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Hope to Die | David Jackson
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You know the best part of coming to a series late? No waiting when the book ends on a cliffhanger! Moving immediately on to book 3 as this has quickly become one of my favorite series. Also thrilled to discover that there is in fact a book 4 already. I had thought there were only 3. #SeriesReads

vivastory Do you by chance remember what was the first in the series? 2mo
vivastory Thanks! This series sounds fantastic! 2mo
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MicheleinPhilly @vivastory ENJOY! @TrishB is a big fan too. 2mo
Tamra I know, I love it when that happens! 2mo
TrishB @vivastory a great series 👍🏻 and set in my home town! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB Finished book 3 this morning. Have you introduced yourself yet? 2mo
TrishB I got as far as looking him up on emails!! 2mo
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After the Fire | Jane Casey
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In an effort to get my #seriesreads under control a little, and because I‘ve been rather immobile over the past 2 weeks, I have been binging Jane Casey‘s Maeve Kerrigan series. Love my badass British (or in Maeve‘s case, Irish) detective ladies. 👍🏼

TrishB She‘s awesome 👍🏻 up to date on these. 4mo
cathipink I'll have to check these series out. I have a couple first books on my tbr, but none in progress. 4mo
MicheleinPhilly @TrishB I have 2 more to look forward to and then I can add another up-to-date series to my EXTREMELY short list. Of course for every one of these I finish, I buy 3 more “first in series.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ 4mo
MicheleinPhilly @cathipink This is a good one. First entry is 4mo
cathipink Thank you!! 4mo
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August Heat | William Fryer Harvey
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emz711 Wow! 5mo
TheHeartlandBookFairy Awesome job! 5mo
TheSpineView Great job! 🤩 5mo
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Gezemice 6 buddy reads! Lol I can‘t keep up with 2! 5mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gezemice #StarWarsBuddyRead (Solo), plus the #BBBBC (Sleeping Giants), ShakespeareBuddyRead (Merry Wives of Windsor), and PratchettPosse (Witches Abroad) which you read too. The other too were for a Litsy Postal Mark Up group I signed up for last year, and we picked to send and mark up nonfiction reads, we enjoyed it so we did it again this summer (Down Girl, and The Pun Also Rises were ones, the others in this rotation where The World Without... 5mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ...Us, and No Apparent Distress). I enjoyed them all for different reasons, so far it‘s always been a good eclectic mix 5mo
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The Reckoning | Jane Casey
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Lazy holiday weekend Saturday with Maeve. #seriesreads

Mdargusch Perfect! 4mo
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This just makes me sad. Did anyone else use this site to track series reads? You could choose series to track and they‘d show you the books you‘d completed reading and send you an email when a new book was released. I hope I can find something to replace this great service. #Fictfact #seriesreads

robinb I didn‘t even know about this...how cool is that!!! And how sad that it‘s closed! I would have loved this, being a big series fanatic. 😩 (edited) 8mo
rather_be_reading this sounded like it was cool 8mo
DivineDiana Also unaware of this. I can see how it would be very helpful. Too bad. 8mo
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TheSpineView I never knew about them but now I wish I had. I wonder if they started a go fund me page they could start up again. I would contribute! 8mo
MirandaLeighBee Omg! I would‘ve loved this if I had known about it! 😞 8mo
Lynnsoprano That sounds like it would have been something really useful. But you have tagged one of my all time favorite series 😀 8mo
cherinium Perhaps it is no longer running because none of us knew about it! 8mo
Pamwurtzler @Lynnsoprano I‘ve only read the first one of those but really enjoyed it. 8mo
Pamwurtzler @cherinium The image is too small to read the fine print, but they got most of their funding from Amazon. They inadvertently violated one of Amazon‘s rules and got dropped. 8mo
ralexist Have you seen anything out there that could replace this? I've been searching and searching and haven't found anything quite as good ☹️😢 5mo
Pamwurtzler @ralexist No, I really miss this site and have not found anything comparable. There‘s a goodreads group that‘s talking about trying to replace it, but I‘m not sure how far they‘ll get. 5mo
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Spells and Scones | Bailey Cates
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This is a combined Feb and Mar post for my #seriesreads. I'm almost caught up with Magical Bakery series, got another done in the Oz series, and started 2 other series.

For other challenges:
#booked2019, winter section: 6/6
#LitsyAtoZ: 10/26 @BookishMarginalia
#ReadingUSA2019: 2/50 (I hope to make headway on this one in April) @Librarybelle
#mmdchallenge: 4/10

Librarybelle Doing great! 10mo
TheSpineView Great job! 10mo
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The Deceivers | Kristen Simmons
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March whizzed by! Faves of the month were probably The Deceivers, Grace and Fury, and revisiting the Anne books. Anne and The Everlasting Rose were my only #SeriesReads this month, but I started a new ones with my two faves and The Sweetheart Sham, which was pretty cute.

We March | Shane W. Evans
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Here‘s my March- 25 books total, 7 for #ReadingUSA2019 (23/50 states read), 11 #seriesreads. I still need to read letters Q, X, Y, and Z for #LitsyAtoZ. Some of my favorites are in the picture above!

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Awesome! 📖💖 10mo
Hooked_on_books Wow, great month! 10mo
tammysue 💖 YAY! 10mo
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None of these books quite qualifies for a separate post, but they‘re some #seriesreads that I‘ve been catching up on lately!

CarolynM Tales of the City❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
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