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#longday #longweek #booksanddrink #happyhour
Looking forward to vacation next week. Husband home from hospital,recovering, successful surgery- thanks for support Littens!
Wild at work -we all need vacation! Lucky we only had 4 snow days so we have a spring break, unlike some districts in more northern states(parts of NY) #teachersofLitsy
Tonight I read & enjoyed a Compari & soda on ice in between “nursing” duties. 🥃🌡

merelybookish Glad to hear things went well! You definitely deserve a break! 2y
kspenmoll @merelybookish Thanks! Just being home while my husband recovers with no work is a heavenly thought! 2y
readordierachel Glad you have some time to recharge! 2y
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batsy Glad your husband's surgery went well. Enjoy your well-deserved time off 🙆‍♀️ 2y
LeahBergen You deserve that drink! 2y
asiriusreader Glad to hear the surgery went well!! 2y
Mdargusch Glad your husband is mending! 2y
Suet624 Do you reference that baseball encyclopedia often?? 2y
kspenmoll @asiriusreader @Mdargusch Thanks! Still going well. ❤️ 2y
kspenmoll @Suet624 That is my son‘s who has always loved baseball. His book collection is wonderful. He actually took a course on its history, politics, racism, sexism, LGBT issues, japan & bb. Fascinating & a ton of work. No gut. It was so popular only juniors & seniors could take it. All had to write an essay for only 50 slots. Robert applied anyway as a sophomore & he took him. Marvelous professor. 2y
kspenmoll @ReadOrDieRachel @batsy @LeahBergen ❤️❤️Thanks! I so appreciate all your kind words & support this week! On vacation!!!!! So easier to just be home with him💕💕💕💕 2y
Suet624 That‘s amazing! Congrats to your son! We should all meet up at a game at Fenway. 2y
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Meddling Kids | Edgar Cantero
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Tis the season for me to get crazy, stupid, sick. Sooo gonna try and put a deep dent in this one. With my new bookmark and contrary to what it says. That is tea cause coffee is just too much atm. Have the blinds open and its beautiful outside! So that's a plus! #october #seasonaltransition #longweek #muchlove #timetoescape

The Fire by Night: A Novel | Teresa Messineo
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90sinJuly #TonightTonight ?There are no "tonight" titled books on my shelves & e-books, but there are several with night in the title that work for today's prompt. A little fictional variety here: WWII historical, black musicians in jazz-age China, creepy suspense, silly paranormal, poetry, & mystery/thriller shorts.?It's not tonight, tonight yet here-it's mid-afternoon, but I am more than ready to call it a day & settle in tonight. #longweek ?

Demanda The Night Sister was SOOOOOO FUN 2y
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