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So begins my effort to catch up on wrap ups! Check out my belated February reviews here: https://youtu.be/8XjqAfIuP7c #februarystats #stats #wrapup #februarywrapup #readingstats

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February Wrap Up!

February was another good reading month for me, with 15 books completed (8 physical, 1 ebook, 6 audiobooks)!

No five star reads this month, but some solid four stars, such as The Break, The Vegetarian, On the Come Up, The Alice Network, and a couple others!

#FebruaryWrapup #FebruaryStats

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February | Lisa Moore
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I really don‘t know how I managed to read 24 books and 10,225 pages in February, well beyond last year (15 books 7586 pages). #FebruaryStats

tpixie Incredible!! Even if I had the time, I can‘t read that fast!!! 🥳📚🥳 11mo
Andrew65 @tpixie To be honest shocked myself this month, I didn‘t think I could read that much in a short month! 11mo
Bookwm85forever Wow!! You go!! 11mo
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tpixie @Andrew65 amazing!!! 🥳🎉🥳 11mo
Andrew65 @tpixie Thanks 😊👍😍 (edited) 11mo
Andrew65 @Bookwm85forever Thanks 😊👍😍 (edited) 11mo
Melissa_J Wow! Well done! 11mo
Jerdencon Wow! 👍🏼👏🏽 11mo
Leftcoastzen Nice totals, reading ninja! 11mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Awesome! 📖💖 11mo
TheSpineView Nice totals! If only I didn't work! Sigh... 11mo
EadieB That‘s the amazing part! Working full time and doing this! @Andrew65 11mo
TrishB Great stats 👍🏻 11mo
Andrew65 @EadieB @TheSpineView Thanks. Was helped by having one week off during February. That‘s what amazes me as was putting long hours in during February. Usually leaving home at 7 and get home earliest at 6.30 and sometimes later (think latest was 8.30). And usually exhausted and other bits to do at home. Surprised myself in February. 😊👍 11mo
EadieB @Andrew65 You never stop amazing me! Well done! 11mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Your commitment is staggering too, must be about 4am where you are. 😳👏 (edited) 11mo
EadieB @andrew6 Babysat on Thursday and Friday from 7am to 5 pm so i‘ve come home exhausted and in bed by 7:00 or 8:00 so i get up by 3:00 or 4:00 am. I am keeping your hours. 11mo
TheSpineView @Andrew65 Wow! I am amazed! Congrats! 11mo
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My February Reading Wrap-up! Not as many as I‘d hoped, but I‘m still on track for my annual goal. I loved everything I read this month - what started as a couple of choices for #BlackHistoryMonth led to an entire month of amazing black female authors! I still have more books to read from my list, so I will definitely be extending this into the rest of the year!


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I‘d like to thank Harry Potter for getting my page count up and the Little People, Big Dreams board books for getting my books read count up. February was a brutal month that cut into my reading time so here‘s hoping for a better March!


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Lots of great reads in February … and I‘m way behind in reviewing them on Litsy. Meanwhile, I‘m preparing to leave Tuesday for a big trip, so reviewing might be left by the wayside. #Februarystats

CouronneDhiver I don‘t know how you do it. 39 😳😃 11mo
Lindy @CouronneDhiver Five children‘s chapter books in audio format this month: they tend to be only 5 or 6 hours long. Also, I can get through a volume of manga pretty quickly, and I read four of those this month. 11mo
Freespirit Amazing stats...have a great holiday😊 11mo
Lindy @Freespirit Thanks! ✈️ 11mo
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A good month of reading (a little lower than usual), but, I enjoyed everything I read. I read quite a bit by mood in February - winter = comfort/cosy reads. I have several buddy reads & bookclub reads I‘ve obligated myself to read each month, so being able to fill in the gaps with a book chosen at whim always makes my reading experience better. I also managed an audiobook and a half for #LitsyWalkers. #februarystats #februarywrapup #bookstats

Freespirit Great stats..I‘m amazed at how many books people can read. 😍 11mo
catebutler @Freespirit Thank you! I read whenever I can get a spare moment and I also read at least an hour or two right before bed. It really helps! (edited) 11mo
Freespirit I wish I could read more then but I fall asleep😴 11mo
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Andrew65 Well done 👏 11mo
catebutler @Andrew65 Thank you, Andrew! I really enjoyed my reading this past month. 11mo
catebutler @Freespirit Ha! I do have that happen, myself. 💤 Do you ever get up early and read? I‘m a bit of a night owl, but I have a very good friend who gets up a 1/2 hour earlier in the morning and reads for a bit. I‘ve managed it a few times, and actually really enjoyed it! I found my day to be more productive too, very interesting! 11mo
Crazeedi Great job!! 11mo
catebutler @Crazeedi Thank you, Diane! 11mo
Crazeedi @catebutler quite welcome!😍 11mo
Freespirit @catebutler that is more often what I do. I am a morning person. I make a cup of tea and read whilst still in my PJ‘s😊 11mo
BookBabe Well done! 😃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 11mo
catebutler @BookBabe Thank you, Jen! 11mo
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Stats: Modeling the World | David E. Bock, Paul F. Velleman, Richard D. De Veaux
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2 audio books
2 graphic novels
2 subscription box books
2 Ebooks
2 new releases
1 "wrapped up my TBR" book

Currently reading: Last life of Prince Alastor (40%)
Current audio book: predators gold (55%)

#februarywrapup #februarystats