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Housing Works Used Book Cafe | New York, NY (Bookstore)
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#bookshopping #KeepLitsyActive
#2. Author is most: usually buy authors I've been wanting to try or those I already like.
#5. Price is next when used book shopping- it's fun to find good deals.
#3 Title and #4 length occasionally - a really good title makes me take notice, but less likely to buy doorstops.
#6 I never read professional reviews, but if I'm new to an author I'll look at Goodreads ratings.
#1 Cover yes, but unconsciously.

Billypar Great question @ljuliel ! I always wonder this about other readers. Plot and reading the first page are my other main factors, along with author and price. 12h
ljuliel Thank you for the detailed explanation. It‘s interesting to see what attracts a person to a book. I always notice the title first. It doesn‘t mean I‘ll definitely buy it just due to that fact, but I like unusual or funny titles . I also don‘t read the super thick books any longer. I used to like them, but the older I get, the more daunting they seem. 😊 11h
Billypar @ljuliel I tend to remember my buys where title was a special factor. Dana Spiotta's 'Eat the Document' and Jeanette Winterson's 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit' come to mind. Will definitely be picking up the tagged collection mostly due to the title. 11h
ljuliel I‘ve not read that. I hope it‘s a good one for you ! 11h
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Ruby kills Oswald and there‘s a hit on Frank..
He knows it.
Can you imagine how that feels?
Ruby and Oswald set up? For whom!?


Hooked_on_books Frank chose this life and seems unsurprised by the hit. It feels logical to him. But I think this would be terrifying. Especially with the organization‘s apparent reach. He was clever to disguise himself with Charlotte and her daughters, but the tension for him has to be off the charts. 1d
AmyG That the mob got away with this is terrifying...what @Hooked_on_books said. I can‘t imagine how he would feel. But anxious would be a gross understatement. He chose to do what he did. 1d
Sargar114 Completely agree @Hooked_on_books I would be going crazy with the fear. It was super smart to hook up with Charlotte and her daughters. 1d
Librarybelle Completely agree with @Hooked_on_books ! I would be so terrified. But, Frank seems to get it. He's expendable, and he's done hits for Carlos that took out other guys who “knew too much.“ Still, terrifying! 1d
Jess861 I as well completely agree with @Hooked_on_books - but I also feel that this is the life he chose and it probably wouldn't be that surprising after the initial shock. 1d
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#NamasteNovember Day9 #SpinePoem2
Lean in, Love Warrior.
This is Where I Leave You.


And since it‘s #NFNov I finally read the tagged after 6 years on my TBR. The information remains meaningful - even though the author (and come to think of it, me too) has a life now she couldn‘t have anticipated then. Come to think of it, Glennon Doyle has had significant life changes since she authored her book, as well!

Eggs Great poem! Lovely post! 2d
marleed @Eggs Thanks. It‘s so rude, but it came together while building Poem1 and I couldn‘t resist! 2d
Eggs Nothing wrong with that 2d
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Velvetfur That was very clever! 2d
Nute You told me this was coming in my Spine Poem #1 post. I don‘t see it as rude. I see it as motivating with direct advice. I like it! 2d
Amiable I haven‘t read the book, so I‘m not sure exactly what is advocated. But a few years ago my place of employment started Lean In Circles for women who were already directors or above (which kind of misses the point, in the opinion of those of us who are not up there yet). And last week it was just announced that they would be starting additional Lean In Circles —for men. 😠 Which REALLY pissed off a significant chunk of the women folk. (edited) 2d
marleed @Nute oh I was hoping you‘d see my take - thanks! It really is fun to look at the titles as just words and do your own take on it! 2d
marleed @Amiable I wonder what Sheryl Sandberg would say to your perspective. She does seem to be speaking to women who strive to lead. I bet she‘d suggest you won‘t find your mentors at that company! I get that people in management positions should be continually trained to lead and not simply manage. But to exclude non management from leadership training creates a schism that‘s difficult if not impossible to cross. 2d
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The Alcatraz Escape | Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
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Day off from the kids reading spot #1. I got to the library 20 minutes before they open, so I'm starting my reading day in the car!

Bone Soup: A Spooky, Tasty Tale | Alyssa Satin Capucilli
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• Here's another cute Halloween-themed book we read recently. It was a tad long and the subject matter wasn't our favorite, but we finished it in order to write a proper review. Working on posting the brief review to our blog and then we will share with our Litsy friends!! STAY TUNED for another Little One Book Review 📚📚 •

#babyandbooks #Halloween #recentlyread #bloggers #children #bookreviews #1,000BooksBeforeKindergarten #challenges

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Goldfinch | Donna Tartt
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Bus book #1 complete! It only took me around 3 months to finish this one. It was worth it. I loved it.

Bklover I loved this one too! 4d
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Theft of Swords | Michael J. Sullivan
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I love a lot of genres, but fantasy has always been my favorite and holds a special place in my heart! Give me a sprawling, epic fantasy any day! 💕📚

#gratefulreads #preferedgenre @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

OriginalCyn620 That‘s impressive! 4d
vivastory What are your thoughts on the upcoming Witcher show? 4d
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ljuliel I thought you were going to say this was your intended reading list for the weekend ! I would be mighty impressed if you could read that much in 3 days 😯 4d
Branwen @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620 Thanks guys! 😁 @ljuliel I WISH I could read that fast and that much in three days! 😂🤣 @vivastory I think it looks really promising! I was a little skeptical at first but now I'm keeping more of an open mind! How about you? 4d
vivastory I'm definitely intrigued. I'm looking forward to the Amazon fantasy series more (LOTR & Wheel of Time), I think. But I have hopes for Witcher. I haven't read any of the books yet. Which one do you recommend as a good starting point? 4d
Branwen @vivastory I know what you mean, I am SO PSYCHED for the Wheel of Time series! So the way they numbered the books (at least the rereleased editions) is weird and doesn't make sense. There is book #1, which is called Blood of Elves, but I would actually start with the one entitled The Last Wish, which is not numbered. Read that one first! They are fantastic books! 😁💕📚 4d
vivastory Thanks for the recommendation 👍 4d
Branwen @vivastory Of course! Any time! 🤗💕📚 4d
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While much of the Day was devoted to finishing the Arc of the Scythe trilogy, I managed to squeeze in a trip to Chicago Comics for #ncbd. Just a few comics today. Unearth #4 & 5, Nomen Omen #2, Everything #3, Locke & Key: Dog Days and Undiscovered Country #1. Looks like a night for comics and then back to Tenth of December.

Questions, Questions | Marcus Pfister
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1. I love all the people who love to read. That it doesn't matter if you are slow, fast, ⬇or inbetween. We all share a love for the written word.
2. What I am not interested in I just scroll past. Just because it's not my thing doesn't mean somone isn't into it. I will say a Pet Peeve is posts that are mostly hashtags #. Hash tags are great when they are specific, but lately we have people (probably from bookstram since that is a popular #)

LibrarianRyan who use most of the post for #. and many of them so general that they really don't help anyone find anything. hashtags are meant to group things and be a finding aid, not a way of speaking. I want to know what the reader thinks about the book, not what hash tags they think will get the most attention.

3. I wish we could double search. For example search a person and a # or two # at once. Or two people at once. I would also love a list search
LibrarianRyan 4. Ummmm. Too often. I go in spurts. When i get busy I read, and when I get time I post. But at least 2-3 a week, and slow weeks daily.

5. I love it all when Im in the mood for it. When I am not, i scroll past. It can change from day to day.

6. I wish I could see everyones post that I follow every day. It feels like i am missing people I used to talk to daily, and now maybe some have left, but others just don't show up in my feed until
That-Bookish-Hiker I agree with the hashtags. That‘s big in bookstagram but here they aren‘t necessary if you aren‘t doing a group read or group activity. 6d
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LibrarianRyan I go looking for them.

I also which others participated more. It's easy to scroll past and just “ ❤“ something. But actually comment. Even if it is just a word, or an emoji.

I also want others to realize that this isn't bookstagram. Most do not care if you photos are not award winning. just show us what you are reading. A well loved book is always a better picture than a professionally staged one.

vivastory I've definitely noticed some spillover from the bookstagram community into Litsy. I personally wouldn't mind it if there was more of a genuine effort to engage, rather than cross-platform promotion 6d
Caterina Yes, the posts that are mostly hashtags seem to be copied and pasted from Instagram, which bothers me because it means those people aren't treated Litsy as its own platform. Lots of times the hashtag "bookstagram" is even left in, and I'm like, that's literally all Litsy is! ? I love Litsy-based hashtags though, they're so helpful for following a particular event or questionnaire. ? 6d
wanderinglynn I agree with all your answers, especially on the this is not bookstagram. 👍🏻 6d
LibrarianRyan @vivastory @Caterina @Wanderinglynn I'm not knocking Instagram but since its a FB product I wont use it. But Litsy is a BOOK site. Why does someone need to use tags such as Book, reader, litlover, etc. Ummmm that's all of us... 6d
wanderinglynn Totally agree. 6d
ValerieAndBooks You make some very good points. Hashtags such as #book here on Litsy are just silly 😋 6d
Bookwormjillk @LibrarianRyan you must love my terrible photos 😁 6d
LibrarianRyan 😁@Bookwormjillk I do. have you seen all mine with the work desk calendar on them that we use as coaster? I think I did 3 of those this morning alone. 😂 6d
julesG I'm pro unstaged pictures, too. Love your thoughts on these questions, Ryan! 6d
ljuliel Good points Ryan. I remember seeing a few posts that are all blue hashtags. Like 50 words worth of hashtags. I didn‘t know what the heck the need for all of that was so I just ignored it. I guess if I was in Instagram I‘d know why they do it. Looks like a waste of time to me. 6d
Bookwormjillk 😁😁😁 6d
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel tags help people find treads or events etc. So if you ever wanted to see all @MrBooks #temptations in one spot you could, and not have to sort through his entire feed. Right now on Litsy you can only see one tag at a time, but if we could search ore than on tag say #CoverLove and #MGedition you would see all the cover love just about middle grade books and none about YA books. So they serve a purpose but that purpose gets lost in 2 many # (edited) 6d
jb72 All of my photos are unstaged. BG is for staged. IG has me so frustrated lately with all the ads. Hashtags can be fun, but I‘ve seen a few posts with way too many tags. 6d
Sarahreadstoomuch Um so nearly all of my photos are taken on my bed, so yes to the unstated photos. Staged are pretty yes, but I‘m just not that committed to the photo. More committed to the reading and simple sharing! 5d
BookwormAHN Hardly any of my photos are really staged and if they are its because I'm planning to stick them on Bookstagram. Litsy is more causal which I appreciate. It's also more of a book focus than a picture focus 😺 5d
Bookzombie I also agree about the “bookstagram” photos with all the hashtags and have unfollowed a few people if that‘s all they post. I also enjoy unstaged photos. I like to see reality. 5d
Daisey I really like this idea of a more advanced search. It would be so helpful for finding things I know I‘ve seen! 5d
TheAromaofBooks Love the idea of doing a dual search! That would be super helpful for narrowing down the results. 5d
mrp27 #1 💕💕💕 5d
UnidragonFrag I agree about the hashtags! If all someone posts are copypasta from IG, I unfollow. If I wanted bookstagram, I'd go on IG. Most of my photos are unstaged, but I also have poor lighting in my place, so I'll often throw it on my windowsill or something for a pic lol a dual search would be cool! Or if you could go on someone's profile and search just their stuff... same thing but maybe easier to implicate? Idk 5d
LibrarianRyan @UnidragonFrag I have that same bad lighting. I love lots of light but most of mine have Edison bulbs which gives sepia tone to photos. It‘s quite annoying. I seem to take more at work. 5d
lele1432 Loved all your points! One of the things that initially drew me to Litsy was not having the pressure of creating staged bookstagramish posts. They're great eye candy, but I really just want to be exposed to more books and know what people think about them lol. 5d
AmyK1 Photography is a hobby and one of the few things I‘m kinda good at so I do admit to trying to make my pictures look nice, though I do use my phone 🤷‍♀️ I don‘t care what other people‘s pictures look like though. I just like to see the books 😁 5d
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1- book recommendations hands down. I‘ve read more this year than I ever have in my life because I got more active on Litsy.
2- Not really.
3- I wish there was a way to search only reviews. Sometimes I want to read others thoughts on the book I‘m reading, but they‘re buried in book hauls and things like that.
4- 3-4 times per week
5- Yes to all. Love them, although I had to cut back on swaps.
6- I would like to leave pics in comments

Insightsintobooks I think pictures in comments is a good idea. 6d
CarolynM I totally agree with your answer to no3 6d
Cinfhen Good suggestions 6d
ljuliel #1. Gets a gold star 🌟 from me. I agree. I look for reviews. That‘s how I choose what to read. I like hearing what a person thought of the book they completed. Sadly, the reviews get a very small portion on space at the time. I‘m hoping we can get that changed here shortly. 6d
Bookwormjillk @ljuliel thanks! I don‘t mind the other posts when I‘m scrolling, but would like to exclude them from a search. I‘ve been on a personal drive to review everything I read! 6d
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