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The Mystic Masseur | V.S. Naipaul
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The story of a simple boy who becomes first a masseur, then a mystic, and finally an influential politician, is written in a satirical style, set in the ‘40s, and focuses on the Hindu community in #TrinidadAndTobago. A fun book that elicits a smile with its dry humor, but as with any satirical work, more important topics are beneath humorous parts.

BookwormM Sounds good 4d
Simona @BookwormM I didn‘t expect much, and it was nice surprise! 4d
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#ReadAroundTheWorld #TrinidadAndTobago

I loved everything about this book a great way to learn more about the history of post-colonial Trinidad .

Full review here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/4480377195

Love After Love: A Novel | Ingrid Persaud
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Really loved my pick for #ReadAroundTheWorld for #TrinidadAndTobago 💕

Beautifully written story about a found family, with more than their share of struggle, pain, and heartbreak, but also just brimming with joy and hopefulness. I loved Betty and Mr. Chetan so much, but appreciated Solo as well. I cried like a baby a couple of times, but that‘s ok because when I say I also laughed out loud a lot, that‘s not a figure of speech.


Currey @sprainedbrain. Sounds really good 1w
squirrelbrain I loved this one too and, yes, I cried too! 1w
Teresereading Ditto, it‘s a wonderful book 1w
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#ReadAroundTheWorld #Trinidad&Tobago

Wow just finished section 1 Trinidad 2006 did not see that coming. Loving this book so far.

Simona Summary is very promising! I finished my January pick, and I‘m also satisfied with it 1w
Sophronisba I read this when it first came out and loved it. 1w
BookwormM @Sophronisba I have just finished it and loved it 1w
bcncookbookclub Thanks for showing me this book, seems quite interesting! 1w
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Love After Love: A Novel | Ingrid Persaud
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Thanks to much deserved Litsy-love (thanks for the rave reviews, @AnneCecilie & @Cinfhen ), I decided to dive into this #audiobook for #TrinidadAndTobago- the first country to kick off the #ReadAroundTheWorld challenge! Performed by the author (with no wonder she included a section of an American complimenting the beauty of the Trini accent!), this is a story of the family we make, the love we take (& give) & the secrets we keep. #AudioColoring

Cinfhen Yay!!! Great review and beautiful drawing ❤️ 3w
BookwormM OMG I am still waiting for my book to arrive at library 🤣🤣 3w
TorieStorieS @Cinfhen Thank you!! And thanks for the recommendation- I had a few options for this one but your review made it obvious which one I should read! 🥰 3w
TorieStorieS @BookwormM At least it‘s still early days of the month- I listened to this in two days, so I would say it moves fast once you get started! I hope you like it! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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BarbaraBB This is wonderful! Thank you so much! This might help you too @jenniferw88 @DGRachel @Hooked_on_books @Velvetfur @Librarybelle (people I know by heart who are participating in the challenge!) (edited) 3w
RaeLovesToRead Bookmarked for later reference... I'm planning to #readaroundtheworld but at a slower pace 🙂 3w
Velvetfur @BarbaraBB Thank you for the tag Barbara, and thank you @JamieArc for sharing this! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Late as ever. Here‘s my #WeeklyForecast for this week.

50 Words for Snow - just because ❄️
Love after Love - for #ReadAroundtheWorld #Trinidad. Thanks for the recommendation @Cinfhen - I‘m enjoying it so far. Bit disappointed I couldn‘t get the audio though.
January Children is my #Bookspin and #ReadIngAfrica2022 for this month. Poetry by an Sudanese-American poet.
And something audio, but not sure what yet.

Have a good week, folks! xx

Cinfhen Yay, I‘m so glad to see you‘re reading 3w
squirrelbrain I think you‘ll like Love After Love - enjoy! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Because no month is quite complete without a pretty map, here‘s my year around the world in books.

I read 30 for #ReadingAsia2021, which isn‘t too shoddy, attempted a decent number of my #readaroundtheworld books, and finished my #chunksterchallenge2021. The rest of my challenges fell by the wayside a bit.

However, I did also manage to finish an acceptable number of #buddyreads (ie more than ever before!) & #gladstonerds bookclub reads.

rockpools For 2022, I‘m cutting right back on the challenges and going for a no-pressure reading year, aiming for 12 books from #readaroundtheworld, 10 books from #ReadingAfrica2022, #Gladstonerds and a looseygoosey approach to #bookspin!

My reading goals (in reverse order) are:
- track with StoryGraph
- No more than 3 books at any time
- No stress. Enjoy it!
(edited) 3w
rockpools Happy New Year and Happy Reading! 📚🥂📚🎉📚 3w
Librarybelle Yay! The maps looks great, with lots of good reading in 2021! And, it sounds like you have a good plan for 2022 😁 3w
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rockpools @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB Thank you for running these challenges- they‘ve really pushed me to find books from the smaller countries, and I‘ve loved seeing what everyone else is reading. 3w
TrishB Happy new year- I love the no more than 3 books! 3w
rockpools @TrishB I feel you might find that easier than I do! 3w
BarbaraBB Well done and you are very welcome. On to Africa! 3w
squirrelbrain I like the no stress goal… I tried not to sign up to so many challenges this year but…. 🤷‍♀️ Actually so far I‘m only doing #newyearwhodis and #booked2022 so not so bad (yet!) 3w
Nute Wow! That‘s very impressive! I feel that the activity of reading needs to be non-stressful in order to be enjoyable. Here‘s to fun reading experiences in 2022! Happy New Year, Rachel!💜🥳💜 3w
Megabooks Great job Rachel! 3w
rockpools @Megabooks Thanks Meg - and happy new year! 3w
rockpools @Nute I got a bit tangled up in trying to get through stuff, rather than enjoying the ride this year, so… Happy New Year to you as well Kimberley, and I hope your reading is relaxing and inspiring. 3w
rockpools @squirrelbrain That sounds about right 🤷🏻‍♀️. What are we like?! There are so many AMAZING challenges- but only 24 hours in the day. My aim is to be in such a Zen space by November that I can sign up to NYWD again! 3w
rockpools @BarbaraBB Very excited for these. We‘ve been following a YouTuber on her travels around Southern Africa this year, so I have images of the landscapes in my head. Looking forward to words and people to go with them 😊 3w
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Love After Love: A Novel | Ingrid Persaud
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This is my #LastFirstAudio for 2021/2022 💗It was on @AnneCecilie #Top21of21 list and Erik Karl Anderson listed this as his favorite audio of 2021!! I‘m LOVING the accent and I‘m already sure, I want to read MORE Caribbean fiction!!!

Ruthiella I‘m a fan of Lonesome Reader aka Eric too! 3w
Cinfhen He‘s adorable @Ruthiella 😁 3w
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BarbaraBB That is a great start! 3w
Megabooks FYI the tob book by Ozeki also works for found family! @BarbaraBB @Ruthiella (edited) 3w
Megabooks Have you read this? Great Caribbean narration. 3w
Cinfhen No @Megabooks it‘s been on my #ReadersRadar for a long time!! Will definitely add for 2022 listening 👂🏼 Thanks for the recommendation xx 3w
Cinfhen Forgot to add this is my #Booked2022 #TitleRepeats 🤦🏼‍♀️ 3w
squirrelbrain I loved this when I read it (a while ago as I had it as an ARC). It made me 😢 though….. 3w
Cinfhen I‘ve been listening all morning while I‘ll cooking & doing laundry @squirrelbrain It‘s GREAT on audio 3w
rockpools Ooh. We‘re off to Trinidad with #readaroundtheworld in January- and this was one of my options. And my library has the audio… 3w
Cinfhen I highly recommend going with this one @rockpools it does take a tiny bit of time to get the gist of the narration, but it‘s totally worth it 3w
rockpools @Cinfhen Bother! The audiobook has expired ☹️. I might try the print though. 3w
AnneCecilie I originally got this from Eric as well, and another BookTuber, SavidgeReads. I‘m glad you‘re enjoying it so far (edited) 3w
Cinfhen It‘s breaking my heart one minute and I‘m laughing out loud the next @AnneCecilie I LOVE Betty!!!! 3w
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The Sheriff's Catch | James Vella-Bardon
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This is a book/reader mismatch rather than any problems with the book - full-on action/adventure isn‘t really my thing, & I‘m not reading enough right now to get through the second half. Set at the time of the Spanish Armada, this is a revenge story full of wild adventures crossing the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland. Light-hearted, but an awful lot of fight scenes!

Author from #Malta, so this was my attempt for December‘s #readaroundtheworld.