☺️ 2mo
UwannaPublishme Way to go, Mom! 🙌🏻 2mo
Avanders @AmyG @mcipher @batsy @uwannapublishme I certainly feel blessed!! ♥️♥️ @cathythoughts it‘s interesting.. it seems well loved here on Litsy, but not nearly as much on goodreads 🤷🏽‍♀️ I‘ll prob agree w my Litsy peeps more 😁😁 2mo
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A Christmas Treasury | Various Various
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 7.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.
(Though I was really torn on this last day!)

Leftcoastzen It‘s difficult! There are so many great covers! 2mo
Gissy 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
BethM Is this just Christmas stories? 2mo
Avanders @Leftcoastzen sooo many!! 😍 @Gissy ♥️🥰♥️ @BethM I *think* so... but when I double-check, I‘ll let you know! 🎄❄️💙 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️❤️ 2mo
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The Wild Things | Dave Eggers
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 6.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

EH2018 I have the same one! Its so cool! 2mo
tessavi Not annoying when holding the book? 2mo
LeahBergen Eek! 😆 2mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Gasp! 😄 2mo
Susanita 😳 2mo
Avanders @EH2018 I know I love it! @tessavi not in and of itself.... though I haven‘t yet tried *reading* it.... 😳😜 @LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm @susanita 😆😆 2mo
tessavi 😆 2mo
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The Future Is Blue | Catherynne M. Valente
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 5.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

Kalalalatja Stunning! 2mo
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post image

So sorry re delay in posting *and* in acknowledging everyone‘s #cozyswap awesomeness! It‘s been a sh** week. Buggy‘s fine, it‘s work.

Anyway — THANK YOU @MaleficentBookDragon for this bonus, unexpected CozySwap pkg!! So excited about all the books: will def read the tagged soon so we can talk about it! &an extra Rollins! 👏🏽👏🏽 The coffees are perfect choices, the cactus pen is so cute, cant wait to try the coffee 🍫, & the coaster is 💯. ♥️♥️

Avanders It was such a nice pick-me-up! Thank you Chelle!! ♥️♥️♥️ Also, other #litsymail received — @jillannjohn I‘ve received your #SFMBC package! Thank you! 😘 2mo
BethM Hugs. 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Hope you‘re feeling better 🤗 2mo
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MaleficentBookDragon You are welcome. I'm having a shitty week too. Is it a full 🌕? 2mo
Avanders @BethM @erzascarletbookgasm aww thanks guys 😘 😘 @MaleficentBookDragon It's not! (I checked) Sorry your week is 💀too ... I hope I can at least offer comfort in misery? ❤ 😘 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon @Avanders well, it's not getting better. This morning I spilled soft pate cat food all over my work shirt. I walked into work (late again) and told my HR person "This week can go F### itself!". ? Thankfully she is a friend of mine. 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon that sucks :( :( Glad the HR person is a friend of yours! I also swore a lot at a friend/coworker today ;D Usually it's going in the other direction, so I think she was happy to be on the receiving end this time :-o Tomorrow's Friday -- hope your week ends better than it began! I know I'm leaving early..... 2mo
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post image

Wow @Catsandbooks !! What a phenomenal #Agatha-Christie #cozyswap package!! The books are all perfect choices ... I can‘t wait to read them all!! I love the beautiful handmade bookmarks! You can‘t see, but the orange one is a woodsy scene with foxes! The scarf to go along with it is a perfect fall addition, along with that candle which I wanted to, but didn‘t, buy for myself!! The socks are adorable, the mug is cozy‘licious 👇🏽👇🏽

Avanders (a perfect night *is* a night in!).. Plus the edibles!! The S‘mores coffee smells so yummy, the s‘mores treats *are* so yummy, and I can‘t wait to try the Shades of Earl Grey tea! Thank you so much for kicking off my fall with a 💥!! 🍁🍂♥️♥️♥️🍂🍁☕️📖🔪♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
Catsandbooks So glad you like everything! I had so much fun picking things out!! Have a lovely and cozy fall! 💕🍁 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely package! 2mo
Avanders @Catsandbooks 😘🥰♥️ 2mo
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Cozy Mystery Collection | Leighann Dobbs
post image

Welp, I‘m home with a sick little guy...

But the plus-side is I get to open my Agatha-Christie #cozyswap package from @Catsandbooks earlier than I thought! 👏🏽👏🏽

And look at that wonderful fall wrap! 🍁🍂🍁

Gissy I hope he gets well soon!❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
cobwebmoth Aw, hope he feels better soon.❤ 2mo
DaveGreen7777 Oh no, hope he feels much better soon! 2mo
See All 15 Comments
MommyOfTwo Aw, no fun when the kids are sick, hope he feels better soon 2mo
AmyG Poor guy. Hope he is better soon. 2mo
Mollyanna Poor fella. Hope he feels better soon. 2mo
Avanders @gissy @cobwebmoth @davegreen7777 @mommyoftwo @amyg @mollyanna Thanks everyone! He‘s a trooper, but it still takes a little time 🤒♥️♥️ 2mo
Catsandbooks Hope he feels better! 💕 2mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Sending hugs and hoping he feels better soon! 2mo
Chrissyreadit Hope he feels better! 2mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Poor baby 😕 Hope he feels better soon. That‘s rough 2mo
BethM Hope he feels better! 2mo
CarolynM Poor little one! I hope he's feeling better now💕 2mo
Avanders @Catsandbooks @Graciouswarriorprincess @Chrissyreadit @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled @BethM @CarolynM thanks everyone! 💞💞💞 He‘s feeling much better! Not quite 💯 but so close 🤗🤗 2mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Glad that he is feeling better. Poor little guy and mom too! 2mo
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Made You Up | Francesca Zappia
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 4.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

Fall is Here! I Love It! | Elaine W Good
post image

Happy First Day of Fall!! 🍁🍂

And what a perfect cozy-cozy pkg for the #cozyswap! Thank you so much @Shadowfat for these 2 cozies — 1 in a series that is all fun & one that I haven‘t yet had a chance to try!!

& the pumpkin cocoa looks sooo yummy, I‘m so excited for this flavor of my favorite candy, & the candle smells exactly like a fall day 🥰🥰 The stickers are also adorable ... you went overboard & I feel so spoiled!! Thank you!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

SamanthaMarie Those stickers 😍😍 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Love those stickers too! 🧡🍂 2mo
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After the Flood | Kassandra Montag
post image

Oooh 😍🥰😍 Thank you so much @AmyG for such a wonderful fall package!! (I opened it a day early since it was a thank you for the swap 🥰🤗 ... hope you don‘t mind! 😁😘♥️)

The scarf is gorgeous, I‘m so excited to read the book (it sounds so good!), and I love the bookmark! Thank you also for the cocoas... with the cool weather coming, I‘m going to make good use of them!!


AmyG I am happy you like everything. The book is just wonderful! I am glad opened early! I am SO tempted. 🤣 thanks again for organizing this...I love your swaps. (edited) 2mo
JamieLou Does this mean we can all open early 😂 Just kidding. Can‘t wait! 2mo
Avanders @JamieLou lol no!! 😂 It wasn‘t one of the regular swap packages — she had sent me a thank you, so I thought it didn‘t count the same way 😁😉 @amyg I know!! I keep looking at those boxes..... And you bet! ♥️🥰😍🥰😍🥰🍂🍁 2mo
JamieLou @Avanders Mines already half open anyways from my Friday goof lol. Midnight will be here soon enough to finish. 😂😂😂 The struggle. Also Amy has a good point that your swaps are always my favorite ones! (edited) 2mo
Avanders @JamieLou lol oh yeah! Well, these things happen 😁😁😂 Aww thanks guys — I love ‘em too! ♥️🥰♥️ 2mo
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The Snow Queen, and Other Tales | Hans Christian Andersen
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 3.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

Slajaunie I love the Alice in Wonderland peaking out. 2mo
Avanders @Slajaunie 😁😁 I also love that one... that whole shelf is filled with the prettiest classics 🤗🤗 2mo
AmyRebecca Lovely 2mo
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post image

@MaleficentBookDragon is doing her #AllHallowsReadSwap !

Sign-Ups are OPEN for this year's #AllHallowsReadSwap - https://forms.gle/bB2ea3GQEkYB1njJA
until Sept.29th. Matches will be sent on Oct. 1st.
Opening day is OCT. 30th so we will all have a new scary book for Halloween.

This year I simplified it. Choose from 2 categories: 1 Book and 1 Goodie (like my #JolabokaflodSwap) -OR- Minimum of 3 Books and 3 Goodies.
Let's have some scary fun!

Mistborn Trilogy | Brandon Sanderson
post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 2.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

BethM Ok so that quote has me totally intrigued. 2mo
Avanders @BethM right?! That sucked me in *immediately* 2mo
DrexEdit That cover! *gasp* 😍😍😍 2mo
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post image

#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush
Day 1.
Post a pic of a book cover you love for 7 days. No explanations.

Thanks for the tags @MaleficentBookDragon @Endowarrior21 ♥️🥰😘

Anyone who still wants to play is tagged!

BethM This. 2mo
wanderinglynn Love the book & this cover! ❤️ 2mo
lele1432 Ooooh nice! 2mo
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AutumnRLS Great book. What edition is this? 2mo
merelybookish Wow! 2mo
Avanders @bethm @wanderinglynn @lele1432 @autumnrls @merelybookish I looove this cover 😍 It‘s the 10th anniversary edition ☺️ 2mo
BethM This edition is definitely on my to buy list! 2mo
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Cross | James Patterson
post image

A lot of great finds (mostly for 25 cents each!!) at the #librarybooksale yesterday... #bookhaul. Found 2 Rollinses to try (have read just the 1 book by him so far) and trying a few authors (Patterson and Berry) bc why not 😁😁

Couldn‘t believe I found sleeping giants - only $1!
Fun day ☺️📚📚📚📚📚

Chrys Great haul! 📚 2mo
AmyG Doesn‘t it feel great? Some good books there. 2mo
Clwojick Patterson is great, and the Women's Murder Club is his best series in my opinion. 2mo
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Mollyanna Nicely done! Love Steve Berry! His Cotton Malone books are phenomenal (and Cotton is totally my book boyfriend 😉). 2mo
Avanders @Chrys 📚😁😘 @amyg it really does! It almost feels like I get to try new things for free 😄🤩♥️ @clwojick oooh yay! I‘m so glad the first one was there! 👏🏽👏🏽🙅🏽‍♀️🔪📖♥️ @Mollyanna oh fun! He was recommended to me *ages* ago, and then I didn‘t think about it for over a decade... happy to stumble upon it again... is Cotton in the Amber Room? 👏🏽👏🏽♥️ 2mo
Mollyanna No, Amber Room is one of his stand alone novels. The first Cotton Malone is 2mo
Avanders @Mollyanna okay awesome, thank you!! 😘😘 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon Those two Rollins' books are part of his Sigma Force series. The first one (which I loved) is 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon ok got it, thanks!! I‘ll have to check that one out 😁😁 2mo
BethM That‘s a heck of a haul! Sleeping Giants was awesome. The Ellery Adams ones are good. I also enjoy Steve Berry. I haven‘t read that one yet but I loved 2mo
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post image

Yay!! My Cozy-Cozy-size #cozyswap package arrived yesterday!!! 👏🏽👏🏽🤩♥️🍁☕️📖🔪🎃🍂🖤 I cant wait until the first day of fall!! 🍁🍂🎃

I also got some fun kids books at our local library book sale yesterday... and a bunch of others (picture to come).

And it was cloudy and rainy all day 😍😍😍

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Subterranean | James Rollins
post image

1. Educated; Maybe You Should Talk to Someone; and the tagged book... I‘ll be looking for more Rollins at the library book sale today!! @Bklover @MaleficentBookDragon @BethM @TK421 #LMPBC #creaturefeature #groupv

2. The Rig by Roger Levy — found a used copy at my fave local bookstore!

3. Right now, 76 and cloudy (amazing, though cooler would be even better), with a high of 83. A welcome break from the 🥵


MaleficentBookDragon ♥♥♥♥♥ Rollins. Try this one. It's one of my favs. 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon whew! That was quite a ride! I‘ll have to check that one out too! 😄👏🏽👏🏽 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon @Avanders I ♥ all his stand alone books so much. I do like the Sigma series but not as much. 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon ooooh I see I got 2 from that series... that‘s a bummer. I like to start at the beginning... maybe I‘ll get it from the library to see if I want to keep the 2 I got 😁 I just *assumed* they were all standalones! 2mo
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Grave Sight | Charlaine Harris
post image

I didn‘t love the main character or her brother, but a lot of the minor characters were rich & interesting. I enjoyed the mystery, even if it was a little obvious. I thought Harper‘s special skill was interesting & I‘ll read more in this series. 3.5 stars!

PS.. I read a portion of the graphic novel after getting about halfway through the book. I don‘t recommend it. I didnt like the drawings & it kind of ruined my mental images of the characters.

Avanders #cozymystery #cbbc #coffeebeanbookclub @Mommamanzi @bookwormahn was this yours? I wasn‘t able to read this one during the rotation, but here‘re my thoughts ☺️ Thanks for the pick! ☕️📖♥️ 2mo
BookwormAHN This was my pick. I'm glad you were able to finally read it 😺 2mo
BethM I think I liked the MCs because they‘re a little broken. 2mo
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post image

Sent & received my #Screamathon packages on the same day! ☠️♥️☠️♥️☠️

Can‘t wait until October 1st!
@Dragonfairykats — you should receive yours on Monday


... it‘s the most... wonderful time... 🎼🔪❣️☠️🎶

BethM Best time of the year!!! 2mo
Avanders @BethM in my head.. that tune is sort of like, child-music-distorted-horror-music, fading out and echoing ... 😁😁 2mo
Dragonfairykats Awesome!! I'm so excited! 2mo
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Subterranean | James Rollins
post image

Eeee!! 👏🏽👏🏽 Received the next book for #LMPBC #groupv #creaturefeature !! In perfect time, as I‘m about to finish a book 😁😁

Thank you @BethM for all the extra fun goodies too!! I‘m so excited about those 🦄🛁💣s!! And the cup cozy is perfect — love that extra pocket! And I looove the homemade coffee scooper!! Those are perfect for my French press & slow dropper! And thanks to @MaleficentBookDragon for that awesome 🦛 bookmark too!! ♥️♥️♥️

TheLibrarian Hippos are the best! 2mo
TK421 I loved the hippo bookmarks! 2mo
Bklover Hippo bookmark is awesome! 2mo
See All 8 Comments
MaleficentBookDragon Yay! I'm so glad you are all liking them. 2mo
BethM I‘m glad! They said olive or coconut oil it once every 6 months or so. 2mo
Avanders @TheLibrarian @tk421 @bklover @maleficentbookdragon they‘re sooooo cool... I love how the realistic portion sticks out when you‘re using it!! 😍😍 @Bethm ooh good to know! It‘s so beautiful I will want to take good care of it! 🥰🥰 2mo
BethM I bought a big soup/chef spoon too- I can‘t wait to use it the first time I make soup this fall. It‘s so old timey:) 2mo
Avanders @BethM oooh so fun!! 🍁🍂 2mo
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post image

That Moment When...

the book you‘re listening to makes you look up masters and PhD programs and consider a mid-life career change....

marleed I can‘t wait to get to this! 2mo
KarenUK Listening right now and loving it! 2mo
stephothebesto I did the same! ...it takes a long time 2mo
See All 15 Comments
Christine Well then! Impressive. 2mo
Reggie I had to stop reading this at work because I was literally sobbing during lunch. Sooooo good!!! 2mo
Avanders @marleed it‘s such a *comfort* to read, somehow... 🤷🏽‍♀️😘 @karenuk yay! 😁😘 @stephothebesto it does... but I‘m trying to see if I can skip a step... 😆🥰 @Christine I agree... she is *quite* a good writer! ☺️♥️ @Reggie lol I can imagine!! She hits on so many things ... all the feels! 🥰♥️ 2mo
BethM In WI there‘s a bridge program from your degree to a SW one- if you‘re serious check that route. 2mo
Avanders @BethM ...a SW one? I will look into bridge programs... it almost seems like our local U might allow me to go for my PhD/PsyD without having a masters (maybe bc I have a JD?). I‘m kind of serious. I ... want to be serious. 😁 I am not sure I can currently *afford* to be serious.. which is why “looking into it” is right up my alley 😁 2mo
BethM Yeah idk about your state but a social work one will get you therapist certified in WI. If you want psychologist then you need the PhD/PsyD but regular therapist or counselor can be accomplished a few other ways and they can still diagnosis (in WI). And yeah I would think most anywhere would allow your JD to count and go right into a PhD program. I hear ya on the cost- it‘s why I stopped with my masters. I looked at PsyD programs and forensic 👇 2mo
BethM Psychology PhD programs. You want a super interesting field forensic psych is fascinating. 2mo
Avanders Ooh thanks!! That‘s all very helpful information. I had decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 6... (sure, insert eye-roll here 😜), so I‘ve never really looked into much else 🤭🤭😬 Thanks lady! 😘♥️ 2mo
BethM No problem! Let me know if you have other questions. Not sure how helpful I‘d be but 🤷‍♀️ (edited) 2mo
Avanders @BethM will do! You‘re already way more well-versed in all this than I am 😁😘 2mo
Chrissyreadit I am getting my second Masters in Licensed Professional Counseling and many of my co workers are licensed Social Workers if you want info in either direction. I was not able to skip the second masters and go straight to PhD even though my first masters is almost identical- but maybe this is a WV board thing. I have been cranky about it for many reasons. But there are several online programs- I am happy to chat with you about the info I have . 2mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit ooh, the board things.. that‘s a good place to check too! Man that‘s crazy rigorous requiring the very specific masters in order to allow you to proceed! I can see why you‘ve been cranky! If/when I look further, I‘ll hit you up for info 😉 Thanks!! ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
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Bring Me Back | B A Paris
post image

Check out @Nessavamusic ‘s giveaway! (This also serves as my own entry 😁😁)

Last week to play for a box of advanced reading copies of some great books and some assorted goodies! I‘m celebrating making 40,000 Litfluence with a #40kARCGiveaway
Repost this post and tag me for an entry before Saturday September 14! #giveaway

post image

I needed something fall & cozy & escape .. & realized I‘d never read my *own* cozy for #coffeebeanbookclub (recently rtn‘d). Started & it‘s just what I needed (so far)!

Last night, 1 of my #cozyswap (Agatha Christie sized pkg 😉) arrived!!! I didn‘t know who sent it bc I forgot & decided to keep the surprise ... but then I was looking at #cozyswap tags & saw it... thank you @Catsandbooks !! Can‘t wait!! 🎃♥️

Also sent #SFMBC.. late 😬 @Chrys

Catsandbooks Hooray!! 🎉🍁😊 2mo
Kayla.Adriena Just wanted to give an update, my cozy swap package will be sent out the 11th and not by the 9th but in plenty of time to arrive for opening day! 🍁🍂 2mo
Mollyanna Love Three Pines! Enjoy! 2mo
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Avanders @Kayla.Adriena okay thanks! ♥️🎃 @Mollyanna I‘m really excited — I‘ve heard good things for so long! 🌲🌲🌲♥️ 2mo
Avanders Hi guys — let me know if you‘ve sent your package for #cozyswap .. if I‘ve missed a post, comment, or email, my apologies! @ferskner @gissy @leslieo @TheRomantiCate @MaleficentBookDragon @AlizaApp @BookwormAHN @kshakal @mreads @quietjenn @tdrosebud @JenlovesJT47 🎃♥️ 2mo
tdrosebud I'm heading to the post office today, I was waiting for an item to get here. 2mo
Avanders @tdrosebud ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 2mo
TheRomantiCate I‘ll be sending today. 2mo
Avanders @TheRomantiCate ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 2mo
ferskner Going out Friday! 2mo
Avanders @ferskner ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 2mo
JenlovesJT47 I just had surgery and the mail wasn‘t running last week here because of the hurricane but I should be able to mail mine tomorrow or Saturday 🙃 2mo
Avanders @JenlovesJT47 oh no! Hope the surgery recovery is going well! And I know the hurricane caused some mailing issues 🤭🤭 Thanks for the update and hope everything else is going okay!! 🎃♥️♥️ 2mo
mreads @Avanders just back from the post office will be posting in about 5 minutes 😄 2mo
Avanders @mreads yay!! 🎃♥️ 2mo
AlizaApp @Avanders planning to send Monday, just waiting for one more item that is supposed to arrive on Saturday! I will tag you when it goes out 🍂🧡 2mo
Avanders @AlizaApp okay thanks! 🎃♥️ 2mo
BookwormAHN I will be mailing mine on Saturday. 2mo
Avanders @BookwormAHN ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon I picked my last element tonight. It will go priority tomorrow or Saturday morning. 2mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon 👌🏽 sounds good! 👏🏽👏🏽🎃🎃♥️ 2mo
LeslieO Yes! Should arrive today. Forgot to post until now! 2mo
Avanders @LeslieO 😘🎃♥️ 2mo
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