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Life with God
Life with God: Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation | Richard J. Foster
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Too often, our study of the Bible focuses on searching for specific information or some formula that will solve our pressing needs of the moment. But what if we approached the Bible differently, and instead of transforming the text to meet our needs, allowed it to transform us? That's exactly the idea behind Life with God, Richard J. Foster's much-anticipated book on the Bible. Foster, bestselling author of Celebration of Discipline and general editor of The Renovar Spiritual Formation Bible, claims that God has superintended the writing of Scripture so that it serves as the most reliable guide for Christian spiritual formation. According to Foster, the Bible is all about human life "with God." As we read Scripture, we should consider how exactly God is with us in each story and allow ourselves to be spiritually transformed. By opening our whole selvesmind, body, spirit, thoughts, behavior, and willto the page before us, we begin to grasp all the Bible has to teach about prayer, obedience, compassion, virtue, and grace and apply it to our everyday lives to achieve a deeper relationship with God. With a wealth of examples and simple yet crucial insights, Life with God is an indispensable guide to approaching the Bible through the lens of Christian spiritual formation, revealing that reading the Bible for interior transformation is a far different endeavor than reading the Bible for historical knowledge, literary appreciation, or religious instruction.
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At times this book was so full of ideas that it was difficult to read, but it was rewarding.

If you‘re interested in #ChristianBooks , and in particular living a life of #Grace and being friends with God then this book is for you.

I‘ve taken 4 or 5 really solid areas of learning that will stay with me. In particular, that God desires for us to embrace everyday life and have joy! I struggle with depression but this was liberating for me.

tessavi Not book related, but your nails match that cover perfectly! 6mo
Libby1 @tessavi - they do! 🤣 It‘s the first time I ever had a special polish for vacation. I love that cover. 6mo
Charityann Sounds interesting. Added it to my stack.😊 6mo
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