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Anna Karenina | Leo Tolstoy
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#crimesagainstcovers #photochallenge #dayfive. I don't own a physical copy but if I did I would of burnt it. This is going to divide the masses but I absolutely hated Anna's character. @ErinSueG

ErinSueMreads That‘s hysterical! I didn‘t hate it but I don‘t k ow that I‘ll do a reread anytime soon. 1y
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Death by Dumpster | Karen Hanson Stuyck
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#crimesagainstcovers #photochallenge #dayfour. So this is from when we cleaned out my Nana's house after she passed away. She had a first edition 'Just So Stories' by Rudyard Kipling which originally was her fathers - it had no cover, ripped and missing pages and was extremely delicate, my brother tossed it not realising I wanted it. @ErinSueG

ErinSueMreads NOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's A TRAVESTY! 1y
CourtSmall Its all good, I got my youngest son to climb in and resue it. 1y
Crewgurl 😭😭😭 1y
ErinSueMreads I mean isn‘t that the main reason to have kids? Good thinking.... 1y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Catching up on days 4 & 5 of #crimesagainstcovers - This is the worst place I've rescued books from. In these bins, they are liable to be ripped or bent, and it is the last stop for these donated books before the recycling bin. But the books I am happy to leave there? (Day 5) The books featuring the smiling face of people recently shown to be hypocritical and criminal. Grrr.

mabell Thanks for hosting another great challenge @ErinSueG ! 1y
ErinSueMreads Thanks for playing along! Always enjoy having you! Those big bins of books are always like equal parts anxiety and thrill 1y
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The #crimesagainstcovers challenge has been so much fun! I‘m still working on catching up on comments. Thank you so much for playing along or following! Comment if you want us to tag you for the next one starting in August. It has to do with authors and favorites!

Here is some karma for all the torture I inflicted this weekend. I bought these nice signed books and promptly spilled champagne on them the other night 😂😂🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

ErinSueMreads And if you want to post days you missed feel free! We would love to see them! 1y
Skyrimir Yay! I‘m up for another. This was a fun challenge. 1y
ErinSueMreads @Skyrimir you got it! Thanks for playing along! I‘m glad you had such a good time! @WhiskeyMistress and I like hosting them! 1y
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madamereadsalot1 Count me in again! 1y
Meaw_catlady Bummer on spilling the champagne ... I spilled coffee on my Leia book ... I‘m game for more fun! 1y
HufflepuffGirl90 That‘s such a bummer! But classy with champagne lol. Count me in in the next one, this was super fun! 1y
jb72 Count me in too 🧐 1y
ErinSueMreads I‘ve got you down @madamereadsalot1 !!! 1y
ErinSueMreads @Meaw_catlady at least you didn‘t explode it like that one time in my house. Got you down for next round! 1y
ErinSueMreads @HufflepuffGirl90 I actually wasn‘t even upset because it was the day I had you all posting your wrecked books and I knew it was payback. I just laughed and laughed and laughed! Got you down! (edited) 1y
ErinSueMreads @jb72 got you on the list!!! 1y
AceOnRoam What a waste of champagne 🙁 1y
ErinSueMreads Hahahaha true! @AceOnRoam don‘t be too sad. It wasn‘t particularly good champagne 😂😂 1y
Meaw_catlady I‘m only allowed clear liquids when I‘m near anything you don‘t want wrecked ;) 1y
ErinSueMreads That‘s the truth! @Meaw_catlady 1y
jmofo @ErinSueG this was super fun. Way to lead a challenge. I‘m down for what you‘ve got cookin‘ next! 1y
ErinSueMreads Excellent! We would love to have you! Got you on the list @jmofo 1y
Meaw_catlady I‘m a spaz. But you love me 1y
DarcysMom Count me in, please! 🤓 1y
AshleyHoss820 You know I‘m in! You don‘t even have to ask! 😁 1y
Kalalalatja I didn‘t do so well this time, but I‘m in for another go! 👍 1y
ErinSueMreads But of course @AshleyHoss820 😂😂😂 1y
ErinSueMreads That‘s okay @Kalalalatja still happy to have you following! I‘ve got you on the list 1y
Blueberry Keep me in. Family life interfered with my completing all the challenges. Hope to do better next time. 1y
ErinSueMreads No worries @Blueberry !! I enjoyed the ones you posted! Got you on the list! 1y
jenniferw88 Keep me in please! 1y
eeclayton Thanks for the fun challenge @ErinSueG Count me in for the next one, too! 😊 1y
ErinSueMreads Got you @jenniferw88 and @eeclayton !! Glad you enjoyed! 1y
shadowspeak17 Count me in! :) 1y
RavenLovelyReads It was fun! Yes- tag me again 🤓 1y
Crewgurl I‘m in again!!! And oh no!!!!!! 1y
Maewyn Yes, please! 1y
mabell Thanks, and keep me in as well! 1y
deactivate Heck yes sign me up! 1y
jessinikkip Awww the poor books! Yes Id love to join next time as well 1y
rubyslippersreads Add me to the list! 😺 1y
AsYouWish Count me in, please! I am loving these challenges! (edited) 1y
KristinaRay Keep me in for the next one, please. 1y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Oh man!! At least it was champagne and not PBR or something. 👍 keepin‘ it classy 1y
LauraJ Not “spilled”...christened with champagne! 1y
PaperbackPirate I just started back to school so I didn‘t get to share as much as I wanted. Please count me in and I‘ll try again! Thank you for hosting! 1y
Mamashep I‘m def in come August! Even if I did suck at this one! 1y
CourtSmall Yes please 1y
ladyneverwhere I'd love to participate in the next one 😁 1y
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A book I hated and destroyed....Sooooo I might have thrown a book away once... I had signed up for a fun monthly YA book box and they put this book in it..it‘s about talking to your loved ones about end of life care. It was the 2 year anniversary of my mom‘s death and I was completely horrified. I canceled my subscription and trashed the book. @ErinSueG #crimesagainstcovers

DivineDiana Just why! It makes no sense! 🙁 1y
Crewgurl @ErinSueG those were my feelings 😂😂 1y
Crewgurl @DivineDiana I have no idea!!! There were other things in the box too. I emailed the company and they were just like sorry you didn‘t like it 🤷‍♀️ didn‘t see anything wrong with the selection 1y
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Regina's Song | David Eddings, Leigh Eddings
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For the last #crimesagainstcovers post, it‘s all about the book I‘ve been most tempted to wreck. Lord, there are a lot of contenders, but I‘ve got to go with Regina‘s Song by David & Leigh Eddings. What a train wreck. Bad enough the plot hinges on a college age girl tricking a cop into running a license plate to find the owner (she claims it‘s because the driver was cute, but he‘s her sister‘s killer), which is implausible. (Con‘t in comments)

BillBlume No cop with a brain would do this, but that‘s not the book‘s worst offense. Entire chapters are spent with the main character of this first person novel mansplaining how to build bookshelves. He mansplains lots of things and butts his nose into everyone‘s business. On top of that, it boggles the mind that a woman co-wrote this, because it‘s loaded with such sexist stereotype garbage. This book deserves to have nails hammered into it and... (con‘t) (edited) 1y
BillBlume ...a bath in lighter fluid before tossing it into a fire. I borrowed this book, so I couldn‘t commit any harm against it, but it so deserves it. Utter crap! 1y
BillBlume Did I mention I didn‘t like the book? #JustABit 1y
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BillBlume Oh! Oh! And the ending!!! How could I forget. One of the dumbest endings to a book I‘ve EVER READ! Which involves this random moment of a fantasy-type element that gets no explanation whatsoever. It‘s like they couldn‘t figure out how to explain this nonsense, so they tossed it in to make the reader wonder what the &$)!? was going on. UGH!!! 1y
JSW @BillBlume why don‘t you tell us how you really feel? Don‘t hold back. Be honest. 😂😂 I LOVED this review! Never heard of the book but this made me laugh (which I very much needed). 1y
BillBlume @JSW I was just worried I might sound a touch melodramatic about this one, so I was aiming for a little restraint. I didn‘t even mention it‘s been more than a decade since I read this book. #MentionedItNow 1y
JSW Lmao!! Wow! I don‘t think I‘ve read any book I‘ve hated that much. I threw Perfect Days across the room because it was sick, but I didn‘t hate it. 🧐 anywho, thanks for the laughs. 1y
ErinSueMreads Oh @BillBlume you are an absolute treasure 😂😂😂 1y
BillBlume @ErinSueG haha! Thank you! 1y
ErinSueMreads I just posted info on the next challenge. It‘s going to be a good one 🙋🏻‍♀️ 1y
BillBlume @ErinSueG cool! Can‘t wait for it! 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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That feeling of dread when you see someone has tagged you in a Fifty Shades of Grey post. #SayWhaaaaaat?! Oh, it‘s just today‘s #crimesagainstcovers theme. Whew!

IheartYA 😂😂😂 1y
booksandsympathy Ha! 😁 1y
ErinSueMreads This is my favorite post of the day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1y
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Crewgurl Amazing 😂😂😂 1y
Maewyn Hilarious!🤣 1y
LibrarianRyan Hahahahah 1y
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Hatchet | Gary Paulsen
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Day 5 of #crimesagainstcovers oh man, I would love to have wrecked Hatchet! I can't even begin to describe what I would have done to it! Burn it, chop it up into little pieces, drowned it?! Too much? Can you tell that I disliked this book?


ErinSueMreads It‘s still cracking me up that you loathed hatchet so much 😂😂😂 1y
AsYouWish @ErinSueG Any book that makes me that physically ill to read it deserves my loathing, 😂 What is really funny is, that last week I was cleaning off one of my shelves and I found Hatchet, still in perfect condition, and I wondered to myself, why I had kept it all this time instead of giving it away or selling it? I want to say that one day I will try again, but I really don't think that will happen. 1y
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Running with Scissors: A Memoir | Augusten Burroughs
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I HATED this book. But it's been to long to remember the details. Haha

#crimesagainstcovers @ErinSueG

Samplergal Loved it. 1y
Suet624 Loved it. 😁 1y
ErinSueMreads Dang! Seems like it‘s unpopular opinion time! Now I‘m curious enough about it I might h e to read it! 1y
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