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Comforting myself with my hour of P&P. Three more days of insane work #finalsweek Gratuitous picture of part of my Christmas Forest. #wintergames #teamfestivus @wanderinglynn

melissajayne Reminds me that I need to watch P&P (the BBC version) again. 9h
wanderinglynn You should submit your tree(s) for the #XmasTreeContest. 10 pts +1 per entry! 9h
wanderinglynn And you got this! Then some much needed self care this weekend. You more than earned it! 💚💚💚 9h
BethM So pretty! 3h
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Mr. Darcy's Diary | Amanda Grange
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Bedside stack with yarn. Reading and knitting are two of my favorite hobbies.

cathipink I love Rios! 🙂🙂 10h
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Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer: Modern Austen Short Stories | Melissa Buell, Jennifer Becton, Rebecca M Fleming
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#weeklyforecast, part deux ?? @Cinfhen

The beauty of being a gainfully (and gratefully!) employed grownup is that you get to be Mrs. Claus for yourself and #treatyoshelf to some new seasonal beauties. Yay! ???

I'm a HUGE fan of contemporary retellings of Pride & Prejudice and the tagged title happens to be a gender-swapping one! I also love me some YA and as stated on the cover, "Let it Snow" is now on Netflix!

Excited to dive into these!

Cinfhen Wise purchase, Mrs. Claus!!! Enjoy ❤️📚😘 (edited) 2d
Librariana @Cinfhen - Why thank you! 😁🤶🎄💜📚 I forgot to mention that I pocked up 2 additional new books while out shopping with my bestie 😳 2d
Librariana @Cinfhen - *picked! 2d
Cinfhen Hehehe ‘Tis the season 💚♥️ 2d
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While waiting for the local Christmas parade, I started on this #tbr #wintergames #teamfozziwig @StayCurious @Clwojick @BarkingMadRun

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Sanditon | Jane Austen
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Hopefully, you read or are rereading Sanditon to be ready for January 12th!

LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
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Sense and Sensibility | Joanna Trollope
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#bookreport @Cinfhen
Pretty disappointing week of reading....
Finished both, but both were decidedly #Mehnotyeah
- #unpopularopinion time... Although I liked the story itself, I found the writing of Erotic Stories to be pretty poor.
- After loving ‘Eligible‘, I had high hopes of this Austen Project novel...but this one just didn‘t work for me. The premise was not updated enough, so just didn‘t work in its modern day setting. 👎

squirrelbrain I didn‘t love Erotic Stories either; I liked it but that was all...nothing special. 4d
AlaMich I like the first half of Erotic Stories, but then it turned into a sort of mystery, as I recall, and just got weird. 4d
Cinfhen At least you completed it for bookclub😏what did the bookclub think about it🤔 4d
KarenUK @Cinfhen it‘s on Wednesday.... I‘ll be interested to see... 🤔 4d
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This is fantastic so far! I've laughed out loud a few times already. #AwesomeAudiobooks

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Lady Susan | Jane Austen

This was fun! The ending was rather abrupt, but otherwise it was an enjoyable, quick read.

Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Day 4 - Favorite Reads is 2019 #AdventRecommends

Pride and Prejudice Retelling with Dragons - that is all you need to know! 🤣😄

Chrissyreadit Hmmm... @mabell @sprainedbrain @CrowCAH have any of you read this? I‘m intrigued. 6d
CrowCAH @Chrissyreadit no, I had not heard of this one; stacked. But I recently added this book to the TBR; also a P&P rendition with dragons! 6d
mabell @Chrissyreadit No I definitely haven‘t! 6d
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Laughterhp Oo @CrowCAH Just added that one to my TBR!! 6d
Chrissyreadit @CrowCAH I stacked it. 6d
sprainedbrain Oh my! No @Chrissyreadit I had not. But I‘m going to check it out! 😂 6d
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