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Though published 20 years ago, this book is still timely and relevant to today‘s struggles. So well written...Horwitz was amazing. A must read!

This is still one of my favorite books. I think I gravitate to this, growing up near and now working in a Civil War town that has seen commercial development in the last 20-25 years. Most people in town are sick of the war, and yet the legacy still lingers.

Thanks to my fellow #Horwitz readers!

kspenmoll Sounds like a great book! (edited) 5mo
Blaire This book is so good!! My husband is reading his latest right now. Such a loss! 5mo
Librarybelle @kspenmoll It is a really good book! 5mo
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Librarybelle @Blaire Agreed...such a loss! 5mo
CareBear I just finished today. Thanks for hosting, I really enjoyed this and his book has prompted me to read further. 5mo
Librarybelle @CareBear Thank you for joining! 5mo
kspenmoll You choose wonderful reads. Keep me posted please!😘 5mo
ferskner I'm so jealous that you live that close to Gettysburg. This book made me want to visit ALL the Civil War sites, but maybe not with R.L. Hodge. 5mo
Librarybelle @ferskner One of my staff knows Hodge! I told him he needs to do a program for the library! I‘ve actually heard him speak, and he‘s interesting. But, totally agree visiting a battlefield with him would not be the best thing to do. 5mo
ferskner OH MY GOSH!!!! 5mo
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“‘I am who I am, geographically and politically, because of what happened here.‘”

In this passage, Horwitz visits Shiloh, one of the deadliest battles of the Civil War, on its anniversary and walks the sacred ground. Along the way, he meets others who come back every year to trace their ancestors‘ footsteps. This quote from one of his interviewees is so profound to me. #horwitz

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I was really hoping to finish Confederates in the Attic tonight for #Horwitz , but that looks doubtful. I am happy with completing 9 books this month, a sign that I‘m slowly getting my free time back. Still a little behind on my Goodreads challenge, not to mention the other challenges. Here‘s hoping July will be my month to begin catching up (the #24in48 #readathon will help!).

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Finishing up the #horwitz buddy read on the last day of the month. Review to come later, but I have absolutely loved every second of this book. A new favorite. @Librarybelle @Hoopiefoot @CareBear @cathysaid

Librarybelle I‘m really hoping to finish this up tonight as well! 5mo
cathysaid I had to return it to the library before I finished, but will check out again when it is available. I read the first few chapters and really enjoyed it.
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I probably won‘t finish this tomorrow but I‘m amazed how timely this is 20 years after publication. I‘m really enjoying it so far! #horwitz

Librarybelle I‘ve been amazed too about how timely it is...still the same issues from 20 years ago 6mo
ferskner I forget every moment of reading it that it wasn't recently published. 5mo
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I completely forgot that Tony Horwitz almost got into a fight at a bar! So scary...

I‘m enjoying my reread of this book. I‘m reading little bits at a time, but still hope to finish it by Sunday. #Horwitz

ferskner Haha I just read that part last night! It was scary! 6mo
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True story. Those were the longest 18 months of my life. So yeah...many in the South still commemorate the dates.


@Librarybelle @CareBear @ferskner

LauraJ I experienced culture shock big time when I lived in New Orleans. Felt like I had gone back in time 50 years. 6mo
Librarybelle Thank you for sharing your experience...so sad (edited) 6mo
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cathysaid @OrangeMooseReads @LauraJ @Librarybelle I‘ve lived in the south all my life (in GA, NC, SC, TN and AL) and I love it here (and I‘m loving this book because I can relate to much of it). But sometimes it seems a few of my fellow southerners worship history rather than appreciate and learn from it. 6mo
Tamra Oh my! 😑 I don‘t even know where to begin, partly because I think anything said would be meaningless for those who subscribe to the sentiment you posted. 6mo
Trashcanman This a sad sad sad and sad state of affairs. I think we should force them to eat anti-freeze while they watch women walk into abortion clinics. 6mo
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Please feel free to join @CareBear , @ferskner and I as we read this book during the month of June. We‘ll post our thoughts throughout the month, so it‘s completely read at your own pace. I‘m going to use #horwitz in my posts, in memory of the author, who recently passed away.

cathysaid I will try to join! I haven‘t read anything by this author but would love to check him out after all the amazing coverages since his recent death. 6mo
Librarybelle Hope you will be able to join, @cathysaid ! 6mo
Hoopiefoot This is a great idea! I‘m going to try to join in—I loved this book and was so sad to hear of his passing. 6mo
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Librarybelle You‘re welcome to join if you can, @Hoopiefoot ! It‘s one of my favorite books, so it seems fitting to re-read after the sad news. 6mo
Leftcoastzen It‘s a great book! I was so sad about his sudden passing. 6mo
CareBear Looking forward to it! 🤓 6mo
ferskner Thanks for reminding me! 6mo
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