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The Siren | Katherine St. John
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if you loved The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo and would like more of that but with a slightly darker tone, some light thriller elements, a tropical location, and a contemporary setting- this might be your perfect summer read

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The Siren | Katherine St. John
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a reading rainbow

BarbaraBB Good to see you back 🤍🤍 3y
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Trigger warning: all of them

This is not about partisan politics for me, some people seem to think I‘m holding a personal grudge- I‘m not. This is about a person who gleefully jokes about racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist views pretending to be someone he‘s not. I was just trying to be subtle and not to go for the jugular. But, here‘s your receipts. You would have been shocked enough to screenshot too. People deserve to know.

Laalaleighh You might have to screenshot to zoom in. Fitting so much in a square wasn‘t easy. It‘s just a small sample of what I‘ve seen though. 4y
MeganAnn ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I admire your bravery, Laura! 4y
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LiteraryinLawrence Thanks, Laura. Your posts help me recognize some people who I would do better not to follow. Sorry for all the pushback you‘re getting. 4y
TrishB I am saddened by this and I feel a bit of a fool. ♥️♥️ (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh @TrishB I‘m so sorry to have made you sad. I really didn‘t want to hurt anyone. I just couldn‘t stay silent about it any longer. But I hope you are okay and if you need to talk to someone about the disappointment I‘m here ❤️ 4y
Laalaleighh @LiteraryinLititz thank you ❤️ it‘s okay I knew this might happen. 4y
TrishB You haven‘t made me sad, the person posting these has. ♥️♥️stay strong. 4y
Laalaleighh @TrishB thank you love ❤️ still sorry to be the bearer of sad news ❤️❤️ 4y
LauraBeth @Laalaleighh was one of my first Litsy friends and I was so saddened when she left here a while back and now I know why. I‘ve unfollowed mrbook after seeing these screenshots as he clearly is presenting himself one way in his “real” life and a completely different way over here. I never see him post any book reviews so I‘m not sure what he gains from this community - 4y
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth ❤️you 4y
kylienoele I‘m sure this wasn‘t easy to do, but thank you! Really eye-opening. 💖 4y
Reagan @kylienoele very eye opening. Thank you for posting @Laalaleighh 4y
umbrellagirl Just wow. Thank you for sharing. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB these aren‘t jokes. It‘s sad you see them as jokes. 4y
vivastory @EadieB These aren't jokes. He's showing who he is. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB he‘s been mentioning Trump for years that was not the catalyst. It was downplaying the terrorism. He‘s not my friend. I don‘t associate with people that are casually racist, misogynist, homophobic or transphobic if I can help it. It says more about you that you think all of the above is acceptable than it does about me for thinking people deserve to know he thinks that way. See past the trump factor, this is about character. 4y
Laalaleighh I mean oh no I‘m terrible and mean to a person that participates in a space with people with marginalized identities and uses a shared love of reading to implicitly imply he is an ally to those people but literally shows disdain about their identities very existence on platforms elsewhere. And I think people have a right to know who they are truly safe with and who they aren‘t. And should have the info needed to decide for themselves. 4y
Laalaleighh If that makes me mean and nasty so be it. I didn‘t cancel anyone. I posted his own posts- the end. And honestly maybe just say racism and transphobia doesn‘t bother with you with your chest and go because posting someone else‘s words that they wrote doesn‘t make them low character. Looking the other way when people show their bigotry is low character. @EadieB 4y
Jas16 If someone came to me tomorrow and told me that one of my “real life” friends told jokes that were racist or transphobic or in any way bigoted I would no longer be able to count that person as a friend. I don‘t see why that would be any different on Litsy. It is not political to find hate abhorrent. 4y
Laalaleighh @jas16 exactly- hate is hate. Really well put: thank you 💙 (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh Well I don‘t have to label you with any other “crazy liberal term” @EadieB , you just outed yourself. Have a good night. (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB yeah. You are. With your own words. Anyone who reads them will know how you really feel. Go wherever makes you comfortable. I don‘t think we have much more to say here. Have a nice night. 4y
sprainedbrain Love you, Laura! 💙 4y
Laalaleighh @sprainedbrain 🥰 love you too, Jenni!!! 💖✨ 4y
batsy I feel the same as @TrishB as I had no idea. ❤️ to you. 4y
Reviewsbylola I feel very similar to @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I feel like Litsy is such an insulated place and that‘s why I LOVE it. We all add something different to the mix and it‘s very easy (usually) to avoid politics and discussions like this. I have plenty of people that I disagree with on FB and I either choose to ignore them or call them out as a see fit. I‘m wondering @Laalaleighh if you actually have a discussion with Jason on these topics when he 4y
Reviewsbylola posts them. I think the reaction to take screen shots and share them as opposed to having an actual discourse with Jason on FB is kind of strange. 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola for the record I attempted a long time ago through discourse on fb comments under posts to share my concerns and I have many people that also were on litsy that can attest to that. It‘s not something I did rashly. He just let his guy friends in fraternal society do all the bashing and defending and he just sat back quietly and liked everyone‘s comments in the name of “healthy debate” I eventually gave up and just mostly quit litsy. (edited) 4y
Reviewsbylola Yeah, I mean it‘s not a good look for him. I just don‘t understand why that equates to quitting litsy. Wouldn‘t it make more sense to unfriend him on FB and unfollow him on Litsy? I feel like the nice thing about Litsy is that if there‘s someone you don‘t mesh with well you can easily engage in the community without having to be involved with that particular person. 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola I totally understand where you are coming from- the difference is that I was in the very first litsy goes postal group that he organized- I‘m not going to speak for anyone else here- but at the time I quit I was much more enmeshed with him and his world than the average litsy user and he was a very large presence on the site. I couldn‘t just unfollow him as he had been-jokingly or not- ordained “the mayor of litsy” 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola and he was involved in so much - including with people I really like and respect- that there was no way to untangle litsy from his presence. And seeing him have such an outsized presence in a group of mostly women and women that care about many social issues deeply when I knew how he expressed himself off site- it was too upsetting and frustrating for me to handle- So I just engaged less and less. I hope that makes sense? 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Reviewsbylola I totally agree... (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I wasn‘t spreading hate or bigotry, I was attempting to expose it. 4y
vivastory We present ourselves differently. Yet we have core values. What @laalaleigh posted was unknown to me as I have never had a FB profile. Had I known I would have not followed this individual & engaged over the years. I've been on Litsy for a little over 4 years & on twitter & goodreads for the same time. There is nothing on there that you could screenshot & post that would embarrass me.. Some of what was posted above could very very generously be (edited) 4y
vivastory construed as a joke, the rest are clearly labeled as observations. I don't need to enumerate the problematic memes, nor do I find any of them humorous & I don't want to “cancel“ someone. I do appreciate the transparency though. Again, there is nothing you could find on my other social media that you could screen shot that would run counter to the person that I hope that people know I am. The disconnect here is alarming. (edited) 4y
Reviewsbylola I completely agree @vivastory, I feel the same way about my own social media presence. I counted @Laalaleighh as someone I really looked forward to hearing from on Litsy and I think it‘s unfortunate that she is no longer present on here because of her feelings toward Jason. I think Litsy is what we make it, and I personally have not had a problem at all with disengaging from people (one person in particular comes to mind) that have been negative. 4y
Reviewsbylola And in response to your recent comments @Laalaleighh I hope that you‘ll return to Litsy now that some time has passed. I think if you were to block Jason maybe you would be able to find joy in the community again because the good so outweighs the bad. 4y
vivastory @Reviewsbylola *insert standing applause gif* 👍 4y
Laalaleighh @vivastory it was exactly the disconnect that made it when more egregious to me. There is nothing on any of my social media I wouldn‘t stand by everywhere. People deserve to know who they are associating with and befriending and letting into their life in whatever way social media friendship allows. 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola it has been some time and I have missed litsy terribly. I feel conflicted in leaving for such a long time because of my inability to separate disentangle litsy from one person- returning and exposing said person- and then picking back up again like nothing happened. I didn‘t do this to make litsy comfortable for me. I did it because in the wake of the terrorist event last week- these sorts of views are more and more alarming and 4y
vivastory @Laalaleighh I agree & I sincerely appreciate the transparency, but I wouldn't let him ruin Litsy for you now. I understand why it was difficult before, but I'd say Litsy has a lot more people to interact with now. As @Reviewsbylola said, you can unfollow or block him. 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola in the world we live in now people deserve to know the truth about people. If said person hadn‘t downplayed the terrorist event and compared it to protests for racial justice I would not have done this. However this platform cares deeply about racial justice and marginalized identities and last week taught me that when people show you who they are, believe them, don‘t give them the benefit of the doubt. 4y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola it‘s a privilege to give him the benefit of the doubt -because his views don‘t apply to me or my identity directly. and I know people have literally deleted their profile and created new ones with new names because of him or also left litsy altogether. I feel like a ton of regular people took their masks off and showed us their true self and going forward I can‘t in good conscience help people stay masked if I know otherwise 4y
Laalaleighh @vivastory @Reviewsbylola it means a lot to me that you want me to come back and I probably will. It wasn‘t an easy decision for me to make to do what I did because I care deeply about people and never want to be a source of deep pain to anyone. But like I said- last week taught me to put the concern of the collective over the concern of individuals and their comfort. (edited) 4y
TheKidUpstairs Hi Laura 👋 I haven't seen your posts on here for quite some time, but I remember you from my earlier days on Litsy. I always appreciated your openness and honesty, and I know you would have put a lot of thought into posting these things here. I just wanted to say thank you, and I appreciate you. I am happy to follow someone who i disagree with politically, but certain things go beyond disagreement to a place where I can not trust, condone, or 👇 3y
TheKidUpstairs ... respect. This is not "humour", it is painful and quite frankly dangerous (to be clear, i mean the things he has posted, not what you've said!). I am glad to know when people think like this, and I can understand why you'd stay away from Litsy because of it. Even if these things aren't posted here, knowing someone feels this way can make a space feel unsafe. But I do hope that you come back and post more, it will be nice to have you back! 3y
TheKidUpstairs (Ugh, I think the second part of my comment just disappeared into internet purgatory. I'll try again, sorry if it repeats!) 3y
TheKidUpstairs (Oops, nope, it's there! I'll stop bombarding your notifications now 💗) 3y
Laalaleighh @TheKidUpstairs thank you- I really appreciate you taking the time to make this comment. I did put a lot of thought into it and held off for years but as the reality of how people can turn dangerous thinking into harmful actions sinks in more and more I felt that to continue to stay quiet would almost make me complicit. Thank you for the support. It‘s always hard to a gauge whether you are doing the right thing- so I truly appreciate it 💙 3y
elkeOriginal Sorry I am late to this as I too was on a hiatus from Litsy. It made me sad to see Litsy friends hoodwinked by this person who was clearly here for the likes and not contributing meaningful content or a single book review. Authenticity is vital and calling out such insidious, two-faced behavior is important work - you made Litsy a safer place! 👏🏻👏🏻 (edited) 3y
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I‘ve spent 3 years convincing myself not to do this because this community seems to be one of the few sources of fulfillment in his life but oh well.
This person who you all know and probably admire is a trump apologist and this person‘s politics is the reason I left litsy- because I couldn‘t stand to watch a man gain renown and leadership in a group of women when he actively and gleefully derides everything most of them stand for. Now you know.

Elizabeth2 This is not okay. I can‘t put into words how wrong this is. It is so sad that you felt a need to call someone out in this manner. I guess all I can say is aren‘t you the lucky one that right now you are in the majority. Put the shoe on the other foot. Those that talk about tyranny, about totalitarian and authoritarian rule - tyrants and dictators do not get censored. The ones doing the censoring are the dictators and tyrants. 4y
Bookwormjillk I don‘t agree with him at all, but I also don‘t think that you should have posted this. As far as I know he has never posted anything like this on Litsy so what is the point? Give people here enough credit that we‘ll read and make up our own minds, not be swayed by someone who happens to have a lot of litfluence. 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve been thinking all morning about this post. I‘m just very bothered by it. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and views and shouldn‘t be judged for them. I have so many friends on here and I have never even thought about what their political views are and I would never base a friendship on that. Why is it ok for some people to post their political beliefs, but not ok for others? Jason has always been a positive presence on Litsy. @MrBook 4y
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Reecaspieces Why would you even post this. This is just political agenda. He never posted this here. YOU did! It is his opinion. You don‘t have to agree with it. And you don‘t have to be mean and post this. He always just has bookish posts here. He never post his politics on this social media. 4y
Reecaspieces @EadieB 👏👏👏 4y
Reecaspieces @Elizabeth2 👏👏👏 4y
Laalaleighh It‘s not stalking- when racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, etc. posts show up in my Facebook news feed I‘ve screenshot them. I didn‘t go seeking them out. I screen shot everything I see that makes me pause and think- good or bad- there‘s 32k screenshots on my phone and I‘ve had my phone for 3 years- hence... 3 years of posts that shocked me so much I screenshot them. If someone is going to be called the Mayor of Litsy... (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh then maybe they should be held to a higher standard than the average user? I know so many women that quit this site Bc they couldn‘t handle him talking about books dealing with the lives experiences of people of color or LGBTQIA etc when they knew what he and his friends said and joked about in other places. (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh Furthermore- it was the way he downplayed the terrorist attack on the US Capitol as being less than what it was through posts like the ones above that finally broke me. We no longer live in a world where we can be polite about political “opinions”. People just tried to kidnap and murder congress to stop a peaceful transition of power and they are still organizing more violence online as we speak. Anyone that wants to compare that to any other ... (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh form of protest or downplay the absolute treasonous severity of it- isn‘t merely exercising their politics. He‘s “The Mayor of Litsy” and this site is full of people whose identities and beliefs he gleefully derides that innocently interact with and trust him. You wanna be mayor of a place full of people that care about racial justice and are afraid of creeping fascism??? People deserve to know your publicly stated views on said topics. (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh If nothing I posted was horrific and it‘s just a political opinion then there should be no problem with me posting it. You could post anything I‘ve ever written (and I write a lot) about my views and beliefs on any public forum and I would have zero issue with it because I stand by what I say and I‘m the same person everywhere. I didn‘t post anything truly heinous because I wanted to be sensitive to what anyone of any identity might see. 4y
BeansPage Wow! This post is absolutely disgusting. Litsy is supposed to be a place about books not politics. This app has never been for or against anyone in the political arena. We all have our views and that is fine. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Jason having his own views on politics. And the fact that you are trying to slander somebody else in some sort of smear campaign is dispicable. 4y
BeansPage Do you feel better? Do you feel superior? I sincerely hope so. This post is vicious and malicious and shows us just how much of an empty person you really are. 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Laalaleighh The posts wouldn‘t show up in your newsfeed had YOU not requested to be HIS friend on Facebook. I know that he told you that he posts political and religious beliefs that everyone may not agree with and that you said you were “very tolerant.” Why stalk him and over 30k photos?! That is unbelievable 😳 4y
Rebellioustacos I have kept quiet on Litsy for some time, even changed my handle because of him. He has ruined a book club I‘m in and has hurt many friends on and off Litsy with his words and actions. I believe that Laala posted this as a warning to tread lightly when it comes to him. He may seem charming, but he is very misogynistic once you get to know the true him. 4y
Laalaleighh @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks that‘s a misunderstanding- I have 30k screenshots of like- everything I see anywhere. I take a ton of screenshots, words, art, photos, books I want to check out later etc. I don‘t have 30k screenshots of him lol. I just have 3 years worth of things that shocked me so much I automatically screenshot them. I haven‘t counted them but maybe like 50-60? Over 3 years? On this phone. That I took with no agenda. 4y
Laalaleighh @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks yeah I did say I could handle his politics 3 years ago when he was someone that was directly before me in a book postal group and I had to text on the regular and liked him as a person and then I spent a long tome trying to engage with them and understand but his boys club ruthlessly respond to women that don‘t agree with them and he just stands back and silently approves. And over time I found his two different... 4y
Laalaleighh @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks personalities too reprehensible to continue to interact and it ruined litsy for me. And once again I didn‘t stalk him. I don‘t have 30k photos of him. I have 30k screenshots on my phone of everything I have screenshot everywhere in 3 years -most of it is pictures to paint or books to read or articles to remember. I have like maybe 50 screenshots from 3 years of posts showing up in my newsfeed. That‘s not stalking. 4y
Laalaleighh @Rebellioustacos I‘m so sorry you had that experience. I no longer participate in this site really- but it‘s people like you that I know have been hurt by interactions with him that are the reason I posted this. It‘s just a warning for other people who might not want to open themselves up to someone that seems harmless when so many people have actually felt harmed. I don‘t mind being the person that takes the heat. Someone had to call it out. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB I actually don‘t want the attention. I‘m not trying to hurt him. I just think that this platform is full of people that inhabit identities and experiences that deserve to know who he is so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to trust him. Obviously anyone that doesn‘t feel an issue with his publicly stated views will continue to interact. I just know too many people who got hurt before they found out the truth 4y
Laalaleighh I stayed friends with him long after I knew his politics. I even debated him all the time and didn‘t mind. It‘s the way I saw them evolve over the past four years and the people I‘ve seen hurt that changed how I saw him. Not everything is done to hurt someone or for attention. Sometimes truth just deserves to be brought to light when people have an outsized influence on a community. That‘s all. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB I have warned people I know - but I don‘t know everyone. Like I said. Anyone that doesn‘t feel like what I posted is a big deal will continue to associate and the people that do have issues with it and what it implies will be forewarned and avoid possibly getting hurt. I would direct you to @Rebellioustacos comment to see that hurt has happened to multiple people and it has ruined this app for many. I‘m not doing this maliciously. 4y
Laalaleighh Also sorry that downplaying a terrorist attack and attempted coup on our seat of government by white supremacists and people in camp auschwitz sweatshirts and 6 million not enough shirts and others who organized with the full intention to kidnap and murder our legislative branch was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back for me- but it was. (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB respectfully you don‘t know how he‘s hurt other people and if this is harmless politics than it shouldn‘t hurt him. I‘m not a malicious person. This is to protect people. And you don‘t have to deliberately hurt people to hurt them. If someone trusts you and then finds out you support things that invalidate their identity or their fight for fairness and justice- that‘s harm. (edited) 4y
Laalaleighh Also sorry that downplaying a terrorist attack and attempted coup on our seat of government by white supremacists and people in camp auschwitz sweatshirts and 6 million not enough shirts and others who organized with the full intention to kidnap and murder our legislative branch was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back for me- but it was. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB they broke into our Capitol with zipties to take hostages and shot into the chambers of congress and brought IEDS and napalm and erected gallows to hang the VP and the trump appointed pentagon staff slowplayed the relief from the guard and some of the Capitol police let them in and they bludgeoned an officer to death and stole confidential info and smeared feces in the rotunda and had an armed stand off with secret service... 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB and trump told them to March on the Capitol said you don‘t take back your country without strength- had people speaking telling them to kick ass- his personal lawyer called for the vp to be executed he refused to send the guard so pence had to do it and he watched it on tv while his vp coordinated the rescue response and then he told the people they were very special and he loved them! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Laalaleighh I prefer to have masks off. I take personal integrity very seriously. I‘m frustrated that a handful of people hijack posts in my safe litsy space and spew tolerance for hate. I equate it to people who consider some white supremicists to be fine people. Agree to disagree does not work if I‘m agreeing to someone‘s right to oppress and marginalize others. 4y
Chrissyreadit I wish you would post more, just block more liberally. 4y
Laalaleighh Sorry I don‘t give treason the benefit of the doubt. There‘s also tapes where trump admits to bob Woodward he purposely downplayed covid - he thought it would only hurt democratic areas- he didn‘t want to incite panic, etc. His friends and family also used their knowledge of the pandemic to buy and sell stock and body bags and coffins. But that‘s irrelevant. I don‘t blame him- I think if you downplay treason and terrorism people deserve to know 4y
Laalaleighh @Chrissyreadit thank you - I agree. And maybe I will. 💙 4y
Laalaleighh I also take personal integrity seriously @Chrissyreadit and that‘s why I finally made this post. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB the 6 million was in reference to the people that wore shirts saying 6MNE (6 million not enough) - referring to Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust - not a number of people who organized the Capitol attack. And the Capitol not being protected when trump fired the or made to resign the top 5 spots at the pentagon post election sounds more like a coordinated coup than an attempt to embarrass trump. 4y
Laalaleighh Also I never said all Trump supporters are white supremacists @EadieB - but white supremacy is not a deal breaker for them and apparently neither is attempted overthrow of government. 4y
Elizabeth2 @Laalaleighh where are your sources for the above information about what happened at the Capitol? I have not heard many of the things you mentioned. 4y
Laalaleighh @elizabeth2 which are you referring to? I will happily give you sources to anything specific you want. 4y
Laalaleighh @EadieB which comments? As I said I‘m happy to give sources. 4y
Amandajoy I debated whether or not to respond to this, whether my two cents meant anything. I try to be careful about political posts for a variety of reasons, but there is a difference between political arguments & intolerance. I see a lot of the later lately. I‘m not a fan of “cancel culture”, because I do believe people deserve a chance to do better. But I also think there are some things that aren‘t up for debate. ⬇️ 4y
Amandajoy I don‘t have to be tolerant when someone tries to tell me what I‘ve seen with my own eyes is not true or when they are reciting conspiracy theories or when their views are misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or otherwise intolerant. I sometimes think learning someone‘s views can taint your image of them, but I also think you get to choose what you will and will not tolerate. ⬇️ 4y
Amandajoy Thank you for your post. While it forced me to wrestle with uncomfortable feelings (sometimes my inner people pleaser is frustrating), it also helped me decide the types of people I do and do not want to support. (Sorry, didn‘t realize that was so long.) 4y
Laalaleighh @Amandajoy thank you. You understand my motivation. 4y
Laalaleighh To everyone else: @EadieB @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Reecaspieces @Elizabeth2 @SumisBooks please see my most recent post and if you still think I‘m horrible and empty and malicious and whatever else you are entitled to your opinion. But I think people deserve to know 4y
Amandajoy I do, and I appreciate it. 4y
elkeOriginal Thank you for bringing visibility to the issue. I find it admirable that you stand by your post and feelings when clearly others have deleted their comments against you and your post. Stay strong. Keep shining a light on the shittiness and Litsy (and the world) will be better for it. 3y
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Beirut, Beirut | sonallah ibrahim
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https://gf.me/u/ypnvs4 Hi friends, one of my best friends has family in Beirut, Lebanon that lost their home, car, and source of income (he is a fisherman and his boat was destroyed) in the explosion last Tuesday. They are currently living in a tent with their two young daughters surviving on limited food and water. We put together this go fund me to help. Would you please consider donating, even $5 is helpful. And if not could you help me share?

Laalaleighh Thank y‘all so much. ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
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Whoah four years. 💕

JessClark78 Happy Litsyversary! 🎊📚🎉 4y
Jas16 Happy Litsyversary 🎉📚🙌🏽📖 4y
Suet624 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4y
sprainedbrain Happy Litsyversary to you! 🥳🥳🥳 4y
Avanders Wow! 🤯🤩🥰😘 4y
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Quarantine | Greg Egan
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1) Beach Read, The House in the Cerulean Sea, Wolf‘s Hall
2) RightNow-Heart of Flames by Nikki Pau Preto- more generally... The Raven Cycle
3) The bookstore in Harvard Square or Porter square.
4)Raven Boys
5)Hopefully Emma 🤞🏼
6)The Shadows Between Us, The Glass Hotel, The Library of Legends
7)The Thousandth Floor, Valente‘s Fairyland
8) A Tale for the Time Being
9) 77
10) 🏖
11) Cheaper by the Dozen
12) my lovely @Avanders tagged me

sprainedbrain Hiiiiii, Laura! Also, ❤️ Raven Cycle ❤️ 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 4y
Laalaleighh @sprainedbrain Jenni!!!!! Hi love!!! How have you been?? Also have you read 4y
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Anna K | Jenny Lee
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I skipped January #BOTM on both my accounts so I was able to get all 4 of these books for “free”. I was also eyeing Ink in the Blood and All The Stars And Teeth- but until BOTM starts posting detailed trigger warnings I‘m shying away from their dark fantasy picks. The Girl With The Louding Voice really intrigued me as well, so maybe next month! SO excited for Anna K! I squealed when I saw it!!! Also my choices seem to have two themes haha 😂

Keystone | Katie Delahanty
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Randomly popping in here to say this was a really fun book with a pretty original premise and more people should read it because I would like a sequel please.

Technological dystopia based around an incredibly plausible imagining of influencer culture replacing jobs when full automation kicks in and people themselves being listed on a social stock index PLUS secret resistance societies,spy school, thief training, code breaking, heists and cons.

Laalaleighh The thousandth floor series meets 1984 but make it social media based, meets white collar the tv show, meets national treasure- a very good intro book to an intriguing world set up that needs sequels. Only 72 reviews on goodreads which is a travesty. Fun quick read! 4y
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The Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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Laalaleighh ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
If the secret history and the magicians nephew and the spirit of the library of Alexandria had a baby in wonderland - and that baby was a book- this would be it.
(edited) 5y
Mimi28 Welcome back!! We missed you!! ❤️ 5y
Soubhiville Isn‘t it amazing? I loved it. 5y
Bookishlie And now based on that description I absolutely must read this!! 5y
CareBear I just finished it and it was beautiful but I‘m also like what did I just read? What did you think??? 5y
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Stone's Fall | Iain Pears
post image

Thirteen most favorite books of the decade✨

MarriedtoMrT Fixer! Yes. It would be on my list, too. 5y
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Fall of Angels | Barbara Cleverly
post image

Top 13 reads of 2019 -not a high number reading year, but a good one.

MallenNC I loved Red White and Royal Blue. I am excited to read American Royals. I got it for Christmas. 5y
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post image

The Golden Hour: A Novel | Beatriz Williams
post image

#botm Golden Hour is one of my 7 most anticipated of 2019. The man who abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee (and may or may not have been a nazi spy) and the woman frustrated by how she came so close to royalty but never managed to grasp it- the way they weave in and out of the Royal story- and how indelibly they changed the royal family- fascinate me. Not least for the abundance of conspiracies and dearth of fact about their lives.

catiewithac You won't regret Upheaval! 5y
Laalaleighh @catiewithac oooh yay!! That‘s exciting! Thank you! 5y
BarbaraBB Hi! Just checking in. Missing your posts. I hope all is well! 5y
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
post image

Logging onto litsy for the first time in (checks watch) FIVE? months to freak out and gush over how good this book is and how amazingly happy the reading experience was and how I smiled almost the whole time I read it and how the film rights have been optioned and it‘s gonna be amazing and I can‘t wait. My favorite read of 2019. I‘m bereft that it is over.

(For the record this is NOT YA, anymore than ACOTAR series should be, so be aware haha)

Ashley_Nicoletto I was JUST looking at your profile last week to see if I had just been missing your posts or if you had disappeared. Happy you‘re back! 5y
melrailey This one is on my list. It sounds wonderful.
Dragon I‘ve got a hold on at the library app but it‘s probably going to be six months before I get it. 😀🐉 5y
ChasingOm This is on my list of books to buy for our honeymoon in December. 😂😂😂 5y
Laalaleighh @Ashley_Nicoletto thanks girl!!! You‘re so sweet! Litsy got really@overwhelming for me for a while but I‘ve missed it! 5y
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post image

2018 Top nine.

squirrelbrain I have Rules of Civility and Little Fires Everywhere in my top 18 too! ❤️ 6y
Lizpixie Welcome back sweetie! Btw, just letting you know that book never showed up so if you sent it, it‘s gone missing in the #greatpostblackhole!🤷🏻‍♀️ 6y
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post image

In 2014 I set a reading challenge for 107 books a year. I read about 60. I kept the same challenge in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Never made it above 75. In 2018, I finally beat my reading challenge for the first time ever. 126 out of 107 books read! Definitely feels like the greatest accomplishment of the past four years!

Simona 👏👏👏Congratulations❣️🍾🥂 6y
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
sprainedbrain Awesome!! 🎉🎉🎉 6y
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The Ancient Nine: A Novel | Ian Smith, M.D.
post image

Say hello to the first book I‘m reading without a challenge to work towards in five years! I hope it‘s a good one!

CouronneDhiver Yay! Freedom is grand 😉😂 6y
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post image

And yet my TBR is still so massive...

But after four years of setting the same goal and failing every year, I finally did it! I feel like there should be some sort of award?

Now what am I supposed to do with these leftover three months? Read books that don‘t count towards a challenge? Is that even a real thing? Sounds fake?

ju.ca.no Congratulations😍🎉🏆🏆 6y
sudi Congrats 🎉🎉🎉👏👏 6y
Lovesbooks87 Yay! Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉 6y
See All 12 Comments
CrowCAH Woohoo congrats! 6y
sprainedbrain Hooray!!! 6y
MaureenMc 🍾🙌🎊 6y
Jas16 🙌🏽 6y
SilversReviews Congrats!! 6y
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf 👏👏🎉🎉 6y
hes7 Yay! 🎉 6y
ReadingSusan Yay!! You can always increase your challenge! 6y
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post image

Life has been so crazy and overwhelming in so many ways but I‘m so ridiculously excited to start my very last book of my 2018 reading challenge and my first book in my new apartment and new city. I love the serendipity and synchronicity of it all. It‘s just one of those things that feels right and makes you believe everything is going to turn out good. Thank you @ScorpioBookDreams for the ARC all the way from England. Im so glad we‘re friends 💙

ScorpioBookDreams Congratulations on the move! Hope you love the book 💕 6y
CouronneDhiver Welcome back! 👋🏽 6y
merelybookish Yay serendipity! ❤️ 6y
Avanders Congratulations!! I hope all is going happily and well 🤗💖💖💖 6y
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post image

Every damn day.

JSW Omg that first bullet. Or when they change the cover art mid series. 6y
julesG @JSW All the bullet points! 6y
Karkar Change the last one to movie tie-in additions and then I am all in! 6y
See All 6 Comments
Kimzey Yes, I‘m still grieving the loss of the library of Alexandria! 6y
Avanders Hey Chica - hope everything is ok!!💖💖 6y
LauraBeth Hey lady - I was just thinking about you - hope all is well ❤️ 6y
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The Colour of Magic | Terry Pratchett
post image

My bf (who barely reads) and I are reading through my favorite series by my favorite author together, and it was his idea. Pinch me, I think I‘m dreaming.

sprainedbrain Awwwwww ❤️ 6y
JennAndrew You should join the #ookbookclub! We‘re reading one Discworld novel a month and having a chat about it, it‘s awesome! We‘re reading Equal Rites now to discuss on June 7th, but you can join at any time ❤️ 6y
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The High Tide Club | Mary Kay Andrews
post image

Time for another brain break from Bonfire Of The Vanities. I‘ve never encountered a book that I need a mental break from every few chapters before. I can‘t figure out why, considering it‘s a very well written and incredibly absorbing book. But every hundred pages or so my brain feels like mush and I have to stop. I read Bleak House faster. Here‘s hoping some beachiness will be the perfect antidote.

Also, this is my first ever Mary Kay Andrews!

KateFulfordAuthor If you need a recommendation, may I point you to my People‘s Book Prize nominated debut for summer reading? A sassy female narrative, laugh out dialogue and a pacy plot. Check the link in the bio for 2 free chapters, reviews and more. 6y
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post image

Beyond in love with this cover reveal!

LibrarianJen 😍😍😍 6y
LauraBeth Squeeeeeee!!! 6y
sprainedbrain Same! 😍 6y
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A Fatal Waltz | Tasha Alexander
post image

Don‘t mind me, just casually obsessing over this series.

robinb I keep meaning to start this series...but keep forgetting....🙄😩😠🤷🏻‍♀️ 6y
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post image

Reviewsbylola I‘ve been wanting to read this for years! I finally bought a copy. 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage And Tom Wolfe passed away today. 😰 6y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola it is really quite Dickensian, if dickens wrote about late 20th century New York instead of 1800‘s London! I‘m enjoying it but had to take a brain break about 300 pages in. Will probably pick it back up tomorrow! (edited) 6y
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Laalaleighh @BarbaraTheBibliophage I know! It‘s so sad! That‘s why I finally took the 700 page plunge! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Laalaleighh How are you liking it so far? It‘s such a time capsule of the 1980s, isn‘t it? 6y
Laalaleighh @BarbaraTheBibliophage I just finished it! I really enjoyed it although I think the ending left me slightly wanting. I know literally nothing about the 80‘s so I can‘t comment on it as a time capsule, but the greater themes at large seemed like it could have been written today with just a few tweaks, I think. 6y
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This Side of Murder | Anna Lee Huber
post image

Golden milk and a book is my new night time ritual.

@robinb thank you for the recc all those months ago! I‘m loving this so far! ✨

robinb YAY!!!! I‘m so glad you‘re enjoying it! 😊👍 The second is due out in September. Were you already a Huber fan? 6y
Laalaleighh @robinb ‘twas a fantastic reccy! No thos is my first introduction to her but so far I‘m finding it delightful! Im so intrigued! (edited) 6y
robinb If you enjoy her writing, the Lady Darby series (there are 6 so far) is also very good. It‘s how I got started with her. Enjoy! 🙌 6y
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RadicalReader @Laalaleighh what‘s Golden Milk? 6y
Laalaleighh @RadicalReader it‘s one cup of the milk of your choice (I used coconut milk) with turmeric (1” grated, or 1/2 Tbsp dry), ginger, (1/2” grated, or 2tsp dry) (I use both fresh), a cinnamon stick, a few black peppercorns (to increase bioavailability) and some honey to taste, boil on the stove then simmer for 10 minutes. Like a thick creamy spicy chai. It‘s good for sleep, digestion, and has anti inflammatory properties. I love it. 6y
Lizpixie I might try this recipe! God knows I need help for all three of those issues!👍 6y
Avanders Mmmmmmmmm 🤤 golden milk sounds amazing. Must.... 6y
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The Giveaway Box | Michael Dostillio
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✨The seven randomly selected winners of my thousand follower giveaway! Y‘all shoot me an email with the subject “Litsy giveaway” to laalaleighh@gmail.com with your addresses so I can get your book choices and their companion books sent to you, please. Thanks to everyone who participated, you all chose such great books! This was so much fun I think I might do it again if/when I hit my reading goal for the year! Happy Sunday Littens!✨

Cinfhen Congrats all💕💕💕 6y
wanderinglynn Congrats everyone! 🎉👏🏻🎆🎇 6y
Wife Congratulations!🌹 6y
See All 19 Comments
Bookcation74 I‘m so excited! Thanks so much @Laalaleighh 6y
Avanders Whaaaaa?? Awesome! Thank you!!! 💖💖💖 6y
Dogearedcopy YAY! I‘m really excited too! THANK YOU! ❤️ 6y
asiriusreader Whaaaat??!!! YAAAY! Thank you so much!!!! I‘m psyched! 6y
Lizpixie Oh wow! Thank you so much! You, my friend, are awesome😎❤️❤️ 6y
andytbarnes Thanks and congrats to other winners! 🙌🏽 6y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola you‘re my new seventh winner! Email me laalaleighh@gmail.com 😘 6y
Reviewsbylola Omg thanks!! 6y
Lizpixie Hi sweetie, haven‘t seen you for awhile. Is everything ok?💕 6y
Laalaleighh @Lizpixie I just randomly logged on. I‘ve been pretty sick and in tons of pain/unable to eat on and off since mid summer. Just got an MRI back and looks like I‘m going to have to have surgery soon. Kind of freaked out. Thank you for checking on me. You‘re the sweetest. 6y
Lizpixie I‘m so sorry lovely! I know what it‘s like to be in pain every day, it sucks hard. Any kind of surgery is scary, and it‘s not gonna be easy but if it‘s what you need, I‘ll be praying that it goes smoothly for you. Rehab is a tough road to tread but if you have a great support structure, you‘ll get through. I don‘t know where I‘d be without my hubby. Sending much love your way❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Lizpixie @Laalaleighh just wanted to let you know lovely, the books never made it to me. Probably bloody AusPost again, so if you still have the tracking number, can I have it so I can chase it up with them? How are you feeling btw, is surgery going ahead? Or have you had it and are recovering? Sending much much love and healing energy your way.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Laalaleighh @Lizpixie I am locked out of my amazon account Bc it got hacked and I sent everything through there. Im kind of afraid a few others didn‘t get their books either Bc I haven‘t heard from them. I‘ll get it figured out and make up for the extra time it took. Just got to get them to let me back into my account. Which is surprisingly difficult. Bear with me love, so sorry. 6y
Lizpixie @Laalaleighh no worries sweetie. I just wanted to let you know it never arrived. If you‘re not up to sending them, just let me know and I‘ll buy my own copy, I completely understand. You concentrate on getting better❤️ 6y
Laalaleighh @Lizpixie no, I will get it figured out! You‘re sweet and understanding and I appreciate it, but a promise is a promise! Im having major issues getting back into my amazon acct. I got emails thanking me for writing reviews I hadn‘t written and when I called amazon to tell them they completely locked down my account and told me they would open it when the issue was fixed. It‘s been forever. I‘m so frustrated I should have just changed my password 6y
Laalaleighh And said nothing about it. 6y
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The Moon in the Palace | Weina Dai Randel
post image

I had so much personal success with picking out my TBR ahead of time that I decided to keep it up. For the first time in forever I‘m not rushing through my books impatient to figure out what I‘ll read next. It‘s quite nice. I‘m really looking forward to the tagged book. I saw it recommended on Janie Chang‘s Twitter as her top historical fiction. It‘s the story of China‘s only female empress. It sounds amazing!

Peddler410 I will need to add this to my To Read app. 6y
Laalaleighh @Peddler410 to read app? 6y
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House of Thieves: A Novel | Charles Belfoure
post image

Breaking Bad meets White Collar set in 1880‘s high society. An architect related to the Astor‘s has to plan heists of his friends and clients for a high powered gang in order to pay back his Harvard graduate son‘s gambling debt before his whole family gets killed in retaliation. Just a really fun read that feels like you are thrown into the early gilded age. Bonus points for being set in a plethora of real life gilded age mansions that still exist

PatriciaU Great review! 6y
RohitSawant Fantastic review! 6y
Laalaleighh @PatriciaU @rohit-sawant thanks y‘all! 😊 6y
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The Identicals | Elin Hilderbrand
post image

Twin sisters split parent trap style during their parents divorce live on the competing islands of Nantucket and Martha‘s Vineyard, not speaking up until the day an unfortunate series of events causes them to have to switch lives for awhile.

Definitely a character driven novel. There‘s nothing special about it but when I finished I turned around and ordered a few more of her books because it managed to make me forget it was snowing in April.

Samplergal A great beach read! 🏖 6y
TheBookgeekFrau This wasn‘t one of her best, but overall Elin Hilderbrand is a goto for a fun, lose -myself in a story read 6y
Laalaleighh @C.Perone do you have a specific hildebrabd you would recommend? 6y
TheBookgeekFrau The Island was my utmost favorite followed by a very close second The Matchmaker 6y
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The Identicals | Elin Hilderbrand
post image

Maybe if I read a beach book the weather will get the message and hurry up with the warm already.

Cinfhen I really liked this one!!! 6y
Samplergal I liked this one too. Easy reading and summer to look forward to! 6y
Reviewsbylola 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 6y
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Suet624 Well on the off chance it might work, please start reading this immediately. 😀 6y
Laalaleighh @Suet624 it started snowing 😩 6y
Suet624 Oh no! I am sooo done with this winter. 6y
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
post image

It‘s really disconcerting to read a novel where the fact of each main character‘s mortality is always looming, inevitable. Mortality is always in the background, sure to come at some point, but perhaps not during the sliver of life we‘re reading. Being forced to come face to face with it again and again, in fact knowing you‘re reading towards it as long as you keep reading, is an eerie feeling. Even more eerie in a book titled The ~Immortalists~

Laalaleighh This isn‘t a favorite, but it‘s interesting. And I have so many questions about the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies right now. 6y
ItsAngel I loved this book! 6y
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
post image

Ok. I was not expecting to have to put this book down and walk away and deal with my feelings after just reading the first section. Wow. I can‘t be the only one who felt like maybe they got in over their head emotions-wise on this one. I thought it was a fantasy. That‘s what I get for not reading book descriptions anymore. Too late to turn back now! I have to know what happens!

erinreads The first half is so much stronger than the second half, but it‘s still such a good book! 6y
Reviewsbylola I want to read this one so badly and now I‘m even more intrigued. 6y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola I can‘t wait to hear your take 6y
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The Giveaway Box | Michael Dostillio
post image

I‘ve never cared how many followers I have, but I do have a thing for big nice round numbers and hitting 1000 followers that also like to read and talk about books is admittedly kind of fantastic, sooooooooooo.

I think I‘d like to do a #giveaway! I‘ve never done one! Here‘s the deal: Pick a book off my Litsy or Goodreads list of books I have marked as read that you would most like to receive and comment below by Wednesday! 👇🏼

Laalaleighh Since seven is my favorite number, I will send six Littens😻😻😻😻😻😻plus @Kimbono (my thousandth follower😻✨) the book of their choice plus a book of my choice that I think would go along with it. It will be chosen randomly. Love ya Littens!
(edited) 6y
Louise Congratulations on your 1000 bookish followers! And thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! You have so many good ones on your Litsy TBR. My choice would be (edited) 6y
Laalaleighh @louise it‘s from my read list, not my tbr. I‘ll change the language to make it clearer but I‘ll just take your entry as listed!! 6y
See All 83 Comments
Lcsmcat 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
BookishBlonde12 Congratulations!! That‘s quite the milestone 🎉✨☺️ (edited) 6y
Laalaleighh @BookishBlonde12 thank you! Great choice oh my gosh. I love Diana wynne Jones! 6y
alisiakae Congrats!! 🎉🎈🎊You have a lot of great reads! My pick would be 6y
BookishBlonde12 @Laalaleighh I‘ve never read any of her books but absolutely loved the movie and have been wanting to read this for a while now! 6y
Laalaleighh @BookishBlonde12 oh you‘ll love them! I‘ve never see@ the movie but really want to! 6y
Laalaleighh @4thhouseontheleft Thank you! Pachinko is breathtakingly good. Great pick! 6y
Reviewsbylola Wow, how amazing. Thank you!! I think I‘m going to go with 6y
emilyhaldi Fun idea!! Here‘s my selection 💖 6y
Laalaleighh @Reviewsbylola omg that book is literally one of my top five most favorites of all time. Excellent choice. I wish I could forget it and read it over for the first time. 6y
Laalaleighh @emilyhaldi I thought it would be fun! The idiot was such an interesting read too! 6y
Jadams89 Yay! Congratulations on 1000 followers!!! My pick would be 6y
Reviewsbylola It sounds so good!! ♥️♥️ 6y
TheLibrarian Congrats!! And thanks for the giveaway. I‘m interested in 6y
Laalaleighh @Jadams1776 thank you! Oooh the sequel to that one may be my top anticipated book for 2019! (edited) 6y
Laalaleighh @TheLibrarian great choice! @ScorpioBookDreams recc‘d that one to me and everything she suggests is always amazing! 6y
LitLogophile Ooo you have some great books! I would love to read 6y
CoffeeNBooks Congrats! 🎉 The Perfume Collector sounds quite intriguing! 6y
IheartYA I've had my eye on it for a while. Congrats! 😉 6y
Laalaleighh @LitLogophile haha my bf and I both devoured that one in hours! 6y
Laalaleighh @CoffeeNBooks it was intriguing! Great choice! 6y
zezeki Great giveaway!! And congrats 🎉🎉 My pick would be 6y
MaleficentBookDragon Congrats! And thanks for the giveaway! The mythology nerd that I am is salivating over 6y
Ashley31 I‘d like to read Ready Player One. Thanks for the opportunity @Laalaleighh! 6y
Richryan52 @Laalaleighh Congrats! I too have a thing for round numbers. I‘d like to read Ready Player One 6y
hes7 Congrats! 🎉 I‘ve been wanting to read 6y
DebReads4fun Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway! I would love to read The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki. 6y
Bookzombie Congratulations! Thank you for doing a giveaway. I just stacked this one. 🙂 (edited) 6y
andytbarnes Congrats 🎉! I‘d love to win The Idiot as I‘ve heard mostly good things! 6y
Dogearedcopy Congratulations on your 1000+ follower status! ‘Just One Damned Thing After Another‘ (Chronicles of St. Mary‘s #1 by Jodi Taylor) looks like fun! 6y
InBooksILive Congratulations on 1000! That's awesome! Ready Player One sounds like an incredible read 😊 6y
Richryan52 Just curious. Sherlock Holmes fan? 6y
Laalaleighh @Richryan52 I actually have never read any Arthur Conan Doyle although I‘ve always wanted to. What about you? Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes yourself? 6y
Richryan52 I write Sherlock Holmes novels 6y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings Oooh! Shadow Bright and Burning!!! There are so many books that have been on my wish list ❤️ congratulations!!! And thank you for the giveaway!!! 🎉📚🙌 6y
Laalaleighh @Richryan52 oh that‘s wonderful! I‘ll have to pick one up! 6y
Richryan52 The Vatican Cameos, The Stone of Destiny and my new one is The Druid of Death 6y
Laalaleighh @Richryan52 Stacked! They sound intriguing! 6y
Bookcation74 Congrats! I put the Italian Party on my TBR after seeing your recent post! 6y
erinreads Going with Circe! It‘s been all over and I can‘t wait to read it. Congrats on the followers! 💕 6y
Richryan52 I hope you try one and enjoy it 6y
Laalaleighh @zeljka thank you! Oh I have just the companion book to go with that one haha. 6y
Laalaleighh @MaleficentBookDragon thank you! Circe is totally worth salivating for! Have you read song of Achilles? 6y
Laalaleighh @Ashley31 haha that‘s a popular one! I couldn‘t put it down! 6y
Laalaleighh @hes7 darker little mermaid retelling goodness. Loved that book. 6y
Laalaleighh @DebReads4fun ooh! Sisi is SUCH a fascinating person! Great choice! 6y
Laalaleighh @Bookzombie another quite popular one! The book itself is gorgeous too! 6y
Laalaleighh @andytbarnes haha it made me want to brush up (read: actually read all the way through for the first time) on my Russian lit! 6y
Laalaleighh @dogearedcopy thank you!! that‘s a fun series! 6y
Laalaleighh @InBooksILive thank you! it was super unputdownable! 6y
Laalaleighh @asiriusreader you will learn lots about butterfly collecting! 6y
Laalaleighh @Richryan52 I‘m sure I will! 6y
Laalaleighh @BooksTeasAndBookishThings I missed your choice when I first read that but yesssss I looooovedd that book omg. It‘s everything I wanted Jonathan Norell and me strange to be! 6y
Laalaleighh @Bookcation74 FANTASTIC choice! I hope you have plenty of pasta and wine handy when you read it haha! 6y
Laalaleighh @erinreads Thank you! Circe was so good! 6y
shadowspeak17 Congrats on the followers! 😃 6y
sprainedbrain Ooooooooooh! Congratulations to you! 🎉Considering everything you read ends up on my tbr, I think this is fab. 👌🏻 I think I would choose (edited) 6y
Bookworm83 Congratulations!!! Thanks for the giveaway 😘 I‘d pick 6y
JanJan Congratulations! 6y
Wife What a generous #giveaway! After pursuing your list, I would choose 6y
Aurys Congratulations!! What an awesome giveaway :D I‘d pick 6y
Peddler410 Congratulations on the milestone! My pick would be 6y
erzascarletbookgasm Congratulations on your 1k followers! Fabulous giveaway, thank you! I pick 6y
Reagan Congratulations on your Milestone! I would choose 6y
wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉 I love round numbers too. 😀 I want to read 6y
BookishTrish Congrats on your milestone 🎉🎉🎉 and thanks for doing a giveaway! I loved rifling through your books! I‘d pick 6y
LazyDays Hello! Yay to round numbers💜😊🌈 Thank you for doing a giveaway😊 I like a lot of your books the one that stands out the most would be Dragon Springs Road . Thank you again for a great giveaway😊🌞🌻 6y
Lizpixie Congratulations lovely! 🎉🎉🎉🎉I‘d sell a kidney for a copy of 6y
Cinfhen Congrats 🎉🍾🎊 what a fun idea for a giveaway 🙌🏻loved going through your list...I‘d love to read 6y
Kalalalatja Congratulations on your milestone 🎉🎉 I have been dying to read this for ages! 6y
PatriciaU congratulations on hitting 1,000! 6y
ScorpioBookDreams Congratulations Laura! 🎉🎉 I think I‘d choose 6y
Avanders Congratulations!! & thx for the message ☺️ Sorry so delayed.. been in hospital for Dad .. I'll look at your list and edit my comment ☺️💖💖💖 Edited 😁 (edited) 6y
sudi Congratulations on hitting a 1000 followers 😀🎉🎉 . I would like to win . 6y
sudi @Laalaleighh is it open internationally ? 6y
DeborahSmall Congratulations! Dying to read The Immoralists ❤️ 6y
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post image

This book was everything I wanted Gatsby to be. I‘m sure that might get me excommunicated from some literary circles, but it‘s the truth. 💅🏼 Easily one of my best books of the year so far, with endless passages begging to be underlined, and meaning transcribed into every sentence. I have a feeling this is one I‘ll be returning to over and over, and that each time I will gain something new in the reading. All the stars.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yay!!!! Beautiful review!! I‘ll move it up! Would this be a good choice for our buddy read? 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf I loved it too!! 6y
Laalaleighh @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I think it would make quite an interesting buddy read! There‘s lots of sentiments on life and life choices that would be fun to discuss as you go! 6y
See All 11 Comments
Laalaleighh @irre apparently he wrote one about eve -it doesn‘t have the best ratings but I think I‘m going to read it anyway! 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf I tried to get it after I read Rules of Civility but couldn‘t find it anywhere to buy. 6y
Laalaleighh @irre oh. Hmmm. I just looked for it and it really isn‘t anywhere! Curious and curiouser! 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Laalaleighh awesome!! Thank you!! ❤️ 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf I‘m thinking it might have been a kindle novella and they stopped selling it?? 6y
Laalaleighh @irre maybe he‘ll write a full length novel about her one day. I thought she was fascinating. 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf Me too. I really want to read A Gentleman in Moscow now. I own it but all my books are currently stored in a closet because we are remodeling so I can‘t get to it 😞 6y
Laalaleighh @irre oh how frustrating! We are moving and I‘m packing books and choosing which ones to leave out til the last minute is TOUGH. 6y
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Y‘all wish my next book good luck. After Circe it has some big shoes to fill.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Let me know your thoughts!!! I‘m hoping this is a good one!!! 6y
PacingTheCage How funny! I read this after Circe also. It was good but, IMO Circe was still better. 6y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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I grew up accepting that Circe was a bad, evil witch with too much power. Miller paints her as a woman whose strength and independence threatens all the men she comes in contact with. Instead of a reimagining, it feels like Miller has at last unearthed the truth behind her story. A soul affirming masterpiece that everyone will love, but feels especially written to remind women to marvel in our power no matter how the world tries to twist it.

MCYmermaid Splendid review! 6y
Suet624 Love this review. 6y
Pruzy Wow! You powered through that read! 6y
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Laalaleighh @MCYmermaid @Suet624 thank y‘all! 😊 I was afraid I wouldn‘t be able to do the book justice! I almost didn‘t review it! 6y
Laalaleighh @Pruzy haha it flew by! (edited) 6y
ScorpioBookDreams It was so good wasn‘t it?! 6y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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I literally cannot wait any longer to start this. RIP sleep.

PenguinInFlight 😍😍 6y
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The Italian Party: A Novel | Christina Lynch
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All this, plus spies. Set in post-war Siena. This has been compared to Beautiful Ruins and I can definitely see the similarities.

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Circe | Madeline Miller
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My upcoming TBR. I noticed I‘m rushing through books out of curiosity about what I‘ll decide to read next 🤷🏼‍♀️ (please tell me this happens to someone else besides me) So I went and picked out my next few books (plus a couple not pictured alternates) (ok actually I had my bf pick them out because... indecision) And I‘m excited to see if this lets me enjoy my current read more without constantly wondering about what comes next. Fingers crossed!

emilyhaldi Yes i totally have that problem rushing through books! Especially when I‘m reading with a view of my looming tbr stacks 😳 6y
Laalaleighh @emilyhaldi I feel like no matter how much I read my tbr never shrinks! 6y
SauerPatch Oooh, can't wait to see what you think of Off the Be the Wizard! I've been eyeing that on and off for a few years now. 👀 6y
Laalaleighh @SauerPatch I‘m looking forward to it! It‘s one of my #freakyfriday reads from @blithebuoyant 6y
blithebuoyant @SauerPatch I recommend this series to absolutely everyone no matter what you normally read! I also highly recommend the audiobook, Luke Daniels does such amazingly distinct voices. 6y
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The Wicked King | Holly Black
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(From Holly Black‘s insta)


I‘m so jealous of all the ARC getting people.

somebooksaround It‘s wild that they get to read it this soon! Can‘t wait! 6y
Laalaleighh @josteele I know!!! I want an arc!! 6y
somebooksaround Righhhht! #GOALS 6y
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The Island | Victoria Hislop

I thought Litsy was broken and I was so so sad.

PurpleyPumpkin Me too! And that‘s two days in a row. Ugh. 😑 6y
Meeko93 I thought it was too 6y
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Spoonbenders: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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Not a single spoon was bent in this entire book.

julesG Probably the best review I've read in a long time. 😁 6y
CouronneDhiver 😂😂😂 6y
Seekingtardis Is it because there is no spoon? #weareinthematrix 6y
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Laalaleighh @julesg haha thank you 😊 6y
Laalaleighh @Seekingtardis it‘s cause there‘s not enough plot. But I was promised spoons and they weren‘t there. There was a bent key. Should have called it keybenders 6y
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Lost Lake | Sarah Addison Allen
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My first Sarah Addison Allen! Definitely a #blamelitsy purchase! Excited!

PandaPanda This has been sitting my shelf forever! You'll have to tell me how you like it if you get to it first 6y
Laalaleighh @PandaPanda I just finished it! It was kind of like reading a daydream! Definitely a little bit enchanting! 6y
alleyfam51699 My favorite book!! She is a great writer. 6y
Laalaleighh @alleyfam51699 which other books of hers would you recommend? 6y
alleyfam51699 Definitely The Girl who Chased the Moon and The Sugar Queen. And her Garden Spells series is amazing too. The one I liked the least is The Peach Keeper but it was still good. Hope you enjoy them. They are so magical and enchanting. 6y
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All Our Wrong Todays | Elan Mastai
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post image

#marchwrapup #marchrecap

🥇The Vatican Princess; Traitor To The Throne; The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo, The Disappearances; The Perfume Collector; The Coincidence Makers; Three Souls
🥈The Last Equation Of Isaac Severy; Rainbirds; Not That I Could Tell; When Dimple Met Rishi; The House On Tradd Street, Other People‘s Houses; To Kill A Kingdom
🥉The Traitors Game; The Land Of Stories 4

🙅🏼‍♀️ The Hazel Wood; Your One And Only

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My Fiftieth book of the year!!! #50 !!! I love this author and this new-to-me series is fun. Old historic homes, the city of Charleston, southern society, old family secrets, a little romance, and ...ghosts- lots of them!

The first in a series that‘s ratings only seem to get better as they go!

Did I mention it was my 50th book? I only read about 67 all year last year.

Cinfhen Whoa!!! Nice 🙌🏻❣️ 6y
MayJasper Good for you 😊 6y
RaimeyGallant My hero. :) 6y
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Three Souls | Janie Chang
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My second book by this author (who also wrote Dragon Springs Road) and I loved it just as much! The MC is a ghost who can‘t move on to the afterlife and reincarnation until she rights the wrongs she made while alive. Set during the civil war before communist China, this novel depicts a society pulled in multiple directions, between the past and competing versions of the future, through the lens of the everyday business of domestic life and family.

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About 1/3 of the way through this book about the Borgias told from Lucrezia‘s point of view and utterly absorbed.

Nute I have this and I can‘t wait to read it. I love historical fiction about this family. 6y
Chelleo I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed it. Crazy, amazing story. 6y
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