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Thank you @Crazeedi for hosting the #50kcelebration #giveaway50k
My favorite summer memories are visiting my grandparents‘ house as a child, chasing fireflies &ducks, listening to ghost stories narrated by my father under the starlit evening sky, gorging on mangoes, and reading for the upcoming school year. I did these pretty regularly when I visited them during the summer vacations. Also I am from India so these memories remind me of home.

Crazeedi Such amazing memories! It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood! 4mo
NeedsMoreBooks Thank you @Crazeedi ❤️ 4mo
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Congrats @Crazeedi on getting over 50,000 Litfluence. You are an incredible part of this community. ♡

My favorite childhood summer memory is floating in our backyard above ground pool on a big floatie and reading books all day long. It was my little introvert paradise :)

#50kcelebration #giveaway50k

Crazeedi That sounds so delightful! What a great memory! 4mo
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Congrats on 50K! #50kcelebration #giveaway50k my favourite childhood summer memories are camping with family, I have a very big family and we do big camping reunions every couple years and those were always my favourite! @Crazeedi

Crazeedi I loved camping as a child too! What awesome family memories! 4mo
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Congrats @Crazeedi on 50k! 🎉🎉🎉
My favorite summer memory is the year of The Great Video Game Tournament. My 2 sisters, parents, 2 uncles, and me spent the summer swimming in the pool and having an Atari tournament. We had leaderboards posted on the fridge. I won Superman and skiing. We also played Kaboom and bowling.
#50kCelebration #giveaway50k

Crazeedi Atari! Wow, take me back! That's the first games my girls played as children too, sound like great fun! 4mo
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Congrats on 50K! #giveaway50K #50Kcelebration

My favorite childhood memory of summer: we didn‘t have AC—instead we had a HUGE fan in the attic and kept the windows open (with screens). I‘m talking, so big you could lose an arm if it didn‘t have its protective chicken wire “box” over it. I love to remember how my cat Boo would lie on the open windowsill and smell the outdoors, as we both fell asleep to the sound of the big fan and the cicadas.

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Congrats to @Crazeedi on your milestone!!!! 🎉
Thank you so much for your #50kcelebration #giveaway50K

My favorite summer childhood memories are of day camp. I went for 8 years and was a counselor for 4 years. I loved camp. I wish I could still go. ❤️

Crazeedi I went to summer camp once. How wonderful you got to go and then be a counselor too! 4mo
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#50kcelebration#giveaway50k @Crazeedi

Wow! 50K is amazing, @Crazeedi!

My favorite childhood memories center around water (probably because summers reach the 100s frequently here)... Swimming and floating on rafts in grandma's pool, followed up by cool aloe vera slices pressed to sunburns cut straight off the plant. Also, camping by creeks and the ocean. Family, outdoors, and relaxation are the best summer memories for me.

Crazeedi 100's are rare where I live, can't imagine, youd have to have a pool or live near water! Great times, but sorry you had sunburns! 4mo
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#50kcelebration #giveaway50k
To all my littens , I hosting a giveaway to celebrate this awesome community we have! Tag me with a post about your favorite childhood memory of summer and also the #50kcelebration. I will choose a winner to receive a package of bookish goodies! Open till next Tuesday August 14 at midnight est.

Catsandbooks Congratulations!! 🎉💕 4mo
tournevis 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺 4mo
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wordslinger42 Congratulations!! 😊 4mo
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rather_be_reading 👏congrats 👏 4mo
Daria.Adrianna21 Congratulations! 4mo
ImperfectCJ That's impressive! Congrats! 4mo
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ladym30 Congratulations!❤️ 4mo
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erzascarletbookgasm 👏🎉 wohoo! 4mo
Ddzmini Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊🎈 🥳📖😋 (edited) 4mo
Birdsong28 Congratulations 🎊🎉📚📖 4mo
Cinfhen Congrats!!!!! Not entering as I am overwhelmed with books right now but still wanted to offer you my best xx 4mo
Redwritinghood 🎉🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Crazeedi @Cinfhen no problem, I just want to show how much I appreciate everyone, especially you Cindy. ❤ we will exchange books sometime again I'm sure. 4mo
PaperbackPirate Congratulations!!!!! 4mo
SamanthaMarie Congratulations!! That is amazing Diane ♡♡ and so sweet of you to host a giveaway!! 4mo
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 4mo
NeedsMoreBooks Congratulations! 🎉🎈 4mo
Andrew65 Congratulations 🍾🥂🎊🎉🥳🏆👏😊 4mo
StayCurious Is your giveaway open to Canadians? I know that can be pricey! 4mo
Crazeedi @StayCurious if an international wins I will send something special 4mo
robinb Congratulations Diane! 🎉🎉👏👏👏 4mo
gradcat Congratulations woman! I‘m sorry I missed the giveaway but I only saw this today (when it‘s already over)! So sorry not to have commented earlier. You‘ve read an awful lot in a short period of time—kudos, my buddy! ♥️ 4mo
Crazeedi @gradcat and I just noticed I said Tues, not Wednesday! Lol. I'm pulling name in am 4mo
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