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It‘s getting into spOooooOky season! Fans of Gone Girl and true crime will get on well with Ann Rule‘s “Heart Full Of Lies” #amreading #truecrime #annrule

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I‘ve been reading this since January. Idk why it‘s taking me so long to get through this book, but here we are. #currentlyreading #annrule #truecrime

DivineDiana 😻 5mo
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A really fascinating read and a departure from the usual pattern of true crime. Rules work is thoroughly researched, sensitive and compulsive. #truecrime #annrule

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Light reading whilst on a sleep shift at work.

#tedbundy #annrule #truecrime #lightreading

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Ted Bundy has always been one of the serial killers that interests me the most and going into this I already knew most everything about Bundy‘s case but I‘d never read this book. And this book seemed to go on forever and ever. The parts that dragged were so boring maybe partly because of Rule‘s writing and also probably due to legal court proceedings.
#tedbundy #annrule #thestrangerbesideme #truecrime #theyearofhorrorbookclub

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Watching now... I‘ve sparked enough interest in it that my husband, son and his fiancé are watching too! She‘s taking the #book home to #read it. It‘s very intense watching the parents and the people involved in the investigation speak out. Quite chilling actually.


@Librarybelle @EadieB @Chrissyreadit @TheReadingMermaid @Cinfhen @Crazeedi @emilyhaldi @JaclynW

Crazeedi This is on Netflix and I dont have it!🤨 12mo
EadieB I watched Mindhunters and not much about Bundy but afterwords criminal Minds came on and they had some info about Bundy. Also watched the Bundy Tapes which was very good. @CoverToCoverGirl 12mo
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CouronneDhiver I watched 2 episodes last night. Such a creep 😒 12mo
LauraJ Yup. Finished up last night. Creep! 12mo
emilyhaldi This show is my plan for tomorrow night... Can't wait! 12mo
JaclynW I'm planning on watching tomorrow. I bet it is pretty eerie. Part of me is hesitant to watch, the other part is completely curious. 12mo
Cinfhen Tonight‘s activity... thanks for the reminder!!! 12mo
Chrissyreadit I did not realize this was on- will have to watch it. Glad you tagged me! 12mo
CoverToCoverGirl Happy to share @Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen ... We only watched the first episode, it was unnerving to listen to him speak.. I will watch it all but only one episode at a time for me, it‘s intense viewing. @emilyhaldi @JaclynW @LauraJ @CouronneDhiver @EadieB 12mo
CoverToCoverGirl Sorry to hear that @Crazeedi hopefully is will become available through another service provider.. it really brings the book to life... chillingly so. 12mo
Crazeedi @CoverToCoverGirl I need to subscribe, we just don't watch much tv. Maybe it will be on eventually somewhere else 12mo
EadieB @Crazeedi Everything on the show was in the book so you‘re not missing much! 12mo
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m not much for tv either @Crazeedi very seldom watch it actually. But my husband is an avid viewer. Me.. I‘m all about the books! 😊 (edited) 12mo
Crazeedi @EadieB good to know 12mo
Crazeedi @CoverToCoverGirl my hubby watches tv much more too, like you I'm all about the books 12mo
Cinfhen I watched the first episode @CoverToCoverGirl @Chrissyreadit @emilyhaldi it‘s very well done. The images are so haunting and it does bring our reading to life @EadieB I will definitely watch the other episodes but I agree, it‘s not something I can binge in one sitting. 12mo
Cinfhen Watch it @JaclynW the visuals are really gripping!! See my comments above👆🏽 12mo
Librarybelle I‘ll have to watch this at some point! 12mo
JaclynW @Cinfhen I agree with you, it is haunting. To put images to everything really brings it to life. The mind of a mad man! 😬 I watched the first episode on Sunday. It's been a busy week so I haven't gotten to the other episodes. 12mo
Cinfhen Same @JaclynW I‘ll get to the rest because it is fascinating (edited) 12mo
JaclynW @Cinfhen Me too. 12mo
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The I-5 Killer | Ann Rule
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I love a true crime story every now and again. Ann Rule is among my favorite true crime writers. This story in particular chilled me to the bone! #annrule #thei5killer #truecrime

jessinikkip I love Ann Rule books!! 13mo
Cinfhen I read my first Ann Rule this past November....so good!!!! 13mo
xoxocass @Cinfhen I haven‘t read that one yet. It‘s next on the list! 13mo
Cinfhen There was a big BuddyRead so there are LOTS of questions & discussion if you want to check out the threads but definitely spoilers!!! @EadieB led the discussions so look back on her page or check the hashtag #TheStrangerBesideMe 13mo
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Ann Rule worked overnight at a 24 hour crisis center alongside Ted Bundy. Ann told him about the serial killer articles she was writing. After Bundy was caught, it was hard for Ann to believe that the guy who was saving suicide victims with her was the killer. I found this book most interesting as you begin to wonder what has changed such a personable person into a serial killer. I would highly recommend this book to those who like true crime.

LiteraryinLititz This sounds terrifying but really well done. I think I‘m too squeamish to handle it, but thanks for the review! 14mo
Samplergal Most sociopaths are charming. Ann Rule was the best true crime writer. 14mo
EadieB @Samplergal Very scary! 14mo
EmG This is one of the best true crime books out there. So scary. 14mo
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January 7, 1980 - Kimberley Leach Trial - Orlando Florida

Judge Wallace Jopling gives Bundy his 3rd death sentence

Ted marries Carole Ann Boone at the Leach trial

Question 34 - What do you think about Ted and Carole marrying at the trial?

#thestrangerbesideme #annrule #buddyread

Brenley What a farce! What was the purpose of that? I feel like the trial just get more and more circus-like. 1y
JacqMac He so loved being the center of attention. And outsmarting everyone else in the room. Just another power play for Ted. 1y
Cinfhen Totally agree @Brenley @JacqMac and just another layer of madness to this story!! And he fathered a daughter 😢 1y
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BethM @Cinfhen can you imagine? I wonder if her mom was allowed to raise her. I did some research and after they divorced there‘s no updated info on either woman. (edited) 1y
Cinfhen I can‘t imagine @BethM I‘m sure they both changed their name and are living a very quiet life out of the spotlight. 1y
Chrissyreadit I really wonder about her psychological profile. Surely she has family and friends that could shed more light. In today‘s know all media it‘s frustrating not to know all! 1y
peaknit Carole Ann looks like she could have been Kimberly Leach‘s mom in this photo. I thought it was so shameless that they wasted court time to orchestrate getting married. Just more disrespect to the court and people:( 1y
Librarybelle So tacky! And so disrespectful for the poor suffering families. 1y
CoverToCoverGirl Madness is right @Cinfhen! Life sometimes is stranger than fiction! 1y
emilyhaldi @peaknit they looks SO alike in these photos 😳 1y
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This post contains spoilers
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Picture of Ted after electrocution in the electric chair.

Ted expected it.
Attorneys expected it.
The public demanded it.

Question 31 - Judge Cowart said the Ted Bundy case is a tragedy. Total waste of humanity of a bright young man who could have been a good lawyer. Do you agree?

#thestrangerbesideme #annrule #buddyread

TheReadingMermaid Yes and no. As I stated before I don't think they should have given Bundy the death sentence but rather kept him alive and studied him as his contribution to society with all of the pain and hurt that he's caused others. But on the other hand he is responsible for his own downfall. As far as being a lawyer goes, that went out the window a long time ago for Bundy. Long before the trial ever took place. 1y
peaknit It is a nice thing for a judge to say, and could have been true except i agree, @TheReadingMermaid that shipped at sailed. I don‘t think it would have been good to give this man any more attention, it seems like what he craved. 1y
Librarybelle I‘m not sure if I completely agree with that statement. Bundy was certainly something different - the way he could manipulate and control people. But, to say it was a waste just kind of unsettles me...maybe I‘m reading too much into it! 1y
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CoverToCoverGirl It‘s a tragedy only if he became who he was from the lack of nurturing.. it begs the question, Are serial killers created from nature or nurture or a combination of both? No one can deny that Bundy was intelligent but he was still caught and thankfully convicted. 1y
Brenley @Librarybelle completely agree! All I kept thinking was that it was a waste of humanity that all of those women were killed. Who knows what they could have accomplished had they been given the chance. Ted Bundy took that away from them. 1y
JacqMac Like everyone said, sure he was smart and had the potential to be good, but he was far from a good person. Usually I‘ll say everyone deserves a chance, but he was a waste of space. 1y
Cinfhen I feel for his mom but other than her I don‘t think Bundy needed to exist any longer. I understand what the judge was saying and yes, his story could have been a different one. @CoverToCoverGirl raises a good point, nature v nurture??? 1y
EadieB @Librarybelle I think the judge was saying that Bundy wasted his life doing the wrong thing when he could have become a productive member of society. 1y
EadieB @Brenley You do have think of the victims and all he took away from them. 1y
EadieB @peaknit I agree that he really shouldn‘t be given so much attention because that‘s what he craved. 1y
EadieB @TheReadingMermaid The death penalty is not a proper punishment. Living confined in prison is more of a punishment. studying him would be beneficial. The lies at the beginning of his life told him he was not important. Everyone tried to cover up what they did and never thought about what they were doing to Ted. I think he realized his father and grandfather were the same person and that hurt him bad. He didn‘t want to belong to that family. 1y
EadieB @TheReadingMermaid He wanted acceptance into a better life situation and when he was rejected by Stephanie he could not handle that rejection. He had a big hole in himself that could never get filled and drove him to kill because he wanted power and control which made him feel smarter than everyone else. That power and control turned him into the monster that he became. 1y
Brenley @EadieB I am right there with you on the death penalty. I think it's too easy a way out for some killers of heinous crimes. I absolutely agree that the media really sensationalized Bundy and focused on who he was instead of focusing on the crimes at hand. After the fact, I think we can see that what he did was so horrible and pervasive. It blows my mind that women 'fall on love' with him. 1y
EadieB @Brenley These women love the attention of loving the proverbial “bad boy.” They have nothing going on in their lives so becoming a serial killer groupie gives them the attention they crave. 1y
JaclynW @EadieB These groupies really bothered me! @Brenley 1y
JaclynW @EadieB I agree with your interpretation of what the judge said. That part is sad because he could have chosen a different path. Or could he?? Back to nature vs. nurture...right?? @CoverToCoverGirl But like @Brenley said, it is awfully sad that these women's lives were cut short and that was ultimately the real tragedy. 1y
Chrissyreadit @JaclynW @Brenley @EadieB @TheReadingMermaid @peaknit @Librarybelle @Cinfhen @CoverToCoverGirl @JacqMac I think some of this goes to the crux of how we view life- and often in this culture there is also a financial decision- indicated by every human system- was he worth keeping alive? Yes, if we value knowledge and understanding- but at what financial cost? Was there fear something could go back to trial? Was housing him worth how much he cost to 1y
Chrissyreadit Keep alive? I‘m opposed to the death penalty personally, and I look at how decisions are sometimes made - ultimately he could have been on death row for many more years, but the people making the decisions were done with having his name on their roster. I think he was actually very lucky. Many innocent people do not get a fair trial. 1y
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