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#OctoberXFiles OMG, no book was more gripping or frightening than this masterpiece of a story🙌🏻Kevin embodies a #sinisterKid more than any other character I have ever read. The truly terrifying part is that Kevin felt 100% real, I believed he existed and that scared the crap out of me.

Robothugs 😳 I haven‘t read this 1y
Cinfhen YOU MUST!!!!! @Robothugs 1y
Robothugs Yes ma‘am!! 😱 1y
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Cinfhen Caps were a little excessive, I admit but this book.....it‘s such a brilliant character study @Robothugs 1y
Robothugs #CapsForEmphasis is what I always say. I‘ve added it to my TBR! 1y
JennyM Perfect choice!!!! 1y
TrishB Brilliant choice and a great read. I agree @Robothugs you MUST 😁 1y
Kalalalatja I haven‘t read it either @Robothugs but I definitely need to! 1y
BarbaraBB I agree, he‘s one of the most scary characters ever. And I could so identify with his mother! Horrible! 1y
Cinfhen That mom!!!! Our bookclub had a lot to say about her!!!!!! @BarbaraBB I really can‘t stress how deeply this book made me feel @Kalalalatja It was all so shocking @TrishB @JennyM I almost want to read it again!!!!! 1y
Robothugs @Kalalalatja Yay I‘m not alone! 😂 1y
Cathythoughts I‘ve heard my girls talk about it .. but I‘ve never read this one ... 1y
JillR Ive had this for ages and never got around to it - I might bump it up! 1y
Cinfhen If you read it, let me know your thoughts @JillR @Cathythoughts 1y
LeahBergen This was such a freaky book. 😬 1y
BarbaraBB I can imagine there‘s a lot to say about her. It was kind of painful to recognize myself sometimes in her (regarding the career making 😉☺️) 1y
LeeRHarry Whoa this one is still with me 😳 1y
Cinfhen I literally could not put this book down @LeeRHarry @LeahBergen 1y
Reviewsbylola One of my favorites. So heartbreaking and scary. 1y
Cinfhen I agree @Reviewsbylola I think this is her best book. I‘ve read a few of her other books & they really aren‘t as good 1y
scowler1 I loved The Mandibles. Haven't read the latest yet. 1y
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