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Trick | Domenico Starnone
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Visiting my parents (and childhood home) this long weekend.
I love this book. It feels so much like #ferrante. I‘m supposed to be taking advantage of my parents as babysitters and sleeping. But I just wanna read! It‘s 12:30a and here I am awake...
#raisingreaders #grandparents #mlkweekend #longweekend #uplatereading

Cailey_Mac Same! (Minus the kid part) I know I should be sleeping since I don‘t have work tomorrow, but 📖🤷🏻‍♀️ 11mo
Cinfhen Great cover 11mo
Zelma Wow, what a creepy cover! 11mo
mreads This was good and also stressed me out at the same time while I was reading it. 😀 11mo
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The touchstone | Edith Wharton
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This resonates with me so hard in light of the #ferrante unmasking. I'm deliberately not reading any of the articles because I wish this quote weren't true. How do others feel?

BookHermit I have also avoided reading about Ferrante's identity. It was inevitable in this day and age that someone would uncover her identity but the mystery was wonderful while it lasted. I hope it doesn't change the way she writes. 3y
BookHermit Why must an artist be open to the public? Why can't the work stand on its own? I've never understood the cultish adoration of artists. In this age of celebrity those who opt out of being famous are punished or ridiculed. It's sad to observe this constant drive to rough up the talent, to bring one low for inspection so that the public can find some flaw to exploit. 3y
Simona I read an article in the NYT because I was interested in how the journalist justify public disclosure of identity of someone who obviously does not want recognizability. Quote from NYT - Mr. Gatti said. “I‘m supposed to provide answers, that‘s what I do for a living.” 3y
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Choosing not to read the New York review of books article. #Ferrante

LauraBeth I'm not going to read it either 😀 3y
LeahBergen Nope. I'm still avoiding it. 😕 3y
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Anyone else read the NYRB piece purporting to identify Elena Ferrante this morning? I wish I hadn't read it. If a brilliant writer (of fiction) wants to remain anonymous, I think that ought to be respected. #ferrante #ferrantefever

Marchpane Yeah, I read it and I just don't understand why they had to do that to her. This is no Robert Galbraith situation, there's no tantalising secret to uncover, just a woman's privacy to destroy. Sad. 3y
LeahBergen Gah! I'm going to try to avoid it. 3y
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WOCreads Yeah that article is a menace, dude should stop hunting down this poor woman😤 3y
CarolynOliver @LeahBergen I hope you can! 3y
ebookclassics I read it out of curiosity, but grrr... 3y
CarolynOliver @ebookclassics Yeah, lots of think pieces on it came out today. 3y
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