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Shakespeare's Sonnets & Poems | William Shakespeare
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I‘ve been dipping in and out of these sonnets in leisure, (and in mood), sometimes listening to Patrick Stewart‘s recitals, other times reading the text then with the help of a reading guide. In such a concise structure with fixed pattern verses, so much emotional depth can be found, it just amazes me. I don‘t understand them all or enjoyed each of them, but the rich language, and wit of some of them are a pleasure to read and return to in future.

erzascarletbookgasm #shakespearereadalong Thanks for leading @GingerAntics sorry I‘ve been a terrible group member. 3mo
Graywacke Great post, and congrats on finishing 3mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful review Jessie ❤️ 3mo
batsy Wonderfully put! The sonnets are a total experience. So glad we did this group read 💚 3mo
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Many of us first encountered Shakespeare‘s plays as text before experiencing them as theater. Shakespeare is textual. He‘s also typographic. In this free public lecture, Claire Bourne illuminates how typographic decision-making—from typefaces to page design—has shaped how we read and engage with Shakespeare.

COVID has me still weak and reading is eh so …Shakespeare

#shakespearereadalong peeps

TheBookHippie Claire M. L. Bourne is Assistant Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. She is author of Typographies of Performance in Early Modern England and editor of the essay collection Shakespeare/Text.
julieclair Hope you are feeling better soon! 4mo
TheBookHippie @julieclair I‘m past the I want to die phase at least. Now just so incredibly exhausted. 4mo
julieclair Ugh. Hang in there. Sounds like it really hit you hard. 😩 4mo
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Hey #shakespearereadalong gang, what‘s a good, readable, biography of Edward III? I‘m particularly interested in his personal life, not his wars, and nothing sleep-inducingly academic. Thanks in advance. @GingerAntics @merelybookish @Graywacke

GingerAntics Hmmm… the only book I can honestly say I‘ve read that had Edward III in it that wasn‘t Shakes was Ed West. If you like your history a bit snarky, you‘ll love him, but his book isn‘t entirely about him. It‘s more about the social and political world of medieval England, but it centres itself around Edward III‘s reign in a sense. It‘s not strictly chronological, more thematic, so some people didn‘t like it for that reason, too. 5mo
Lcsmcat @GingerAntics Thanks. I may add that to my list. I decided to start with Mark Ormrod‘s biography, which seems to be about the man rather than the warrior, if you know what I mean. . I‘m only one chapter in, but it‘s very readable so far. 5mo
Graywacke I have no idea. But I‘m really curious. 5mo
GingerAntics @Lcsmcat I look forward to your thoughts on Ormrod‘s book. I‘ve never been sure if I want to read it or not. (edited) 5mo
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All the Sonnets of Shakespeare | William Shakespeare
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After I finished the Sonnets, I kept reading this book, rereading the Sonnets in the odd ordering here, but at a rapid pace. I finished this week. #shakespearereadalong

This edition deconstructs the narrative under the sonnets, reordering them in what might be the order of actual composition. And adding sonnets from the plays. It's terribly destructive, but also forces us to look at each sonnet differently, which is actually really nice. 👇

Graywacke The editors do two wonderful things: For each poem they give a one-line explanation/synopsis. And then in the back they present the whole poem in plain words. This is crazy helpful. But, oddly, their notes on specific words and phrases are terribly done. Anyway, I'm glad I had this version, but very grateful I also had a different version too (with the correct ordering and with high-end notes). (edited) 5mo
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Shakespeare For Dummies | John Doyle, Ray Lischner
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Graywacke Oh, I think you secretly love KJ. Some of those are really really funny. (Pericles) Thanks for sharing 5mo
TheBookHippie 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 OHMYLORD. 5mo
DGRachel Now I really want to read Measure for Measure. 😳 5mo
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Meshell1313 This is hysterical!!! (And mine was hilarious accurate!) 😂 5mo
CarolynM Hilarious but sadly inaccurate in my case (I met my partner at the theatre)🤣 5mo
batsy Bahaha! My velvet-choker-owning 90s self feels a tad too seen 🤣 5mo
merelybookish @Graywacke I do love is getting the jokes about KJ! 😉 5mo
merelybookish @DGRachel I feel like all the BDSM references said more about the article's author than about Shakespeare. 5mo
merelybookish @Meshell1313 Now I'm curious what's your favorite! 5mo
merelybookish @CarolynM Not on Twitter? 😁 5mo
merelybookish @batsy Ha! Yes some did feel pretty accurate. The history plays in particular. 5mo
Meshell1313 @merelybookish 🤣 titus andronicus! 5mo
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Complete Sonnets | William Shakespeare
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I‘m not generally a poetry reader, so this was tough, but I‘m glad to have made my way through all 154 of the sonnets and added another post-it in my complete Shakespeare! A few caught my attention, some were more interesting after seeing other readers post about them, and several I just read through.

#ShakespeareReadalong #poetry #audiobook

Daisey @TheBookHippie @MrsMalaprop @batsy @GingerAntics @Graywacke Thanks so much for posts and comments that kept me reading! 5mo
charl08 👏👏This reminds me I need to get back to my sonnet reading - I only made it half way! 5mo
Suet624 Wow! Fantastic accomplishment. 5mo
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Daisey @charl08 I set it aside in the middle a few times, but decided just over a week ago that it was time to power through the rest. @Suet624 Thanks! 5mo
TheBookHippie Yay!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 5mo
MrsMalaprop 👏👏👏😊 5mo
batsy 🙌🏾💕 5mo
GingerAntics Yeah, if you haven‘t found other poetry you can get into, this is probably not the place to start a poetry reading habit, honestly. 5mo
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I found Vendler, a Harvard professor & critic, to be a comforting & sensible companion as I made my way through the sonnets. Her close readings are what would be deemed old-school these days, but they are what poetry deserves: the study of its language, the puzzle of its verbal mechanisms. Sometimes the discussion becomes super technical, but she doesn't lose me because she still stays within the poem. This kind of deep reading feels meditative.

Graywacke I wish I had had something like this. 5mo
batsy @Graywacke It was super useful to have her voice in my ear. (And once again grateful for friends with pdfs!) 5mo
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Shakespeare's Sonnets & Poems | William Shakespeare
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Wading through the murky depths of Shakespeare's psyche is like staring into the abyss & having it stare back at you. Not for the faint-hearted, & for this reason I'm so glad to have had the company of the #ShakespeareReadAlong gang as we made our way through the 154 sonnets, in the capable hands of our guide @GingerAntics . I've always known it was about "love" but the sequence of sonnets is divided between those written to a young man & a woman.

batsy I'm partial to the ones written to the young man, which form the majority of the collection. You feel the full breadth & depth of Shakespeare as a person in those sonnets; the charming bits, the tender bits, & the ugly bits. The "Dark Lady" sequence itself becomes repetitious; dredging up Shakey's own lack of self-worth that seems disturbingly predicated on the lady's virtue (& her supposed lasciviousness) & the "dark" features of her appearance. 5mo
batsy All in all, these sonnets are a fantastic workout for the brain & I feel that I will return to the individual poems at different points. Both linguistically & philosophically varied & compelling. Sadly I couldn't get a physical copy in the edition I wanted in time for the group read, but the Folger edition (available on Kindle) was very good, with helpful notes. Thanks for the discussions @Graywacke @MrsMalaprop @TheBookHippie 5mo
Graywacke Kudos @batsy ! Great post. Maybe we all need an easier read next. 5mo
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MrsMalaprop 👏🙌❤️ 5mo
TheBookHippie This was a fantastic synopsis and I agree I stretched my brain!!! 5mo
batsy @Graywacke @MrsMalaprop @TheBookHippie Thank you all for a good time! 🥰 5mo
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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
🎧 Uprooted
📖 A Tangled Web
🎧 Kafka on the Shore

📖 The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien #FellowshipOfTolkien
📖 & 🎧 #BibleBuddyRead
📖 & 🎧 Shakespeare‘s Sonnets #ShakespeareReadalong

📚 Hopefully, I can make more progress on current reads and finish Shakespeare‘s Sonnets.
📚 I want to start Wild River as my at school print read and My Contrary Mary on audio.

The Sonnets | William Shakespeare, Peter Harness
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Sonnet 148. I like this one about the madness or rather the blindness of true love ❤️.

Apologies for my prolific posts. I‘ve almost finished the
#shakespearereadalong #sonnets
along with these crazy cats
@batsy @GingerAntics @Graywacke @TheBookHippie

batsy 😸 5mo
TheBookHippie ♥️ 5mo
GingerAntics Cats do make everything better! Do your cats seem to have opinions on some of the sonnets like the cat of @Graywacke? 5mo
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Graywacke @GingerAntics lately he‘s left me to read these on my own. 😕 fickle 🐈‍⬛ 5mo
MrsMalaprop @GingerAntics 😹I was speaking figuratively. You all are the ‘crazy cats‘ taking this deep dive into the sonnets with me 😍🙏. I have enjoyed it so much! @Graywacke @batsy @TheBookHippie (edited) 5mo
Graywacke @MrsMalaprop I‘m not here yet, so this is my first look at this sonnet and I love it. Blinded by tears. Congrats on almost completing this pass through! 5mo
Graywacke @MrsMalaprop it‘s an apt metaphor for us doing this. 🙂 5mo
TheBookHippie @MrsMalaprop 😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️It has truly been so much fun. 5mo
GingerAntics @Graywacke that‘s a cat for ya! 5mo
GingerAntics @MrsMalaprop I will totally be your sonnet cat!!! 🐈 5mo
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