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A Virtual Litsy Book Club.Feel free to join us! Keep an eye on our page for the daily question based on our monthly classic and modern-day read.
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Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman
Normal People | Sally Rooney
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The readers have spoken and the February Reads have been chosen!

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It's almost time to face Monday again but before we do let's hear where your reading adventures took you this weekend? PS Don't forget to vote for the reads of the month for Feb: https://s.surveyplanet.com/DZJGLLk53

Weaponxgirl I was at work on a nights and managed this as luckily people were asleep and just needed checks 6y
Weaponxgirl And then needed this to lighten the mood 6y
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rjsthumbelina I read this while snowed in over the course of one day! 6y
phatsallylee Reading this one for the #bbbbc book club 6y
jessinikkip I worked on a library book 6y
Mc_cart_ny Reading Good Omens, currently! 6y
ephemeralwaltz Finishing Knausgaard's first volume of My Struggle! 6y
KimM Finished 6y
Forgetmenot2 Reading A Game of Thrones 6y
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Spinecrackers, the voting poll has opened for reads of the month for Feb. Please head over to https://s.surveyplanet.com/DZJGLLk53 and cast your vote!

HeathHof When should we expect the winners to be announced? 6y
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The Catcher in the Rye | Jerome Salinger
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The nominations for the reads of the month will close today. Remember to cast your nominations. A voting poll will be available from tomorrow. For more information on this see the previous post.

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Spinecrackers! The nominations are open for February Reads. Please nominate 1) Classic of the Month and 2) A book of the Month which you would like to read and discuss with others in February. You can nominate by commenting on the post. Once all nominations have been made I will set up a voting poll. Recommendations may be repeated. 🎉

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Since today is the 5th day of the new year SCBC would like to hear about your top 5 reads from 2018. You can comment on this post or create your own post and tag Spinecrackers Book Club to share your best reads with other Spinecrackers. 📚5️⃣👓

Anybody Out There? | Marian Keyes
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Fellow Spinecrackers, so I have been quiet for the last two years (life happened). Recently, I stumbled upon this account and was astonished by the amount of followers the group has gathered. It inspired me to basically revive the book club. Now the question is whether there would be any interest to activate the group again? Thoughts?

jpmcwisemorgan I could probably be convinced. 6y
julesG Great to see you back! 6y
aeeklund Yay!! Welcome back!! 6y
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mrsmarch Tell me more! I‘m a stay at home mom looking for inexpensive thrills. 6y
Wife Tell us about the book club please 🌹 6y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Thanks for all the responses. In the past the book club chose two books of the month to read. One book was a classic and the other could be any other novel (preferably a recent one). A few times a week the book club will post questions on the book or encourage conversation on the book. Members usually recommended a few books and then voting would take place to determine which would be the books of the month. 6y
LapReader I‘m in. 6y
Raemorales I‘m in 6y
Hope_a Sounds great! 👍 I‘m in (edited) 6y
mhillis Welcome back! I‘m in 6y
Caroline2 Count me in! 🙋‍♀️ 6y
rjsthumbelina I may be interested as well 6y
HeathHof Welcome back!! Count me in! 💖 6y
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Today is the 6th day of the #septphotochallenge co-hosted by @RealLifeReading and us and the theme is book and drink. So c'mon Spinecrackers show us your read and what's in your glass. ☕️🍷🍸🍺🍹🍾

Lizpixie Glad to see you back, we missed you during the Book Olympics!🏅🏅 8y
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Dark Matter | Blake Crouch
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Spinecrackers, we're still busy voting for our September read of the month which start on the 10th. So fat The Underground Railroad and Dark matter have equal votes in first place. Some books that aren't featured on the picture are: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (3 votes), Six of Crows (10 votes), Secondhand Time (5 votes), The Girl with all the Gifts (10 votes). Still need to vote? Go to: https://surveyplanet.com/57cb17fc58e56ac161b5587a

MrBook And it's a tight race down the homestretch! 8y
pppooraikul Both sound equally great! 8y
Theresa Any news on the winner yet? 8y
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jpmcwisemorgan Just checking to see what the choice is. 8y
HeathHof Dark Matter is the only book in the top votes that I could get from my library so I'm going with that 😁 8y
Theresa 2 weeks with no posts at all, let alone book club updates. I hope everything is okay! 🙂💜😄 8y
Richryan52 I just opted for Dark Matter 7y
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The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah
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The time is here to vote for the The SBC Read of the Month for September. Head over to https://surveyplanet.com/57cb17fc58e56ac161b5587a and vote for your choice. I used the two runner-ups from August and added the first 8 nominations. The remaining nominations will be used for the voting in October. Voting will close on the 6th.

Theresa So many great options!! 8y
Graciouswarriorprincess Great selections! 8y
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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
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In case you missed it our classic book of the month is Rebecca for September. Daily questions will follow after two weeks of reading.

Karen.reads Ooh this is tempting. I've never read it but not sure I can squeeze in another book this month! 8y
Wendirella This is on my TBR for September!! 8y
Zelma Ooh, I may join you for this one! It's been on my TBR forever. 8y
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Lacythebookworm Count me in! 8y
StacksNShelves I read an interesting article by someone at @bookriot who wrote about her experience with this book and how she related it to The Eagles song "Hotel California". I forgot her name and I feel bad now. ?? 8y
ultrabookgeek I just requested this gets added to Serial so I can read it there! 8y
Jlee745 I ordered a used copy on Amazon. It's taking forever to arrive 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I read this a long time ago, but only after I saw the movie. I couldn't finish the book, which was one of the first times I experienced that sensation. I finished it after I watched the movie. It was weird. I still think it was weird and it's been at least 20 years. 8y
BookNess Love this book so much. 8y
Varshitha Yay.. Wanting to read this for a while now.. 8y
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September Lights | Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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Spinecrackers, so since #augustphotochallenge was such a success we will continue with a photo challenge in September. The Spinecrackers Book Club will be co-hosting the challenge along with @RealLifeReading every other month. Time to start capturing your gorgeous book collections! Today a #bookandeat photo is the theme of the day!

BethM What is POC for tomorrow? 8y
The_Literary_Jedi @BethM - POC is People of Color 8y
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September Lights | Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Spinecrackers, so since #augustphotochallenge was such a success we will continue with a photo challenge in September. The Spinecrackers Book Club will be co-hosting the challenge along with @RealLifeReading every other month. Time to start capturing your gorgeous book collections! Today a #bookandeat photo is the theme of the day!

Photo Finish | Bonnie Bryant
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Spinecrackers, I would just like to thank everyone for their participation in the #augustphotochallenge. I've seen some really interesting posts during the last month. It's such a shame that I missed the last few days due to wifi connectivity issues. Now the big question is would you guys like to have a photo challenge again? Do we make it a daily thing again or maybe every second day? Or otherwise every other month? Let me know your thoughts 💭💭

DivineDiana Let's do it again! 8y
Kirstin Love the daily photo challenges! 📸📖👍 8y
ramyasbookshelf Let's do it again! I didn't post a pic every day but I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's 8y
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Louise I can't keep up with the daily challenge but could manage once a week. It was fun to see the posts the challenges brought forth! 8y
Reading_E Would love another daily photo challenge! It's ok to be a few days late, sometime I needed some time to catch up. But so much fun seeing everyone's posts! 8y
Zelma I didn't play last time but I definitely would next challenge. 8y
Hobbinol Even if I can't post on a busy day, I LOVE taking a break and looking at everyone else's posts. At least it makes me feel connected to something ... even if it is only vicariously achieved. 8y
DreesReads Would love to do it again! I don't play every day, largely because I'm a library user so often can't snap a pic of what I want! But it's fun and I love to see the submissions! 8y
CherylDeFranceschi I'd be up for it again. 8y
Cinfhen I'm certainly game📚📸 8y
Eyelit @RealLifeReading started a new one, perhaps you can help sponsor that and then do another in October? 8y
Eugeniavb Once a week maybe? 8y
Soubhiville I enjoyed it. I am going to follow the @RealLifeReading one, but I'll do yours too if you choose to do one! 8y
ApoptyGina69 I missed a few days here and there, but it was a lot of fun. I, too, am planning on doing the @RealLifeReading one, but more the merrier! 8y
Bookworm-Bobbie I didn't take part every day, but I would be up for another one. As everyone else has said, I liked taking a look at other people's posts. @RealLifeReading is doing one for September which I'm going to take part in when I can. 8y
Heretherebedragons I liked the daily challenges! Even if I can't post that day, it's fun to see everyone else's pics. Plus I get to go through and reorganize my books, which I enjoy almost as much as actually reading them. 8y
BekahB I had a lot of fun doing this! I didn't post every day, but I loved looking at all the other Litsy posts. 😄 8y
BooksForEmpathy I liked the daily challenges as well! Keep it up please! This next round I want to participate fully! 8y
kspenmoll I enjoyed it- missed some days but it was fun to see people's posts. Would do another- 8y
Mcoun I think a daily challenge is fine. People can participate as they are able. 8y
BookishBlonde12 Let's do it again! Promise to post more this time. But loved seeing all the other Litsians post! 8y
UwannaPublishme This challenge was so much fun and a great way to get to know more about my Litsy friends. I've got a busy few months, but I'll play when I can. 😊👍🏻 8y
teainthelibrary Please! I didn't get a chance to do it this last month cause I'm a bit OCD about starting things in the middle but would love to do it for September! 8y
Graciouswarriorprincess Please do it again! 8y
Godmotherx5 I'm with other folks. I might not be able to do it everyday but I'm up for it. 8y
Hooked_on_books I'm all for it! I think it's fun to see what everyone comes up with. 8y
The_Literary_Jedi 👍🏽 8y
Lizpixie Yes please! I loved the photo challenge! 8y
MrsV I loved this! I'm all for learning about books, I might otherwise miss! 8y
Sarahr875 I want to try again to actually do a photo challenge so yes!! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @RealLifeReading what do you say about co-sponsoring the daily photo challenge? We can alternate between the two of us each month? 8y
Erinloves2read Yes, Co-sponsor the photo challenge! I looked today on @TheSpinecrackersBookClub for a Sept photo challenge cuz I kinda missed the boat for Aug. and saw that @RealLifeReading had already posted one for Sept. on Litsy. Great minds think alike! And twice the inspiration!! 8y
RealLifeReading @TheSpinecrackersBookClub that would be great. I only started up mine as it didn't look like any had been posted for Sept. So sure would be happy to! I kinda wish Litsy had a direct msg thing as I had so many notifications this AM I almost missed this! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @RealLifeReading maybe send me an email to spinecrackersonlitsy@gmail.com? We could discuss the details. Will obviously share your photo challenge each day and tag you. 8y
BookBabe Yes, let's have another! It was so much fun! 8y
Desha It was fun! I really enjoyed seeing how creative everyone was even if I didn't post every day. ❤️📚❤️ 8y
Onioons I missed the last few days of #augustofpages, but a massive thank you to @TheSpinecrackersBookClub for such a fun month! 🎁🎉🎈 Really enjoyed it 😊 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Pleasure all!! Please support the September photo challenge sponsored by @RealLifeReading. Next month the SBC will be hosting the challenge again and so we'll keep on alternating. 8y
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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
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The votes are in and with a clear lead our classic read for the month is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. On second and third place we have 1984 and Emma with 19 votes each.

ramyasbookshelf So excited to re-read this!! 8y
Gezemice Cool, Rebecca is on my soon-to-read list! 8y
jessdean Yay! It's on my kindle but I haven't read it yet!😊 8y
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courtney I haven't ever read this classic either so I am very excited to try! 8y
Jennbookz So awesome. 8y
thelizflynn Awww yeah I loove love love this book! 8y
ApoptyGina69 Great choice! I hope everyone likes it and picks up on some of her other works. I have nearly a shelf-full of duMaurier. 8y
Neverlistless Wahoo! I am currently reading this anyway! How great to read it with friends ☺️ 8y
BooksForEmpathy I just read this! Can't wait!!! 8y
BookHermit 👏🏻😃👏🏻 8y
TheLondonBookworm Wooo lets go! 😆😆 8y
mjdowens YAY. Just got my copy. Can't wait to start 8y
AThousandLives87 Yay!!! I've had this in my TBR list forever it seems like! 8y
Daisey I bought a copy this summer, and now I have the motivation to get started on it! 8y
[DELETED] 3558467437 Ooo! Yay. I recently read this! Can't wait for the discussion! 👍 8y
YvonneES Yay! Can't wait to re-read- again- one of my all time faves👍 8y
mjdowens I have so got to read more duMaurier! I had no idea how much I would get sucked into this story. Good thing it is a long weekend🤗 8y
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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To all new members just a quick introduction of how the SBC functions. I initially had no idea that this club would attract so many members so it's definitely still developing and changing as the need arises. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment.

tricours What's the classic of the month? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @tricours last month it was Frankenstein. We are busy with the voting for this month. Just scroll down a bit on the profile. 8y
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The nominations are officially opened for the book of September. 8 nominations will be considered. The two books that are automatically accepted into the votes are The Nightingale and The Heart Goes Last. Hurry and get your votes in!

Elisa I just started The Paper Magician and it is so lovely! I would love to be able to discuss it with the SCC members 8y
Elisa *SCBC 😊 8y
KarouBlue @TheSpinecrackersBookClub The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons! ❤️ 8y
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lisakoby The Underground Railroad by C. Whitehead or the Trees by Ali Shaw 8y
Heretherebedragons Is this genre, literary, or classic fic? 8y
sprainedbrain Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. 👍 8y
Theresa If I may throw another suggestion into the mix... 8y
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The nominations are officially opened for the book of September. 8 nominations will be considered. The two books that are automatically accepted into the votes are The Nightingale and The Heart Goes Last. Hurry and get your votes in!

Rebecca (Special) | Daphne Du Maurier
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This is part 2 of the original post on the votes. As can be seen Rebecca has a clear lead in the votes. Yet if you haven't voted yet please head over to https://surveyplanet.com/57bd9c813cf9070c2a954df2

Elisa Thanks for posting the link again! Voted! 8y
Reagan Fingers crossed for Rebecca. It's already on my TBR shelf. 8y
StellaDz 👍and hoping for Rebecca!! It's been sitting on my shelf for a few years!! This will give me a push to read it! 8y
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TheLondonBookworm Oooh really want to read that! This may finally give me the push to do so :) 8y
Cinfhen Yay! I suggested Rebecca!!! 8y
Erinloves2read Love Rebecca! I've already read it twice, but I'll peruse it again for Sept! Yay! 8y
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Rebecca (Special) | Daphne Du Maurier
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Woohoo! Wifi was restored today and I am back on line. This is the current votes for our classic book for the month of September! This is only part 1 will upload part 2 in the next post. In the lead we have Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. The votes will close in 24 hours. If you haven't voted yet make sure to get your votes in. Will add a link to the next post.

Theresa Welcome back!! 😄 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Thank-you this time it's official and I won't be disappearing anytime soon. 8y
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Rebecca (Special) | Daphne Du Maurier
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Woohoo! Wifi was restored today and I am back on line. This is the current votes for our classic book for the month of September! This is only part 1 will upload part 2 in the next post. In the lead we have Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. The votes will close in 24 hours. If you haven't voted yet make sure to get your votes in. Will add a link to the next post.

1984 | George Orwell
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The nominations are in and the votes are open : https://surveyplanet.com/57bd9c813cf9070c2a954df2. Please only vote once. You need not enter your email address. I have tried not to repeat books that we have had on the lost previous months. As mentioned though I have added the two runner-ups from August. If there's anything you would like to see on the list in the future let me know and I'll keep it in mind and add it to coming months nominations.

Theresa So many good options!!! How about Rebecca, only because I recently purchased it to re-read after many years. 😆 #itsallaboutme 8y
Theresa Oh, duh, Me! Supposed to vote through the link. It's one of those days! 🙄 8y
PurpleyPumpkin Boy, these are all great choices. This is gonna be hard...🤔 8y
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rustoryhuf Emma. Give me Jane Austen any day of the week and I'm a happy girl. 8y
Jhullie Emma, I gave Jane my vote 8y
Erinloves2read Please pick Picture of Dorian Gray! (I've been reading it since Christmas and need some incentive to finish!!) 😳😂 8y
deniselynn Picture Of Dorian Gray. 8y
AStoriedSoul I'm hoping for 1984. That book is life-changing and is soooo important. 8y
Lizpixie Will we be doing a September photo challenge as well? I've really enjoyed doing this months one. 8y
cathy6098 I would like to revisit 1984. It was assigned reading in high school and therefore, not absorbed! I have a copy of Silas Marner in my book cabinet. Really, I will read any of them🤓🤓 8y
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1984 | George Orwell
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Spinecrackers the nominations are open for our classic read for September! Happiness! We decided let month that the two runner-up(s) will automatically be added to the nominations. So we already have 1984(lost with 1 vote) and Emma on the list. We need 8 more nominations then voting can commence via surveyplanet.com again. Let the nominations begin!

TheLondonBookworm I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith? Does that count as a classic? 8y
Lizpixie 20000 leagues under the sea by jules verne 8y
WanderingBookaneer I nominate Moby Dick. 8y
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BookishFeminist Picture of Dorian Gray! 8y
Mcoun The War of the Worlds 8y
elkeOriginal I will second 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Great! I think we have enough nominations. I will create a survey so that the voting can commence. Will post the link soon 8y
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Girl, Missing | Sophie McKenzie
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Spinecrackers, I apologize once again for my absence but since my beloved wifi has left me abondened I can only access wifi at the work and it's time for semester tests. I'm so glad to see that the #augustphotochallenge is still going strong and just by scrolling down I've seen some great photos. I'll look more as soon as I have wifi again. In the mean time I realized we need to nominate our reads for next month so I will start the process

Simona I was worried about you. Glad to see you😘 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Thanks @Simona I've defeated the evil germs and now I'll be able to be a bit more active every now and again until my wifi is restored at home. 8y
Megabooks Glad to have you back! 8y
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ramyasbookshelf Glad to see an update from you! Was wondering what happened.. 8y
pppooraikul Welcome home! 😘🎉 8y
BookBabe Same predicament here! 8y
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Sweettartlaura I think two things are at play. First, he is repulsed that his idea came to fruition in such an ugly way - it's a walking talking sign of his failure & inadequacy. Second, he is afraid of what he has done, what he has set in motion: he has far more power than he thought, yet no real mastery of it. He's working through these two fronts. 8y
Godmotherx5 Victor sacrificed time with his family to focus on the monster. I think he began to wonder if the sacrifice was worth his efforts. Victor did not seem fulfilled by what he created. Victor's first instinct was to leave for a bit & not immediately show it off. All that time spent & what did he have to show for it? 8y
TheLondonBookworm I don't think he ever saw the monster as human in any part- he never considered the fact that he may have created something that would have emotions. He immediately hated his creation a reaction which I think was the pivotal point in the monster becoming a monster. 8y
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BooksTeasAndBookishThings The Monster is the part of him he hates. The fact that he created this thing that is non-human makes him some kind of dark, and the Monster is the manifestation of the evil genius he can be. Instant self-loathing via proxy of the Monster. 8y
lisakoby @BooksTeasAndBookishThings I agree, he hates the monster because he is the monster. 8y
Sweettartlaura @TheLondonBookworm Great point about hate creating the monster!👏🏻 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I think there's a little bit of what we see now in science. You think of something that could be possible and then you figure out how to do it but then you realize maybe you shouldn't. 8y
The_Literary_Jedi I second @Sweettartlaura and I add that Victor also has a very large sense of entitlement and is largely ambitious. He feels he deserves to make a mark on the world and so in his quest to take the powers of God, why the title of the original story by MWS is "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus," he overshoots the mark wildly. We're given a hint by Walton's letters from the North Pole at the start of he novel. 8y
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100 Selected Poems | e. e. cummings
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We're already at #day19 of the #augustphotochallenge. Today's theme is #poetry. So shows us some of your poetry books or favourite poems 📇

Portable_Magic Goodreads quote of the day. A poem is like a score for the human voice. ~ Li-Young Lee 8y
Carleneishere Damn, I want to get in on this even though it's late. Where can I find the full challenge list? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Carleneishere just scroll down a bit on our page and you will see a pink post with all the themes of the month. I also try to upload the theme of every day in the morning at my local time. 8y
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Since I missed out a bit maybe you guys can update me on everybody's progress in the #bookisholympics!
Do we have any gold medal winners yet or maybe silver or bronze?

elkeOriginal @Lizpixie has run away with the gold for sure! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Woohoo! I thought she would. As soon as I have all the names I'll compile an announcement! Happiness. 🏆🏆🏆 8y
Sweettartlaura Wait... Are we going until 12 am local time on Sunday, or 11:59 pm local time on Sunday? 8y
See All 23 Comments
Lizpixie I'm just about to start book nine! Is there a platinum medal?? 8y
BookishFeminist @Yamich49 just finished her 7th book, too! 8y
Simona Of course I'm running for gold, but reality is that I'm one book behind and there is no way to catch because tomorrow I'll be at work almost all day ☹️. @Lizpixie CONGRATS 🍾 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Well, I think it's supposed to be 00:00 on Saturday. So basically 00:01 will be Sunday. Does this make sense? * 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Lizpixie that is insane!! Clearly you are a gold Olympic winner and probably the reader that holds the Olympic and Book world record! Congratulations!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆 8y
TheLondonBookworm I'm working on book 8 🙈 but I don't think I'll be able to catch up at the weekend! Too many plans haha 8y
Varshitha I couldn't read much .. This week was so crazy.. Wen will the challenge end ?? I'll atleast try for bronze 8y
Varshitha @Lizpixie @TheLondonBookworm u guys are rockstars👏🏻👏🏻 8y
ImaginativeMom Wow, y'all!! That's impressive! I know I'll get book seven finished today, but that's probably it. 8y
Megabooks I've read 4 books and one 224 page book of 18 short stories, so I guess I have silver, but I'm going for gold!! 🏅🏅🏅 8y
Jlee745 I've read 4 short stories, almost finished audio book, working on novel. Don't think I'll make it but I'm not giving up yet. 8y
OriginalCyn620 I've read 6 graphic novels and 2 novels. I'm going for bronze! 🏅 8y
Theresa 4 novels & 2 graphic novels complete. #goingforsilver 8y
Cinfhen #GoingForGold but I'm two books away...starting book 6 today! When do I need to cross the finish line???? 8y
StephBengtson I'm on book 4 and going to squeeze a short story and a couple of graphic novels for at least silver. Damn 50+ hour work week. 8y
bookishkai I'm on book 7 also. Hoping to finish it and start an 8th this morning. 8y
Sweettartlaura @TheSpinecrackersBookClub So the close of Saturday is the end? Nothing on Sunday counts? 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I'm starting the last novel for gold! 8y
Yamich49 @BookishFeminist Haha thanks for supporting my non-athletic Olympic glory! 👌 8y
Well-ReadNeck Just finished book 7!!! Posts to follow tomorrow! 8y
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Spinecrackers, apologies for my absence this week! It's that time of the semester where I have to set all my tests and examinations. To make it worse I have bronchitis and then on top of this our wifi has stopped working. Phew! Now that I'm done complaining, I'll be working my way through your posts of the week.

pppooraikul Sounds like a very tough week. Do take care and get that damn bronchitis off you real soon! 💪😘💖 8y
Sue Hope you're feeling better, sounds like a rough week. 8y
Godmotherx5 You have a lot on your plate. Take care of yourself. 8y
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Simona But now, bad days are over😘 8y
mhillis Welcome back! Take care😎 8y
BookishFeminist No need for apologies! We all have stuff intervene sometimes. I hope you're feeling better! ❤️ Good luck with the rest of your exams! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Thanks for all the love and care everyone 8y
Varshitha Hope ur feeling better.. I had an insane week too.. Hope the weekend will be better 8y
ImaginativeMom That's a lot!! Take care! 8y
Megabooks I'm so sorry! I hope things turn around soon! 8y
LauraBeth Hope you feel better soon! 8y
stargazerblue49 Feel better soon!!! 8y
Theresa Ditto to all the supportive comments!! 🙂 8y
Cinfhen Yikes! Lost WiFi, bronchitis, school work?!? I thought my week was grueling reading for #bookisholympics .....rest up & enjoy the weekend💕 8y
PurpleyPumpkin We missed you - glad you're back. Hope your weekend is better!!👍🏼 8y
Dragon Wow sounds like a tough week. Bronchitis is wretched, hope you are feeling better and most importantly your WIFI is back up. 8y
ValerieAndBooks Yikes! Feel better soon! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Sadly wifi is still down. I'm using cellular data so I won't be able to look at all the posts but will definitely try to have a look at most. 8y
DebinHawaii Hope you feel better & get your wifi back soon! 8y
lisakoby Feel better! 💕 8y
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Fellow Spinecrackers, I had a very hectic day and didn't have time to check into Litsy until now. I will definitely be more active again tomorrow. In the mean time another daily question to get you thinking about Frankenstein. Did it affect the story due to Frankenstein's monster remaining nameless. Also, how many times does it often happen that people refer to the monster as Frankenstein instead of the doctor?

TheSpinecrackersBookClub If anybody has questions that they would like to share with the group feel free to post them here and I will add them to the individual daily questions 😁 8y
PurpleyPumpkin I thought that the monster's lack of a name heightened the intensity of the novel. I think it also heightened the reader's awareness that he would always remain on the fringes of society. 🙁 8y
callunakeep I think Frankenstein's "monster" namelessness (poetic license) is, in a way, a metaphor for the loneliness and isolation he felt so strongly. The fact that he had no name would have served to fuel his sense of being "outside" of society, unloved, unwanted, unnamed. 8y
See All 18 Comments
suvata I think that not having a name symbolize that he was something "less than human". A wild animal has no name. 8y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings I think in a way, it changes our, the readers', views of him. By not giving a name, we ourselves have the chance to decide whether or not we share societal views without an emotional bias we might have if the monster HAD been given a name. 8y
mllemay To me it served to dehumanize him even more and entrench him in his "monster" status. It made it even more jarring that this thing with no name was capable of rational thought and self-reflection/self-awareness. 8y
teainthelibrary On one hand, I think it is a way of dehumanizing him but I also think that it plays into the monster's search for his own identity. 8y
Mcoun I agree with @suvata, @mllemay, and @teainthelibrary that by not giving him a name, he is dehumanizing him. I also think that keeping him nameless allows Victor to not take responsibility for what he created. We name our pets, which solidifies their place in our family. Victor did not consider the "monster" family. 8y
Shortstack @callunakeep I agree with you. I think his lack of name isn't a reflection of his own humanity but on how humanity sees him as less. His own creator doesn't care enough to bestow a basic thing all humans have on him? It shows how poorly he's treated, lesser than a dog or family pet. He wants to love at the start of the book but by labeling him as less than human he ultimately becomes less than human. 8y
HiddenGemBooks To create something that has a near humanistic conscience and then neglect to name it, it's dehumanizing! And it ultimately backfired because people didn't know what to call it so they called it Frankenstein after its creator. The assimilation between the monster and his creator becomes too strong and makes you think differently about the morals of the scientist. 8y
Godmotherx5 I agree with the above comments. Our names are part of who we are not only as individuals but families, too. Victor's creation has a definite case of mistaken identity because he is often referred to as Frankenstein. To say "Frankenstein's Monster" seems out of sorts because everything should have a name. If we personalize it, it won't hurt us, right? 8y
suvata Very interesting discussion 8y
DebinHawaii I agree with the comments above. Naming the monster would have given Victor a responsibility over him that he clearly wanted no part of after creating him. I think it was part of his complete rejection of his creation--to give him a name would be accepting responsibility for him and forming a relationship. 8y
bedandabook Agree with what you've all said. He was unaccepted by those he encountered, inhuman and his lack of a name reinforced that perception. It a 8y
bedandabook Sorry...also made it all the more poignant that he had such human emotions. 8y
The_Literary_Jedi Victor sees himself as "creator" and "mother" since his own is dead and his goal is to master death/life. The overall goal is beauty but in order to have beauty you must have torment and solitude. When Victor creates the monster, it has a duality that Victor doesn't expect - ugly/beautiful, good/evil and so he refuses to give it a name or be responsible for disaster. He has taken he power of God but not created an angel 8y
pppooraikul Everyone has pretty much said my mind. Addition: I think remaining nameless symbolises the lack of 'self'. Not knowing why he was born or what to live for, he became what society threw at him which was bound to be both good and evil. Personally, I felt as if the author asked us readers what we thought of him. Did we still see him as a nameless monster? And if so, wasn't it our doing? 8y
pppooraikul I mean, Victor was the first to dehumanise his creation by not giving him a name. (Even pets have names, you know.) So the monster remained monster because other people defined him to be. The monster basically reflected the society. 8y
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Frankenstein: ; Or, The Modern Prometheus | Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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Spinecrackers it's been two weeks since we started reading the classic of the month. I think it safe to start with questions from the first part of the book. So first question is an easy one. What did you think about the book? Just a general view? Is it 👍 or 👎. Did you enjoy reading it or was it a bit of a drag?

sprainedbrain 👍 for me! I had read it as a teenager and previously gave it 3 stars on goodreads. I upped it to 4 after listening to the audiobook this month for my re-read. 8y
QueenAnne Also a 👍🏼 for me, I've read the book last year. Only critique is that the process of making the monster is reduced to a few scentences.. But it's a real gem 💎 8y
Laura317 I will admit that I bailed at a little over 1/2 way through. I absolutely hated the over-the-top, dramatic writing. I know it's a classic. Just can't get past the style. 8y
See All 29 Comments
tricours Oh, I have to make sure to join in for the next one! 8y
Godmotherx5 I had a love/hate relationship with it. The tale was great but could have been abridged. I say it was "so-so". 8y
LitHousewife I read this a couple of years ago in audio. It wasn't at all what I'd expected, but I enjoyed what it was. Sometimes audiobooks can help. 8y
pppooraikul There're ups and downs here and there. I expected it to be a little more like a horror. Some quotes are really cool. I'm enjoying it so far. 😁 8y
susanw Only half way and, I'm reading it through serial, but also have a copy on my shelf and they are different! Major differences. Besides the whole, Elizabeth is a cousin vs an orphan brought into the family. In one edition after Justine dies, Victor goes alone on a trip,to think, in the other, the whole family goes together to vacation. I know it's no big impact on the story, just annoying. But it is interesting to learn the non Hollywood story. 8y
lisakoby I think I had to suspend my "modern" tastes and just try to let the story sweep me up. 8y
StellaDz I think this book is a good example as to what Hollywood does to classics. I enjoyed the book, but it took me a while to realize I wasn't going to get the movies that I grew up with. I really had to adjust my expectations. 8y
mllemay I thought it would be a straight up horror novel, which it really isn't, and the story is told in a way that I didn't expect...I still enjoyed it, even though I found Victor Frankenstein annoying most of the time lol 8y
InLibrisVeritas I read this years ago and it helped kick off my love of gothic horror. It's so vastly different from anything Hollywood puts out, but I really like that the dramatics happen on a more human level instead of just "here's a monster". 8y
Mcoun I like it because it isn't just a generic horror story. There is much to be learned from this book. 8y
PurpleyPumpkin Definitely 👍🏼for me! I like this kind of classic story every once in a while. 8y
Shortstack Adore this book! One of my favorites! A great look into the complexity of "evil" and how our actions can destroy others! 8y
KarouBlue Loved it! Which was a surprise because I remembered hating it in high school. I think was expecting the heaviness of Dracula, but instead found the Swiss sunshine sparkling off Lake Geneva. Brilliant! 8y
Melkyl I liked this, and I was surprised that it was so different from what I expected. I am glad I read it to see the difference from the Hollywood interpretation. 8y
StephBengtson Now that I'm at the part of the monster's pov, I'm starting to get the message and like it. The beginning was tough to get through. 8y
Jellybeanbon So anybody that saw my review will know that I didn't really enjoy Frankenstein. I'm not really sure why I'm starting to think that I just don't like classics maybe. I think being a rather big horror fan I also may have expected something else? After reading all these comments though I do agree that there is a deeper meaning to the book and taking into consideration the era it was written in that it is a job well done. Just not for me 😋 8y
JacqMac I found the start a bit of a drag, but I'm getting into it now. I usually read. Classics during the dull days of winter, so maybe the warmth of summer is throwing me off. Using serial reader has helped me stick with it. 8y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I found I loved this classic illustrated. Gris Grimly does an awesome graphic novel, using the original text. That made me like it better. 8y
Theresa Just started this then #bookisholympics came along so I set it aside for now. Looking forward to getting back to it, though, because it's been on my TBR for a long time. 8y
HeatherBookNerd I do enjoy classics in general. But this one is a 👎🏼 for me. The hyper-melodramatic style is not my thing. It has good moments, but I can't tolerate Victor. He sets this disaster in motion and then whines and moans about the situation ad nauseum to such a degree that I just did not enjoy it at all. 8y
DebinHawaii I am reading it on both Kindle & hard copy and listening along in audio. It's been years since I first read it in school so I have enjoyed getting back to it & discovering more. I do find the monster's POV the most compelling and the story moves faster at that point. Can't say that I love it but I am fascinated by the fact that Shelley wrote it at such a young age and so ahead of its time. 8y
Kitta Absolutely LOVED Frankenstein, I wasn't expecting to because I find some classics hard to get into but this just blew me away. 8y
bedandabook Absolutely loved it, a little to my surprise! I'd expected to find it more hard work, but I actually listened to it on audiobook and became completely absorbed in the story. A compelling and emotional read. 8y
The_Literary_Jedi I 💚 Frankenstein. Especially because it was written as a challenge between the Shelley's (Percy Bysshe & Mary) and Lord Byron while on holiday. MWS said she could write the best gothic tale and did so in less than 48 hours! 8y
Erinloves2read I loved this book! The humanity of the monster was unexpected. The lack of humanity found in Victor Frankenstein was disturbing. It was much more complex than I was expecting as well. I felt deeply for the monster and his desire for a companion 8y
Erinloves2read Because one of our most basic needs is to feel love and belong to someone somewhere. But how could the monster have these human tendencies without a soul? Lots of philosophical, ethical and moral themes are explored. A must-read. 8y
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Fake Fruit Factory | Patrick Wensink
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Spinecrackers, it's Monday so I'm posting a picture with all the themes for the rest of the month again. I can't believe we're almost half-way through the #augustphotochallenge. Today our theme is peach coloured books! I'm not really sure of I have any books in peach will have to go have a look. To everyone competing in the #bookisholympics good luck!🏅 happy reading all!

OSChamberlain It's 5am. I need a recharge nap 😴 8y
thecurioushedgehog I'll be spam posting the entries for #augustofpages from the past couple of days later this evening, apologies for not being around. 8y
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thecurioushedgehog Does it count if you're reading a book that you were already 100 pages into? 8y
Callemarie I'm in!!! Woohoo 8y
Jlee745 I'm in!!! Had to go to Amazon and purchase a few short Stories yesterday. Maybe I will get a bronze👏 8y
See All 26 Comments
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @thecurioushedgehog I would say it counts if you have at least 220 pages left. 8y
Ms.Story I'm in! First novel will be The Alienist-- started this one before today but have over 250 pages left!! 8y
thecurioushedgehog @TheSpinecrackersBookClub Fab! I'm sure I have around 220 if not more pages left of 8y
KimM I'm in! 8y
KimM Oh wait, I just saw the cut off date. I'm out! 😂😂😂 8y
rayna Okay, I may be crazy, but I'm in too! My first book is Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia. 📚📚📚📚📚 8y
UwannaPublishme Busy week for me...dang it. But I'll be cheering for my favorite team-The Spinecrackers! 😊👏🏻👏🏻 8y
PurpleyPumpkin Don't think I can pull this off, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!🙌🏼 8y
sparklemotion I'm 15% into my first book 🙋 8y
Eyelit Halfway through my first book. Have some catching up to do, based on some posts I've seen! 😜 8y
BookishMarginalia I'm on the sidelines this time, but cheering on @JaimitaPR and our other #bookisholympians 8y
kspenmoll I am just starting -121 pages in. Traveling tomorrow so not sure how many books I'll read but joining in! 8y
intothehallofbooks I just finished a book I had been reading already, so I can begin #bookisholympics now! Very excited, friends! 🤓 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I'm on my second book. Once the workweek starts I will have a hard time getting 5 more done for gold. Reading as fast as my eyeballs and brains will allow. Go #bookisholympians!!! 8y
WordWaller @jpmcwisemorgan same here. With over 40 hours, I have no idea where I'll get any time for books 😂😫 8y
StephBengtson Almost done with my first novel. Hoping to at least place bronze haha. 8y
Chessa Novel 1 complete! 8y
Chessa @MrBook This is the bookish olympics! :) 8y
maximoffs It's just 10 books in 10 days right? I've got this 💪🏼 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @steverogers check out our different medals on the SBC page. It's 7 books in 7 days in this case 😉 8y
MrBook Ah haaaah! Thank you for sharing @Chessa ! I like this, but I don't know if I can allot the necessary time *sighs*. Always next time? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @MrBook I think it's worth a shot for bronze at least? 8y
HiddenGemBooks I have read 3 books in the past few days, but I'm not considering myself a competitor... I just have had nothing to do 😂 8y
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Take a break from the #bookisholympics and the #rioolympics and share an unique fact about yourself with us. Since we started this #augustphotochallenge I have been looking forward to #day14 's theme.

Maike I totally love what everyone is sharing! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @maike me too! Some really great facts! Should definitely work in more themes like this one for next month. 8y
ValerieAndBooks My favorite one so far! 8y
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The people have spoken and the games are on! 🏆The SBC Bookish Olympics will kick off tomorrow 14 August at 00:00 and end 21 August at midnight. Thus it will take place over 7 days. The different medals are illustrated above. A novel needs to have 220 pages or more. To qualify for the Silver medal you need to read at least 4 novels. Audiobooks also count as novels but you are only allowed 2 audiobooks in any of the categories. 🏅🏅🏅

Eyelit Is there a tag? Do we tally at end or as we go along? Excited to get this started! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Forgot to mention non-fiction is also considered as a novel. 8y
elkeOriginal Which time zone are we using? 8y
See All 47 Comments
TheLondonBookworm Woo can't wait! 😊😊 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Eyelit You can tally as you go along. I'm think stats like pages of the book and the time you took to read the book maybe? Is there anything I'm missing? You can tag the club and let's make it #bookisholympics 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @elkeo I think to keep it easy everyone can use their own time zone. What do you think about this? 8y
elkeOriginal Sounds good to me! Just didn't want to accidentally miss the finish line simply due to living behind other folks time zone-wise! 8y
Varshitha Can't wait.. Let's see how many books I can read in a week.. 8y
read.run.travel Love this! 🏅 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub If anyone thinks of anything else that we should consider for the competition let me know. 8y
jpmcwisemorgan Where do audiobooks fit in? 8y
elkeOriginal This is a great remedy to how Litsy has increased my TBR stacks - the competitions have gotten me reading more than I used to. There is balance! Well, maybe...📚📚📚📚📚 8y
Jlee745 Sounds fun! Will attempt it but doubt I will conquer😕 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @jpmcwisemorgan I think I need some insight here, so audiobooks longer than 6 hours count as a novel? Or how can we do this? 8y
Simona For me tomorrow will be in 4 hours. I'm ready 😅 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Simona woohoo! We're on the same time zone then 🙂 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Jlee745 don't worry. I'm basically aiming for bronze or silver. I don't think I'll be able to do 7 novels. 8y
Bookworm54 How many novels for bronze? 2? I love this idea! :) 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Bookworm54 At first I thought no novels but u actually think 2 is a good idea. I'll quickly adjust the picture. 8y
Simona @TheSpinecrackersBookClub O, nice. I like coincidences. I'm in the process of choosing my books and I already know - Tuesday no reading time for me. 8y
Lizpixie So midnight of the 14th in your time zone right? 8y
jpmcwisemorgan @TheSpinecrackersBookClub Over 6 hours could be novels and under 6 hours could be used short stories??? 8y
jpmcwisemorgan It seems to me that the Silver Medal requirement should include a requirement like 2 novels if the Bronze Medal does. Right now it's just a combination of types so you could actually read less for a Silver than a Bronze. 8y
MrsV Oh, YAAAAASSSSSS, another challenge! 8y
Ms.Story Woooo-hooooo!!!! Can't wait to start this challenge! 8y
LornaDH Maybe... 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @jpmcwisemorgan check out the caption beneath the picture states that for silver you need 4 novels. I'll add it to the pic as well to make it a bit more clear. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Lizpixie yup, so the second it changes from the 13th to the 14th you can start 🎟 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @jpmcwisemorgan I think that works audiobooks 6 hours and more are considered as novels. 6 hours and less short stories. 8y
jpmcwisemorgan @TheSpinecrackersBookClub Cool, I missed that part. 😀 8y
OSChamberlain Hell yes! I just finished the snow child so now I can do this! 8y
OSChamberlain Going for gold, too 🏅😁 8y
readinginthedark There's no way I have time to do this right now, but it sounds so fun! Good luck, you guys! 8y
sparklemotion Question: reading only 2 novels qualifies for Bronze? And reading 4 qualifies for Silver? (No graphic novels or short stories) 8y
pppooraikul No way I can win the gold medal. 😂 But I'll aim for it anyway! 🎖🤓 8y
Yamich49 Ahhhh!! I'm gonna try this - we shall see how it goes!! 8y
Laalaleighh Challenge accepted. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @heartlesstree you need to have read 7 "book products" at the end of the day. So for silver it's 4 novels and 3 graphic novels or short stories and for bronze 2 novels and 5 graphics or shorts 8y
Sue Unfortunately the audio book limit means I'm out. 8y
Chimera I am totally in! 8y
sparklemotion @TheSpinecrackersBookClub ahhh okay, so individual short stories count? Thank you! 8y
Melkyl I am going to see how I do. I agree with @elkeo that while Litsy has increased my TBR piles, it has also encouraged me to read more. 8y
Cinfhen How did I miss this??? I may be a late start but I'm all in... 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Cinfhen definitely jump in! 8y
WordWaller @Cinfhen wondering how I missed this too.... 8y
Cinfhen @wordwaller come & join the race😉it's fun and good morning motivation❣❣❣ 8y
BethM @TheSpinecrackersBookClub do you have to have started the book on or after 8/14? And where do I log my reads? 8y
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Carrie | Stephen King
post image

Spinecrackers, so I've been inspired by watching too much Olympics. Being a girl who hasn't competed in any sport except for reading (it is a sport right?) I decided that it could be fun to have our own bookish Olympics! So I want to know what my fellow Litsians think about this? I was thinking maybe we can start the tomorrow (14th) and end it with the end of the Olympics on the 21st. Let me know your thoughts on this 🎖📖🎖📖🎖📖🎖📖🎖📖🎖📖🎖

BookishFeminist Hahaha what are you trying to do with all these challenges, kill us off? 😂 (seriously though this sounds cool so I would be game.) 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @BookishFeminist I was scared it may be a bit too much 😋 you do need to be under a bit of pressure though when your competing in the Olympics. I was however wondering if we shouldn't do this maybe next month? 8y
BookishFeminist @TheSpinecrackersBookClub I am game for whenever because it probably won't change my reading habits too much, but next month is probably more realistic with the other challenge going on in August 😂 8y
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TheLondonBookworm May well be the only time I ever win a sporting medal 😂😂😂😂 8y
Sweettartlaura Do nonfiction books count? How about audiobooks? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Sweettartlaura hmm I'm making this up as I go. Yes I definitely think non-fiction can count. As long as it is longer than 200 pages. I think 200 pages should maybe count as a novel. I think the norm is actually 240 pages though. Audiobooks can definitely count as they are also allowed in similar challenges such as @24in48 8y
Sweettartlaura Then I'm in! 😊📚. I have 3 nonfiction I HAVE to read this week, plus a book club book... I'm halfway there 🤗 8y
Sue I'll play :) 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Head over to this link to choose a date that would work best for you to compete in the Bookish Olympics : https://surveyplanet.com/57aee8e0e23cc6112ad89fa7 8y
pppooraikul Great idea. I'm no athletic material but I'm in, whenever. Lol. 8y
Varshitha This is great idea.. But I don't think I can aim for Gold😂 8y
elkeOriginal 7 books in 7 days? Too bad I didn't schedule time off of work! I like the guidelines of 200/240 pages per book though. 8y
Lizpixie 👍👍👍 sounds awesome! 8y
Simona @TheSpinecrackersBookClub Sounds fun, count me in 💯 8y
thecurioushedgehog This sounds like so much fun! @TheSpinecrackersBookClub 8y
tricours I'm in! 8y
ramblingsofareader 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 8y
WanderingBookaneer Count me in! 8y
rachelm I'm in! 8y
gibblr No way I'm making gold, but I could aim for bronze...👍🏼 8y
Eyelit I'm in! Sounds like a fun challenge. 😃 8y
TNbooklover66 Count me in. 8y
sprainedbrain I'm always up for a challenge! 8y
Pandyfish Sounds awesome!! 8y
ScrappyMags Does a cookbook count as a "short novel "? 8y
QueenAnne This sounds amazing! I'm in! 8y
lisakoby I'm in...sounds fun! 8y
LilMamaMastro No medals for real sportsing ? so I'm in! (Some smarta** put a "Senior Games" gold at my station where I was completing wrestling brackets once, though ?) 8y
bookishbunny Count me in! 8y
BookishMarginalia Sounds great! Unfortunately, I'm back at school already, and planning, meetings, grading, and other such activities are taking my time and energy. So I'll be cheering you guys on instead! 8y
intothehallofbooks Sounds like fun!! 8y
Chessa Fun! I'm game. 8y
StephBengtson Awesome!! 8y
ReviewsandReadathons Sounds like an interesting challenge! 8y
Librarianaut Let's do it!! 8y
BekahB I always up for a challenge that motivates me to squeeze in more books! 😀 8y
WanderingBookaneer Today, Puerto Rican tennis player Mónica Puig is playing for silver or gold. No matter what she wins, she will be the first Puerto Rican female playing for the Puerto Rican delegation to win an Olympic medal. When I first read this I thought I'd go for bronze. I have now decided to match Mónica's medal. ???? #PicaPower 8y
Karen3 Sounds totally fun! I'm in. 8y
brendanmleonard I'm in! 8y
RealLifeReading That's so fun! Singapore (where I'm from) just won its first ever gold medal (in the 100m butterfly) so I'm gonna aim for gold! 8y
NovelGirl82 I was so happy for him @RealLifeReading!! That was an amazing race!! 8y
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Life of Pi | Yann Martel
post image

For today's #augustphotochallenge we need you to show us your #bookstacks.

80 likes7 stack adds
post image

It's time to share your #favsiblings for #day12 of the #augustphotochallenge! So who will it be? Maybe, the Weasly siblings from Harry Potter, Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games or some favourite siblings from your childhood like Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley?

Jensol77 Christina, Pepper & Vivian Schulyer 8y
ScrappyMags Omg SVH was my THANG!!!!! Lol! 8y
intothehallofbooks I love the prompt today!!! And I love reading everyone's choices, so fun! 8y
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post image

I saw this and just had to share it with my fellow Litsians. Thank you once again for all the participation and support. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the club or something you'd like to change let me know. If you have any questions based on our reads that you would like to see in the daily question section send me an email at spinecrackersonlitsy@gmail.com

Cinfhen HaHa💕excellent! 8y
Laura317 But we've got a name like a gang! Spine crackers! You mean this isn't a gang? 🙃 8y
Pinkmeghan Yesssssss!!! 8y
See All 13 Comments
jpmcwisemorgan I thought this was a gang. You mean it's not? 😉 8y
Mayread @Laura317 Now I REALLY want a bedazzled jacket that has *Spine Cracker* set in rhinestones above the the image of an open book. 8y
Laura317 @Skiles Me too! That would be AWESOME!!! 8y
katedensen When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way...wait, what? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Haha I am cracking up at all your responses. @Skiles I think a jacket like that should be arranged. 8y
UwannaPublishme @Skiles I would sooo wear that jacket or even a t-shirt 👍🏻😊. 8y
Laalaleighh 😂😂😂 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub I think we need a jacket, shirt, mug and bag 📖 8y
cuiuup Yes yes yes! To all of this! 8y
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The Making of Donald Trump | David Cay Johnston
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Today's theme for the #augustphotochallenge is #politicsandbooks! I'm not really sure if I have any books based on politics . I'll maybe have to dig for an odd one. Hopefully my fellow Spinecrackers are more interested in to this topic.

OSChamberlain I'll have to dig but I think I can find one! 8y
BookishFeminist Whoo boy I have shelves of these. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @BookishFeminist that great news! It means I can maybe get some good recommendations and start reading about politics. 8y
See All 7 Comments
Laalaleighh Using this as as inspiration to start my most recent Noam Chomsky acquisition today! 8y
Biljana I have many of these, can I post more than one? 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Biljana of course. Post as many as you like. Hmm... Then I can get some more recommendations 🤔 8y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @BookishFeminist Can't wait to see all those political books! 8y
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
post image

Now that the time has come for our new book of the month, we need to rate A Man Called Ove! I'd like to do the same as what we did for Fahrenheit 451. So basically all members just give their rating of the books and a short review. The general review score will be awarded and the best review by a member according to the score will be added as well.

BookBabe I rated it a pick! 😊🤘🏻 8y
PetuniaCraftyKneecaps I loved this book! I gave it a pick 8y
Eridau 💗💗 definitely a pick! 8y
See All 16 Comments
Cinfhen Total pick 🌟 8y
elkeOriginal You want real reviews, not just comments, correct? I stupidly posted a blurb when I finished it so just added a review so I could officially click it a Pick🤘🏻 8y
OneLitChick A perfect pick. Enjoyed this lovely book! 8y
GinaAnderson This was a pick for me. 8y
cuiuup So-so. Lovely book, but not for me. 8y
WanderingBookaneer Pick! Ove joins the ranks of old men who stole my hearts. Others include Harold Fry & 8y
bedandabook Top pick. One of the most delightful, funny, heart-warming books I have ever read. I loved and empathised with Ove more and more with every page. A book that will stay with me forever. 8y
Karkar Pick pick pick. I fell in love with Ove 8y
Keegz63 Ok maybe I'm doing this wrong but here's the review I posted and tagged (in case you missed it lol) : It's a pick! Really really funny! A happy little story about an unhappy little man. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good summer read with a little something extra. I'm super critical of most new contemporary fiction. I'm often left feeling let down. This book delivered! 8y
Cathleennh Ok, I am jumping into this process - tell me if I am getting it wrong. Loved the book. Very charming. A pick for sure 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @elkeo @Keegz63 @Cathleennh Please keep in writing your own reviews and tagging the club. I just usually add an additional review from the club's general opinion of the book once we're done. I don't want to do the review just from my opinion on the club's profile because that doesn't seem fair. 8y
Keegz63 @TheSpinecrackersBookClub ok makes sense. Ty for clarifying! 8y
tpixie @TheSpinecrackersBookClub an old curmudgeon with a big heart- don't let him tell you otherwise! One of the best books of the year. Fredrick Bachman has become my newest favorite author! 8y
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Jane Steele | Lyndsay Faye
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Spinecrackers, due to all the excitement involved with the #augustphotochallenge I almost completely forgot that today is the 10th of August! You know what that means, right? It means it's time to start reading our book of the month Jane Steele. Also remember we're still busy with our classic, Frankenstein. Remember to tag the club in any of your blurbs of quotes. Will be posting daily discussion questions soon on Frankenstein 🤖

elkeOriginal There is a lot going on for you to keep track of! Yay for Jane Steele!! 8y
TheLondonBookworm 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍👍👍 8y
Bookworm54 I feel like I should have joined you guys earlier for Frankenstein! 8y
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OriginalCyn620 I just might jump in and read Jane Steele with you guys! I've heard good things. 👍🏻 8y
Stephtck I just downloaded this from audible :) 8y
Suzze I'm in, just checked the library and Jane Steele is in! 8y
annahenke Loved this book! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @Bookworm54 you are still more than welcome to join us. We only start reading a new book on the 1st of September. I'll be starting questions on Monday and I usually just start with general questions. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @CynthiaF.Buck definitely join us! 8y
daena Just picked up my copy from the library! Looking forward to reading this with everyone! 8y
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Chilled | Kendra Elliot
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Today marks the 10th day of our #augustphotochallenge and today's theme is #laidbackbooks. So if you are picturing yourself at the beach today instead of at work (work only gets in the way of reading anyway) what book are you picturing in your hands?

Reese_Pearly.Pages Hmmm.. Probably Dark Matter or The Luminaries. 8y
MrBook Gibbons' "The Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire". .....j/k. Maybe Aziz Anzari. 8y
Biljana @MrBook I studied Latin and Ancient Greek a century ago and Gibbon is one of these 'referral' books when it comes to history of Rome - got a Q, check Gibbon :). LOVE-IT 🏆 8y
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Biljana Stieg Larsson Trilogy or anything Maalouf 8y
MrBook @Biljana ???????! Love it! I downloaded it to my Audible queue. Guess how long it is. Ready for this? 144.5 hours!!!! Things that make you go ? then *blink blink* then ?... *nervous cough* then ? then ? then ? then ? then ? then ? then exclaim "Giggity Giggity!" ???? 8y
Biljana @MrBook 😂😂😂 reads about right 😁 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @MrBook I love your reaction to the audiobook!! 8y
MrBook 😎👍🏻 8y
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I'm not sure if there is a camera lense large enough to photograph a bibliophile's #alltimefavebooks for the #augustphotochallenge but let's see what the Litsians come up with!

Alisnazzy This month has been made so much fun with this book challenge. Thank you for putting it together!!! ☺️☺️☺️ 8y
WordWaller Oh I had to think about this one ahead of time and come prepared ;) 8y
LeahBergen This makes me anxious. 😂 8y
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BookBabe Ditto what @Ambrosnazzy said! Thank you, you're awesome! 😄👏🏻 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Pleasure all!! I've so enjoyed all the participation and "meeting" new book lovers. Hopefully we'll get to do this again next month. ? 8y
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Yes Please | Amy Poehler
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Today's theme will hopefully make your Monday feel a bit less dull. Coming up on #augustphotochallenge for #day8 is books that made you smile. I realized that I mostly have serious books so looking forward to adding a few suggestions to my stack.

TheLondonBookworm Just coming to the realisation that I read barely any happy books! 8y
LDavisMunro I am reading this right now and it is definitely making me smile! 8y
RealLifeReading Yes Please was such a fun audiobook! It had Kathleen Turner, Patrick Stewart, Carol Burnett and more! 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @RealLifeReading I also listened to the audiobook. It was so funny! I enjoyed every second. 8y
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Frankenstein (Revised) | Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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Spinecrackers, I'm overwhelmed by the interest in this challenge and I'm having so much fun every day with all your interesting picks and pics 😋 I though it may be wise to post this every week so you don't have to scroll through all the posts each day to see the theme for the day. If you haven't joined us yet feel free to jump in anytime! Remember our current classic read is Frankenstein and on the 10th we'll start with Jane Steele.

Pinkmeghan Thanks for hosting! It's been so much fun so far, can't wait to see what everyone else chooses every day! 8y
Gonerogue This is super helpful, thanks! :D 8y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I did a screen grab to my photos so I can look there and plan my photo! 😎 8y
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Lizpixie I'm having a ball with this, it's making me rethink about why I love the books I do, and that's a very good thing. It reignites my love & passion for my favourite stories & that's fantastic. Thank you all so much for the chance to re acquaint myself with the books that have touched & shaped my life. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Pleasure everyone. Yes I jump out of bed every morning and start planning my photo. 8y
intothehallofbooks Loving this every day @TheSpinecrackersBookClub, thanks so much! 😀 8y
Onioons Thanks @TheSpinecrackersBookClub, it's been fun to see everyone's choices 😊 8y
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We're officially almost done with our first week of the #augustphotochallenge! Today is #day7 and our theme is #favbookishfriendships. When I think of bookish friendships Frodo and Sam immediately come to mind as well Pooh bear and all his friends. So, who is your favourite friendship?

RealLifeReading Ah Winnie the Pooh! Indeed! 8y
katedensen Winnie the Pooh = ❤️ 8y
Brodytoad Charlotte and Wilbur 🕷🕸🐖 8y
Keegz63 Calvin and Hobbs! 8y
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Of Mice and Men | Steinbeck
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Hmm...todays challenge may be a bit tricky...show us your #minimalisticcovers for the #augustphotochallenge

OSChamberlain Shouldn't be for me. I looooove minimalistic covers. 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @OSChamberlain only one pops up into my mind if I think about my shelves but maybe I should go have a closer look. 🤔 8y
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This month's classic of the month is Frankenstein! So I found it quite fitting to share this on this fabulous Friday!

TheLondonBookworm 😂😂😂 Brilliant 8y
Elisa 👏🏼👏🏼😄😄 8y
Laura317 😂😂😂 That is fantastic!! 8y
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Blair_Reads Hahahahaha I love that!! 8y
Chrys Lol 😂😂😂 8y
LitsyGoesPostal 😂👍🏻 8y
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One Magical Sunday: (But Winning Isn't Everything) | Phil Mickelson, Donald T. Phillips
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We're in to #day5 of the #augustphotochallenge! Today's theme is #booksandsports. Being a girl that typically refers to any kind of sport activity as "sportsing" I only read books on golf. Thus for this challenge I'll have to steal a bit of the boyfriend's books for a photo. So show me your sportsing books!

TheSpinecrackersBookClub By the way I am also competing in the #augustphotochallenge via my personal profile @Jellybeanbon I should have maybe mention this earlier. 8y
LauraBeth Sportsing 😂😂 8y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @LauraBeth it works everytime. Will there be sportsing on the TV this weekend? Oh look at how good that guy is at sportsing! People will be competing in sportsing in the sportsing thing that will take place in Brazil 😉 You see? 8y
Joriebooks I've never heard the term sportsing before, I love it and will use it now. 8y
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Today is #day4 of the #augustphotochallenge and our theme is #bookishsquads. According to the definition a squad is "a small group of people having a particular task". This is quite a tricky challenge and I'm excited to see what our members come up with! The perfect example for me of a bookish squad would be Dumdledore's Army. I think when it comes to a bookish squad you must be left feeling that you wish you were part of this amazing gang.

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