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Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly | Jim DeRogatis
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The essential account of R. Kellys actions and their consequences, a reckoning two decades in the making In November 2000, Chicago journalist and music critic Jim DeRogatis received an anonymous fax that alleged R. Kelly had a problem with young girls. Weeks later, DeRogatis broke the shocking story, publishing allegations that the R&B superstar and local hero had groomed girls, sexually abused them, and paid them off. DeRogatis thought his work would have an impact. Instead, Kellys career flourished. No one seemed to care: not the music industry, not the culture at large, not the parents of numerous other young girls. But for more than eighteen years, DeRogatis stayed on the story. He was the one who was given the disturbing videotape that led to Kellys 2008 child pornography trial, the one whose window was shot out, and the one whom women trusted to tell their storiesof a meeting with the superstar at a classroom, a mall, a concert, or a McDonalds that forever warped the course of their lives. Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly is DeRogatiss masterpiece, a work of tenacious journalism and powerful cultural criticism. It tells the story of Kellys career, DeRogatiss investigations, and the world in which the two crossed paths, and brings the story up to the moment when things finally seem to have changed. Decades in the making, this is an outrageous, darkly riveting account of the life and actions of R. Kelly, and their horrible impact on dozens of girls, by the only person to tell it.
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50 pages in and WOW this book is good. DeRogatis has a clear, easy-to-read writing style, presumably from his career as a journalist, that is perfect for this job. Personally familiar with the R. Kelly case, he mixes the stories of the singer‘s life, his own, the pop culture industry, and straight up facts to show the reader just how much darkness R. Kelly has propagated in the lives of his victims 😥 A must-read given today‘s social climate.

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The subject was vial and so is the person!
The author was very honest and very blunt about Kelly's activities in many states with young girl's some as young as 13!
Jim DeRogatis was facing being sued by Kelly and his team but he kept the girls Identity quite. Good man.

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LibrarianRyan I'm often amazed how many times he as been investigated or brought up on charges just to have them dropped. They should have got him years ago. Hopefully he gets found guilty. 2mo
kaysworld1 @LibrarianRyan Totally agree with you. It's about time they did the right thing for once and take him down. 2mo
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This is an interesting read. He does not hold back on the details and it is shocking how much R. Kelly got away with so much but then that's what money does for you. It is shocking how much celebrity's get away with.
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ONH On my December reading list!! Ordered from Amazon a few days ago. 2mo
Megabooks He is a terrible person. 2mo
kaysworld1 @ONH He doesn't hold back shocking descriptions of what he does to girl's underage. 2mo
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Currently listening to Jim DeRogatis on Fresh Air. As someone who was approached by Kelly and members of his “crew” on more than one occasion while growing up in Chicago, I am incredibly interested in this case. It‘s such a sad story. One that could have had fewer chapters if people weren‘t so intoxicated by Celebrity and a good beat.

ONH I just listened to that interview too! I think I‘m gonna check out his book on R. Kelly 7mo
FashionableObserver @olivianixonhemelt It on my summer list for sure. That story is nuts! People knew what was happening. It was one of those rumors. When I encountered him on a video set (I was in the orchestra for the I Believe I Can Fly video) he was so gross toward me. And I was the youngest member of the orchestra. Like...obviously the youngest. I told folks who brushed it off and told me that I just wanted to say a celebrity hit on me. At 14! Now, here we are👀 7mo
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