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National Academy Science Letters | National Academy of Sciences, India
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Just because.

callielafleur 🙌🙌🙌 5y
Lynnsoprano Yessss! 5y
CocoReads ❤️this! 5y
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Sophoclessweetheart People still think the earth is flat..? 😳😰 Oh my... 🤣 5y
DiruVamp 🙌🏻🙌🏻 5y
dsfisher Love this. 5y
QuietlyLaura @Wanderingwithwords There are a few apparently. 🙃🤣 I don't know if you saw this article: https://gizmodo.com/at-long-last-flat-earth-rocketeer-finally-manages-to-b-18240... 5y
Weaponxgirl Truth! 5y
Sophoclessweetheart @QuietlyLaura Thank you, no I hadn‘t seen this x 5y
rockpools I had to look up chemtrails. And now I know! 5y
Samplergal So happy to have such smart people on Litsy! It‘s amazing sow propaganda has colored and shaped opinions elsewhere. #scienceRocks 5y
Buddys_Momma Yes!!! 5y
cherinium I'm excited to be going to see Bill Nye on Monday. This post made me think of him. 🔬🔭 5y
Samplergal @cherinium ❤️❤️❤️that is so exciting! 5y
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Yes Please | Amy Poehler
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New #audiobook hashtag alert! Here I am, enjoying Amy tell me about time travel, while #audiomockrockmaking. Don't worry -- you read it right! Just another spring break day in the life of a teacher, mixing up a batch of mock rocks for my students to investigate as part of our earth science unit when we get back. Pretty fun to make, actually! 🤓 #sciencerocks #getit #teachersofLitsy

julesG Wish I had had you as a teacher. #sciencerocks indeed! 6y
asiriusreader Aww, shucks--@julesG you are too sweet! 🤗 6y
ramyasbookshelf That's pretty awesome! What goes into mock rocks? 6y
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asiriusreader @ramyasbookshelf mostly common stuff--flour, salt, sand, some gravel and mini oyster shells, food coloring. I just found a copy of the recipe here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/tpsciencefun.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/making-mock-s... 6y
kspenmoll What fun for your students! 6y
Lmstraubie Lucky students! You ROCK! 😉 6y
asiriusreader @Lmstraubie @kspenmoll awww, thanks ladies!! 😊Hope the kiddoes have fun with them...I've done it the past couple of years and the mock rocks are typically a hit! 6y
hermyknee Do you teach elementary or middle school? 6y
asiriusreader @hermyknee I teach elementary--4th grade! What level do you teach? (I just saw your Thursday glass of wine post! 😂) 6y
hermyknee I teach all levels of high school ESL- so I have kids from 14 to 19 and so many languages - Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Farsi / Persian, Chinese, Arabic, and so on. Teenagers are teenagers in every language. 6y
asiriusreader @hermyknee whew! Quite the job! And so right about teenagers...that's why i went for the younger guys. Although they come with their own set of challenges 😉 6y
hermyknee Yes, Please! is such a good audiobook! I hope you enjoy it!! Helping other people's children learn how to be human is tough regardless of age. It takes a village. Seriously. Maybe more. (edited) 6y
asiriusreader @hermyknee I'm loving Yes Please! I adore Amy Poehler. And you said it!!! It takes a village...a city even! 😉 6y
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