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This has been on my TBR since I saw a post about it on Litsy months ago.

"I don't know what lies around the bend, but I'm going to believe that the best does."
If anyone knows how to #AlwaysLookOnTheBrightSideOfLife #AtTheEndOfTheDay, it's Anne Shirley.
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@Cinfhen @vivastory

Weaponxgirl It‘s been on my kindle for years and every time I look at it I go ohhhh this looks good! 10mo
vivastory Sounds fascinating! 10mo
rohit-sawant @Weaponxgirl @vivastory Right?! Can't believe I never heard about her until recently. I've been staggeringly behind with my non-fiction reading and hope this one gets me started in that direction. 10mo
batsy Oh yes, mine too! Thanks for the reminder 😆 10mo
rohit-sawant @batsy Love how Litsy brings books that have fallen off our radar to the forefront! 10mo
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Wollstonecraft's biography is as colorful & fascinating as that of her daughter, Mary Shelley, & her friends. In January 1798, four months after her death, her husband William Godwin shocked the public with his memoirs of his late wife. He chronicled her suicide attempts, illegitimate children & love affairs. Mary was viciously attacked by writers during her life & after, but her championing of women's rights based on a rational society would 👇

vivastory be enormously influential for 20th century feminist movement. She was a pioneering voice for self-determination. #MusicalNewYear #SisterSuffragette @Cinfhen 10mo
vivastory @readordierachel A dual biography? This sounds amazing. Adding to my TBR! 10mo
Cinfhen My interest has been peaked and I‘m really fascinated by your title as well @ReadOrDie 10mo
TrishB She was definitely a pioneer 👍🏻 10mo
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Read this for one of my university courses in Canadian Political History. #SisterSuffragette


vivastory Sounds really interesting. Did you like it? 10mo
Cinfhen It‘s incredulous that in NO country were women given any rights...that they had to universally fight for basic rights 😠 10mo
Melissa_J @vivastory I read it over 20 years ago now (😳) but I don‘t remember disliking it. Actually, I might still have it around here somewhere. 10mo
Melissa_J @Cinfhen I know!! And it‘s crazy to think that voting rights for women were only granted ~ 100 years ago! 10mo
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Born Criminal: Matilda Joslyn Gage, Radical Suffragist | Angelica Shirley Carpenter, Angelica Shirley Shirley
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Matilda Joslyn Gage, mother-in-law of Oz creator L. Frank Baum, was a #SisterSuffragette. I wonder if that‘s why his books have so many strong female characters? #MusicalNewYear

vivastory I had no idea. Great post! 10mo
Cinfhen Very cool 😎 10mo
kspenmoll I did not know either! 10mo
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The Suffragettes | ed. Penguin Classics
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My little black penguin classic book about the suffragettes fits today‘s prompt #SisterSuffragette #MusicalNewYear

This is a collection of different types of texts from the time the suffragettes fought for their rights without knowing how it would turn out.

vivastory This sounds excellent 10mo
Cinfhen 👍🏻 10mo
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Cinfhen Now I have Aretha singing in my ear 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 10mo
GripLitGrl @Cinfhen 😄😃💕 10mo
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Purple Springs | Nellie L. McClung
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Nellie McClung was a #sistersuffragette who fought for women's rights in Canada. She eventually dedicated herself to writing.
I read the tagged book in a college class a long time ago. It was the final book in a girls series about Pearlie Watson who grows up on the Canadian prairie. I remember it being a bit on the preachy side. 😛
#musicalnewyear @cinfhen @vivastory

LeahBergen One of the houses she lived in is walking distance from my house. 👍🏻 10mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen That's cool! I think she was in the Alberta legislature at some point. 10mo
vivastory That's awesome @LeahBergen ! 10mo
Cinfhen 💜💜💜 10mo
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Pretty sure I need to read this book. It tells the stories of people buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St Louis, including some suffragettes.

#sistersuffragette #musicalnewyear

mabell Bellefontaine is still on my to do list! And I live in St. Louis. 🙄 10mo
emtobiasz My great uncle and aunt are buried at Bellefontaine! They were not suffragettes, though, although my great aunt would have claimed to be if she thought it improved her story 😂 10mo
vivastory This sounds fascinating 10mo
Cinfhen Stunning photo 10mo
Cinfhen @emtobiasz 😂😂😂EVERY family has one of those!!!! 10mo
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I love The Guilty Feminist podcast, and all the amazing things I learn from it. I‘m especially excited about the musical Suffrageddon, which is trying to get funded and put into production. It is written and performed by WoC, and the snippets which have been performed on the podcast sound awesome 🙌

#SisterSuffragette #MusicalNewYear

vivastory I'll have to look into this. Great post! 10mo
Cinfhen Same @vivastory this is new to me!! 10mo
Kalalalatja @vivastory @Cinfhen it is one of my fave podcasts! Informative AND funny 👌 10mo
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This sounds intriguing and the partial story of Olive - who has a real life #sistersuffragette- Margaret Sanford. The reviews indicate this is not about Wonder Woman as much as the lives behind Wonder Woman #musicalnewyear

shawnmooney I highly recommend this one! 10mo
Cinfhen I‘m intrigued ~ hoping my library will have an E copy to borrow 🤞🏼 10mo
Chrissyreadit @shawnmooney good to know! I was interested, now definitely want to read. 10mo
charl08 Love this book. I've got her latest book having enjoyed this so much. Fascinating story. 10mo
vivastory I've heard great things about this one 10mo
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