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#bookreport #weeklyforecast

I‘m not getting a lot of reading done lately because of work and Christmas prep. But last week I did finish Invisible for #lmpbc. And this week, I should finish The Bear and the Nightingale for #bookclub and Trust Exercise on audio for the #toblonglist (unless of course the #tob short list comes out in the meantime and TE doesn‘t make the cut).

BarbaraBB I keep planning around the shortlist too. Let‘s hope they‘ll publish it tomorrow! 🤞 5h
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB Yes! I‘m really hoping it‘s released tomorrow. The deadline for the reader judge submissions was the 12th or thereabouts right? So tomorrow seems doable. 💙😉🤞 5h
Cinfhen You and @BarbaraBB with the shortlist!!! And probably @merelybookish too ❤️❤️❤️ 4h
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @thebluestocking I think @merelybookish just reads the whole longlist 😀 4h
BarbaraBB Yes, tomorrow seems doable, last year it was December 15! 4h
Cinfhen Hahaha / I just wait for the shortlist ( which isn‘t even that short !!!) @BarbaraBB 4h
merelybookish @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I'm excited for the short list but I love the long list! It feels like more room to play. 2h
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Nothing to See Here | Kevin Wilson
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#WeeklyForecast 51/19

It‘s my last week at work for the year, from Thursday on I hope to have lots of time to read!

My current reads are In Hazard and Dead Souls (progressing slowly).

Next will be Fleishman, which I‘ve been anticipating for months. I also heard good things about Nothing to See Here and Picnic.

However, I am awaiting the #ToB shortlist: if that‘s published this week I will probably try to fit in one of the nominated books.

Megabooks I‘m so excited for you to read Fleishman and Nothing to See!! Definitely want to read your reviews! 12h
BarbaraBB @Megabooks I know you loved Fleishman, one of the reasons I‘m so excited to read it. Did you read Nothing to See here as well? (edited) 12h
Megabooks @BarbaraBB Yes, from book of the month, and I loved it! I loved the plot, loved to hate most of the characters (except the kids, I just loved them), and loved the spot on portrayal of wealthy southerners! (edited) 12h
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TrishB Looks like some good ones 👍🏻 Fleishman on my list for the new year! 12h
squirrelbrain What @TrishB said - I also need to get round to reading Fleishman, probably in the new year.... 12h
Cinfhen Ohhhhh; I‘m a little jelly over your upcoming reading week both Fleishman and Nothing are high up on my list too!!!! 11h
Cathythoughts Looks good ! I loved Fleishman 10h
KarenUK Fantastic list! I loved Fleishman... dying to read Picnic at hanging rock, and had a customer raving about ‘Nothing to see here‘ to me yesterday at work... 🤞for a fantastic week! 💕 10h
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Do you have copies of them yet? I‘d be happy to pass them on to you after I‘ve read them? 10h
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts @KarenUK I‘ve read all your reviews and each time I wanted to read this book more eagerly! 10h
Cinfhen That would be awesome @BarbaraBB 🤗♥️🤗♥️but if you choose to hold unto them I won‘t hold it against you xx 😘 😘😘 10h
Kalalalatja Looks like a great week ahead! I only have one week left at work, too, and then two weeks off - I‘m so excited! 🙌 9h
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen It will take a while until they reach you but if you can wait that long I am more than happy to send them ❤️ 9h
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja Two weeks..lovely 💕. I am so ready for them! It has been a long year and I‘m sure for you too! 9h
Kalalalatja Definitely! And work has been a bit tough mentally the last few months, so I‘m so ready to just relax, eat and read for two weeks 👌 9h
Cinfhen I‘m happy to wait/ Thank you so much xxxxx Feel like I just got the Hanukkah gift I was hoping for 💜💜💜 9h
MicheleinPhilly Friday is my last day until Jan. 2. I can not wait! @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja 💃🏻 8h
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly Such a good feeling. Just a few more days. Any plans? 😘 6h
MicheleinPhilly READING. And sleeping in. And catching up on tv. And eating. And drinking. Etc. You? 6h
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly Same. I am gonna do so in the snow in the Alps however. Can‘t wait. 💃 6h
MicheleinPhilly Nice! Enjoy! 😘 6h
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I LOVED these stories! They are insightful, funny, and delightfully absurd, about relationships between lovers, exes, friends, siblings. People we know, falling in love, making mistakes, missing someone. But each longer story has a bizarre twist. A couple planning a wedding fight over how many goats to slaughter, a group of friends get super powers, a scientist creates a door to the opposite world where his opposite wife is not pregnant. 👇

merelybookish Somehow the absurdity makes these stories even more human. A little gem from the #TOB long list. Apparently the writer produces the show Bojack Horseman which I have not watched. But I bet it's funny! 19h
BarbaraBB Great cover. The cover ditto. If it makes the shortlist I‘ll make sure to get it - and I do think they might select three short story books for the play-in bracket 🤞😘 17h
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Oh nice work. I like predictions! 😉 And there are several short story collections on the lon list. 17h
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Leftcoastzen I was curious about this one. 17h
Graywacke The cover is so darn cute. Glad it is actually good. I was looking at that ToB long list and read their intro and I've been thinking about it. I've never followed before. 16h
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen I say give it a try! 16h
merelybookish @Graywacke I love the #tob! They always have such a fun mix of books. I think you'd enjoy following it. Even if you don't read the books, the judgements are fun. 16h
mklong Thanks for this great review! I was worried this would be too silly. I think we get the shortlist this week 🐓 9h
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Met some friends at a wine bar last night. There was a wall of books. Interesting, but not for perusing!
Just started the tagged #tob long list book on audio. The first story about planning a wedding had me LOLing! I doubt it will make the short list but it's a fun listen so far!

Megabooks I have this from the library but haven‘t read it yet. I keep getting distracted! 3d
RachelO That wall! You just know the most absolutely-need-to-read book is going to be right in the middle, about 3 rows up 📚📚📚 3d
BarbaraBB It sounds good! 3d
Leftcoastzen @RachelO that‘s what I thought!😁 1d
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Very Nice: A novel | Marcy Dermansky
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A tri-state Peyton Place, this novel brought the summer heat back to cold Kentucky.

Zahid is a celebrated writer that‘s in a pickle for housing and love and comes between a mother and daughter. Meanwhile, there‘s a larger web with dad, a pilot, overachieving twins, and Zahid‘s editor.

But all the plot lines are clear and weave seamlessly. This book has the best ending scene of any I‘ve read this year! 4.5⭐️

#ToB #ToBlonglist

BarbaraBB Great great review. Definitely TBR 😘 5d
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I hope you enjoy it! 💜 I just started Ducks, Newburyport 😬 so far, it‘s really good, but I‘m not usually one for 1000 page books! Have you read it? 5d
BarbaraBB No I don‘t dare. 1000 pages, 8 sentences... I only will if it is shortlisted 😊 5d
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Megabooks @BarbaraBB I had some credit for ebooks on Amazon, and thought heck, why not? I‘m feeling the need to challenge myself. I‘m hitting a real low on bedrest both physically and emotionally. Maybe taking on an intellectual/endurance challenge will bring me out of my slump?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 5d
batsy Nice review! Of the books on the #ToB longlist, this is one is high on the TBR. 5d
BarbaraBB @Megabooks It must be so tough, your bedrest. I hope the book will ligt your spirits and that it won‘t be too long before you be up again. Wishing all the best for you 💜 5d
Megabooks @batsy I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! 5d
Megabooks @BarbaraBB thank you dear friend! It‘s harder than I expected or it sounds. And it‘s more isolating, especially in winter. They said I could switch to a soft collar a couple of weeks ago but my neck was still 56 cm around! Four weeks after surgery! (Most collars only take up to 50 cm.) now I‘m down to 48 cm, but still noticeably swollen! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 5d
BarbaraBB I can‘t imagine how isolated it must be. I feel for you my friend. I hope you can wear the soft collar now?? 5d
Megabooks @BarbaraBB it‘s still very tight, so for now I‘m continuing to wear the hard collar. 🙁 5d
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Girl, Woman, Other | Bernardine Evaristo
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I love a good character study, and this book supplied at least a dozen. Evaristo managed to create rich portraits of inner lives that left me both satisfied and wanting more. At first, I tried really hard to connect everything and everyone, but then I just went with the flow. (I would love to see some kind of relationship chart though!) I adored this. #toblonglist #tob

TrishB Great review, I loved it too. 6d
BarbaraBB Great review! I am going to read it soon I hope! 6d
Suet624 I can‘t wait to read this! 6d
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Orlando: A Biography | Virginia Woolf
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#weeklyforecast brought to you by my 1960s angel that I love. 😀
Finish: 📗 Orlando 📗 She Loves You 🎧Your House Will Pay
Start: 📗The Expendable Man 📗Between the Acts 🎧 A #TOB longlister (or maybe two 🤞)

Centique What a gorgeous angel! 7d
Prairiegirl_reading That angel is so adorable!!! 7d
BarbaraBB Such good reading plans! I hope you enjoy Orlando and The Expendable Man. And I hope #ToB will publish it‘s shortlist this week! 7d
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Aimeesue She's lovely! 7d
merelybookish @Centique @Prairiegirl_reading Thank you! I bought her on sale last year after Xmas so enjoying her this year! 👼 7d
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Announcing the short list would definitely simplify my TBR! 😂 7d
LeahBergen I love that angel! ❤️ 7d
batsy She's lovely 💚 7d
merelybookish @batsy @LeahBergen Glad you guys think so too! 5d
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Thank goodness for audio books. Otherwise I wouldn't have much to report!
🎧 Queenie. I can appreciate its relevance but it made me feel old and cranky.
🎧 Sabrina & Corina. A solid collection. Particularly enjoyed the Denver setting
🎧 Your House Will Pay. Just started. From #tob long list
📗Orlando. About 100 pages in. Woolf is amazing as usual.
📗She Loves You. A few chapters into this #LMPBC mg novel
@cinfhen #bookreport

Cinfhen I‘m also “reading” mostly audiobooks~ I‘ve just joined Scribd!!!! So good!!!!! So many options 1w
BarbaraBB You‘re well busy preparing for the #ToB!! 1w
AshleyHoss820 I‘ve been audiobooking some of my texts for class! It‘s really been helpful with retaining what I am reading! Scribd for the win!! 1w
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merelybookish @Cinfhen I haven't tried Scribd yet. Maybe I should! 1w
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Yes, trying to make my way through the long list. 🤞 1w
merelybookish @AshleyHoss820 Good thinking! 1w
Cinfhen I‘m still new to Scribd and last night 5 books disappeared from my cue and said they would be available again on 12/28/19 so I‘m not sure what that was about.... 🤔😳but otherwise I‘m really happy with the selections 1w
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