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This Tender Land: A Novel | William Kent Krueger
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I realized a few minutes ago that my #BotM box had been sitting in my parcel locker for the last few days. 😱 I'm really excited for both of these picks. Neither of them are typical choices for me, but BotM gave me a free birthday book so I figured I'd switch it up a little bit! 🥳

Had anyone read This Tender Land, yet? What did you think?

Megabooks I have not read Tender but I loved The Blinds. I listened to the audiobook with my dad and we both liked it. 3h
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Nothing to See Here | Kevin Wilson
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We loved it! It‘s the most fun I‘ve had reading a #BOTM in a while! And #catsoflitsy Florida enjoyed the extra lap time that came with this particular read. 😊

phatsallylee I picked this one up from #botm as well. Glad to see that you enjoyed it! 3h
BlameJennyJane @phatsallylee 😃😃 It just flowed so naturally and was so entertaining I barely saw the pages fly by! I hope you have fun with it too! (edited) 3h
GypsyKat So cute! 😍 2h
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The Family Upstairs | Lisa Jewell
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This is my very first Lisa Jewell, and it brought my faith back in psychological thrillers! Twisted. Sinister. Dark. Suspenseful. All these elements made this such an engrossing read! The ending a little too neat, but it was still a fantastic read overall! Full review on hookedonbookz.com

Megabooks This is scaring me to read late at night. Deliciously creepy! 4h
lele1432 Oohhh I'm glad I choose this as one of my #BOTM picks!! So happy it's a good one! I'm always leery of psychological thrillers. 3h
BarbaraBB Great picture too! 18m
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#BOTM #bookmail 🙌🏻😍

Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#BOTM book of the year voting time! There were so many books that I loved on the list to choose from and still more that I am excited to read but at the end of the day TJR is my favorite author and Daisy Jones did not disappoint at all!

What book did you all vote for? #botmbookoftheyear #bookoftheyear

shellleigh33 I won this book on a goodreads giveaway before it was released and loved it then and still do!! This author has since became one of my favorite authors. I always recommend this book or Evelyn Hugo to anyone that is asking for a new book recommendation!! 12h
TheLibrarian I voted for Daisy Jones too! 11h
Book_ish @shellleigh33 me too! I read her first book Forever Interrupted a few years ago right after it came out and when she would release a new book I was vaguely aware and would read it and I would love each book more and more until I realized I needed all of her books the day they were published! Lol 11h
Book_ish @TheLibrarian I‘m not going to lie there were so many good ones this year that they made it difficult! 11h
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Lost and Wanted: A Novel | Nell Freudenberger
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Here's a Sunday (not)Shelfie brought to you by the towers of books in my front room.
#shelfie #botm

TheSpineView Look at all those BOTM books. I dont feel so bad now!🤣 1d
annkuch13 @TheSpineView Haha! Yeah, they pile up pretty quickly! 1d
TheSpineView @annkuch13 Yes they do! 1d
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marleed I can not be trusted to have my own botm subscription. But I have a small botm collection through thrifting! 1d
Hooked_on_books I‘m squinting, trying to read the titles at the far right edge. As though that will help. 🙄😆 1d
annkuch13 @Hooked_on_books Haha! Yeah, I wish Litsy let you zoom like Instagram does. 3h
annkuch13 @marleed I should probably take that same advice. 🤣 3h
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Nothing to See Here | Kevin Wilson
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Hilarious! I am kicking myself for not getting this #BOTM pick, but now I'll get it as my bday freebie. I loved the MC, Lillian. Her humor was just what I needed! Bittersweet at times, this quirky novel showcases a wide variety of bad parenting lol, but ends on a hopeful note. I never knew combustible kids could be so fun! If you like quirky humor with a side of absurdity, I don't think you'll be disappointed. The #audio is fantastic! 4.5⭐️s!

Rachel.Rencher I had reservations about this one but now I think I need to grab it! 1d
Lynnsoprano Just read the review of this in the Washington Post this morning. Hi definitely need to read it! 1d
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lele1432 @Rachel.Rencher I know what you mean. The description sounded so...out there lol. And I typically don't do magical realism. But I have to hand it to Wilson, his writing made everything seem so normal! I hope you like it! 1d
lele1432 @Lynnsoprano I was so pleasantly surprised! I've never read him before, but I actually have his other one from BOTM and just never got to it. Now I want to bump it up my TBR! 1d
vivastory I've been meaning to read him for years 1d
Andrew65 A great time, well done. 👏👏👏 1d
lele1432 @vivastory he just may be a new favorite of mine in this quirky genre! 1d
lele1432 @Andrew65 thanks!!😊 1d
MrBook Awesome! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1d
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My #botm ‘s selection this month has gorgeous chapter artwork! I love little touches like this in novels; it just adds to the character and charm of the book📖☺️ #tbr #ya #yabotm