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O Jerusalem | Laurie R. King
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Still struggling through this one. It's really just not holding my interest the way all the other Mary Russell books have and I don't know why. I really want it to be good and it's just not.

At least I've got a fresh baked cookie, a glass of wine, and this furry face to keep me company.


The Demon in the Freezer | Richard Preston
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I‘ve got no shame in my early Xmas decor game. #dogsoflitsy

Bookzombie I have been fighting the urge. No judgement here! 🙂 3h
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Doctor Sleep: A Novel | Stephen King
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It‘s feeling like a ‘stay in bed and read‘ kind of morning 😊

I‘m desperately trying to get through this book before going to see the movie later this week.

#booksandbooze #expandedDT #constantreader
#readingbuddy #dogsoflitsy

ElizaMarie Super curious as to what you think of the movie. Please update! 17h
Bookish.SAM Will do @ElizaMarie! Have you read the book? I‘m going to fully nerd-out before seeing the movie and re-watch the Shining (read that book not too long ago)... as well as the documentary Room 237. 17h
ElizaMarie Yes. Well okay I read the Shinning ages ago. (I didn't do a re-read of it), but then I was able to watch it on the big screen (the Movies did this replay thing of it last month), then I re-read Doctor Sleep (had read it when it first came out but re-read it before the movie). Then I saw the movie. So.... I have a lot of feelings about it. But I don't want to spoil anything until after you see it (so please repost after you do).. 17h
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ElizaMarie Also I haven't seen the Documentary. Do you know if its streaming anywhere? Sounds like I might enjoy it! 16h
Bookish.SAM @ElizaMarie ok... so we are clearly on the same page when it comes to prepping for Stephen King adaptations 😂😂😂 ... I haven‘t seen the doc streaming anywhere, I picked it up from the library after a friend recommended it. 16h
JacqMac I‘m reading it right now, too. Pre movie. I‘m thinking I should have done a reread of The Shining first. But I did watch that movie before I started. lol 15h
Bookish.SAM @JacqMac I‘ve been working through a bunch of Stephen King this year, so fortunately hit The Shining recently. I‘m pretty sure I‘ve only seen bits of the movie, so I‘m looking forward to getting fully immersed in the life of Danny Torrance before seeing Doctor Sleep 🤓 . If you‘re into King, it looks like there are a bunch more adaptations in the works... so get ready! 😆 13h
JacqMac @Bookish.SAM Yes. I also have a reread of The Stand on my TBR. The cast for that one is amazing. I have high hopes. 13h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Gissy My respect to them! 12h
Gissy 💛💛💛💛💛 12h
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Snuggles on Sunday and I‘m almost 500 pages into this. Technically a reread for me but I read it nearly 14 years ago so it‘s really like a brand new story again. #dogsoflitsy featuring Calli who obviously loves human contact.

TheSpineView Your her security blanket. I have one like that too.💜🐾 1d
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English Bulldogs | Susan Heinrichs Gray
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Are you done reading yet????

#dogsoflitsy #24b4Monday #litsypartyofone and a dog #mrbook1inamillion

Amiable Oh my gosh, that face! 2d
reluctantangeleno Love those ears! 2d
WorldsOkayestStepMom Sweet baby!!! 2d
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Hooked_on_books What a face! 🐶💙 2d
LibrarianRyan Such a baby. 2d
janeycanuck 😍😍😍 2d
MrBook 😻😻😻😻😻😻 1d
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My deck is now in full shade, so I came inside to finish this fantastic book. I loved it - the characters, the plot, the writing - all gorgeous, and a perfectly grisly murder mystery deserving of all the awards. My first book finished for #mrbook1inamillion and just over 7 hours in for the #24b4monday #litsypartyofone Bonus: #saturdaysnuggles with #Bailey #dogsoflitsy #pibble #pitbullsoflitsy

Andrew65 Bailey looks plum tuckered out! Well done on finishing the book. 👏👏👏 (edited) 2d
DGRachel @Andrew65 She‘s out cold, snoring away. 😆 2d
AnansiGirl Awww darling sleepy reading companion 😴💤💤 2d
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LauraBeth Sleepy Bailey. 2d
MrBook 😻😻😻😻😻 2d
Hooked_on_books Bailey‘s so sweet. 🐶💙 2d
batsy 😍😍 2d
LeahBergen Bailey! 😘😘 2d
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The Shadow King | Maaza Mengiste
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This guys is trying to take me on a guilt trip for reading and not paying attention to him. 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I just sat down and started reading my book! 😩 he‘s such a brat... #MomoToles. Look at those eyes. 😔

#dogsoflitsy #TolesBrats #YesiReads #LitsyPartyOfOne #MrBook1inaMillion #24B4Monday #Readathon #dogmomproblems

Clwojick Mommmmm! How dare you stare at that rectangular block of paper when you could be giving me belly scritches, treats and kisses?! 3d
TheBookAddict @Clwojick 🤦🏽‍♀️ yep, if he could talk, I‘m sure that‘s what he would say. 3d
Eggbeater Resistance is futile. 😍🐶 3d
Stacypatrice Those eyes 🥰 3d
TheBookAddict @Eggbeater @Stacypatrice 😆 right! 🤦🏽‍♀️ 2d
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It seems like it‘s been ages since I sat on the couch in the evening with a #bookandBailey. 😍 This ARC is a little slow to get going but interesting so far.

#Bailey #readingbuddy #snuggles #dogsoflitsy #pitbullsoflitsy #pibble #amstaff #spies #MI5 #WWII

LauraBeth Awww 😍 4d
Hooked_on_books Sweet pup! 🐶💙 4d
Cathythoughts Gorgeous 👍🏻❤️🐶 4d
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Snow. And a sad doggo who hates snow. He's been grumping at it since he woke up. *gnuff gnuff gnuff*

#petsoflitsy #dogsoflitsy #schnauzersoflitsy

MuddyPuddle I‘m with him all the way! 5d
FantasyChick I agree with him. We haven't seen snow yet but my grumpy face is ready for when it happens 5d
batsy Aww! 5d
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tournevis @MuddyPuddle @FantasyChick @batsy He's adorable. And a grumpy old man. 5d
Jerdencon I‘m with him! Just the sight of other people‘s snow makes me sad! 5d
tournevis @Jerdencon He was harrumphing! 5d
throwmeabook That makes two of us! It‘s coming down here now but fortunately not sticking yet. 5d
tournevis @throwmeabook It's sticking here! It's making the trains late! 5d
Hooked_on_books Poor doggo! Though that‘s really cute. 🐶💙 4d
rabbitprincess @tournevis Yep! Why would they design a light rail system that can cope with snow? It never snows here, right?? 4d
tournevis @rabbitprincess At least it's no longer slipping off the tracks when at full speed like it was this summer! 😆 4d
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