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John Eyre
John Eyre: A Tale of Darkness and Shadow | Mimi Matthews
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From USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews comes a supernatural Victorian gothic retelling of Charlotte Bront's timeless classic. One of BookBub's "25 of the Best Books Arriving in 2021" Yorkshire, 1843. When disgraced former schoolmaster John Eyre arrives at Thornfield Hall to take up a position as tutor to two peculiar young boys, he enters a world unlike any he's ever known. Darkness abounds, punctuated by odd bumps in the night, strange creatures on the moor, and a sinister silver mist that never seems to dissipate. And at the center of it all, John's new employer--a widow as alluring as she is mysterious. Sixteen months earlier, heiress Bertha Mason embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Marriage wasn't on her itinerary, but on meeting the enigmatic Edward Rochester, she's powerless to resist his preternatural charm. In letters and journal entries, she records the story of their rapidly-disintegrating life together, and of her gradual realization that Mr. Rochester isn't quite the man he appears to be. In fact, he may not be a man at all. From a cliff-top fortress on the Black Sea coast to an isolated estate in rural England, John and Bertha contend with secrets, danger, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness. Can they help each other vanquish the demons of the past? Or are some evils simply too powerful to conquer?
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Oh snap, this sounds so good!


Clare-Dragonfly Huh, intriguing! 7mo
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I feel personally attacked by this line 😂😂

AmyG I would be dead. 😳 7mo
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I had 2 matches for #fffs this year for shipping reasons… and I‘ve decided to open 1 before & 1 after work.

THANK YOU @CrowCAH for this amazing package!!! I‘m thrilled for the books, and I love ALLLLLL the extra fall goodies—edible & not—you included! (I had to splice 2 pics to capture it all!!) I especially love all the little local goodies you sent from your home state 🥰😍🥰😍🥰

Thank you for such a wonderful gift of autumn!!

BethM So awesome! 8mo
AmyG It‘s opening day! 🎉 8mo
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CrowCAH You‘re very welcome! 🥰 Enjoy eating the snacks while reading the books! 8mo
Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍😍 8mo
LeahBergen I love the cup! 😆 8mo
ShelleyBooksie Love the fox.print! 8mo
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It was a lovely birthday! 😊 Some fun gifts from Storiarts, some good reads, a new leather journal, and a ring inspired by Jeremiah 29:11 to help me remember that God's plans are perfect even when they're different from mine ❤

Most importantly, time with my family and lots of love from the Litsy family! Thank you, everyone, for helping make today wonderful!

@curiouserandcurioser Thanks for making today perfect! I love you 🥰

wanderinglynn Happy, happy birthday! 🎉🎂🥳 9mo
robinb So glad you've had a great day! BTW, I really enjoyed John Eyre. :) 9mo
wordslinger42 @wanderinglynn Thank you very much! 😊 9mo
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wordslinger42 @robinb Thank you! Oh, good to know! I'm really looking forward to it 😊 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 I love your family!! I wish I could be a part of it!! 😘 tell mom hello!! 9mo
wordslinger42 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Consider yourself an honorary member 🥰💜💜 Mom says hi, too! We've been praying for you and hope you're feeling better! 9mo
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This was not at all what I expected from this author, and I was quite surprised by it as I had not read the blurb. While starting off a little slow/confusing, I was quickly sucked in and really enjoyed it. It is a mashup of two classics, obviously Jane Eyre is one (I won‘t give the other away), but the protagonist is male and while very loosely based on JE, it has its own twists/turns and surprises. Great writing, great characters, 🔻

robinb imaginative hook. 4.25/5⭐️ 10mo
sprainedbrain Sounds great! 10mo
robinb @sprainedbrain I really enjoyed it. It turned out to be a mixture of several genres, which is always interesting and cool. 10mo
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There's a specific kind of delight in reading a retold story like John Eyre. What's different? What's the same? What's this I hear about vampires and gender flipped protagonists? And most importantly, can the author make this experiment work?

In this case, the answer to all of those questions is yes! Resoundingly, yes!

Excellent all the way around, Matthews proves that no story is so sacred it can't be retold if the right person comes along.