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The Lost Bookshop | Evie Woods
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“A good story always begins with tea”. -the lost bookshop. #bookquote. #currentlyreading. #thelostbookshop

The Lost Bookshop | Evie Woods
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This is a book for book lovers! What a beautiful story, felt a little confusing at times (there‘s a lot going on). But the bottom line is that this is a tale about people who love books and a reminder about the power they hold. #pick #thelostbookshop

Moon Over Soho | Ben Aaronovitch
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Book shop #1 The Lost Book Shop. A maze of good books but no photography allowed inside so trust me.

Also: they give you your money back if you return the book when you're done!

I bought the British edition of Moon Over Soho to match my edition of Rivers of London. Tempted to buy them all since the American ones are smaller but I don't have the suitcase room for that!

#riversoflondon #thailand #chiangmai #thelostbookshop

OwenBanner How are you liking Chiang Mai? I actually live in Chiang Rai. 6y
SkeletonKey @OwenBanner - So close! I love it, this is my second new year here. If it weren't such a hard trip for me I'd come more often. How do you like Chiang Rai? 6y
OwenBanner Do you go down to the beaches? Or are you specifically in it for the mountains? It is definitely a slower pace of life, and a great place to do some writing and reading. A lot less access than CM to Western conveniences and commodities, which can be a plus or a negative depending on your goals (and your craving for tacos at the time). Have you been to CR? 6y
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SkeletonKey @OwenBanner - Mountains, I've never been a beach person and I'm appreciating Chaing Mai's current "cold" streak. I have not been to Chiang Rai, but maybe in the future! Can be nice to have less access for a little while. How long have you been there? 6y
SkeletonKey @OwenBanner *Chiang Mai, keep misspelling things. 6y
OwenBanner It‘s been eight years now. And, you are right, it is a much milder winter than what you are probably used to back home. Personally, and it may be just because I live here, but I think CM is the better tourist destination. There is lots more to do, and it‘s much easier to get around. 6y
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