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Queen of the Warrior Bees
Queen of the Warrior Bees: Natural Forces, #1 | Jean Gill
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Epic eco-fantasy from the award-winning author of The Troubadours Quartet One misfit girl and 50,000 bees. Together they must change the world. As the Mages of the Citadel fight amongst themselves and prepare for war against the Forest, Mielitta, a despised servant, has her own battle to face. Bastien and Jannlou, the boys who terrorised her as a child, have grown into their status as Mages and she cannot escape them forever. In desperation, she flees to the forbidden Forest and its dangerous attractions. Her scent angers thousands of bees and, although she survives their attack, she has changed. A strange bee symbol glows on her thigh and her senses are altered. She learns that her connection with bees enables her to summon their aid and gives her the power to shift shape. This new-found bond works both ways and the bees need Mielitta's help as the rift widens between Forest and Citadel. Can one girl and a colony of bees reunite Man and Nature, or is the split irreversible? Block Nature out and she'll force a way in.
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#NetGalleyReadathon #ARC #NetGalley Full Review (ranting!): https://bookandstitch.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/509/
2 stars, only because I loved the bees, they were my favorite characters. ? Many complaints: references to sex and rape that make it inappropriate for middle grade, for whom it feels written; clumsy love triangle at the end; underlying message that if you embrace Nature your allergies will go away; "not like other girls" feminism; etc.

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Bad headache means no evening walk for the dog or the #BookFitnessChallenge. On the bright side, this YA eco-fantasy about a girl who becomes bonded with a bee hive in the Forest while living in a dystopian nature-less Citadel is actually very good! I was skeptical when I scooped it up on #Netgalley, but I would've loved this book on my middle or high school library shelves.
#ARC #BFC @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Hope you feel better! 💚 8mo
Caterina @wanderinglynn Thank you! 😊 8mo
cobwebmoth Hope your headache goes away soon! 8mo
DivineDiana I hope that headache is out the door! ❤️ 8mo
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Post YMCA weight machine workout and stretch class reading on the back porch with a smoothie and an #ARC from #Netgalley. 😊 #BookFitnessChallenge #BFC @wanderinglynn
I managed to hit 22/24 hours for #24b4Tuesday last night! @DGRachel

Samplergal Where did you get the cup? Hubs is a patriot fan, but loves the old logo. It‘s hard to find. (edited) 8mo
Caterina @Samplergal I love the old logo too! 😊 The Tervis tumbler was a gift from my aunt not long before she passed away two years ago, so unfortunately I don't know where she got it and can't ask. Sorry! 😞 8mo
DGRachel That‘s awesome! Sadly, I got very little reading done yesterday. I think I ended up somewhere around 5 or 6 hours for the entire holiday weekend. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But, I had fun doing other things, so I‘m still going to call it a win. 😆 8mo
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wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 8mo
Caterina @DGRachel Definitely a win! 😊👍 8mo
Samplergal @Caterina I‘m sorry. We look all the time for the old logo. Hard to find. 8mo
TheSpineView Great job! 8mo
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Picked up this #ARC on #Netgalley because why not, but I'm only 5% in and the main character's name is already being spelled two different ways on the same page. We'll see if the plot makes it all worth it...

jpmcwisemorgan I bet autocorrect did it because militate is a word and then no one caught it. Although how autocorrect got militate out of that name I‘m not really sure. 8mo
Caterina @jpmcwisemorgan I'm sure you're right, that would make sense. I think protagonists' names being misspelled must just be a pet peeve of mine. It won't affect my final review. 8mo
baes Oh wow lol You can highlight the word on a Kindle and report errors. Not sure if you knew that. Might help them correct it easier. 8mo
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jpmcwisemorgan @baes I didn‘t know that! 8mo
jpmcwisemorgan I‘ve not seen names misspelled but I have seen the wrong named used. That irks me so much! 8mo
baes @jpmcwisemorgan Yes! It is a little hidden, but it is in there as an option. I‘ve only been able to do it on my Kindle. Not the app. 8mo
Caterina @baes Don't think that's an option for a "personal document" sent to your Kindle email? Which is how NetGalley sends the ARCs. 8mo
baes @Caterina Hmm might not be. Probably needs a publisher to report it to? 8mo
Caterina @baes There's a way to do that on Edelweiss, but unfortunately it's not obvious how to do that on NetGalley, the only obvious option there is the public review. 😕 8mo
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