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Mr. Darcy's Letter | Abigail Reynolds
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#SoaringScores 2 books from my Goodreads read stack proving that there‘s a Pride & Prejudice variation for any occasion & that I‘ll read them-especially if they‘re free on Kindle Unlimited. The 1st is what happen‘s when Elizabeth doesn‘t read #DarcysLetter after his disaster of a proposal at Rosings & in the 2nd, after he‘s rejected by Elizabeth, Darcy goes on a bender & the authorities think #HesAPirate & ask him to impersonate his doppelgänger.

CarolynM 👏👏👏 1mo
Cinfhen Awesomeness 😄 1mo
CrowCAH The first sounds interesting. The second I‘ve read and didn‘t care for it, though it combines my two favs P&P and Pirates. 1mo
DebinHawaii @CrowCAH It wasn‘t the best book for sure, but I found it somewhat entertaining. 😉 1mo
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How to Write Love Letters | Michelle Lovric
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#SoaringScores #DarcysLetter #PrideAndPrejudice #JeanYvesThibaudet #DarioMarianelli


Pride and Prejudice, my all time favorite book! 🥰

Some of you might know my #PnPCovers collection, which has grown to 177 editions!

Pictured: Mr. Darcy trying to learn how to write a love letter with his feather pen.

@LeahBergen recognize the pink “book”, holding Jane Austen stationary?!

The Letter | Kathryn Hughes
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From my Kindle and, apparently, I‘ve read it but I don‘t remember it 😳


IamIamIam Lol, I hate that! I have a book like that too and I have zero recollection of it!!! 2mo
Suet624 Not a good sign. 2mo
Birdsong28 There must be something about this book as me and @TrishB both have it on our Kindle's but haven't touched as yet and you can't remember reading it on yours!! 😂📚📖 2mo
TrishB @Birdsong28 it was obviously an offer 😁 2mo
CrowCAH Lol good thing your device records the books you‘ve read! 2mo
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I recently unearthed this one from one of my boxes. Using guidance from Austen‘s characters, Henderson provides dating advice. There is a section at the end that details the good and the bad male characters in Austen‘s works. I‘m not sure if letter writing is mentioned, but Darcy definitely is! #DarcysLetter #SoaringScores

Cinfhen Fun!! 2mo
CrowCAH Perhaps I should read this and I‘ll find my own Mr. Darcy! 😊 2mo
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PS, I Love You | Cecelia Ahern
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Gerry leaves Holly a series of letters to help here cope with grief after he dies of a brain tumour in the weepy.

@Cinfhen @CrowCAH

Cinfhen This sounds super sad 😔 2mo
marleed I‘m reading postscript now! 2mo
CrowCAH Sounds romantically tragic ✉️ 2mo
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In this take on the story published in the year 2000 #DarcysLetter becomes an email #SoaringScores

Cinfhen Looks like it could be fun 😁 2mo
CrowCAH Oh neat, email 📧 2mo
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The Letter | Kathryn Hughes
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#darcysletter #soaringscores
Been hiding on the kindle (unread) for a while!

Cinfhen Good ole Kindle 😀#TreasureTrove 2mo
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen it is a treasure trove !! Well put 2mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Cathythoughts 😁Hope all is well 2mo
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CrowCAH Nice cover! 🌷 2mo
KB253 Sounds good for my commute 2mo
TrishB @KB253 👍🏻 2mo
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Combining #SoaringScores #DarcysLetter with a Litsyversary shoutout to @shadowspeak17 🥳🥳🥳 congrats #UnpopularOpinionGiveaway

1. Most serious readers dislike the idea of modern adaptations of the classics but for me, I PREFER them to the originals. I find the Re-tellings more approachable and both more relatable & enjoyable 😉#BookishUnpopularOpinion
2. 3 books on my radar are The Dearly Beloved, The Only Plane in the Sky & By The Book 👇🏼

Cinfhen Bonus Entries @shadowspeak17 I Disliked The Alchemist ( I thought it was WEAK) and I really liked this book, which was VERY POLARIZING 👉🏾 2mo
Cinfhen And I‘m tagging @AmyG who might want to enter the #UnpopularOpinionGiveaway xx check out @shadowspeak17 page for all the details 💖💖💖 2mo
AmyG Thank you so much for the tag! 😘 2mo
CrowCAH I like to stick with the originals. But some adaptations are really nice. 2mo
shadowspeak17 I don‘t think I‘ve ever read a retelling of a classic before. 🤔 I‘m not totally opposed to the idea, but I do think I‘d rather read the original. Thanks for entering! 2mo
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Mr. Darcy's Letter | Abigail Reynolds
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CrowCAH One of my favorites! 🥰 2mo
EadieB @CrowCAH Nice classical piece! 2mo
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