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The Schooldays of Jesus
The Schooldays of Jesus | J.M. Coetzee
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From the Nobel Prize-winning author J. M. Coetzee, the haunting sequel to The Childhood of Jesus, continuing the journey of Davd, Simn, and Ins When you travel across the ocean on a boat, all your memories are washed away and you start a completely new life. That is how it is. There is no before. There is no history. The boat docks at the harbour and we climb down the gangplank and we are plunged into the here and now. Time begins. Davd is the small boy who is always asking questions. Simn and Ins take care of him in their new town, Estrella. He is learning the language; he has begun to make friends. He has the big dog Bolvar to watch over him. But hell be seven soon and he should be at school. And so, with the guidance of the three sisters who own the farm where Simn and Ins work, Davd is enrolled in the Academy of Dance. Its here, in his new golden dancing slippers, that he learns how to call down the numbers from the sky. But its here, too, that he will make troubling discoveries about what grown-ups are capable of. In this mesmerizing allegorical tale, Coetzee deftly grapples with the big questions of growing up, of what it means to be a parent, the constant battle between intellect and emotion, and how we choose to live our lives. From the Hardcover edition.
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I‘m hard to buy books for but my flatmate managed to get me one that sounds totally up my street AND I‘ve never heard of

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#morningread J. M. Coetzee is so distinctive; you would never confuse his work with anyone else's.

Also, I love this cover.

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I WOULD have been able to read this and finish the Booker long list on time BUT the Book Depository screwed up my order and sent me Italian CDs instead. And now I can't. Grrrrrrr.

mauveandrosysky That's so frustrating! 3y
tpixie Grrr! 3y
Gleefulreader Argle bargle! 3y
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BookishFeminist I'm sorry it's prevented you from reading your book but that's a pretty random mix-up 😂 the cd cover is something 3y
LauraJ Aww, that is seriously disappointing. 3y
LeahBergen 😡 3y
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This book is a sequel to The Childhood of the Jesus (but I think it could also be read as a standalone) and it's, as the previous, the philosophical/allegorical work that deals with the idea of morality through passion. I didn't understand all the symbolism/references and so I don't know if it's okay to rate the book. I don't understand where author leads us with this morality tale/story ...maybe it will be more clear in the third part. But I ...

Simona ...like David the child (I assume that this is a Jesus) and is one of the best child character I have read. 3y
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To #feelgood I need coffee/tea, homemade pie (in my case this is the plum pie), shelfs (virtual or wooden) to choose a book and regardless of the content this is my #feelgoodbook

Karkar Plum pie sounds amazing 3y
Simona @Karkar Yes, It is very tasty👍 3y
KVanRead Well said. And pictured! 3y
Simona @KVanRead Thank you 🙏 3y
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The last four from #manbooker2016 longlist. This is my list for #currentlyreading #currently #augustphotochallenge

Abailliekaras An interesting mix! Look forward to your thoughts on do not say we have nothing. 3y
Simona @Abailliekaras I look forward to all of the four books. Summaries are very promising. 3y
Laalaleighh I hope that Coetzee is less soul-shredding than his Waiting for the Barbarians. 3y
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Simona @Laalaleighh I haven't read it, but It's in my unmanageable TBR pile. Thanks for reminding me 🙏 3y
RebeccaH Where did you get the Coetzee? I haven't been able to get my hands on it! 3y
RebeccaH Never mind-- I just ordered it from The Book Depository. Last time I checked it wasn't available. Now I'm just hoping it arrives quickly! 3y
Godmotherx5 His Blood Project sparked my interest. 3y
Simona @RebeccaH I have ebook, actually I have all longlisted books in the e format, from iBook or Kindle (depending on price). 3y
RebeccaH Are you in the UK, or Canada? It's not available in the US on Kindle. 3y
Simona @RebeccaH Rest of the Europe😉. I bought Coetzee just this morning in the iBook store for 13 euros. 3y
RebeccaH Ah, got it! I think I have to order the hardcover from the UK in order to get it. 3y
Simona @RebeccaH Ebook isn't a option? 3y
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Have you read J.M. Coetzee‘s The Schooldays of Jesus yet?

Here‘s what our Man Booker Prize 2016 judges have to say on the novel… ‘A riddling, interrogative novel from a master of the form: bare in construction yet dense with meaning.‘

#ManBooker2016 #FinestFiction

BekahB I'm so glad to see the Man Booker Prize on Litsy! This is the first year I'm going to try to read the shortlist before the winner is announced. I need to start reading the longlist so I can get a head start. 😀 3y
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