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Night Kites | M. E. Kerr
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#maymoviemagic #weveonlyjustbegun

This prompt made me think of an old 80s YA book I loved and I remembered this quote from. As a kid Eric‘s adored older brother takes him out to fly kites at night. Its something he remembers as he‘s becoming an adult, facing up to adult stuff, with his brother far away. He‘s only #justbegun when he learns his brother is very ill, and maybe the difficulties of adulthood are more than he expected.

Cinfhen Awwww 🥰 #Feels 9mo
Centique @Cinfhen yeah, it has a lot of those 💕 9mo
rohit-sawant Lovely post! 💜 9mo
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Be warned. Brandon Sanderson will wreck you. Your emotions? Yeah. Good luck! 🍀👍🏻 I loved this book and the only reason I had trouble getting into it was a hangover from the first Mistborn book. 😢 I truly should have waited a week or so, or more given the mourning period for such a beautiful yet soul crushing ending to that epic novel, before picking up the next installment.
However that is not the case with this one! Onto the next! 🤗😭🤫🤭😁

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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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Six of Crows had a lot of complex characters, was dark and bloody, very serious in places, and of course, it yanked and grabbed at all of those worst #feels of mine. It was amazing! If you want to read me fangirl about it, here you are: http://bit.ly/2zFcJDf

JazzFeathers I'm trying to take part in the readalong, but l'm so far behind. 1y
avalinah @JazzFeathers funny enough, this is exactly what happened to me in my buddy read - I was also constantly behind! Well, tonight they're doing the reverse Dewey's, so maybe that can give you a push 😊 1y
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Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival | Sara Tuvel Bernstein
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“One of the American soldiers was carrying me. I closed my eyes again. ‘Is it raining again?‘ I thought. ‘No, we‘re inside now where it would not rain.‘ Then I realized that the soldier carrying me was crying, his tears falling on my face.” #feels #litsypassport


Soooooo I cried... this one wrecked me 😭😭😭 So well done~ my favorite form the series to date!! #feels #bookhangover #greatreads

Helium | Rudy Francisco
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I've got a hamper of really loud mistakes
and a graveyard in my closet.
I'm afraid if I let you see my skeletons,

you'll grind the bones into powder
and get high on my fault lines.

#poetry #RudyFrancisco #buttonpoetry #feels #inspiring #writing

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Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection | The Awkward Yeti, Nick Seluk
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#repost from @Liberty because I can‘t stop laughing at this. 😂🤣😂🌨🌬☃️

#MondayMood #feels

The Time Traveler's Wife | Audrey Niffenegger
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#decdays #feels

A day late! But here is one of my all time fav punch me in the feels books. It has everything I love - vivid setting, libraries (!!), layered story and Time Travel. I have no problem suspending disbelief or worrying about paradoxes 😂
The movie wasn‘t as good IMO - but Eric Bana! Love Eric Bana to the moon & back so of course it was still great! (Check out The Castle if you want to see EB in something silly and delightful)

Cinfhen I have this marked for #pop18 😍what do you think, will I like it?!?! I can‘t believe I haven‘t read this book yet.... 2y
Centique @Cinfhen I think if you can stomach the time travel the rest of it is beautifully written. And that‘s the only fantastical element. Have a try anyway! 2y
Cortg I loooooved this book! The movie, not so much, but the book was a favorite when I read it many, many moons ago. 2y
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AmandaL I adored this book so much I couldn't bring myself to watch the movie. 2y
Centique @AmandaL that‘s fair enough! It wasn‘t bad but very difficult to get anywhere near how good the book is 😍 2y
Centique @Cortg it‘s a book I still think about it. I try and imagine ways of coming to the rescue in that scene. 😥 2y
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I forgot to post yesterday for #decdays! I heard this book will make you feel all the #feels. @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Yup!!! Left me bawling 😭 😭 😭 2y
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#DecDays #Feels I read quite a few books that gave me all the feels this year but these six non-fiction books gave me the feels with extreme emotions. Some I listened to, some I read, all required tissues at points along the way. 😱😬🙂😟💔😖😫😤😥😭😡❤️🤔They are the books I keep thinking about and I recommend them all. #nonfiction

Bourriquet76 Really enjoyed Henrietta and Flower Moon. I want to read Radium Girls. 2y
DebinHawaii @Bourriquet76 I really liked it. It had me angry and in tears for most of it but inspired by the bravery of these women. 💔 2y
Cinfhen My library hold just came in yesterday for 2y
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AmyG This book. I will never forget it. I can't begin to imagine being this woman. 2y
wanderlustforwords While the writing in Breathe Becomes Air isn't great, having been written by a physician, not an author, the story affected me strongly! 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen I hope you like it--it's a tough read but a good one. @AmyG Me either. I listened to the audiobook--she read it--and could not even imagine how she felt. 2y
DebinHawaii @wanderlustforwords I agree. And the epilogue from his wife wrecked me. 💔 2y
Daisey I‘ve read half of these and agree completely! 2y
valeriegeary I need to read these! ALL OF THEM! 📚📚 2y
RadicalReader @DebinHawaii thanks for the wonderful recommendations love emotional reads 2y
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