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@CBee Thank you, my sweet friend. Unnecessary but so appreciated. Maybe it will be my TBR Tarot book for August.

Soubhiville I‘ve heard this is great, hope you love it! 2d
CBee @Soubhiville it‘s SO good 😊 2d
CBee @AmyG I forgot your birthday, so consider it a very late (or very early) present 😘 2d
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AmyG @CBee why thank you!!!! @Soubhiville Good to know. 2d
MaleficentBookDragon I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this book. The rest of bookclub, not as much.(probably because it‘s not a depressing WWI or WWII book where everyone dies; yes I‘m bitter about a lot of their past picks😁). 2d
dabbe #stacked! 🤩 2d
AmyG @MaleficentBookDragon Seems like many really enjoy this one. I am excited to read it! 1d
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Dark Tide: Growing Up With Ted Bundy | Edna Cowell Martin, Megan Atkinson
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#DarkTide #EdnaCowellMartin #BookSpinBingo #SeriesLove2024 #July2024

I have read all the books about Ted Bundy but I really enjoyed this one. Dark Tide is about Ted's growing up and living with his cousin, Edna Cowell. She remembers having fun with him while living in Puget Sound, near Seattle Washington. She only recalls a couple of times that she saw Ted's dark side.

EadieB One while he was dancing with a friend of Edna's she saw his pupil's turning black as he was smiling down looking at who he was dancing with. She also witnessed his smoking of pot which turned him into a wild, crazy person dancing on a coffee table. These times were scary and not typical of her cousin. Her father even wrote to the prosecutor to be kind to him while he was incarcerated. 3d
EadieB The family believed that he was being wrongly prosecuted until the police showed them proof that he murdered so many of the women. He even hid their bodies where he and his cousin John, Edna's brother, went hiking in the mountains. Edna wrote many letters to Bundy asking him to tell the police all that he knew. She shared the letters and pictures of Bundy in the book. 3d
EadieB They kept the secret that they were related to Bundy for 50 years but finally they started to admit that they were related. Edna decided to finally tell her story and wrote Dark Tide. If you like true crime then you will love this book. It goes to show that you never get to know a person even after growing up with them. Even their daughter, Anna, lives with the knowledge that she has a serial killer as a relative. Highly recommended! 3d
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TheSpineView Sounds interesting. 👍📖📚 3d
dabbe I was in Chi Omega sorority at U of A back in the early 80s (Bundy murdered women at the Chi Omega house at FSU). Since those murders, we all were required to sleep together on one huge sleeping porch for our safety. I've read quite a few book on him, too. Horrifying. 😱 3d
Suet624 I‘m fascinated by him as well but I just can‘t bring myself to read anything about him. 3d
DieAReader 🥳Awesome! #Stacked 3d
EadieB @dabbe How scary! That‘s after he escaped from prison and went to Florida, 3d
dabbe @EadieB Yep. We got the big lecture about how to stay safe and to never sleep in our rooms (we all had one day bed in each room). That's what got me interested in real crime nonfiction. 3d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2d
perfectsinner Nice, adding to the tbr 2d
EadieB @dabbe That's interesting! 2d
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I have read several Wells books & loved all of them. My favorite however has always been Island of Dr. Moreau. The descriptions of the heat on the island has always stuck with me. It has been a few years since I have read Wells. I think I'm def. due to read some.
#ClassicSummer2024 Book 5

dabbe I've read quite a few but never this one. #stacked! 🤩🤗😀 5d
vivastory @dabbe I'll be curious to see what you think! I remember it being a fairly short read, but it has really stuck with me years later 4d
dabbe @vivastory I'll let you know! I've only read THE TIME MACHINE and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, so I definitely need to read more of him. 4d
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#Bookspin Did I read a 500+ page book in 2 days? Yes I did! Am I going to splurge on the kindle sequel because I can‘t wait 5 weeks for a library copy? Yes I am! I‘m super picky and both fantasy and romance and not overly inclined to reach for either these days, but when I find books in those genres I like they make me especially happy and the friend who lent me this knows me well. This struck me as guileless, charming, and supremely entertaining.

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 6d
peanutnine ❤️❤️ 6d
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I love this setting- a year round Christmas town. This one definitely lived up to the name of a cozy mystery- all the warm Christmas feels.

dabbe #stacked! 🤩 1w
JazzFeathers A Christmas story in July? 😆 1w
BethM @JazzFeathers I‘m all about Christmas in July! Hallmark channel all month 😂 6d
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Body in the Bookstore | Ellie Alexander
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The start to a new series by my favorite cozy writer and what a promising start it is! I can‘t wait to see what adventures these characters find themselves in!

dabbe #stacked! 🤩 2w
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The Longest Con fascinating read eye opening look at our political world today.

dabbe #stacked 🤩 2w
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Anatomy of a Murder | Robert Traver
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Here‘s my current read, in preparation for meeting my best friend in Michigan‘s Upper Peninsula (the book‘s setting) next month!

I‘m very much enjoying it and plan on watching the Jimmy Stewart film when I‘m done.

TrishB Enjoy! Looks good. 3w
AlaMich It‘s beautiful up in the UP but bring ALL the bug spray! 3w
mabell Oh how fun! 3w
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Tamra So fun! 🎉🎉 Echo @AlaMich ! 🦟 If MI has been as wet as MN, we‘re in for a doozy of a bug season. 😬 3w
Jess_Read_This That‘s so neat and sounds like a lot of fun! Chiming in with @Tamra and @AlaMich pack all the bug spray and citronella. I‘m in SE Michigan and the deer flies/earwigs have descended on my house like a biblical plague. The UP is so beautiful. I hope you have a terrific time! (edited) 3w
Cathythoughts Well this sounds great. Stacked. Sounds like a lovely meeting 🥰 3w
BookNAround I spend my summers in the UP and am there now (not too far from Mackinac Island). I hope you love this beautiful place! 3w
dabbe The film was outstanding. #stacked the book, too! 🤩 3w
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This Is Happiness | Niall Williams
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I will never be able to do justice to this novel. On the surface it‘s a very simple story about a 17 year old boy living in the West Coast of Ireland when the parish is getting electricity for the first time. However, it is so much more. If you read it, be prepared to not only enjoy the story and the wordsmithing, you will laugh and cry but you‘ll come away having your heart and soul somewhat healed. 5⭐️
@Suet624 @Gissy set in Ireland 🇮🇪

Suet624 This was the first book I read of his and I was stunned by its beauty. I think of it so often. Absolutely loved it. (edited) 1mo
Cuilin @Suet624 I thought you had read this. Oh my gosh, it‘s so beautiful. I‘m now off to find everything else he has written. 1mo
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Lcsmcat I loved this book too! 1mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat it was such a joy. Have you read anything else by him? 1mo
Lcsmcat @Cuilin Not yet, but I intend to. What do you recommend? 1mo
Cuilin @Lcsmcat this was my first by him. I was going to ask you the same question. I‘ll tag you if I read and review another of his. (edited) 1mo
Lcsmcat @Cuilin Same! 1mo
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Shiner | Amy Jo Burns
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My first 5 ⭐ read of the year. This is 15-year-old Wren's coming-of-age story. She lives with her parents in the mountains of West Virginia. Her father is a snake handling preacher; her mother has been beaten down by life. It is a stunning novel and I will definitely read anything else this author writes.

dabbe With that recommendation? #stacked 😘 1mo
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