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Little Orphant Annie warns - don‘t be a #sinisterkid ! #octoberxfiles

Slade House | David Mitchell
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I was hunting around looking for books about #sinisterkids and, heylook! It‘s the book I just started today. Is that creepy? Cue Twilight Zone music ...

#octoberxfiles #sinisterkid @Cinfhen @Robothugs

Robothugs 😱😱😱 Tomorrow‘s prompt is #Superstition 😆 1y
AlaMich This is a great haunted house story!! 1y
8leagueboot Every time I read a David Mitchell book I am struck by how much smarter than me he is. 1y
BooknerdsLife AAH! Loved this book. Its creepy! :D 1y
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Elizabeth: A Novel of the Unnatural | Ken Greenhall, Jessica Hamilton
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“I first came to live with Grandmother about a year ago, after I killed my parents...”

When fourteen-year-old Elizabeth looks into her mirror she doesn‘t see herself, she sees the image of long-dead Frances.

(I‘m kind of excited to read this recently republished, 1976 horror classic. 😆😆)


Tamra Ohhh, that sounds delightfully eery. 1y
mcipher It sounds good - and the excerpt I saw was also intriguing. 1y
Chrissyreadit I can‘t wIt to hear about it- it sounds good! 1y
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LauraBeth This sounds like a horror book that I can read! 1y
Robothugs Ohh this sounds good! 😱 1y
Aimeesue Eeeeeeek! 1y
LauraJ @ValancourtBooks has put out so many amazing reprints. I‘d love to spend a year reading nothing but their catalog. 1y
MinDea Yes. Stacked! 1y
8leagueboot Ummm this edition is 😍 1y
Reviewsbylola I love this cover. 1y
Jakaranda oohhh....creepy😉!! 1y
LeahBergen @LauraJ I have 4 or 5 of them now and they‘re fab! 1y
LeahBergen @Jakaranda Maybe even “super creepy” 😆 1y
Robothugs I have stacked sooo many books this month 😆 I love it. 1y
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The Fifth Child | Doris Lessing
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More than once she woke to see Ben standing silently in the half dark, staring at them. The shadows from the garden moved on the ceiling, the spaces of the big room emptied into obscurity, & there stood this goblin child, half visible.

Go to sleep Ben, she would say, keeping her voice level because of the sharp fear she felt. What was he thinking as he watched them sleep? Did he want to hurt them?
#sinisterkid #Octoberxfiles
@Robothugs @Cinfhen

Robothugs 😱😱😱 1y
JennyM Creepy... 1y
Suet624 Ooohhhh... 1y
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The Bad Seed | William March
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I‘ve yet to read this (or see movie adaptions), but it‘s safe to say she is a #SinisterKid #OctoberXFiles


There‘s still time to join in! http://litsy.com/p/eUtoT09EU3B1

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Fifteen-year-old Ryan Kettering has endured a series of abusive foster homes. He thinks his luck has changed when he moves in with the Prestons. There are five other foster kids in the house: a ready-made family. But then there‘s nine-year-old Maddy who stays in the basement. Maddy speaks in a strange, adult voice. And, for some reason, the government seems interested in her. Maybe Ryan‘s luck hasn't changed after all. #SinisterKid #OctoberXFiles

Robothugs 👀 This sounds pretty intriguing! Have you read it & if so did you like it? 1y
MirrorMask I avoid sinister kid books. Just being honest. LOL 1y
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Rosemary's Baby | Ira Levin
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Cinfhen NEED to read this one!!!!! 1y
GripLitGrl @Cinfhen a future buddy read maybe??? 1y
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Savage Girl | Jean Zimmerman
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Bronwyn is a #sinisterkid who was allegedly raised by wolves. She is taken in my an aristocratic family in New York that hope to tame her. Unfortunately, any man attempting to court her turns up dead.


Cinfhen This sounds fun!!! Is it from your TBR??? 1y
Reviewsbylola Yes. Bargain bin at B&N. @Cinfhen 1y
Robothugs This sounds good 🤔 1y
Luv2readbookz This sounds up my alley. I might just have to take a trip to B&N 1y
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Sinister | Jana DeLeon
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Cinfhen That image is sinister 😛 1y
EadieB @Cinfhen I know! I think it‘s his black eyes! 1y
Reviewsbylola For real @Cinfhen I‘m freaked tf out. 1y
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#OctoberXFiles Day 24: Makings of #SinisterKid with this sinister alphabet book. While anxieties and fears are no laughing matter, Roz Chast has managed to exorcise some of her demons by putting them down on paper here to share her despair, twisting them into something witty despite its undercurrent of truth. My review: https://wp.me/pDlzr-awj

Reviewsbylola Hahaha this looks cool! 1y
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