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The Dark
The Dark | Linda Cargill
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Bianca is terrified of the dark - but this is no stupid, childish fear. Bianca knows what the dark can be hiding. Two years ago she was the only witness to a brutal murder, a murder that's still unsolved. Bianca was so traumatised that she has no memory of that night at all. But she knows one thing - if her memory ever returns, the killer will too...
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The Dark | Linda Cargill
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Bianca wakes up in hospital & is confused as to how she got there. She is told that she was babysitting, someone broke in & killed the maid, Mrs Ingersoll, & tried to kidnap baby Katie. Bianca grabbed Katie & ran to get help but can't remember any of this. Now she is terrified of the dark but when her memory starts to return, the killer is worried that Bianca will be able to identify them & decides to shut her up for good. (Continued)

OutsmartYourShelf I think this is possibly the worst book in the Point Horror series. I've read most of them & I can't remember another that made me want to speedread through it like this did. Almost no characterisation, everyone was really shouty, prone to sudden violence, & really weird. Very much doubt I will bother with the sequel. 1⭐

Full review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/5937920166
Read 28th - 29th Oct 2023

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