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Flatbreads & Flavors | Naomi Duguid, Jeffrey Alford
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I have been searching thru my cookbooks this morning seeking legume curry recipes. I took note of the Alford & Duguid collection I accumulated years ago. They produce beautiful books, but I rarely cook from them. 😐 Not because the recipes aren‘t appealing, they capture all the flavors I love, but they do require intention and that is the failing on my part.

LeahBergen I have a couple of these and haven‘t cooked from them either. I treat them more like pretty coffee table books. 😆 1w
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#Redwhiteandblue #NamasteNovember As we head toward the eating holiday & the end of the year , I think we love to remember holidays past.The Better Homes & Gardens belonged to an aunt. Classic recipes we long to reconnect with.It‘s All American Food celebrates regional & ethnic diversity woven into the fabric of America.We are a richer culture because of these gifts.

Tamra Yes!! 2mo
cathipink I love my BH&G cookbook - great for staples 🙂 2mo
Crazeedi My favorite cookbook, very well used at my house!!!❤❤ 2mo
Eggs First-rate photo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
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Well @Lynnsoprano my attempt at Ukrainian baking, as inspired by our #buddyread of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, did not result in pretty rogaliki 😂. I think it was just too warm today and the dough was supposed to stay chilled. Still tasty, even if I probably won‘t make it again. Rogaliki means “little horns” and I‘m trying to imitate that devilish Valentina 😂😈. Recipe from tagged cookbook; can find online w/ various fillings.

Lynnsoprano It looks wonderful to me! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano it looks like a “Pinterest fail” ?. But still good. I should have waited to make it. 85° today, warmer tomorrow, then temps will drop way down in the 60s. Also, looks like another name for it is rugelach. 4mo
Lynnsoprano @ValerieAndBooks The thing I‘ve found is that there are a lot of similar dishes across Eastern Europe/Russia with different names. Stuffed cabbage rolls are galubtsi in Ukranian, but halupki in other countries. And it sounds as if you‘re as warm as we are! 4mo
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LeahBergen 😆😆 I like your pic! 4mo
mcipher They look delicious! And the horn picture is so cute. 👍😆 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano and I‘m sure each country/culture feels their versions are the best 😊 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen haha thanks 😄 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @mcipher thanks 🤗 4mo
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Playing catch up with yesterday‘s theme. I have several cookbooks with “world” in the title & one #AllAroundTheWorld Cookbook. Falling Cloudberries (tagged below) is just subtitled “A World Of Family Recipes” but it‘s it‘s such a gorgeous book I had to include it. 💜

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This book fell short of my expectations. The recipes sound good and the book itself was educational. I just was expecting... more.

rather_be_reading welcome to litsy 📚☕📚 @LitsyWelcomeWagon 4mo
Mikrokosmos Thank you :) 4mo
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A Treasury of Great Recipes | Vincent Price, Mary Price
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Geek out with me you guys!!! 😍😍😍


Louise Your enthusiasm in the video is palpable! 💕 5mo
TheReadingMermaid @Louise thank you so much sweetheart. You have no idea how long I've waited to get a copy of this book. And a first edition on top of that!!! I can definitely mark this one off of my bucket list 🌟 ✔️🌟 5mo
Louise Glad you‘ve fulfilled a dream! 🤓 5mo
Gina Eeeeeeeee... love me some Vincent price! 5mo
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Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor | Daniel Goleman, Warren Bennis, James O'Toole
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I‘m not a fan of these books, but it was on a list of “recommended reading” for a library leadership symposium I‘m attending soon. I got the point of the book, which is relevant and good, and then driven hard repeatedly until I just started skimming through the end. Needs updating too. #bbrc #yeahbaby #lessthan150pages

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Day 21: clinch covers. I don‘t read romance so you get a poem instead: what calls the heart
To read a book
Is it to be taught a lesson?
To while away the hours?
To learn?
To me
Reading is an escape
From the rat race of life
To hide away in
someone else‘s thoughts
To see if they mirror your own
And if they don‘t
Find something constructive to say
Even if there‘s nothing to say at all. #riotgrams #latepost

The Travelers: A Novel | Chris Pavone
This post contains spoilers
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This is turning out to be a truly satisfying summer read. Travel writer gets tapped to be something else (careful wording to avoid spoilers, but will probably tag Spoiler).

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All the Way to Havana | Margarita Engle
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#AMonthOfSongs Day 15: I have never been to #Havana, but reading this lyrical picturebook transports me there, with its vintage cars, tropical climate, trees swaying in the breeze, and warm intimacy shared among family members. Different aspects of #Havana are portrayed here – from life in the country with all the horses and clothes drying in the breeze to a picture of the city with its bustling, active life. My review: https://wp.me/pDlzr-hZt

OriginalCyn620 The pictures are awesome! 8mo
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