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End of Day 7 of the #JoyousJanuary #Readathon, no books finished but 290 pages read.

Overall progress

2521 / 3050 Pages Read

7 / 8 Books Read

0 / 3 #NetGalley Reviews Written

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#bookreport Read & finished Born in the Water,5🌟gorgeously illustrated origin story of Africans, kidnapped,endured the Middle Passage, slavery,marching for civil rights;The Body in the castle,5 🌟,Bruno world of food & detecting;The Darkest Evening 5 🌟more Vera please! Finished Above All Else, Chicago Irish American politics, Irish roots; Other Side Of Midnight💜Agatha-fun; Buried in Secret, Nora unravels, old bones. 4🌟Body in Transect,so-so.

Andrew65 Brilliant week 👏👏👏 4h
kspenmoll @Andrew65 I was able to read so much because I had Martin Luther King day off as well as an “ ice day”! Lucky me! 4h
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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#JoyousJanuary #Readathon

After Day 7:
Read The Violin Conspiracy - 352 Pages
Read Find The Girl - 265 Pages
Read On Mystic Lake - 448 Pages
Read Driftnet - 272 Pages
Read We Hope For Better Things - 400 Pages
Read Circus of Wonders - 384 Pages

Total Read - 2,123 Pages

Andrew65 A great total 5h
EadieB @Andrew65 Thanks! 5h
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Untitled | Unknown
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My mother-in-law is visiting this weekend, so I won't have as much time to read, but my #WeekendReading and #JoyousJanuary #Readathon plans are to keep reading Well Met, and start reading Beyond a Reasonable Stout. Happy Reading everyone!

Andrew65 Hope you have a good weekend. 12h
MidnightBookGirl I love the title of Beyond a Reasonable Stout!
CoffeeNBooks @MidnightBookGirl It's a cozy mystery series set in a brewery, so all of the books have fun beer-pun titles! 11h
Mollyanna I just finished the first in the Ellie Alexander series. It was so fun. 11h
CoffeeNBooks @Mollyanna I'm really enjoying this series! 9h
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Up next this weekend is the new Inspector Lynley novel. Yes I know, another chunkster! What can I say, I‘m a glutton for punishment and big books😆 #ILikeBigBooksAndICannotLie #JoyousJanyary #Readathon #JumpStart2022 #WeekendReading

Andrew65 Looks plenty of reading ahead this weekend, enjoy. 12h
Ruthiella A new Elizabeth George! 8h
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#WeekendReading #JoyousJanuary #readathon #ARCEdition Part 2 😉


Listening to Digging up Love.
Reading Pandora, which is expected to publish on 27th January.

Andrew65 Have a good weekend. 13h
julesG @Andrew65 Thanks! You too. 13h
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Why We Can't Wait | Martin Luther Jr King
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⌛️ Last year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day someone said that instead of reading his quotes we should be reading his words. I took up her challenge with this. So many page flags. So much sadly still relevant almost 60 years later. I was going to pick out a cool quote to share, but I challenge you to do the same. Read his words around the quotes if you haven‘t already.
🖤🤍🤎❤️ 🧡
It‘s #JoyousJanuary #Readathon update time! Finished 1/3 books

Andrew65 Great choice 👏👏👏 15h
PaperbackPirate Thank you for the recommendation @catiewithac ! 💙 10h
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PaperbackPirate Thank you @Andrew65 ! 🙌 10h
PaperbackPirate Finished 2/5 books for #JumpStart2022 10h
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Lethal White | Robert Galbraith
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Bk7 of January 2022 & #JumpStart2022 & Bk3 of #JoyousJanuary #readathon is done. The 4th in the Cormaran Strike series, it isn‘t my favourite so far but it was still a good read. A mentally unwell young man asks Strike & Robin to investigate his memory of a murder. Lots of twists & turns & the interplay between Robin, her new husband & Strike was also entertaining. #BookspinBingo #SeriesRead2022 #BeatTheBacklist #ChunksterChallenge #ShelfOfShame👇

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3rd book read for the #JoyousJanuary #readathon @Andrew65

This book examines the science involved in solving human and wildlife issues. Throughout it, the author has a wry sense if humor. It is not for the faint of heart. There is graphic detail about animal attacks as well as brutal pest control methods. Entertaining facts abound with interesting conclusions and solutions.

ChaoticMissAdventures I got this in my January book haul and I am so excited to get to it! Mary Roach is such an engaging writer. 20h
Karisa That cover! 🤣 20h
kimmypete1 The airplane chapter with the birds got to me hard. 16h
Andrew65 Great progress 👏👏👏 15h
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The Little Wax Doll | Norah Lofts
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IamIamIam 👀 23h
Andrew65 Love Norah Lofts, she was such a versatile writer. 15h
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