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First Snow: A Will and a Way\Local Hero
First Snow: A Will and a Way\Local Hero | Nora Roberts
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"America's favorite writer." --The New Yorker From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes two stories about finding romance for the holidays... A Will and A Way Pandora McVie's life is tied up in knots. In order to respect her uncle Jolley's last wishes, she's stuck spending Christmas isolated in the Catskills with Michael Donahue, the co-beneficiary of her uncle's will. Jolley was a matchmaker to the end--and apparently for some time beyond. The infuriating Michael is hard to live with...but what's harder still is not falling in love with her nemesis. Local Hero After moving into a new Manhattan apartment and struggling to raise her son on her own, Hester Wallace doesn't have time for the holidays, let alone a romance. So when her neighbor Mitch Dempsey offers to watch her son, Radley, in the afternoons, she cautiously accepts. Yet the more time she spends with Mitch, the more difficult it becomes to deny the attraction. She's starting to rely on Mitch...and worse, she's letting him into her heart. Previously published.
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I'm a few days late to this challenge, so I'm going to do a few posts tonight to catch up! 😁 Here are all the Christmas books I'm looking forward to reading this holiday season! I really love a good, cheesy, romantic Christmas book! 😍📚💕

#gratefulreads #lookingforwardtoreading @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🎅📚❤️ 1mo
OriginalCyn620 Awesome! 🎅🏻🎄❤️ 1mo
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@Rudis - thank you for my lovely gift - stuffed stocking swap. I love owls and look forward to digging into this book.
Thank you @Avanders for organizing.

Avanders ♥️🎄❄️💙🥰 12mo
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Boo the Yorkie: The first snowstorm of the season is on its way. Mommy and I are snuggled up with cocoa, blankets, and lots of books to while away the weekend! 😀

Mommy just bought FIRST SNOW. She was surprised to find out that the two novellas within were written in the 1980's. Sadly, they haven't aged too well. 5/10.

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TricksyTails 😘 Boo! ♥️🐶 2y
vkois88 That's good to know. I've looked at this so many times. Picked it up and put it back. I'll just wait until the library has it. Thank you for the heads up, even if it's disappointing 2y
Elizabeth_Chatsworth @vkois88 You're welcome! 2y
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Jess_Read_This Yeah.. despite the shiny new updates covers, I find Nora Roberts‘ books don‘t age all that well either. Super cute puppy! ❤️ 2y
Liatrek Awe too bad I just bought this for a Christmas read ☹️ 2y
GhostStories Omg your dog 😍😍😍 2y
Lesliereads Is it my imagination or does your 🐶 like to pose with books?😁 2y
Elizabeth_Chatsworth @Lesliereads Boo loves to photo bomb! 😂 2y
ReadingisMyPassion Boo is so cute! 2y
Elizabeth_Chatsworth @Liatrek I'm sorry 😟. I thought it was a new release too! 2y
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#seasonsreadings2017 Day 3 Looking forward to reading this Christmas themed Nora Roberts.