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Christmas Shopaholic | Sophie Kinsella
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Stupid real life. Why isn‘t it like a Christmas movie?
If I‘d known I‘d be stuck in a shop over Christmas, I‘d at least have chosen one with clothes.

Want Me, Cowboy | Maisey Yates
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At first glance, the hero in this book is an unlikable prick, but that's not the case.

He is autistic.

I thought the topic of autism (though never named in the book) was handled thoughtfully and in a way that gently teaches the reader what it's like to deal with and love someone wired differently than what they are used to.

Well done.

Recommended for You | Laura Silverman

I have a rather specific request for help/recommendations. My very hard to buy for husband has asked for audiobooks in French for his birthday. He enjoys intelligent mysteries or non fiction like history or biography. He wants books originally written in French, not English in translation. Anyone got some favorite French authors/titles for me? Thanks!

LiteraryinLawrence One of my favorite mystery authors is Michel Bussi. I‘ve only read his work (about 5 of his novels so far) in the English translation but I assume they‘ve got to be available in French too, right? My absolute favorite was After the Crash. Just awesome! 4d
LiteraryinLawrence Looks like it‘s Un avion sans elle in the original. 4d
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🦇 I don‘t read much horror/suspense but absolutely loved this book!!
♥️ 🐉😘🪄🧛💋💋
🌺 it keeps me dreaming and my mind off of real world troubles.
🪐 cover art gets me every time!!
@MoonWitch94 thank you so much for the tag!! #thoughtfulthursday

KathyWheeler I love Joe Hill and this is my favorite of his books. 1w
Seekingtardis @KathyWheeler are his other books creepy like this or are they just straight suspense? 1w
KathyWheeler @Seekingtardis he‘s generally got something creepy going on. Just in case you aren‘t aware, he‘s Stephen King‘s son, and I find they both have about the same amount of creepiness in their work. Heart-Shaped Box is one many people like — the main character buys a ghost on the internet. Horns and Fireman are also good. Fireman is Hill‘s entry into the post-apocalyptic genre. 1w
Seekingtardis @KathyWheeler I did know he was his son, but that‘s all I knew lol. Thanks for adding to my tbr 😂😂 7d
KathyWheeler @Seekingtardis You‘re welcome! 😄. I know it‘s generally know now that he‘s King‘s son, but I have met people even recently who didn‘t know, so I thought I‘d mention it just in case. 6d
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Okay girls do you like Nightmare before Christmas? @KateReadsYA @Readergrrl @persephone1408

persephone1408 Idk about these other guys but I have Jack everywhere in my house and car. And Emily from corpse bride. 1w
Readergrrl Of course!!! 1w
persephone1408 @KateReadsYA HEY I just realized we are both ravenclaw!💙👑 1w
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KateReadsYA I'm the weirdo of the group! This movie freaks me out...idk what it is! I love Coraline and corpse bride but this one nooo way. @Endowarrior21 @persephone1408 @Readergrrl 1w
KateReadsYA @persephone1408 yessss for Ravenclaws 💙 I'm also an INTJ hehe. You? 1w
persephone1408 @KateReadsYA I'm probably gonna smack myself for not knowing but what is intj?? 1w
Endowarrior21 @KateReadsYA I am the opposite Corpse Bride Freaks me out lol. 1w
KateReadsYA @persephone1408 Myers-briggs personality type :) 1w
KateReadsYA @Endowarrior21 hahaha how funny 🤩 1w
Endowarrior21 I am INTJ too I love being a Ravenclaw my patronus is also a Raven. 1w
KateReadsYA @Endowarrior21 Wow!!! So spooky as INTJs are pretty rare! My patronus is a cat hehe 🐈‍⬛ 1w
Endowarrior21 @persephone1408 Me too lol Jack and Zero. I have a Coraline funko pop but that is all for her besides the movie and bokk 1w
Endowarrior21 @KateReadsYA I know... My SO is a Slytherin and his patronus is a Dragon was 1w
Endowarrior21 Shocked when he got that one. 1w
KateReadsYA @Endowarrior21 it's funny in high school I was Slytherin but after growing and getting married, having 3 sons, etc. I took it again for the past 2 years and I've always gotten Ravenclaw now! Hahaha a dragon would be so cool. 1w
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Rock Crystal | Adalbert Stifter
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Two children set off on foot from their home in an Alpine village on Christmas Eve to visit their grandparents. On the way back they are caught in an unexpected snowstorm. This novella was first published in 1845. A great little Christmastime read.

#InTheMountains #BookMoods
@Eggs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Sophronisba I have a friend who reads this every year at Christmastime. 1w
Eggs 💙❄️💙 1w
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Christmas Cake | Lynne Hinton
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This was the first book on my shelves that I found with #FoodOnTheCover 🤪 🎄 🍰 I haven‘t read this one and I honestly don‘t even remember getting it or anything about it but it fits today‘s prompt 😬 Maybe I‘ll actually read the synopsis now 🤦🏻‍♀️

#BookMoods 😊📚

#BookNerd 🤓💙📚

Eggs I enjoy Hinton👏🏻👏🏻 2w
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Loved this book!

Landline | Rainbow Rowell
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"She should never have tried to kiss him first.
She should never kiss anyone first....
Georgie always kissed first."

#romance #readKY #magic #marriage #rainbowrowell #summer #witty #christmas