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Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
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Sense and Sensibility - Chapter 22
Litsy Group Reads #ChapterADay ReadAlong

… and you‘re not off the hook yet either, Edward!

Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
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NO MEANS NO, LADIES. (But joke's on the Dashwoods, because much like Effie White, Marianne and Elinor will, in fact, be going.) #PemberLittens

Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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Book Haul Pic 2! 💕📚💕

I added another Penguin Clothbound hardcover to my collection today! This time it's Madame Bovary, which I've been wanting to get for awhile now! I love the dark purple and orange cover! 😍 And I've been resisting this Mansfield Park Chiltern edition for ages now but I finally caved and got it today! The picture doesn't do it justice - it's exquisite! It's so pretty it actually makes my heart ache! ❤📖❤ #bookhaul

SRWCF I could stare at those covers for the rest of eternity! 😇 11h
DivineDiana Cover love! ❤️ 11h
IndoorDame They‘re both lovely! 11h
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RaeLovesToRead Wow! 😍 10h
Becker I have several of the Chiltern editions and I agree with you. They are beautiful books. I love them. 10h
vivastory I've had my eye on the Chiltern editions! What a great haul! 9h
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Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
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Chapter 20 and poor Mr Palmer just wants to read his newspaper! #doctorhouse #pemberlittens #buddyread

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Of course. I will be reading the classic enemies to lovers! I‘ve recently pursued an interest in classical literature, and it has not disappointed me. I‘m finally starting this book, and then hope to watch to movie later! I do so hope that that the movie is well portrayed and not like some of the other movie portrayals of books. Excited!

Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
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It's so hard out here for a gentleman on these Georgian streets! Guess Edward's just gonna have to sit on that Oxford degree and keep swanning about England, falling in love with different women and stringing them along. Anyway, he stays with the Dashwoods for about a week and then leaves Elinor alone with her stiff upper lip. Distraction soon shouts through the windows in the form of Sir John and Mrs. J introducing our comic relief, the Palmers!

StayCurious I loved that they consider a week a “short” visit 17h
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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wanderinglynn 😆😆😆 brilliant! 1d
TheBookHippie Word. 1d
readordierachel 😂🤣 1d
Bookzombie 😂 8h
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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Emma | Jane Austen
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Guess what is the first big girls book I‘ll be giving to my new Granddaughter, Emma 🥰. If I‘m in and out of Litsy , it‘s because I‘ll be minding this little doll .. happy days

Tamra Ohhhhhh sweet!! Enjoy every minute! 💕💕 2d
CBee Oh my!! Congratulations ♥️♥️♥️ 2d
elkeOriginal Congrats! 2d
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Cathythoughts @Tamra will do 😄 2d
Cathythoughts @CBee Thanks 💕 2d
AmyG She is beautiful! Enjoy every minute. I don‘t have to tell you how fast it goes. 2d
Cathythoughts @AmyG Thanks X it goes way too fast. I‘m enjoying every minute 👍💕 2d
Simona Sweet baby girl❤️ Enjoy! 2d
Cathythoughts @Simona Thankyou ❤️ 2d
vivastory Congrats 👏👏 2d
TrishB Beautiful ❤️ enjoy x 2d
Cathythoughts @vivastory Thanks 😊 2d
Cathythoughts @TrishB Thanks Trish X ❤️ 2d
youneverarrived Precious 💕💕 2d
readordierachel So sweet ❤ It must be such a joy 2d
Suzze 💘💘 2d
LeahBergen Oh, she‘s just gorgeous, Cathy!! 💞💞💞 2d
emmaturi Congratulations! 2d
marleed Oh congratulations, welcome to the world beautiful Emma! 2d
BookNAround What a beautiful baby. Congratulations grandma! 2d
JennyM So precious 🥰 2d
quietjenn What a lovely reason to be away from social media! 💜 2d
Leftcoastzen Awwww! Adorable! Congratulations! 2d
Cathythoughts @Suzze 💕💕💕 2d
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Thanks Leah 💕 2d
Cathythoughts @emmaturi Thankyou ! 2d
Cathythoughts @marleed Thanks 🙏💕 2d
Cathythoughts @JennyM Thanks Jenny ❤️ 2d
Cathythoughts @quietjenn It is !! ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
MaureenMc So beautiful! 🥰 2d
Cathythoughts @MaureenMc Thankyou 💕🥰 2d
Cortg Congratulations! How wonderful. 2d
andrew61 Lovely photo Cathy, enjoy your precious grandchild. 2d
BarbaraBB What a loving picture. Enjoy dear Cathy 🤍 2d
Cathythoughts @Cortg Thankyou X 2d
Cathythoughts @andrew61 Thanks Andrew 2d
Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB Thanks Barbara 💕 2d
Megabooks Congratulations! Enjoy your grandma time. She‘s beautiful! 💕💕 1d
sprainedbrain ❤️❤️❤️ 1d
Cathythoughts @Megabooks @sprainedbrain Thanks ❤️ she‘s only 4 weeks , she should start to smile by about 6 weeks … we can‘t wait to see her smile 😊 1d
batsy Awww... Enjoy all of the moments with her 💕 1d
kspenmoll What a beauty and a gift! Congrats! 🎊 23h
Cathythoughts @batsy Thanks Suba 🥰 14h
Cathythoughts @kspenmoll Thankyou 🥰🥰🥰 14h
Ddzmini Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈🤗 11h
Tera66 Congratulations 🎊 💗 7h
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