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Something Missing
Something Missing: A Novel | Matthew Dicks
A career criminal with OCD tendencies and a savant-like genius for bringing order to his crime scenes, Martin considers himself one of the best in the biz. After all, hes been able to steal from the same people for years on endvirtually undetected. Of course, this could also be attributed to his unique business modelhe takes only items that will go unnoticed by the homeowner. After all, who in their right mind would miss a roll of toilet paper here, a half-used bottle of maple syrup there, or even a rarely used piece of china buried deep within a dusty cabinet? Even though he's never met these homeowners, he's spent hours in their houses, looking through their photo albums and reading their journals. In essence, Martin has developed a friendship of sorts with them and as such, he decides to interfere more in their livesplaying the part of a rather odd guardian angeleven though it means breaking many of his twitchy neurotic rules. Along the way Martin not only improves the lives of others, but he also discovers love and finds that his own life is much better lived on the edge (at least some of the time) in this hilarious, suspenseful and often profound novel about a man used to planning every second of his life, suddenly forced to confront chaos and spontaneity. From the Hardcover edition.
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Sorry for the delay in posting. I got your package on Wednesday, @Melismatic . But sadly, it was empty. 😥 I went to the Post Office right away and filled out a form. So if they find the book, they're supposed to send it to me.🤞 Thanks again for doing the giveaway!

Lovesbooks87 That's awful! Hopefully they find it! 10mo
RadicalReader @Elma how sad never in a million years would I have imagined something like that to have happen. 10mo
Elma @Lovesbooks87 I really hope so. Not sure what the % of lost items that get returned is, but I'm still hopeful. 10mo
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Melismatic Omg what the heck?! How strange! Did the package look torn? @Elma 10mo
Elma @RadicalReader I know, right? There is a sticker on it saying it was unsealed, but I don't know what Post Office along the way put it on. 10mo
Elma @Melismatic No, just like it was opened. There was a sticker on it that said it was unsealed, but who knows what PO along the way put that on. And there was Priority Mail tape over the opening that had been peeled back. 10mo
Melismatic @Elma oh no! So it must have popped open! I‘m so sorry! I can‘t believe they delivered an empty envelope 😭 10mo
Elma @Melismatic I'm sorry you paid to ship it and it got lost. My husband handed me the envelope not knowing it was supposed to be a book and said, "I hope whatever you got is still in there." I'm holding out hope that their lost and found system is good and it gets sent to me. 10mo
Melismatic @Elma aww no worries, I feel bad it didn‘t get to you!! Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it comes to you! 10mo
britt_brooke Hope they can locate it. 🤞🏻 10mo
Penny_LiteraryHoarders That's so weird. This week on Twitter I saw an author post the same thing! A publisher sent him a book to read and the envelope showed up empty. There are book goblins about!! 10mo
CouronneDhiver Who would do that?! 😒 10mo
Elma @britt_brooke Me too! 10mo
Elma @Penny_LiteraryHoarders That is weird. 10mo
Elma @CouronneDhiver I'm hoping it popped open on it's own. 10mo
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I really enjoyed this story. An extremely meticulous burglar who has been a social outcast for most of his life learns about friendship and love through those he steals from. His sense of duty and ethics cause a break in his structured schedule and his life changes forever.

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Reecaspieces I missed everyone too! So glad we are back up 2y
readordierachel Ditto! 2y
Megabooks Same here! 2y
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rohit-sawant Same! 2y
CouronneDhiver 😘😘 2y
Smangela 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2y
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I‘m back and I missed Litsy a bunch!! I‘ve been sick all week, the kind of sick where food doesn‘t sound good, showering makes you exhausted, and there‘s no concentration for reading. Folx, the cold/flu season is no joke this year. Take care of yourselves. ❤️

cathysaid Glad you're on the mend! 2y
Eyelit I feel you - I had that last week. No fun! Glad you‘re feeling better!! 2y
Texreader So good to have you back!! 2y
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JSW I opened up Litsy once or twice, went ehhhhh (imagine a zombie) and went back to moaning pitifully. It was sad, y‘all. 🤧 2y
JaclynW Glad you are getting better! 2y
Tamra 😑 2y
LeahBergen I‘m glad you‘re feeling better! 2y
Bookzombie Glad you are feeling better! 2y
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Stellar book haul today from the annual sale at the Book Barn in Niantic, CT!

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I borrowed this book from the library for book club. I loved it so much, I wound up "stealing" it! (Never returned it and paid the replacement fees)

KVanRead Ha! How appropriate! I gave this one to my mom but never read it. You just reminded me I need to. #damnitlitsy 3y
readinginthedark 😆Why didn't you just buy a new one? It's usually cheaper. 3y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks Lol, this just felt more appropriate for the book! 3y
UwannaPublishme 😂😂😂😂 3y
tjwill I liked that book, and it has such a great cover! 3y
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Starting a new one tonight! A recommendation from a friend.

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This book has got me paranoid that the cable guy who's coming by today is going to leave here with a roll of toilet paper and some laundry detergent. 😳

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