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Song of the Crimson Flower
Song of the Crimson Flower | Julie C. Dao
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From the acclaimed author of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns comes a fantastical new tale of darkness and love, in which magical bonds are stronger than blood. Will love break the spell? After cruelly rejecting Bao, the poor physician's apprentice who loves her, Lan, a wealthy nobleman's daughter, regrets her actions. So when she finds Bao's prized flute floating in his boat near her house, she takes it into her care, not knowing that his soul has been trapped inside it by an evil witch, who cursed Bao, telling him that only love will set him free. Though Bao now despises her, Lan vows to make amends and help break the spell. Together, the two travel across the continent, finding themselves in the presence of greatness in the forms of the Great Forest's Empress Jade and Commander Wei. They journey with Wei, getting tangled in the webs of war, blood magic, and romance along the way. Will Lan and Bao being to break the spell that's been placed upon them? Or will they be doomed to live out their lives with black magic running through their veins? In this fantastical tale of darkness and love, some magical bonds are stronger than blood.
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I did not realise this was part of a series, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely be going back to read the others. I loved the world she built, the characters, even the ending!

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#BOTM #bookmail 🙌🏻😍

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My #botm ‘s selection this month has gorgeous chapter artwork! I love little touches like this in novels; it just adds to the character and charm of the book📖☺️ #tbr #ya #yabotm

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#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush Day 5

Lots of people have been tagged so:

How about you? Care to join? Post covers that you love for 7 days with no explanation. Tag someone new each day.

Andrew65 Simple and effective, but beautiful. 3mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I agree! New book to be published Nov. 2019 3mo
Librarybelle I agree with @Andrew65 ! 3mo
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gradcat Beautiful! 👍♥️ 3mo
EadieB @gradcat Thanks! So are you! 3mo
gradcat Awww ☺️ ♥️ 3mo
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Horrible day at work made instantly better by wine and #bookmail

398.2 Wine makes a lot of things better. Lol cheers! 8mo
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